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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, Richard Martinson was found dead in his office. He was one of the most important agronomers in this city.
Alan Smith: These people leave a large legacy, and I don't want anyone committing a murder to avenge his death later! Investigate his office and arrest the killer as soon as possible.
Evan: Understood, Chief! <Name>, why don't we start now?

Chapter 1

Investigate Office
Evan: <Name>, this is Richard's body! He was shot in the head.
Evan: And this gun over here could be our murder weapon, so let's see if we can find any fingerprints on it.
Evan: Hmm, you're right, it also seems that somebody was going through this trash bin. It's very likely that the killer either hid something here or was looking for an important thing.
Evan: We should also make ourselves some time to talk to Mariah Martinson, the victim's wife.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: One bullet went through Richard's skull and impacted his brain, ending with his life.
Daniel: But the killer didn't let him notice what was going on. They used cloroform to make Richard fall asleep before shooting.
Daniel: Anyway, I found hand cream in the cloroform. The killer uses hand cream!
Daniel: And I also studied the penetration angle. Your killer is 5'6 tall.
Evan: Thanks, Daniel! At least we know Richard didn't suffer, if that's any consolation...

Examine Gun
Evan: These fingerprints will take us directly to the killer, <Name>! I hope Lindsey is able to find a match for them in our database.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: Those fingerprints on the gun were just Richard's fingerprints, <Name>, as if he'd commited suicide.
Lindsey: But he didn't shoot. The portions of fingerprints in the trigger weren't his.
Evan: So the killer tried to make it look like a suicide?
Lindsey: That's what it seems... Oh, and Daniel confirmed that this indeed the murder weapon. The bullets in it match the one inside Richard's head and it can be proved that the gun was used just a while ago!

Examine Trash can
Evan: This bottle seems to contain water, but nobody would hide water in a trash can or throw a full bottle away.
Evan: I'm gonna take it to the lab. I'm sure there's something about this bottle that we can't see.

Analyze Liquid substance
Sabrina: Evan, <Name>, thank God you didn't open the bottle... It's cloroform!
Sabrina: There were a few drops spilled near the cap of the bottle, which might mean that someone has recently used it.
Evan: This can't be a coincidence, <Name>! I'm sure Richard didn't put himself to sleep, but the killer must have done it.
Evan: Now that I think about it, Richard's son is a pharmacist so he must have easy access to cloroform. His name is Bob Martinson, we can go interrogate him if you want.

Talk to Bob Martinson
Bob: Is my father dead?! Oh dear! Why, God, why??!!
Evan: We're very sorry for your loss, we thought that maybe your mother would have already informed you about it... Ehem, I mean...
Evan: Did you have any customers today?
Bob: Only one this morning. It was a woman looking for cloroform and hands cream.
Evan: I see... Excuse us, Mr Martinson. <Rank> <Name> and I will take a look around your pharmacy.

Investigate Pharmacy
Evan: I can't find anything of interest, but it seems that Bob left his backpack over here. Should we go through it and see what we find?

Examine Bag
Evan: There's nothing inside here that we should care about, <Name>... Just some hand cream, it seems. Let's leave this place.

Question Mariah Martinson about her husband
Mariah: I just walked into his office and saw his dead body. What else do you want to know? That's all I can tell you!
Evan: Why did you enter his office, Mrs Martinson?
Mariah: I was only visiting him. I have the right to do it, don't I?
Mariah: If you want to get more information from me, I can tell you we were arguing and fighting a lot lately. The killer really did a favor to the both of us, if that's what you want me to say.
Mariah: Excuse me, don't you have some hand cream that I can borrow?

Minutes later...

Evan: Hmm, we already know the killer's height, we know that they use hand cream as well, just like Bob and Mariah... we know that they put Richard to sleep with cloroform...
Evan: And Bob mentioned having a customer who bought both hand cream and cloroform this very morning, <Name>! It can't be a coincidence.
Evan: He did mention that it was a woman, we have to believe in his testimony, after all his job serves an alibi. <Name>, we should write that down. The killer is a woman!

Chapter 2

Alan Smith: Don't look at that office, you won't get anything else. Martinson used to deal with Robert Jamin. He must know important things.
Evan: But his wife seemed to be unaffected by Richard's death...
Alan Smith: Investigate her later. Now go and visit Robert!

Quiz Robert Jamin about his deals with the victim
Robert: Really? I expected him to live a very long life. What a shame!
Evan: What do you know about Richard? His businesses, employees, family, or anything.
Robert: His family can't have done anything. They loved that man. But HIS best man... I never liked him too much.
Robert: His name is Matthew Morel, the most important henchman in the company after Richard.
Evan: And what was your treat with the victim? What did he give you?
Robert: Haha! Nothing at all. Just friends and colleagues.

Ask Matthew Morel about his job
Matthew: Not here anymore? Yes! The post is mine! I've always wanted to be a general manager.
Evan: I mean, he's dead.
Matthew: WHAT? You didn't explain to me properly.
Matthew: And what do you want from me? I didn't kill Richard Martinson.
Evan: We trust you, but let <Rank> <Name> and me take a look at your house.

