Arrest Killer

Stan: David, you are arrested for the murder of Alex, your co-reporter. 

David: You caught me, ey. Tell me, is jealousy enough for a co-reporter to die for?

Stan: I bet, but it's a murder. All problems come in different ways, not to kill an honoured person. All loved him.

David: I was! But when my leg was sprained, I didn't go for 2 years, but he was just a substitute. I was so lucky to be there, but bad lucks came.

David: I was so lucky when he died, I came back to attack and be the best reporter.

Stan: Not a good explanation, you can still be the one.

David: Selfish cops. Flimsy evidences, arrest me if you want.

Judge Allen Ricks: David, you stand for the murder of Alex Logan.

David: I explained everything, cripple. I have no rights against here. 

Judge Allen Ricks: You must have discipline in yourself, to be who you are, not to kill one of the best reporters i've seen.

Judge Allen Ricks: Hmm... Did you see the liver?

David: Arrest me now. The liver is so clear I even want to taste it. Yum.

Judge Allen Ricks: Gross. You are sentenced 30 years in jail, for the murder and dishonesty of the biggest reporting system in Luxo Town.

David: Thirty-years? Bet me that i'll be out tomorrow?

Judge Allen Ricks: We won't. You are a real criminal, big jerk.

Stan: Congrats, <name>. You have your first arrest!

Stan: Let's proceed to Western Projects 1. Are you ready for the grand nights?

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