Mark: Ah. There you are <Name>. How nice to meet you!
Mark: I am and will be your chief of police, Mark Jaffason. Yes. I am aware my name sounds like Jaffa cakes and I've already had to tell Liam 10 times that's it's not funny...Did I mention that I told him 10 times TODAY!
Mark: Anyway, let's not try and think about it. I understand you came here from <Player's countries name>. Are you tired from your travels?
Mark: No? Wow, you are way better then me. I often get told off for falling asleep
Mark: Anyway. You'll do perfectly and the police force will be very happy to have you
Mark: You have done your papers, haven't you?
Mark: You have? Prefect, please pass them to me and please wait outside

Outside the office
Liam: Oh, so you're the new police officer. Nice to meet you, I'm Liam Attender. I will be your partner
Liam: How did Jaffa cake treat you?
Liam: He may be nice to you but don't see him when he's in a bad mood
Liam: Why? Because he can turn into someone from a horror movie really fast
Liam: I wonder what our first assignment will be. I don't want it to be helping kittens AGAIN. Do you know how anno-
Mark: Liam, <name>. The duke of Gottingham has just called and said there's been a murder at his castle!
Liam: A murder at a castle you say? Well let's go there right away!

At Gottingham Castle
Liam: This castle is huge, how are we going to find a body in here!
Liam: If you think you can find it. Go right ahead, I'll just sit here eating my breakfast

Chapter 1

Investigate Gottingham Castle
Liam: How in the world did you find the body and why was it on the roof
Liam: We aren't going to get any clear answers. Let's send the body to Clara.
Liam: No thanks. I've already eaten
Liam: Oh, you think there might be a lead inside of that picnic basket. I'll let you have a look
Liam: Also this is no time for a smoke.
Liam: Oh, you also think that's a clue, fine then. Let's examine it!

Examine Picnic basket
Liam: You found a broken device in the picnic basket. Maybe putting it together will help us figure out who the victim might be

Examine Broken Object
Liam: And you've got it. This seems to be a "Worker of the month" and our victim is called Kevin McCullough. Excellence work <Name>
Liam: I agree, since we found one of HIS workers on the roof, we should go and question the duke!

Question the duke about his worker's death
Liam: Duke, we believe we found the body you called about
Duke: Excellence. Who was the person who thought they could get into the castle at night!
Liam: Sir, it was Kevin McCullough.
Duke: Wait what!? Kevin's been murdered! A truly sad time. How dare he be murdered at moonlight
Liam: We'll work as hard as we can to find the murderer, however we will need to have a look at his work place
Duke: Oh, of course, I'll take you there right away!

Investigate Victim's working area
Liam: So this is where the victim worked, in the Castle mills.
Liam: You seemed to have found a ring, maybe the victim was meant to be getting married, Let's have a look at the names on the ring
Liam: and that newspaper will help us give us another lead, however it's faded. I'll get your dusting kit ready

Examine Ring
Liam: You got the names "Kevin and Henry" from the ring. Wait, the victim was gay?
Liam: I have no problems with gay people, it just came out of nowhere...
Liam: We better question this Henry right away

Tell Henry Pickie about his husband to be's death
Henry: Hello Officers, what do you need, please be quick though because I'm going on a date with my beloved
Liam: Henry, that's why we're here, We found Kevin murdered on the roof this morning
Henry: W-Wait. Kevin's been murdered! B-By who
Liam: That's what we are trying to find out
Henry: Me and him were going to marry in 3 days and now he's been murdered.
Henry: Can I...have some time alone. I-I need to get my thoughts together
Liam: Of course, please try and remember anything you can!

Examine Newspaper
Liam: You managed to uncover the writing on that newspaper very fast. Now let's see what's on it
Liam: "Kevin McCullough is a witch and here's why" What in the world. Who would write this
Liam: "By Eric Hornsbubble" Oh of course it is!
Liam: You don't know Mr Hornsbubble, he's a horrid man who feeds on people's sadness. I think we better question him!

Talk to Eric Hornsbubble
Eric: Ah good day officers. I'm awfully sorry but I can't say long, A house has just been robbed and that article won't write itself
Liam: What the h- No... Mr Hornsbubble, we found your newspaper about Kevin McCullough where you called him a witch. Care to explain
Eric: Well that man cursed some toys to kill a girl. A young girl, only 5 or 6
Liam: ...Sureeeeeeeee...
Eric: It's true though, look it up!
Liam: Yeah. I know your stories and they are anything but real, please stay here in case we need to talk with you again!