Investigate Living room
Evan: Look, <Name>! This is Matthew's agend. He wrote only about common events, but there must be something...
Evan: How about this? "Meet Richard and Mariah in his office for dinner!".
Evan: That Mariah is giving us some headaches. We'll talk to her after we check Richard's desk.

Investigate Richard's desk
Evan: This rag is wet, as if it had... cloroform! And look at it again.
Evan: It's so elegant. It has the killer's initials! "MM". It's obviously not Richard's rag, but maybe Mariah's...
Evan: And this silver watch has got blood on it. Let's take a sample.

Examine Silver Watch
Evan: Good job, <Name>! Why don't we give this to Sabrina now?

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: This is the victim's blood, no doubt about it. The watch's size was perfect for Richard's wrists, so it's also his!
Lindsey: But the fingerprints on the watch would be a match with the portions of fingerprints in the trigger.
Lindsey: And they were Mindy Morel's fingerprints. If she was the killer, she took Richard by the wrist to shoot, but from his hand. And there was hand cream also!
Evan: Mindy Morel? She's obviously related to Matthew Morel. We should talk to her and also to Mariah.

Interrogate Mariah about the Morel family
Mariah: Yes, I know them! They are very good people, but I don't know why you're asking that.
Evan: How was the relation between Richard and Matthew?
Mariah: Matthew never liked his work. He thought it was illegal because Robert Jamin worked with my husband.
Mariah: Mindy believed the same. We were good friends, but not good workmates.

Ask Mindy Morel about touching the murder weapon
Mindy: Richard was a great person, and also his wife, Mariah. They were just dirty because of those suspicious businesses.
Evan: And was your husband also involved in those businesses?
Mindy: Matthew would have done everything to kill that man! He came back home everyday complaining about the cr*p he had to sell!
Evan: We found your fingerprints in some of Richard's belongings.
Mindy: Why is it strange? He used to show me his guns collection. His jewels and watches also...
Evan: Anyway, we'll take a look at your living room table.

Investigate Table
Evan: <Name>, Mindy was right! This is Matthew's ledger, and it says many things about how they cheated on people!
Evan: And Robert Jamin got much money from that, but he'll refuse to speak to us.
Evan: And this paper smells like hand cream! Matthew uses it too!

Chapter 3

Gino: <Rank> <Name>, Bob Martinson wants to talk to you right now. He says he has important information.
Evan: This can be a great clue. We're heading to the pharmacy right now!

Bob Martinson needs to talk to you
Bob: <Rank> <Name>, I've just remembered I have a surveillance camera in the pharmacy. The woman of whom I spoke you must be recorded there.
Evan: Thanks, Bob! We'll check your counter to look for it, ok?

Investigate Counter
Evan: This must be the surveillance camera, but it's broken! Can you restore it?

Examine Broken surveillance camera
Evan: Here it is! Our killer is about to be revealed, <Name>!

Analyze Surveillance camera
Lindsey: According to Bob's speech, the killer was the only client that morning.
Lindsey: So I "fast-forwarded" the video until that person appeared, and I could see she had brown hair!
Evan: <Name>, it's enough to arrest the killer. Let's bring her to justice!

Alan Smith: Is it true? Have you already arrested the killer?
Evan: Not yet, but we're about to do it.
Alan Smith: Then do it now and send them to jail!

Arrest killer
Evan: Mindy Morel, you're under arrest for the murder of Richard Martinson.
Mindy: Me? Ha! You have nothing against me!
Evan: Your fingerprints, your hands cream, your image in the video... Isn't that enough?
Mindy: That monster was the scoundrel! He should go to jail, not me! I just claimed justice!
Evan: To claim justice is our duty, not yours. You have the right to remain silent. Everything...

Esteban Gonzalez: Mrs Mindy Morel, you have been brought before this Court-
Mindy: What for? To congratulate me? I finished with corruption in this city. That man was corrupt!
Esteban Gonzalez: It's our job to determine who is corrupt or not.
Esteban Gonzalez: And I remind you that corrupt people have to go to jail, not to a graveyard.
Bob: You destroyed a family, you sick b*stard!
Esteban Gonzalez: Silence in the Court! Mindy Morel, for the premeditated murder of Richard Martinson, this Court therefore condemns you to life imprisonment with no chance for parole.
Esteban Gonzalez: Session is adjourned!

Evan: Thanks for solving this case, <Name>!
Evan: However, I wish we could have gotten something about Robert Jamin's illegal businesses with that ledger. But I'm sure you're going to find "something" later.
Evan: What do you say about some cheddar nachos?

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Once again, you've worked exceptionally, <Rank> <Name>!
Alan Smith: But it'd be better if you visited Mariah and Bob Martinson. They lost a husband and father, and I've told you I hate revenges.
Alan Smith: And also go to Matthew Morel's house. He lost a spouse too.

