The Antisocial Amalgamation is the title given by CartoonLover, set in a Cityscape called Pinnacle Metropolis. The Player is tasked with helping a police force in each district to drive out an enemy called The Antisocial Amalgamation.


Personnel Age Position Duties Status
Player N/A Homicide Detective Investigates crime scenes, supplies clues to the other personnel, and brings murderers to justice N/A
Ralph Willoughby 66 Police Commissioner Assigns policemen to arrest murderers. N/A
Heath Tassius 26 Policeman-in-Training of Xanadu Ind. Park Assists the Player in the Xanadu Industrial Park N/A
Edwina Day 30 Policewoman-in-Training of Cyan Marina Assists the Player in Cyan Marina N/A
Meissa Fothergill 20 Policewoman-in-Training of Mint Agricultural Town Assists the Player in Mint Agricultural Town N/A
Kyle Hall 31 Policeman-in Training of Turquoise Culinary Township Assists the Player in the Turquoise Culinary Township N/A
Allison Tandy 36 Inspector Assists the Player in cases where the Policeman-in-Training of a district can't. N/A
Oliver Clark 21 Forensics Expert Autopsies Bodies of murder victims and murder weapons. N/A

Districts and Cases

Pinnacle Metropolis features a total of 10 Districts, each one with seven cases to solve.

Xanadu Industrial Park

Xanadu Industrial Park is the first district featured. based on the Industrial City of Memphis, Tennessee. There, an Environment-destroying higher-up of the Antisocial Amalgamation plans to rid the district. Cases 1 - 7 are located here.

Case # Case Name Creator
#1 Power to the Plant
#2 When a Safe isn't Safe
#3 Rave of Wonders
#4 First Stop, Death
#5 Fourth Degree Burned
#6 Code of Murder
#7 Acid Rain

Cyan Marina

Cyan Marin is the second district featured. based on Lake Powell, Utah. There, Another Emissary of the Antisocial Amalgamation intends to take over the Marina.

Case # Case Name Creator
#8 The Sunken Houseboat
#9 The Extinguished Firefighter
#10 Ants at a Picnic
#11 Ten Slashes
#12 Finish Line of Life
#13 Snake beats Snake Eyes
#14 The Obsidian Tide

Mint Agricultural Town

Mint Agricultural Town is the Third district featured, Based on the Finger Lakes in New York. Another Emissary of the Antisocial Amalgamation intends on shutting down the major farming businesses to monopolize the District.

Case # Case Name Creator
#15 High and Silo
#16 Something's Amish
#17 Tick Tock, Time's Up
#18 More Farm than Good
#19 Tractor Down
#20 Swine and Roses
#21 Genocide by Herbicide

Turquoise Culinary Township

Turquoise Culinary Township is the fourth district featured, Based on San Francisco. Another Emissary hopes to put all the other restaurants out of business by eliminating the township's best chefs, stealing Their recipes, and making false rumors.

Case # Case Name Creator
#22 Murder for Dessert
#23 No Peking
#24 All Washed Up
#25 Flatter than a Tortilla
#26 Lobster meets Mobster
#27 Gruesome Gourmet
#28 The Inspector's Specter

Mahogany Mural Suburbs

Mahogany Mural Suburbs is the Fifth district featured. based on Philadelphia's many Murals and art community, who are under threat by a Young rogue who calls Himself the Graphite Griever, and a gang of vandals who steal spray paint.

Case # Case Name Creator
#29 Killed by a Kiln
#30 Thinner than Blood
#31 A Horrifying Hobby
#32 Smoked Out
#33 Heist in the Hardware Store
#34 Grieving the Griever
#35 The Blank Canvas

Sable Sports Locality

The Sable Sports Locality is the Sixth district featured based on the City of Boston, and Their Rich Sports Tradition. An Emissary of the Antisocial Amalgamation intends to Discredit the Locality's team with fixing the games. so that His group can turn the locality's cornerstones into racetracks and casinos.

Case # Case Name Creator
#36 Cheering for Murder
#37 The Missing Baseball
#38 Murder at the Triathlon
#39 Going, Going, Goner
#40 Better Late than Early
#41 Three Strikes, You're Dead
#42 Bookend of a Relationship

Flaxen Martial Arts District

The Flaxen Martial Arts District is the seventh district featured, based on Miami's Many Mixed Martial Arts Studios. The player is sent here to shut down a Martial Arts School run by one of the Antisocial Amalgamation's emissaries who is planning to incite a war between the Martial Arts Masters.

Case # Case Creator
#43 T.K.O. by Murder
#44 Bad Grapple
#45 Sumo No More
#46 Relaxed to Death
#47 Chopped to Pieces
#48 Parkour for the Course
#49 Into the Fray

Mauve Entertainment Borough

The Mauve Entertainment Borough is the eighth district featured, based on Los Angeles and Their entertainment district. The Player is sent there to find another of the Antisocial Amalgamation's emissaries who is making death threats at the major TV Networks.

Case # Case Creator
#50 A Star is Dead
#51 Rated G for Grave
#52 Fatal Distraction
#53 Voice of Reason
#54 Curtains for the Censor
#55 Pitch Imperfect
#56 And the Passing goes to...

Persimmon Pet Community

The Persimmon Pet Community is the ninth district featured, based on Portland, Oregon's Pet-Friendly houses and hotels. The Player is sent to find who is petnapping the cats and dogs of the community and something surprising awaits the police force.

Case # Case Creator
#57 Murder at the Pet Shop
#58 Missing Kittens
#59 Death by Allergy
#60 The Verge of Extinction
#61 Luck of the Scottish
#62 Where there's a Mill...
#63 Down to the Barbed Wire

Obsidian Soverign State

The Obsidian Soverign State is the tenth and final district featured, based on Louisiana's largest maximum security prison. Player is sent there to locate the secret Headquarters of the Antisocial Amalgamation and find out once and for all who the leaders are.

Case # Case Creator
#64 Transported to Death
#65 Taking "Casino" for an Answer
#66 A Samaritan's Dark Agenda
#67 An Artistic Explosion
#68 Coward's Way Out
#69 A Big Shock
#70 A Despot's Last Stand
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