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The Code for Silence
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Aftermark
Case # 65
Initial release date 16 VI 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz (All Chapters)
Leonidas Lupo (After the Smoke 5)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Web of Lies Keeping The Element of Surprise
(in Krause Street)

The Code for Silence is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 157th case of the game and the 65th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Aftermark, a district of Fario as the final case of the distict.


After mayor pulled the military back and let the team to do the operation by themselves the team got ready and full armored and with full loaded guns went to the institute to make sure LUMIA won't attack As they separated all on each side, the player and Mia walked through the long halls of bookshelves, every book telling one part of the history. Then, suddenly the team noticed trails of blood leading towards the wooden round table where they found a head of the student Joe Picollio.

The team shifted the body to the morgue as they started to search deeper, discovering that Monica Castillo was lurking around the institute. They moved their investigation forward by discovering that victim often visited his mentor Jacob von Bryne but also that the victim heavily criticized Tyler Collette's work on business ideas who damaged the history. After the autopsy, Matilda told the team that the victim was suffocated with the gossip-fashion magazine "Pretty Fair", adding to the profile that the killer probably reads it but also that the gossip has a symbolic meaning that the victim might've gossiped something.

As the team later on recapped the case, Abbi ran to the team, saying that LUMIA has been setting raided the city hall in attempt to murder the mayor. The team then rushed to the city hall, as other officers tried to push the rioters down. The team rushed to the mayor's office where the mayor was under the table, asking if the rioters are gone. After the confirmation he said that he knew this would happen and allowed the team to look around after telling him tho the new victim is. After searching they discovered that Joe and the mayor were friends which made the team to put the mayor on the suspect list. As they progressed the investigation they discovered that a gothic hacker-photographer Aurora Maupin was monitoring the victim before discovering that that Tyler was the victim's landlord and how the victim refused to pay rents. As well they found that Solomon Krause was the victim's professor on the university before approaching Jacob again after finding that the victim complained abut his a lot.

Mid-investigating, the team talked about the victim and how to continue the investigation but then the team saw Monica approaching, saying that she needs to confess something. Monica then confessed that after the team spoke to her about the letter she told the team that she started to be doubtful and with her friend Marinette looked more into it finding that Joe was somehow involved with the figure but when they approached him he rejected to speak. The team then let her go as they continued the investigation by discovering that the victim accidentally burned Aurora's laptop and got into the scandal with the mayor before finding that the victim was threatened by Solomon to stop lurking around his mansion.

As the last evidence was found, the team was ready to make another arrest and went to arrest Solomon. As the team approached his office the read a loud crash and stormed inside, seeing that the mayor and Solomon had fight. The mayor turned to the team and told them to run but while he was distracted Solomon hit him in the head with a lamp and quickly pulled the gun, telling the team to stay away. The team did the same and while pointing guns at each other, Mia asked him why he killed Joe on what Solomon smirked and lighten a cigar, saying that Joe was a sneaky little boy who learned too much. He proceed to explain how Joe on first seemed a good material for LUMIA and more especially to be a new vocalist of a rewritten history after his plan raise into success and he become again a mayor of Fario, like a year ago but this time prepared. He then explain how he taught Joe everything: LUMIA hierarchy, road to mind control, Zemiq and his usage to create a supernatural army in order to take over the city and write that as a beginning of a new era ad how Nerocius wants the city to die and rebuild as a new world capital but that Joe wasn't naive as he seemed and that by time he wanted to know more and more, promising absolute loyalty to a new order but in reality he just secretly built a case against all high LUMIA members and snitch it to the police but that he didn't count that LUMIA's spies will discover his fraud. Somolom carefully removed a cigarette from his mouth and looked the team in the eyes, his gun fully loaded and aimed at the team as he told them that when he was informed about this he was heartbroken but that Joe gave him a lesson of not trusting anyone and that his reveal will be beginning of the new era as people now would want another leader. With a psychopathic laugh he throw cigarette on the important mayor's documents and jumped outside the window as the fire started to spread to towards the room, burning everything and circling the team.