Examine Cigarette packet
Liam: There was a substance on the cigarettes. Let's send it to Holly, she out lab and tech person. Come on <name>

Analyse Substance
Holly: I didn't expect you to come so fast. Right, let me just find my paperwork
Holly: Ah ha, alright. I had a look at the substance you send me
Holly: It was made of wheat and eggs and some other things
Holly: but I conclude that it was bread
Liam: But it was a substance, not how I remember bread
Holly: Yeah, I was confused by that until I watched an ad. It's this new Gottingham watered down bread
Liam: Watered down bread, that sounds horrible
Holly: It's not that bad. You should try some Liam
Liam: So out killer eats or drinks watered down bread. They better be bready to get arrested

Analyse Victim's body
Liam: Clara, have you finished analysing the body. We need the result to carry on with the investigation
Clara: Indeed I have. Hello <name> by the way. Nice to meet you
Clara: It's clear that your victim died of freezing to death in the cold winds
Liam: But that doesn't mean it's murder
Clara: You say that but I found this in your victim's belly
Liam: What the hell was a brick doing in our victim's belly
Clara: It was possible to keep him down. His feet and hands were also tried up
Liam: So the victim was frozen by wind and kept down by a big brick and rope. Wow
Clara: Indeed and for them two you need to be fit and know how to tie a knot!
Liam: So our killer knows how to tie knots and is strong. Let's hope we can find them soon <name>

Later, in the castle
Liam: This case is just weird, we have a victim who was weight down and tried up and yet we found him frozen to death. Dying of Hypothermia. That's just horrifying to think off.
Liam: We also talked to the husband to be of the victim, Henry Pickie. Who seemed sadden by the murder
Liam: Then we have the duke, who is as mad as ever
Liam: And don't get me started on Eric. I hate that man's guts!
Liam: What was that sound

Chapter 2

Liam: This case is just weird, we have a victim who was weight down and tried up and yet we found him frozen to death. Dying of Hypothermia. That's just horrifying to think off.
Liam: We also talked to the husband to be of the victim, Henry Pickie. Who seemed sadden by the murder, the duke is as mad as ever and Eric is being annoying again. What a supris-
Liam: What was that sound?
Liam: (Pushing you out the way) Right, get out the way. we get it
A few minutes later
Liam: Ugh. My head.
Liam: Well that's something you don't see everyday, I agree, we should make sure the knight is alright

See if the knight is alright
Liam: Are you alright...ehh...Mr or Miss knight?
Alice: Yes. I'm fine thanks, what are you doing here anyway. No one can come into the castle without promission
Liam: We are investigating the murder of Kevin McCullough and we were recapping when your horse came right at us
Alice: Wait, did you say Kevin McCullough?
Liam: Yes, did you know him well?
Alice: I didn't know him very well but I knew him, I used to eat that horrible watered down bread he gave us
Liam: Where did you see him last?
Alice: Oh, he was in the castle yard, take a look around if you must
Liam: We would like to do that but don't go horse riding again for some time, we may have more questions for you later!

Investigate Castle Yard
Liam: Before you say it again, I'm not scared for Alice, she's just a bit stronger then me and I wouldn't want to get on the wrong side of her.
Liam: Oh, you found a mug with "Best mum" written on it. This might have been send from the victim to his mum, Let's dust it and see if we're right
Liam: Is that it? Oh well, let's dust the mug then!

Examine "Best mum" mug
Liam: You found a code on the mug, maybe creaking the code will tell us more!

Examine Code on mug
Liam: You got the code from the mug but I still don't know what it means, let's go and send it to the lab and see what Holly can do with it

Analyse Code
Holly: So I had a look at the code you send me and it was confusing
Liam: But did you manage to find out what it was?
Holly: Nope, but the flowers on the side did, you see, in the Victorian era, women use to say whatever they wanted to say with flowers
Holly: Like a Bluebell was Humility or Constancy.
Holly: However the flowers on the mug tells a different story.
Holly: You see the flower is that of a Butterfly Weed and in the Victorian era, it meant "Leave me"
Liam: That doesn't sound good, do you know the name of Kevin's mother
Holly: Of course I do, it's Lily McCullough. She lives down the road from the castle
Liam: Interesting, Let's ask Kevin mother about what really happened, but let's not say it with flowers

Ask Lily about her son's message
Liam: Mrs McCullough, we found flowers your son send to you.
Lily: Ha! Son, he's no son of mine!
Liam: Why not?
Lily: Because he thought that I was going to ruin his stupid wedding
Lily: I don't care for that stupid wedding and I don't care
Liam: But we found your son murdered this morning at the castle
Lily: Well he only has himself to blame. He betrayed me so I disowned him, now please leave me house.
Liam: Very well Lily, just be careful because we will come and question you later
Liam: And you want to take another look at the Castle Mill, where the victim worked, Very well.

