Player: Finally, the city of Parinaita, I'm sure my new job as a police investigator will go well but then again, you never know.
Player: From what I understand about the city, it was build in 1798 to help the poor and needy, well it's no longer like that, Good nature and welcomes await me. I wonder if they will have cookies, Liam would be so annoyed if he heard me say that
{The boat gets to land}
Kia: Ah, you must be <name>, I'm Kia Longfoot, I'll be one of your partners while you are here. I hope your travel was nice and soft.
Henry: Very nice to meet you, I'm Henry Jolipop, I'll be your other partner, although not every investigation
Kia: I trust you have brought your papers?
Player: Yes, I have, here you go
Henry: I'll take them. You and Kia stay here and investigate a bit
Kia: Yeah, get yourself to t'station mate and relax
Kia: Poor Henry, he was shoot in both legs during an investigation which means he can no longer walk unless he uses a walking stick
Kia: So you want to investigate the boat, come on then. I bet you will find everything I listed for you

Chapter 1

Investigate Boat's deck
Kia: Hmm? Oh, you're done are ya?
Kia: Wow, impressive...wait...I didn't mention a wet human on the list?
Kia: Oh dear lord, this isn't just any wet human, it's a dead one, do you see that blood coming from her brain. I better call the chief!
{Kia went on the phone to the chief}
Kia: I'm not joking chief, we've just found a dead human in one of the funnel of the boat
Samuel: Oh you are bloody joking, this is the forth murder this week, something isn't right here, I'm going to place you with <name> and I expect a report soon about how someone was found murdered on the boat
Kia: Yes sir, What should we do next?
Samuel: Shut the crime scene down and investigate it again, got me?
Kia: Okay, We'll do that and we won't investigate!
Kia: {Turning her phone off} Come on mate, we need to investigate the crime scene again

Investigate Boat's deck again
Kia: So you found the victim's passport, it seems a little faded though, maybe you can dust it and reveal the information
Kia: And that black box you found near the murder scene might give us some suspects
Edward: Oh geez, what happened here, h-has there been a murder officers?
Kia: Indeed there has, who are you?
Edward: I-I'm E-Edwa...
Kia: Shy are we? Don't worry, stand over there and we'll talk to you as soon as possible!
Kia: There's no time to waste <name>, let's get to work!

Examine faded Passport
Kia: I see we found the victim's passport and our victim is named "Kimberly Diart", she is from Spain and was born in 1974
Kia: This information will help us a lot but we must carry on investigating!

Investigate Black box
Kia: Oh, you found a piece of paper in the black box, what is the paper for?
Kia: A marriage between our victim and a Mr John Edgeheart.
Kia: If these two were marry, I guess we have to tell the victim's husband the sad news

Tell John Edgeheart about his wife's death
Kia: Mr Edgeheart, we wish to talk to you about your wife
John: Ah, have you met her, what a lovely girl she is and it's amazing I got her, best years of my life when I'm with her
Kia: I'm so sorry Mr Edgeheart but your wife was found murdered in the funnel of the boat that brought her here
John: W-Wait, are you saying that Kim i-is dead. N-No, that can't be possible.
Kia: We're sorry for your loss Mr Edgeheart, we might have more questions for you later so please stay in town

Talk to Edward
Kia: Now, no need to be shy Edward, tell us what you know
Edward: I-I'm not shy, I have a-aut-Auti...
Kia: Don't try to stress yourself daring, we understand, You have autism which is a disability which affects the brain.
Edward: (Simply nodded) T-That it
Kia: Alright, do you know anything about the victim?
Edward: Victim? What does that mean
Kia: To put it simply, it's a body we found that we think had been murdered
Edward: I t-think so? I remember seeing a s-sim...UGH!
Kia: Similar?
Edward: That's the word, girl in the lobby d-downstairs
Kia: I see, thank you for the information Edward, we will go and investigate there and you keep yourself

Investigate Lobby
Kia: I really feel sorry for anyone with a disability, no one really understands them.
Kia: You seem to have found a ripped picture, let's repair it at once
Kia: And that hat has the victim's name on it. I think that thing on the hat isn't might to be there, let's grab a sample of it

