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The Death of Luke Parker
Crime scene
Season 1
City Grimsborough
District industrial area
Case Number 1
Date of Release 1/30/2017
Partner(s) david jones (one task in chapter 1)

Harry Landry (all chapters)

Preceded by Succeeded by
none Love is in the Air
The Death of Luke Parker is the first case of Criminal Case 2 and the first case of Grimsborough.


Chief David Jones welcomed the player back to the Grimsborough Police Department, with a note that there were new people. However, the new field agent, Joey Hawk, came in running and saying that he'd found a headless person in the same spot where Rosa Wolf died 6 years ago.

The victim was a man named Luke Parker, who had gotten his head chopped off and turned into a trophy. The killer turned out to be the escaped convict Matt Barry.

Matt denied it but had to confess when Harry Landry presented all the evidence. Matt had been going out with a girl named Luna Coltoire after escaping from jail under the name Barney Matthews. However, Luna turned out to be Luke's girlfriend. When he found out, he had gotten mad at Luke and decided to chop Luke's head off. He was sentenced back to a lifetime sentence by Judge Hall.

After the trial, Jones heard about someone called the crimson viper who was a criminal and a viper. He requested Harry Landry to go and interrogate Ash Biter, a viper who they knew would pass info to Ash Bison. However, Ash refused to cooperate with them, thus earning him a 3-day prison time.

After the events, Jones decided to check on Raoul Coletti.



  • Luke Parker (his head was sawed off and used as a trophy)


  • saw


  • Matt Barry



  • the killer has brown hair
  • the killer has scratches
  • the killer uses bug repellent
  • the killer wears a blue cap
  • the killer wears an orange jumpsuit
Chapter 1-2

crime scenes

victim's house


victim's house bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 1-1504146443
  • investigate victim's house (20 energy; clues: victim's body, head trophy, bloody saw; victim identified: Luke Parker; murder weapon registered: bloody saw)
  • autopsy victim's body (00:00:05; result: killer's profile updated: killer has brown hair, scratches, uses bug repellent, and wears a blue cap; new crime scene: sofa)
  • investigate sofa (20 energy; clues: pillow)
  • examine pillow (needs one star; result torn piece of fabric)
  • analyze torn piece of fabric (00:00:30; killer's profile updated: killer wears a jumpsuit)
  • take care of the killer now!
  • go on to Red and Blue together 1 (needs one star)

Red and Blue together 1

Screenshot (3)
  • talk to Ash Biter. (available from the start of red and blue together 1, needs one star)
  • investigate victim's house (20-5 energy; clues: gun)
  • examine gun (needs one star; result: fingerprint)
  • analyze fingerprint (00:00:50; result: ash biter's fingerprint)
  • interrogate Ash about the gun (needs one star; reward: 200 xp)



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