Investigate Mill's Wheels
Liam: You found a pile of bricks, this must be where the killer found the brick they used to keep Kevin down, Let's dig through the bricks
Liam: And what's that locked box doing here, let's unlock it at once

Examine pile of bricks
Liam: You found horse food under the bricks, how strange
Liam: No, I'm putting my foot down, we are not speaking to Alice again
Liam: Ugh! fine, just don't think that I'll ask her anything

Question Alice about her horse's food
Alice: Back already, that was fast, did you find the killer yet?
Liam: Nope, we did find your horse's food under the bricks used in the murder
Alice: And you think I would have picked one up and made Kevin eat it, I'm sorry but you have it all wrong
Alice: I mean he was annoying. He hardly ever fed my horse and other things but then I would make him after telling him how strong I can tie a knot
Liam: Well if it turns out that you murdered Kevin because he didn't work as fast as you wanted him to. Your knight days are over!

Examine Locked box
Liam: You found some broken pens in the box, let's fix them up and fast!

Examine broken pens
Liam: So you fixed the pens really fast, what else did you find?
Liam: Oh, these pens belong to Eric Hornsbubble and I can bet you he wasn't the one who broke them
Liam: I agree, this calls for another questioning

Ask Eric about the broken pens
Liam: Eric, we found your pens broken in the victim's work place.
Eric: Oh so that where they went. I can't believe it
Liam: Can't believe what?
Eric: That man was trying to hide the truth once again!
Liam: The truth?
Eric: I was writing an article on Kevin's relation with his sister
Eric: And I found proof that they were married and in a relation with each other
Eric: But he always tried to hide the truth
Liam: Realllllly, you believe the victim was married to his sister and so you stalked them
Eric: Maybe I did, maybe I didn't. I remember the watered down bread and knotted ties annoyed me greatly
Liam: Was the story real or not
Eric: wasn't, they were just good friends
Liam: So you planned on defacing the victim's life with fake news, That's creepy on so many levels and you are under arrest for stalking the victim and his family!

Back in the police station, about 10 minutes later
Liam: This case is just getting worse, we have two more suspects
Liam: So we have Alice who was angry at the victim for not working as fast as she wanted
Liam: And also the victim's mother, Lily, who disowned him for an unknown reason
Liam: And that horrid man, Eric, nearly reported on the victim being in a relationship with his own sister
Liam: sometimes the world just makes me sick. What do we do no-
Duke: You shell do nothing. It has been found that you were planning on taking my crown.
Duke: And there's only one place for you. The hangman's gallows!

Chapter 3

Liam: This case is just getting worse, we have two more suspects
Liam: and a very horrifying suspect who thinks fake news is all you need
Liam: sometimes the world just makes me sick. What do we do no-
Duke: You shell do nothing. It has been found that you were planning on taking my crown.
Duke: And there's only one place for you. The hangman's gallows!
Duke: Well Kevin knew he was in danger and he said that the next person to come into the castle would murder him and the next person to come in was you lot!
Liam: That's because you called us. We only came because YOU called us
Duke: Oops
Liam: Now go into the interrogation room and we'll talk to you when we're finished!
Liam: Wait. You want to talk to Duke NOW, I guess you're right, we better question him and fast

Question Duke about the lies
Liam: Right, Duke, you better answer for everything
Duke: Why should I? I only believe the information I want to hear
Liam: Of when you believed that all the crimes in Gottingham was the work of black and hispanic people when it was proven that we've arrested many white people before.
Duke: Still a mistake in my books
Liam: And you fact you only hire white males, you only hired Alice after people got suspicious
Duke: Oh, is this now a game of "Let's get Duke for racism". Well I don't care, Just get me some watered down bread
Liam: We are not working under YOU, we work for the good of the people of Gottingham and you will do well to remember that. You will stay here and me and <name> will have a look at the water well in the middle of the castle yard!
Duke: Do as you please. Goodbye!

Investigate Water Well
Liam: It's good to finally be away from the Duke. Anyway, what did you find at the water well
Liam: You found the will of the victim but it's faded. Let's dust it
Liam: And you also found a locked chest, let's open it at once and see what's inside

Examine Will and Testament
Liam: So you recovered most of the comment and it reads "My husband is a....He'll get NOTHING"
Liam: Wait, the victim thought his soon to be husband was a bit of know. It also reveals that he got nothing.
Liam: Some people can murder over a will. I think we better ask Henry about this and fast!