Examine ripped picture
Kia: Oh, you found a cute picture of two girls, one is our victim and the other woman, well. I'm not sure.
Harriet: Hey, give me that!
Kia: No need to be rude, We just found that and we were wondering who the woman on the picture is
Harriet: That would be me, Harriet Limits
Kia: If that is the case, we'll need a word with you

Speak with Harriet Limits
Kia: So you claim to be the victim's friend Miss Limit?
Harriet: Of course, there is no better person to know her then me
Kia: I would think her husband would know her better
Harriet: You mean that drunk husband of hers? Think again because he just drinks all the time
Kia: Well we thought we would pass on the information that your friend was found murdered this morning on this boat
Harriet: Kimberly's dead! I bet it was that drunk husband of hers. I demand you arrest him at once!
Kia: We can't arrest anyone without proof, please stay here and we'll talk to you again

Examine Victim's Hat
Kia: You got a sample of the thing on the victim's hat, good, let's send it to the lab!

Analyse Sample
Kia: Hey Jessica, what can you tell us about the sample we got from the hat?
Jessica: What you send me was interesting as it held both a clue and some blood
Kia: You mean blood from the victim's cut on her head?
Jessica: You guessed it, now, onto the sample. It turned out to be glitter from a mask that you wear to a party
Kia: Interesting indeed, can we say that the killer wears a mask?
Jessica: Indeed we can, the victim hated glitter so she wouldn't wear this type of mask
Kia: So the killer wears a mask, even if they think they can hide their face, they have another thing coming!

Analyse Victim's body
Kia: <name>, this is Duncan, he's our Coroner , he can be a bit strange but I guess that's fine
Duncan: Very nice to meet you <name>. Now, onto the body that you found in the ship's funnel. It was covered in cuts from a knife, however that isn't surprising after I learned that the victim had depression
Kia: Anything useful?
Duncan: Well let's talk about the deep cut to your victim's brain, it was done by a cutting object and I don't think it was the same one the victim used to cut herself
Duncan: But then I found powder in the cut and so I had a look and found out they were pills for Anxiety, also known as Lexapro. So I think your killer takes some of these
Kia: How very interesting, we're looking for a killer who takes pills for anxiety, they'll really worry now!

Later; at the station
Kia: So much for a having a relaxing first day. We found Kimberly murdered in the funnel of the ship
Kia: We have 3 suspects as well
Kia: First off, we have the victim's husband, who claimed to love his wife a lot
Kia: Next is Edward...We don't have a last name so far, who only saw a victim in passing
Kia: And then the victim's friend, Harriet, who claimed that she knew the victim more then anyone in the world
Kia: Just one thing confuse me, how did the killer manage to get the victim to the funnel without anyone noticing
Jessica: Well I don't mean to play my own horn but I think I have the answer as to why. There's a secret passage that no one knows about!

Chapter 2

Kia: So much for a having a relaxing first day. We found Kimberly murdered in the funnel of the ship
Kia: We have 3 suspects as well
Kia:However, Just one thing confuse me, how did the killer manage to get the victim to the funnel without anyone noticing
Jessica: Well I don't mean to play my own horn but I think I have the answer as to why. There's a secret passage that no one knows about!
Kia: A secret passage? Where?
Jessica: Well it's quite hard to see but it's under the deck, near where the lobby is in fact.
Kia: And how did you find that?
Jessica: I just looked at the plans for the ship
Kia: That seems...reasonable, well if the killer went down there to get the victim's body to the funnel. I think it would be a good idea to have a look at the secret passage

Investigate secret passage
Kia: So this is the secret passage Jessica was talking about, it's looks like an old abandoned corridor.
Kia: Anyway, you found a camera, let's unlock it and see what's going on
Kia: And you also found an old photograph which seems to have a ghost on it. I, however, don't believe in ghost so I think looking for this man in the database will help us
Kia: And you also found some plans for the ship but they have been ripped, how about putting them back together!
Kia: Even if the secret passage has been solved, the mystery of this ship continues to give us more puzzles, let's go!