See how Mariah is coping
Mariah: I don't believe my best friend could have killed my own husband.
Evan: We're sorry for that. We came to see if you needed any help.
Mariah: I... I was going to travel to Paris with Richard, but I guess I will take Bob with me instead.
Mariah: The thing is that... he had the tickets, and I can't find them.
Evan: Don't worry. They must be... somewhere. We'll check in his office.

Investigate Office
Evan: Richard must have put those tickets here, but this drawer is a mess.
Evan: I trust your instincts, <Name>!

Examine Drawer
Evan: I think these are the tickets, but it looks like it rained on them. Mariah won't like anything of this!
Evan: Richard isn't able to buy them again. At least can you guess the serial number?

Examine Tickets
Evan: I don't really know how can you read wet serial numbers. They were illegible.
Evan: It doesn't mean I think you failed, but we should give Lindsey this serial numbers. The tickets were so unreadable... maybe they're just shampoo barcodes.

Analyze Serial numbers
Lindsey: Bad luck, boys. Those tickets must have got lost somewhere in Richard's desk.
Lindsey: These aren't either plane tickets, nor train, nor anything you can think about.
Evan: Well, <Name>, let's tell Mariah to call off the trip.
Lindsey: But it's interesting. This is a check Steve Zasts got from Richard Martinson for selling a lot of oak wood. That was not a serial, that was a sum of money.
Evan: Oak? This can't be a coincidence!
Lindsey: I investigated a bit more, and I found out Steve Zasts bought a lot more oaks for a lot of less money. Richard was cheated.
Evan: Then Ashley Jamin was going to buy cr*p. Well, she knew he wasn't the best kind of man.
Evan: C'mon and let's tell Mariah we didn't find anything apart from... illegal money.

Tell Mariah the bad news
Evan: We're sorry, but those tickets weren't in Richard's office, or they were very well hidden.
Evan: But we found data about Steve Zasts. He cheated on Richard. You should get away from his, he's worse than most agronomers in this city.
Mariah: Yes, I know. I found the tickets in my handbag a few minutes ago. I'm sorry.
Mariah: I think the least I could do for you is giving you this. Take, you don't owe anything to me.

Ask Bob if he's alright
Bob: I'm broken in pieces! I can't overcome dad's death yet.
Bob: I will sell this pharmacy, I just can't work anymore.
Evan: We feel sorry for you. Do you need anything else?
Bob: After all you've done for me, I can't ask for more. But I lost a check the next pharmacy owner gave me to buy it.
Bob: If only you found it, I'd be happy again.
Evan: We're going to search here again, right?

Investigate Pharmacy
Evan: I'm pretty sure this box hides something into it, but it's locked! And the padlock is broken. How can someone break a padlock?
Evan: Do you think you'd manage to piece it back, <Name>?

Examine Broken Padlock
Evan: Padlock redone! Now we'll get a bit into Bob's business.
Evan: This is UNBELIEVABLE!! Do you know who'll buy that pharmacy? Cecilia Di Giappo! I wouldn't like to know what she'll do there with hipotroqes. She's still free!
Evan: <Name>, that man really has to know who he's going to sell that place to.

Give Bob his check back
Bob: Did you find my check? I'm getting angrier as minutes pass.
Evan: Yes, and we also found your client's name. Cecilia Di Giappo. Do you know who she is?
Bob: Yes! A sweet Italian farmer. She's very nice, right?
Evan: No, she's not nice at all. Want to hear truth?
Evan: She put drugs on milk to make her sells increase. She's a criminal, man. Your pharmacy won't be right once she's taken it.
Bob: Really? She... she didn't tell me anything of that. Thanks for the info.
Bob: This... this is fat-free. Just for you.

Make sure Matthew is under control
Evan: How are you coping with this situation, Mr Morel?
Matthew: As I can, but I lost the infromation of the jail I have to go to to visit Mindy.
Matthew: I'd bet I wrote it down somewhere, but I just don't remember where.
Evan: Actually, it's not our business...
Matthew: Please! I love her despite her heinous actions, and I can't stand she's gone.
Evan: We'll look in your living room, but we won't be everywhere to find your paper.

Investigate Living room
Evan: There isn't any paper, <Name>. Are you sure we should keep on searching?
Evan: This book! "Agronomic business strategies". Surely Matthew has been reading it. And that paper might be here...
Evan: It's too big to see it so simply. Could you, please?

Examine Book
Evan: What did I tell you, <Name>? Matthew would leave gold in the first place he sees, like a book he's reading. Let's give him his...
Evan: But... this paper is covered in dust! How are we going to give him a dirty data?

Examine Dusty paper
Evan: This is completely readable, <Name>! You rock!
Evan: I hope this paper is the one Matthew was looking for. We won't search through the seven seas to tell him where Mindy Morel is.

Give the paper back to Matthew
Evan: It's your lucky day, Matthew. Your paper is here, Mindy is at the North jail.
Matthew: Thanks a lot, <Rank> <Name>! My wife would be alone there if you weren't so good at it.
Evan: <Rank> <Name> wasn't alone, ok?
Matthew: I found a shirt that could suit you. I'm sorry, but I just can pay you with it.

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