While the fire was raised more and more the team started to lose hope that they will make it out alive but then Leonidas pushed the door open and with the firefighters extinguished the fire. The fire emergency team quickly pulled the mayor out of the room as the team thanked Leonidas explained him that Solomon is the mastermind behind everything about the history erasing and said that he got away. Leonidas suggested searching the trailer again as the victim knew lots of things about this topic. After the search of the trailer the team discovered a half acid-destroyed documents that was part of the file against LUMIA that the team found during the investigation. Detectives sent it to Arif who then told the team that the file the found is the beginning of the New Era, a manuscript that defines that the history need to be shuttered, people awaken to start a government change and the propaganda filled media would use of it, something that was already been happening. As the only solution that Arif could've think of is that they would need to cut the site access that LUMIA uses to launch propaganda and faked history that was written as the moment they speak. The team then went to Aurora, asking her for help that she gladly accepted and said that she will need the pass-code for the government access. Te team thought that it might be in the mayor's office and went there where inside the metal drawer the team found a Micro SD card along the papers. After checking the validity the team went back to Aurora who successfully broke into the government's servers and said that she will need a bit of time.

In the meantime, the mayor wanted to talk with the player. He said that he is very sorry that he failed to protect the city but that will do everything in his power to give it the former glory even if that costs him his life. With a angry voice he said that they can't allow Solomon to get the constitutional mayor-law. As the team asked him what that would be he sighed and said that the former mayor Marilyn Price issued a law shortly before her death that in case of sudden inability for a mayor do their duty like him right now due to the the injuries in the fight, one of ex mayors can take the document and by the law they become a temporary mayor. They asked him where is the documents on what he said that is in the institute for the history. The team rushed there but on their surprise the entire library being demolished and most of the things burned to the group as per LUMIA's plans. still, the team managed to discord a broken frame with a little paper piece inside. The team gave the piece to the lab as the lab analyzes confirmed that is the part of the constitutional mayor-law but also that the there were bits of blood on the frame that belonged to Tyler. The team interrogated Tyler who swore that he found the frame already broken and wanted to insect it but cut himself on the sharp edges. The team didn't seem to believe him but them he put his shoulder bag down, taking away the video recorder with a recorded voice of Solomon speaking to Nerocius that he got the document and will announce his reign as the new mayor. The team then decided to rush back tot he city hall and wait for Solomon but as they arrived they saw that they are too late. News reports, crowd of people and LUMIA supporters, all of them cheered as the Solomon with the evil grin on his face announced that he is now the mayor of Fario and that the city hall and all government agencies will be set in the Krause Street, newly renamed part of the city that once used to be Aftermark. As the crowd dismissed the team went to Solomon and said that he can't do this but then he laughed, saying that he just did and that nothing will stop him and LUMIA now that the history is getting re-written, propaganda is spread even more and people supporting his lies before exhaling a cigarette's smoke in the team's faces and going away.

Furious, the team returned to the station where Aurora waited with the team with a frown, saying that she couldn't do anything to stop the propaganda media. The team sighed and said that they failed too as they couldn't stop Solomon from becoming a mayor and that city will fall into the New Era. Chief Filipovich then said how he won't allow this to happen and said that the team will do everything in power to not let Solomon become a primary mayor and said that the next day the player and Leonidas will go to Krause Street and find anything incriminating about Solomon that could be used on court against him. He then sighed and said that he won't let this New Era to happen.



  • Joe Picollio (Suffocated with a gossip-fashion magazine)

Murder Weapon

  • Pretty Fair Magazine


  • Solomon Krause


Killer's Profile

  • The Killer has high blood pressure.
  • The Killer reads Pretty Fair magazine.
  • The Killer has access to acid.
  • The Killer has a leech bite.
  • The Killer is over 30 years old.

Crime Scenes

History Institute Library Old Bookshelves History Institute Library Bonus
Victim's Trailer Messy Bed Victim's Trailer Bonus
Mayor's Office Mayor's Desk Mayor's Office Bonus


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