Examine Camera
Kia: You unlocked the camera, let's take a look at the footage!
{Start of footage}
Edward: I-I'm really scared. I don't know where I am. I need help getting out of here
Edward: Wait, who's that...oh g-gosh. THEY'RE HOLDING AN AXE!
Edward: I-I need to hide as fast as possible
{End of footage}
Kia: So the camera belonged to Edward, I understand that
Kia: You're right about that, Edward mentioned someone coming with an axe, could this be the killer?
Kia: There's no point in guessing, let's ask Edward about what he saw!

Ask Edward about what he saw
Kia: Edward, we found your camera in the secret passage and we believe you also saw the killer
Edward: found my camera did you. I was hoping no one would find it, it holds my horrors
Kia: Horrors? What do you mean by that?
Edward: Every time I have a n-nigh-...bad dream, my mother's sister's son told me to talk about it in a v-vid-Video?
Kia: So your cousin told you to talk about your problems in the camera?
Edward: Yes, that's it
Kia: You mentioned the killer holding an axe, what type of axe?
Edward: There are dif-diffe-Different types?
Kia: Yes, do the remember the one the killer was holding
Edward: A fire axe I think. I've seen the same axe being used by fire...people
Kia: I see, thank you for your help
Edward: B-Before you go, do you have any...I can't remember the name...these pill things...and a crisscross?
Kia: Sadly not Edward, just stay here just in case we want to speak with you again

Examine old picture
Kia: So you found our "ghost", it's a Mr Harold Fiddlehorn and accounting to the database, the picture was taken by a pin-hole camera, that explains it.
Kia: Well if Harold was walking down the secret passage, we better talk to him

Talk to Harold about his picture
Harold: Welcome officers, how can I help you?
Kia: Good day Mr Fiddlehorn, we found your ghost picture in the secret passage
Harold: Ghost picture? You mean the picture I took when I was a young adult?
Kia: That might be it, what are you doing on this ship?
Harold: Just going to Parinaita. I heard it was a relaxing town to live after you retire
Kia: That's true, met anyone nice
Harold: Yes. I saw a nice lady from spain, her name was Kim.
Harold: Whatever is the matter?
Kia: Sir, we found Kim murdered and in the funnel of the ship
Harold: Oh how awful! May she rest in peace.
Kia: We might have to talk with you again so please stay on the ship

Examine torn map
Kia: You managed to fix the map of the ship but there's something strange on the bottom
Kia: It's a lot of squares with letters and numbers in them, I agree, this is a job for Jessica

Analyse strange drawing
Kia: Jessica, were you able to find out what those strange squares with letters and numbers are for?
Jessica: I did and it seems our killer wanted us to find this
Kia: And what make you say that?
Jessica: Well the message on the page reads "I killed that Spanish woman, try and find me!"
Kia: So the killer is teasing us now. Just what we need...
Jessica: Well I had a look at the design of the squares and found out that they are based on Crisscross, that game were you have the words and you have to place them in
Kia: Oh yeah, my mother always tried to make me do them but I hated them
Jessica: Well it's clear that your killer loves them
Kia: <name>'s right, Edward did ask for a Crisscross when we talked to him last. We better add that to his profile
Kia: And you want to take another at the lobby <name>, you lead the way!

Investigate Sofas in Lobby
Kia: You found a checklist on the floor, it seems to be something from one of the ship's staff, maybe dusting it will give us a suspect
Kia: And that Flower pile might be hiding something under it, let's take a look

Examine Checklist
Kia: So the checklist seems to be comments about the service supplied by Amy Wells
Kia: However under the victim's name it reads "Truly awful. Fire this woman at ONCE!"
Kia: So it seems the victim wasn't fond on this Amy, we better go and talk to Amy at once

Speak to Amy Well
Amy: I'm sorry Miss, we're closed for the night, can it wait?
Kia: No, it can't wait, we're with the police investigating the murder of a guest on this ship
Amy: Oh, you mean that Kim person?
Kia: Indeed we do, do you know her?
Amy: I only know her because I serve her food and everything else every morning, afternoon and night.
Kia: I see, anything you didn't like about her?
Amy: I didn't like the way she always bossed me about but after years of bossy people telling you what to do, you get used to it
Amy: {Radio rings} Oh sorry. I must go and tend to Mr Golophone, we'll take later
Kia: Very well, just be ready just in case we need to talk again and try not to take so many anxiety pills when talking to us