Question Henry about the Will
Liam: Henry. We found your husband's will and found out that he was going to give you nothing, care to explain?
Henry: He only has himself to blame. He kept thinking everything was my problem and not his
Henry: Like when we lose money because of the wheat not being good enough. He didn't blame the farmers or the gods, nope, he blamed ME
Henry: I was angry when I found out that, after all I did for him, I wasn't in that bloody will
Liam: Angry enough to kill Henry?
Henry: Impossible. I loved the man like I love my watered down bread and tieing knots.
Henry: Of course, he mostly blamed me but that was because I was bigger and stronger them he was. Oh well...
Liam: Henry, we sure hope you didn't murder your fiance or you'll be making bread from a cell!

Examine Chest
Liam: So it seems that the chest is full. Let's dig through these objects and see what we can find

Examine Full Chest
Liam: You found a wedding invitation in the chest. How nice
Liam: Wait, but the comment at the bottom said "I didn't want my son to be a sinner!"
Liam: So Lily thought her son was a sinner, we better go and talk to her again

Ask Lily why she thought her son was a sinner
Lily: Oh, you found that horrible wedding invitation. Well you can throw it in the trash!
Liam: We shell do no such thing, you need to explain why your son was sinner
Lily: Because he couldn't follow the words of the bible. He kept going with boys and not girls
Lily: He would always bring a different boy home everyday when I made watered down bread
Lily: I really wanted to tie him down and hit him so hard so he would be normal
Lily: I may not look it, but I could hit him as hard as I wanted as I do stay fit
Lily: And yes, that's why I disowned him!
Liam: Well if it turns out that you murdered your son over him being gay, you'll be in jail very soon!

Later in the police office
Liam: Sometimes I hate when people are homophobic or racist and it's horrible that it's still around
Liam: I think we should look through the crime scene once more...and on the roof where the victim was murdered!

Investigate Roof
Liam: We'll need anything we can find to arrest the killer
Liam: You found some rope, you're right, it seems to have something trapped with it. Let's get a sample of it
Liam: And that cup looks like it has something in it, let's get a sample of that as well
Liam: Come on <name>. We have no time to waste. i can feel Justice is just around the corner!

Examine rope
Liam: You found some fibers on the rope, alright then, let's send them to the lab!

Analyse Fibers
Liam: Right Holly, we don't have long, do you have any news on the fibers we found on the rope?
Holly: I do indeed. I looked at the fibers you gave me and I found small bits of colouring in the fibers
Holly: I analysed the colouring and found out it came from a blue beetle bug that can be found in the amazon
Holly: So I had a look online and I found out that Gottingham started letting dead blue beetle to colour shirts
Holly: And since the colouring is blue. It only brings up that your killer is wearing blue
Liam: Well soon they'll be feeling blue as well because we're one step closer to finding our murderer!

Examine Cup
Liam: You got the sample we need. Let's send it to the lab at once!

Analyse sample
Liam: Holly, what can you tell us about the sample that we found in the cup
Holly: Well the sample was weird because it shows signs of DNA
Holly: I analysed the DNA to try and see what I could get from it and I found something
Holly: I found the chromosomes relating to a woman. The good old XX.
Liam: So our killer is a woman. Let's see who our female killer is once and for all!

Before arresting the killer
Liam: We are very first to solving your first investigation <name>. Well done on getting this far
Liam: Now let's go and grab our-self a killer!

Arrest Killer

Liam: So you are the one who murdered Kevin McCullough Alice, Why did you do it
Alice: What. you think I murdered the bread maker. You must be having a laugh!
Liam: We are not having a laugh Alice. We found your watered down bread on your cigarette packet
Alice: Watered down bread is a good way to stay fit nowadays and I don't have must time to eat when I'm fighting
Liam: and I bet you need to know how to tie knots for your fights? Which is why we found your blue fibers on the rope
Alice: Fine. you got me but if I didn't murder him. The duke would have had me thrown out of the castle
Liam: But you're his best fighter. Why would he want to throw you out
Alice: Because I'm a woman and we all know what he does to woman. He lust for them and one wrong move and you're out
Alice: I thought murdering Kevin would reassure the duke that I was still good at my job
Liam: We've heard about the Duke's racist and sexism and it seems it will not stop but murder is never the answer. I'm sorry but we have to arrest you for the murder of Kevin McCullough

At the trail
Judge Forest: Alice, you stand trail for the murder of Kevin McCullough. How do you pleased?
Alice: Guilty your honour but I needed to do it to prove the duke wrong
Judge Forest: I have heard about this treatment of his female workers and it's truly saddens me that sexism and racism is still around for nothing should lead to murder
Judge Forest: The court therefore sentences you to 10 years behind bars with a parole hearing at 5 years
Judge Forest: This court may rise.

