The Crimes of Cascade
General information
Season 1
City Alpha Bay
District Abandoned Grove
Case # 46
Initial release date 7th September 2020
Partner(s) Johan Cove (All Chapters)
Susan Parker and Troy Williams (The Secrets of Afterlife 7)
Case chronology
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Fearing the Uncontrollable Political Downfall
(in Virtual Utopia)

The Crimes of Cascade is a case featured in Criminal Case, appearing as the forty-sixth case as well as the city of Alpha Bay, and the final one to take place in the Abandoned Grove district.


As Johan informed the team about finding a secret passage which would lead them straight to Roger Spitfire's lab, the player got ready and started following him. After a while, they went back to the deserted place where Johan pointed to a tree and went near, before pulling out some bark which was rectangular shaped, revealing a button in the process. He then pressed it and the ground started shaking, eventually revealing a set of stairs. Being excited, Johan and the player went inside where they had to overcome a few security systems. However, they then found a door which asked for a password, prompting the team to search the passage for clues.

After searching, the team found Roger's notebook per which they learnt that Cascade was behind the murder of Alpha University chancellor Christian Perriand and that Roger believed he was marked for death as well. The player then recalled how they had to declare Christian's murder as an unfinished case due to lack of clues. However, it was revealed Susan had already discovered the lab's location from Mark Reynolds but couldn't open the door due to not knowing the password which the team managed to get and went inside, only to find Roger hanging upside down with the room looking like a hurricane had attacked there. Surprised, the team put him down before searching the room where they found a threat from Cascade which said the victim had brought it upon himself. Besides, they flagged three people as suspects, including Chief Prince, Aiden, and Troy since Roger had sent Diana a lot of messages anonymously, warning her about the existence of Dark Empire which she ignored, while Aiden had a grudge against Roger for shooting him back in Street Valley, again, Troy had annoyed Christian a lot hours before his death by giving prank calls out of boredom, leading the latter to threat him. Meanwhile, Eva said that Roger had died due to asphyxiation and that the killer ate pizza as she found traces of it on the rope.

Soon afterwards, the team noticed a hooded figure trying to burn down a cabin, prompting them to approach them quickly. But as they managed to run away, the team stopped as Johan noticed a signboard which showed the cabin belonged to Christian. So, the team searched around and found clues which led them to Marina and Rupert (causing Eva to handle all the analysis for the time being) since Marina was trying to find out if Mark, Archie McLoopy and Roger Spitfire were really on their side like they claimed, while Mark actually used Rupert's formula to create the micro-dynamites. Besides, they also learnt Christian was thinking to report Diana to Mayor Winston when she refused to take action against Nikita Kruschev after he caused Christian's daughter to be paralyzed a few years ago, and that Susan didn't like Christian much when she was a university student due to his strict behaviour.

While recapping, the team decided to go back to the laboratory to search again, only to get trapped as someone locked the door from outside after throwing a dynamite towards them. Noticing that, Johan moved fast and tackled the player, causing both of them to go inside the lab as the player locked the door. A few seconds later, the dynamite exploded but as the door wasn't strong enough, both of them literally flew away and got hit against the wall, causing Johan to bleed. However, he said it was nothing and helped the player searching the room where they came to know that Troy had discovered Cascade was the one who had given artist Levi Twinclone the idea of experimenting on their members and frame Tobias Larsson as a killer back in Bayside Corner, making Johan grit his teeth hard as they were trying to turn his boyfriend into a weapon, and that Rupert had made an armor capable of protecting one from explosion, causing the player to recall the weird events that happened a few days ago. However, they also learnt Marina had decided to do some research on Roger which allowed her to know that there were three plutonium cores at the secret lab of Street Valley and he had one of them as Mayor Winston found only two which he had kept in a safe place, making her assume Roger was thinking to take down Dark Empire using the core. Again, Aiden had confronted Ashton Sawyer and made him reveal Cascade was the mastermind behind Bradley Coner's murder.

Finally, the team got all the clues required to determine Aiden was the traitor of the ABPD.

The team brought everyone to the breakroom before accusing Aiden about being Cascade. As everyone else got shocked, Aiden played innocent and said that the duo were out of their mind and that they might have gotten orders from Dark Empire to frame him, prompting the team to show all the incriminating clues against him. Aiden then smirked after being silent for a bit, saying that it was brilliant of them to expose him. He then explained his motive, telling them to recall Richard Stamford whom they knew as a double agent, but actually he was a triple agent originally working for DE. So, before Roger managed to silence him, Richard was able to inform the organization about the former's plan which including the three plutonium cores from the Street Valley lab. However, Aiden said he could obtain one of them from Roger's lab but since the other two were hidden by Mayor Winston, they'd have to wait for those a little. Johan asked why did he kill Christian, and he replied it was a mistake and that his real target was Mark whom they didn't need anymore after he finished his work, making Susan raise her eyebrow. Seeing that, Aiden looked at her and laughed, asking how did it feel to be hated by her boyfriend and get accused of being a murderer, causing her to lose her temper but thankfully Troy managed to stop her as Aiden said he didn't regret killing people since all of them were hardly innocent. Johan snapped, asking how Derek Crawford's little daughter seemed like guilty in any way to him, and he replied it was just for fun. This made all of them shocked as Aiden continued, saying that he'd like to see Abdurrahman Azmy dead who was walking around with vital information, prompting Troy to ask if he was the one who stabbed him. He then replied that he didn't before revealing Project Resurrection was his idea which was why he was highly valued in his organization. He then looked at Johan, asking how was it to see Tarot in magenta eyes and Johan then decided to jump at him before punching him several times. As the others somehow stopped him, Aiden laughed, saying that they might wanna check if the prisoners were still inside or out, before revealing he had also freed Luka Pericich who might come back to kill them one by one. Being terrified and disgusted at the same time, the team took him to the trial where Judge Powell sentenced him to life in prison for the murders and the other countless crimes as Cascade.