Examine Pile of flowers
Kia: You found a letter under the flowers and it says; "Be ready for a horrible surprise because now you've gone too far!" and the letter is from the victim's friend, Harriet
Kia: If Harriet was angry at the victim for something, we better ask her what that something was

Ask Harriet about the letter
Kia: Harriet, we found your letter to the victim telling her not to do something. What was that something?
Harriet: I will not answer to you!
Kia: Come on, it can't be that bad. It's not like you murdered her
Harriet: I didn't murder her, she...just wanted a child with MY husband
Kia: Wait, she wanted a child with your husband, how come?
Harriet: Hell if I know. All I know is that I had to take Anxiety pills after finding out.
Harriet: And let's not talk about how many crisscross books I have done to take my mind off it
Kia: Well cheating is one of the biggest reasons to murder someone. Let's hope you didn't murder her or else you'll be in prison for the rest of your life!

Later, in the lobby
Kia: Things are just getting weirder in this case
Kia: Now we have 5 suspects and we still have no idea which one of them killed the victim
Kia: First, Edward claimed to see the killer with a fire axe but he could be faking the story to get himself off the hook
Kia: Harriet also said that Kim and her husband were cheating on her when Kim requested to have a child with said husband
Kia: We also met Harold Fiddlehorn and Amy Wells who claimed to only know the victim in passing.
Kia: I agree, All we need now are more clues.
Edward: Um...K-Kia?
Kia: Yes Edward?
Edward: Remember I told y-you about t-the a-axe?
Kia: Yes. I do remember
Edward: Well I-I've just seen someone carry it away from the Secret Passage!

Chapter 3

Kia: Things are just getting weirder in this case
Kia: Now we have 5 suspects and we still have no idea which one of them killed the victim
Kia: I agree, All we need now are more clues.
Edward: Um...K-Kia?
Kia: Yes Edward?
Edward: Remember I told y-you about t-the a-axe?
Kia: Yes. I do remember
Edward: Well I-I've just seen someone carry it away from the Secret Passage!
Kia: You saw the killer carrying the murder weapon somewhere? Where? When?
Edward: They were going from the secret corridor and it was just now.
Kia: Thank you Edward, come on <name> with me. NOW!

Investigate Rusty door
Kia: Well whoever was here a minute ago have gone now
Kia: Oh, you found some clues, show them at once!
Kia: That old box seems to something in it, let's empty the box out and see what it is
Kia: And this strange locket will need unlocking, think you can do it?
Kia: No time to waste my good friend, we have a killer on the run!

Examine old box
Kia: So you got the thing out of the old box, it seems to be some type of threat to Harold, it reads "I know what you did to your wife!"
Kia: What in god's name would our victim be talking about, I agree, we better ask him!

Ask Harold about the victim's threat
Kia: Harold, we found the victim's threat about you doing something to your wife, care to explain?
Harold: Oh, you found that <rank> <name>, how very embarrassing. Oh well, time to tell the truth
Harold: I didn't mean to harm my wife but one day Mr Fluffy got out of his cage and started to he clawed at my wife's face
Kia: What does that have to do with the threat?
Harold: Because I let him out not knowing he was high on catnip. I've been taking anxiety pills ever since
Kia: I'm not quite getting it
Harold: I destroyed my wife's beautiful face. Take me away and give me a crisscross book. I will serve my time
Kia: From what we know, letting your cat out while being high on catnip isn't a crime Harold.
Harold: Wait, it isn't?
Kia: Nope, but murder is and if it is revealed that you killed Kim, you'll be in prison for years to come!

