The Creed of Investigators
Type Mystery's Hunters
Headquarters Alofi, Niuê
General nature Protagonist
Formation 2008
Founded by Faiji Ksumuda
Leader Faiji Ksumuda
Aya Ýotaq
Years active 2008-present
Colors light blue and dark red
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Enemies Criminals
Appearance(s) Code 5172
The creed of Investigators is a mystery hunting law enforcement organization taking place in Code 5172.


The COI investigates mysteries and codes anywhere in the world, searching crime scenes for clues, interviewing witnesses and suspects, and carefully analyzing evidence in order to progress. After gaining all the evidence and the information, the team is able to decode a riddle or a secret behind the main mystery and put them into rightful places where they belong.

The COI is a top-ranking mystery law enforcement organization, reporting to nothing but justice. The COI also solve mysteries before criminals discover them and use them in a way that makes it impossible for local law enforcement agencies or law governments to fight.


The Creed of Investigators consists of eight main members with each of them assigned a particular job as listed below.

Personnel Age Birthplace Position Duties
Faiji Ksumuda 37 Alofi, Niuê Leader Leads the group to find the enigmas of the 5172 code.
Aya Ýotaq 22 Kazakhstan, Astana Semi-Leader Investigates with the team, the enigma of the 5172 code
Clayton Haunt 27 Osijek, Croatia Code Analyst Helps the group find the enigma of the 5172 code.
Lucas Wallwirus 26 Ocho Rios, Jamaica Elite Investigator He unveils the mysteries and helps solve the enigma of the 5172 code.
Pahnini Ka 18 Agra, India Junior Investigator She help to solve the enigma of the 5172 code, reading the scripts.
Taho Lars 44 Kenema, Sierra Leone Tech Expert It helps the group with devices that they find on the way to know about the 5172 code.
Mariana Lavvinia 21 Texas, United States Computer Programmer She helps programming translating the codes that the group are able to get.
Ahdyo Netto 93 Hargeisa, Somaliland Historian He describes when and where the scriptures or enigmas were made.
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