The team then came back to the station, where Troy checked the server where he learnt that Aiden had released Diane Ivans, Annabeth Quinn, and Darius Graves, and that Luka was really out given the frozen room where he was kept was empty now.

First off, Chief Prince ordered Susan and the player to question Aiden about Dark Empire's next plans. When confronted, Aiden smirked and said that their next plans wouldn't backfire like the first one with resurrected assassins did and that those would ensure their victory easily. He then started gloating by saying that they had also got Scott Barkley's microchip from Azmy and that only it contained the required info to prove their existence. He then winked, saying they should check out if their allies were really on their side. As he refused to give further information, the duo went to the secret passage where they found a DE file on Tobias which was sent to Troy. After analyzing it, he said that Aiden had collected information on Tobias from mid-2016 to 2017 and that Tobias had gone missing after the file's last entry. Being perplexed, the team questioned Tobias who said he couldn't remember most of the things from 2017 to mid-2018 but that he was trying to recall what actually happened to him then. Susan then remembered something and asked how did he learn combat techniques and he replied that he didn't know and that he thought he might have learnt it when he went missing. Susan then asked him if he was really on their side, and he gave them a lifeless smile, saying that he'd need to discover what happened to him before picking a side.

Meanwhile, Chief Prince called the player and Johan to her office. She then thanked Johan for helping them in treacherous times, and he said he really enjoyed working as a temporary detective and that it was a change from battlefields. Hearing this, Diana asked if he'd like to join as a detective, and he got surprised, saying that it'd be an honour for him but he'd have to ask his father, army general Eric Cove about this. Diana nodded and told him to take his time, as the duo left the place to search Christian's cabin since Johan said his father had lost a walkie-talkie near that place and that finding it could prove he could be a detective as well. So, they searched the place and found it as Johan got delighted and took the player to his house where Eric was sitting on a chair and listening songs. After the son hugged his dad, the former asked if he could join ABPD and quit his soldier life, and Eric said he had never tried to pressure him with something and gave him freedom, so he was free this time as well since it was his choice how to lead his life. Johan then thanked him and went to see Diana who was happy to know he'd officially join the ABPD.

After all the events, everyone welcomed Johan as he was feeling very happy to be part of the team, right when Azmy approached them and said that he had some urgent things to say, and that it'd be good if Troy talked with him. So, Troy and the player asked him what happened, and he told Troy to recall Scott's microchip before saying DE got a fake one and that he still had the microchip with him before asking him to decrypt some parts of the microchip so they could release DE files in public which would prove their existence. Troy told him to give him the microchip, and he said he wouldn't risk giving it to anyone but that he had copied its contents to a USB but that he had lost it somewhere near the lab, prompting Troy and the player to search the place where they found an arc reactor Azmy's bag containing the USB. Troy then took the USB to analyze before checking the reactor which left him astonished, saying it could only be found in Virtual Utopia and that it was an unfinished technology, but that this arc reactor seemed fully functional. They then examined the reactor where they found some fingerprints which belonged to Annabeth, making the team speculate the released prisoners and Luka went to Virtual Utopia.

A few hours later, Troy came out of his lab saying that he could release all the DE files in the public and that Scott really had collected a lot of info about them. He then said releasing them were causing the activists start protesting in Virtual Utopia and that all of them wanted Mayor Winston and Chief Prince to step down given they couldn't see the threats before. Chief Prince then thought a little and told everyone to prepare to go to Virtual Utopia, not knowing a devastating flood and an android army were waiting for them there.



  • Christian Perriand (Killed by an explosion)
  • Roger Spitfire (Was found hanging upside down)

Murder Weapon

  • Micro-dynamite
  • Hanging


  • Aiden Miller



Killer's Profile

  • The killer has read Animal Graveyard.
  • The killer eats pizza.
  • The killer drinks wine.
  • The killer is male.
  • The killer is over 30.

Crime Scenes

Secret Passage Security System Secret Passage Bonus
Hidden Laboratory Weaponry Shelves Hidden Laboratory Bonus
Cabin Viewpoint Christian's Garage Cabin Viewpoint Bonus


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The Secrets of Afterlife (7/7)


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