Examine Strange object
Kia: You seemed to have unlocked what seems like a mini TV, let's turn it on and see what is going on
(Start of recording) Kim: And it seems that my husband is drunk once again, you need to stop drinking that thing
John: Never. I will continure to get as drunk as I like because this marriage is doom. DOOMED I TELL YOU!
Kim: H-Haha, I think that's the drink talking again
(End of recording)
Kia: What the hell was that, it seems to show a drunk John thinking his marriage to Kim was ruined, we better go and ask him about this

Ask John about his "Doomed" marriage
John: S-Sorry officers, you kind of got me at a bad time, I have a headache
Kia: No wonder by how much you were drinking when you told your wife that your marriage was doomed
John: Wha-Oh dear god, not that mini TV. You have to understand that Kim didn't think it was working since I drink all the time. However I have anxiety from my job and I'm trying to help it
John: But no matter what I did, she would keep saying it's over, it's over
Kia: How did that make you feel?
John: Angry. We've known each other since university and she was the love of my life and she just wanted me gone with my stupid crisscross books. I loved her but she just rejected me...
Kia: Angry enough to kill John?
John: How could you say that. I loved her with all my heart
Kia: Well the evidence better match up with your claims or else you'll be in prison for murder!

Later on, at the station
Kia: So Harold was scared that the victim was going to tell us about his cat attacking his wife
Kia: And John had a drinking problem that was leading to the the victim's and his broken marriage
Kia: You want to go back to the scene of the crime, of course, since the killer always goes back to the scene of their crime, let's go!

Investigate Deck Chairs
Kia: So what have you found on the boat?
Kia: Ah ha, you found the axe, that's our murder weapon alright and there seems to be something on it, let's grab a sample
Kia: Them ripped clothes might tell us something, let's repair them
Kia: And that dirty tray could be hiding something, maybe clearing it up will tell us something

Examine Ripped clothes
Kia: Wait, this uniform isn't for the "Parinaita ship", it's for Amy. I don't understand this at all. We should ask her about this

Speak to Amy about the uniform
Amy: Oh gosh, where did you find that?
Kia: We found it on the deck, care to explain about it
Amy: Fine. I was on another ship with another more...private business and everything was going fine until Kim came in and found out what I was doing
Kia: What were you doing?
Amy: Not sticking to my times and being a coward, what else
Amy: Her complains were that bad that she managed to get me fired. I had to work at a Crisscross book factory
Amy: Anyway, things will finally be a lot more quiet without her here
Kia: Well if you killed her, things are about to get a lot louder in prison!

Examine Axe
Kia: So you got the dark powder from the axe, let's get it to the labs right away

Analyse Dark Powder
Kia: So Jessica, what can you tell us about the dark powder we found on the murder weapon?
Jessica: Well, it's curious that you asked me that because I think I've managed to solve this case for you
Kia: Sound promising. Tell is more
Jessica: Well the dark powder was a puzzle at first because I couldn't tell what it was until I remembered something
Jessica: I went to the funnel after you got the body and found something. I analysed it and it was a match.
Kia: And what was it
Jessica: It was soot and the only way it could have got there was if the killer leaned over the funnel to dumb the body in
Kia: So our killer has a soot stain, well they'll soon have to answer to your fiery questions!

Examine Dirty tray
Kia: You cleaned the leftovers from the tray and there seems to be a message to the victim which reads "Meet me at the deck at 20:00 hours!"
Kia: I have no questions that this isn't from our victim's killer, let's get to it our profiler, Rupert Monetary!

Analyse Message on tray
Rupert: Good day <name>. I judge that you are here because of the message on the silver tray you send me?
Kia: Indeed we are, what did you find?
Rupert: Well I'll be quick just so the killer can't get away
Rupert: The killer send that message to the victim at 7:30pm, half an hour before the victim was murdered by them
Rupert: and I manage to find some sweat from the killer on the tray. I send it to Jessica and it told me that it belongs to a killer with red hair
Kia: So our killer is a red head, It will be a prefect match for their prison uniform!

After collecting all the evidence
Kia: Here we go, your first investigation in Parinaita is nearly finished, all we need to do is get the killer
Kia: Come on <name>, Gets them handcuffs and let's get them!