Back at the office
Liam: Well then. It saddens me that sexism and racism is still around
Liam: and that's why we can't have peace in this world.
Liam: To every LGBT person, there are people who hate them
Liam: And to every forward thinking person, there're still them sexist and racist people
Liam: I truly wish for peace
Mark: Drop everything, there has been an arson attack at St James street!

The Beginning of the Night (1/7)

Liam: An arson attack in St James street, but that shouldn't be possible
Mark: I agree. It shouldn't be but it is, I suggest checking everyone is alright
Liam: Yes sir, What else
Mark: Well I want <name> and Amir to go to the castle to see any proof of the Duke's madness
Amir: Hey <name>. Shell be an honour to work with you. Ready to go whenever you are!
Liam: Very well Amir. So what do you want to do first <name>. Check on the people in St James's street or check on the mad duke!

Go with Liam to St James Street
Liam: Thank you for coming with me <name>. It will help solve everything faster
Liam: Well it's looks like that's the building the arson hit. It's now a burning building
Sam: Oi, you, are you the police?
Liam: Indeed we are miss, are you a witness to the arson
Sam: Yes. I am, can we talk please!
Liam: Of course miss. We must have more leads

Get a witness statement from Sam
Liam: So, miss, what can you tell about the arson attack
Sam: Well I was baking food when I heard a knock at the door
Sam: I went to the door and there was a man who called himself "The Night terror"
Liam: The Night terror?
Sam: Yes but before I could ask what was going on. The man shot fire through my letterbox and jumped away.
Liam: I'm sorry you had to go through that
Sam: That's not all. he kidnapped my children
Liam: He kidnapped your children? Where did he go?
Sam: I-I saw him jumping towards the mill
Liam: Thank you for your help miss. We'll make sure that we'll find your children and a new house for you
Sam: Thank you, please take this for luck

Investigate Mill
Liam: What is that chest doing here. It wasn't here before. I agree, we should open it and see what's inside!

Examine chest
Liam: You found a faded letter in the chest. Let's get dusting

Examine Faded letter
Liam: So this letter reads "Mark Jaffacakes, I'm back and I'm going to give you a nightmare. Watch your step, your old friend is back" and it's signed the Night Terror
Liam: So the chief knows "The Night Terror". I agree, we should ask him about this at once!

Ask the chief about "The Night Terror
Liam: Chief, we've made progress on the arson attack at st James street
Mark: Excellence. What can you tell me about it
Liam: It was at the hands of "The Night Terror"
Liam: and they left you a letter
Mark: The Night terror. That's a name I haven't heard in more then 30 years!
Liam: So you know them chief
Mark: Yes and if they are returning now. It's not good news, I was an investigator when they last showed up
Liam: What do we do chief
Mark: Sadly I have no idea, but I would suggest being very careful. This man is very dangerous!
Liam: Very well chief. We won't stop investigating until they are behind bars for good
Mark: Good, It won't be easy though. I wish you luck in where I failed, you look hungry though, get something to eat. I would hate to see you tired on the job

Investigate Gottingham Castle
Amir: This castle is lovely. It's just horrible that it hides such a dark secret. I used to work in a place like that
Amir: Anyway, you found a bin. Let's dig through it at once!

Examine bin
Amir: You found a checklist in the bin, but it's faded. Let's uncover the writing at once!

Examine Faded checklist
Amir: What the hell is this checklist. It seems to only have "White males, strong, 20+" on it.
Amir: I don't agree with anything on this. I think we need to talk to the Duke about his problems

Confront the Duke about his problems
Amir: Duke. I'm sorry to say this but we found your checklist and it's-
Duke: It's perfect isn't it? I spend hours looking into history books
Amir: That's the problem Duke, the history is in the past and and we should be looking forward and not backward
Duke: What did you say? I didn't quite hear you
Amir: Are you trying to listen at all to me
Duke: Nope, now go and work in the fields like you are meant too

Later on, at the police station
Amir: I'm sorry that I shouted at the duke <name>. I just couldn't help it
Liam: You did what you had to do Amir, don't be sorry for it. You did everything right. It's just the duke's backward thinking ways
Amir: Yes and I don't think we'll be seeing the last of him
Liam: Yeah and I believe the same can be said about The Night Terror!
Amir: I've heard about that. It should horrible to witness
Liam: I agree. We need to stay on guard because anything could be around the corner and we will be waiting!

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