Silvano Macerno: <Rank>, a young man was discovered dead at the airport entrance. We must inspect the crime scene in order to find clues.

Chapter 1

Investigate Airport Entrance.
(Before investigating)
(Silvano Macerno: There are 6 items in the list below. Find those items hidden within the scene and click on them. Begin with the smartphone!)
(Silvano: Great! When you need help, I can give you a hint. Try it now!)
(Silvano: There are 4 items remaining in the list, find them all!)
(After investigating)
Silvano: The victim's name was Joshua Black. We need to get his body to the laboratory for an autopsy.
Silvano: We also have a witness who witnessed the murder, we'll need to interrogate him!
Silvano (pumping his fist): You're right, this bloody axe is our murder weapon! Congratulations <Rank>, you're doing great on your first investigation!

(Silvano: This is your tablet! You can see your objectives here!)
(Silvano: Let's autopsy the victim's body first!)

Autopsy Victim's Body.
(Before autopsy)
(Dominic: Please wait a moment <Rank>, this won't be long...)
(After autopsy)
Dominic (thinking): I studied the wound on the victim's chest, and I can tell you for sure that the killer is right-handed.
Dominic (grinning): <Rank>, I've added this info to your case file.
Silvano: We have our first clue, but we should go talk to our witness, <Rank>!

Talk to the witness, Luke Mercier.
Silvano: What did you see in the murder of Joshua Black, Mr Mercier?
Luke: Well I did see the victim in the airport cafeteria earlier!
Silvano: And anything about the killer?
Luke: I did! I saw the killer wearing a tie!
Silvano: Thank you, Mr Mercier! We'll note down your testimony and have a look in the cafeteria!

Investigate Airport Cafeteria.
Silvano: You're right, <Rank>! That wallet has the victim's initials on the outside!
Silvano: You know the procedure! Go ahead and search the victim's wallet!

Examine Victim's Wallet.
Silvano: You're right, that's the victim's plane ticket!
Silvano: And the plane ticket indicates that he was on the plane that was flown by a certain Jakob Palazini!
Silvano: We better find this airline pilot and ask him about the murder!

Talk to the airline pilot about the murder that took place.
Silvano: Mr Palazini? We would like to talk to you about a murder.
Silvano: We know that he flew on your recent flight here, did you make acquaintances?
Jakob: Well, I do recall him waving to me when I was in the cockpit after the flight!
Jakob: He sounded like a good man, it's a terrible loss!
Silvano: Please stay around Mr Palazini, don't go anywhere!

Silvano: Great work, <Rank>! We should head back to the station and meet the Chief so we can update her on the case!

Chapter 2

Chief Aleiso: <Rank>, I'm Florence Aleiso, the Chief Police Officer!
Chief Aleiso: According to another witness, the killer has facial hair.
Chief Aleiso (pumping her fist): Go back to the airport and inspect the cafeteria to find the suspects and evidence we're missing!

Investigate Cafeteria Tables.
Silvano: You're right, that photo has the victim in it!
Silvano: But who's that man next to him?
Silvano: Maybe you can find his face in the database! Go on and have a look!

Examine Photo of Man.
Silvano: You're right, this man is someone called Jordan Rochester!
Silvano: Of course, we should talk to Mr Rochester about how he knew the victim!

Talk to the victim's friend about the murder.
Silvano: Mr Rochester, we would like to ask you about the murder of your friend.
Jordan: Wait what? I've been waiting for him to come from his flight... and now he's dead?
Jordan: My poor friend... we were good friends for a long time!
Silvano: I'm sorry for your loss Mr Rochester. We'll leave you be.

Silvano: You're right, we need more clues, let's hurry to the parking lot by the airport entrance and look again!

Investigate Airport Parking Lot.
Silvano (smiling): This torn fabric is covered in blood. Let's piece it back together and see what it looks like!

Examine Torn Fabric.
Silvano: This torn shirt has a badge of Aurelia on it. This is the evidence we were missing!
Silvano (pumping his fist): <Rank>, let's arrest the killer now!

Take care of the killer now!
(Chief Aleiso: <Rank>, we have 3 suspects in this case. You must compare their profile in order to find the killer!)
(Chief Aleiso: Click on the first suspect to switch to detailed view!)
(Chief Aleiso: As you can see, this one has not a lot in common with the killer...)
(Chief Aleiso: Let's have a look at the second suspect!)
(Chief Aleiso: And you can see, this one has a lot in common with the killer...)
(Chief Aleiso: Let's look at the third suspect!)
(Chief Aleiso: Do you think this one might be the killer?)
(Chief Aleiso: Get back to the general view!)
(Chief Aleiso: Your turn <Rank>! Arrest the suspect matching the killer's profile!)
(If Luke Mercier or Jakob Palazini is arrested)
(Chief Aleiso: The suspect doesn't match the killer's profile. Try again!)
(If Jordan Rochester is arrested)
Silvano: Jordan Rochester, you're under arrest for the murder of your friend, Joshua Black!
Jordan: Wait wait, why would I kill my best friend?!
Silvano: Well you were messy. You did it in plain sight! A witness saw your tie!
Jordan: A lot of people wear ties...
Silvano: Our coroner determined that you are right handed! Our witness also witnessed your facial hair!
Jordan: So I'm not the only right handed person with a tie and facial hair in the city!
Silvano: What about the badge we found on the bloodstained shirt you disposed of? We got you caught to rights!
Jordan: .....
Jordan: Fine, you got me!
Jordan: I killed him because he stole all my ideas for my novel and made it his own!
Jordan: His superior fame made me jealous... very jealous.
Jordan: I couldn't let a "friend" of mine do that to me! So when he got to the airport entrance...
Jordan: I welded my axe and then I attacked him, killing him!
Silvano: Well, you're going to be going away for a long time, you're under arrest!

Judge Rodriguez: Jordan Rochester, you're standing trial for the murder of Joshua Black!
Jordan: Yes, yes. You got me guilty as charged! Now get on, what's my sentence?
Judge Rodriguez: As you wish.
Judge Rodriguez: I hereby sentence you to 20 years in prison! Court adjourned!

Chief Aleiso (praising): <Rank>, you did well on this case!
Chief Aleiso: I think it's time for you to get a real Police Officer suit!
(Get an officer suit!)
Chief Aleiso: Great choice of clothes, <Rank> <Name>! You're now all set to start a new case!

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