Arrest Killer

Kia: Your time is up Amy Wells, we know you murdered Kimberly Diart with the fire axe
Amy: What do you mean, me? Murder Kimberly.
Kia: We found the glitter from your mask on the victim's hat
Amy: That doesn't make me a killer
Kia: Oh really? We also found your anxiety pills on the victim's body
Amy: It's a hard day working on a boat. It gets stressful
Kia: Stop lying! Edward saw YOU walking away with the murder weapon
Amy: Oh you are kidding me. That stupid Autistic boy saw me! Fine. I murdered Kimberly!
Kia: But why? Why murder a woman from Spain?
Amy: Because she saw me destroying this blasted boat!
Kia: Wait. What would you do that?
Amy: Because I just wanted to die. This time of year is hell for me!
Kia: Wait, you suffer from depression?
Amy: Yes, ever since my mother died on one of these boats. I've been depressed and I...I
Amy: (Crying) I just c-couldn't handle it anymore!
Kia: It seems you aren't fit to face the judge just yet but we're taking you to the police station just to keep you safe from yourself

Later; back at the station
Samuel: Well done on getting the killer <name>, I've just had an update from Rupert that he managed to get Amy to a medical hospital.
Samuel: However our work isn't done. I'm worried for that young adult's safety, he really shouldn't be on his own. He needs his mum and dad
Samuel: So my request is clear. Find Edward's mum and dad and return him to them!

Winds of Justice (1/6)

Samuel: As I said before, well done on getting the killer before she killed anyone else, she's going to a medical Hospital for help while we speak
Samuel: However our next mission is to find Edward's parent and return him to them. I suggest looking at the deck to see if there is any information on who they were.
Henry: And before you go <name>, Harold Fiddlehorn wants to speak to you about something, If you want me to help you, you know where I am.
Samuel: Well, it seems your work is cut out for you. I expect every problem to be sorted by morning, but from what I heard from your last team, you can do that.

Investigate Boat's deck
Kia: It's so nice not having to look for a killer on this boat, the chief wanted us to find information on Edward's mother or father, have you found anything
Kia: Just some leaves, well we might as well dig in them and see what is under them

Examine Leaves
Kia: You found a case file in the pile of leaves and it has the names "Mary and Fredrick Xoilin" on the cover
Kia: You think these might be Edward's parents? Well it doesn't hurt to confirm it, let's send it to Jessica so she can check the imformation

Analyse Case file
Kia: Jessica, did you manage to look through the case file that we send you?
Jessica: Yes and it seems like this will be a sad case but first the good news. Edward's real name is "Edward Xoilin"!
Kia: Excellence, a name for Edward. Now what's the bad news?
Jessica: I don't know how to tell you this but Edward's parent died in a car crash when Edward was a teenager
Kia: A car crush, how horrifying!
Jessica: The police believed it was a hit and run and the killer managed to get away
Kia: And here I thought that we would have a rest from killers
Jessica: Indeed but Edward was send to his uncle, however, he died last year, unknown how he died
Kia: Does this boy have any family left!
Jessica: I was worried about that and looked through the files and found a Larry Xoilin in the files and according to the database, he was living with him
Kia: Good news at last but I'm still a bit confused on why Edward was on the boat and not at Larry's house, we better ask Larry

Ask Larry about Edward leaving
Larry: Oh god, where is he! Doris, have you looked in his room
Doris: Larry. I've told you he's not there
Larry: Then where is he!
Kia: Mr Xoilin, What's the matter?
Larry: Oh nothing to worry about officers. I just seems to have loss my cousin, Edward.
Kia: You mean the boy we found on the Parinaita ships? Why wasn't he in your house
Larry: I was having a party with some of my friends and Edward was doing fine until the lights got brighter and the music got very loud, too loud for someone with autism
Larry: I asked the tech team what was going on and it just turned out to be an error
Kia: Oh. I was expecting a fight or something
Larry: No, me and Edward would never fight after he loss his parents and I loss mine
Kia: I see, well he's at the station when you want to collect him
Larry: I'm coming now, if you don't mind
Back at the station
Larry: Edward. I've been so worried for you!
Edward: I-I'm sorry for r-running away...I just couldn't handle the loud music
Larry: No need to be sorry Edward.
Edward: Are you sure. I did run away
Larry: Don't worry about it cous. I should have been more careful, now let's go ho-
Edward: Wait. I've loss my book on our family
Kia: Don't worry yourself Edward, where did you leave it?
Edward: I think I left it in the secret corridor
Kia: Then we'll find it and give it back before you have your dinner
Kia: Talking of dinner, you want to go for a burger. I'm hungry

Investigate Secret Passage
Kia: You found a faded book on the floor, Let's uncover the writing and see if it's Edward's book

Examine Faded book
Kia: Well this book seems like what Edward is looking for.
Kia: It's about the Xoilin family, if I remember right, the family came from Japan but they moved to Britain in 1821.
Kia: Sorry <name>, I do love to know things, let's return the book to Edward!

Give Edward his book back
Kia: There we go Edward, One book as good as the day you got it
Edward: How did you do that?
Kia: Oh, that's trade secrets, we can't tell you.
Edward: Thank you <name>, for getting the killer and getting me back home.
Kia: No worries Edward, it's our job to make sure people are safe
Edward: We're having hot chocolate, do you want some?
Kia: I'm sure we have time for some, don't we <name>?
Edward: Yay! Oh, and <name>, please take these clothes I found in my cupboard. I hope you like them!

Talk to Harold Fiddlehorns
Henry: Harold, you said you needed the police's help with something, what was the thing you needed help with?
Harold: Ah well. It's some old scrolls from the last century.
Henry: I didn't know they were still using scrolls back then
Harold: Well they didn't have computers back then, remember that. Anyway. It will on something called "Winds of Justice"
Henry: I think I've heard the myth. It was something to do with a serial killer acting judge and he started killing people
Harold: That's the one. Anyway, I've loss them scrolls and I need to find them
Henry: No need to worry Harold, any idea where you left them?
Harold: I believe I left them in the lobby
Henry: Very well Harold, please wait here while we get your scrolls!

Investigate lobby
Henry: Oh dear lord, I think those ripped pieces of paper are the scrolls Harold was looking for
Henry: Hey, I heard you're good at fixing things, want to fix this?

Examine Ripped scrolls
Henry: See, I known you could fix them! Now I want to know more information on this Winds of Justice, let's send it to Jessica!

Analyse Scrolls
Henry: Jessica, what information have you found on this "Winds of Justice".
Jessica: Just the normal information you learn in schools, the Winds of Justice was a man angry at the fact the justice system sentence his wife to death, as we know, but what wasn't known is that he has an decadence and it was the person who asked for these scrolls
Henry: Wait, Harold is the Winds of Justice's decadence!
Jessica: Indeed but I'm worried, what if the past 4 murders that have happened aren't normal
Henry: We'll talk about that later, we better talk to Harold and give him his scrolls back

Talk to Harold about his ancestor
Henry: Harold, we manage to find the scrolls you asked for
Harold: Thank you so much, you're lovely people. I hope you know that.
Henry: Although we did find some information about you being the Winds of Justice's decadence.
Harold: Indeed I am. I'm his grandson.
Henry: I see, did you ever know him?
Harold: Sadly not, he was in prison when I was born and that is where he died
Henry: Oh. I'm sorry to hear that
Harold: Don't worry about it. After living for 70 years, you learn that death will come to you at some point
Harold: Anyway, thanks for finding my scrolls, here's a little donation to your police force

Back at the station
Kia: I just enjoy a nice hot chocolate with Edward and Larry. I got to say, Larry can bake really well
Henry: I've never tried baking myself
Kia: What did Harold need help with?
Henry: Just some scrolls that belonged to him
Kia: Scrolls on what?
Henry: Nothing important.
Kia: It's a good thing I asked Jessica before asking you, what is this "Winds of Justice" thing I keep hearing?
Henry: Just a dead person, we don't have to worry about him
Kia: I have a feeling this won't be the last time we hear that name
Samuel: Um, guys. I just got a packet from an address that isn't real anymore!
Kia: Seems interesting, let's go and open it

Examine strange packet
Kia: Oh dear god, there's a human hand in here
Henry: That's not all, there's a note, I'll read it
Henry: It reads "I guess she lose the bet. Oh well, I don't care, I need to feed this lusting for blood. I guess I'll go to Larry's fundraiser party for the autistic and murder a famous person there...if my coin lands on heads!"
Kia: Oh yes. I remember Larry mentioning a fundraiser for "Help Autism UK"
Samuel: Well if this person thinks they can get away with murder. They are mistaken! Get to that fundraiser before it's too late!

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