The Ambush Attack
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Far West
Case # 10
Initial release date 17.9.2020
Partner(s) Elena Yellowstone
Rosa Chapman
Case chronology
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The Veil of Secrets Steer Through the Storm
(in Rainforest)

The Ambush Attack is a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the tenth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the fortieth case overall. It's also the fifth and last case to take place in Far West district.


Two masked cult members then grabbed Elena and player, holding them still as Rosa approached them, clutching a bloody cleaver knife in her hand. Elena snapped at Rosa, telling her to let them go or she's going to regret every second of it, making Rosa slap her. Rosa dropped the knife in front of Elena and explained that they will let them go if one of them confesses to murdering Mike Lahela, who was captured by the team during their last investigation. Confused Elena tried to explain that Mike's still alive, but Clint sighed and told her that someone broke in the van and slashed his throat while they were still asleep. Rosa then ordered her cultist to untie the team and told them that, if they find Mike's killer and bring them to her, she will let them go and will forget everything that happend. One of the cult members then approached Parker from behind and put a knife against his throat and told them that, if they even think about running away without finding Mike's killer, Parker is going to end up exactly like Mike. As other cult members lead others to their equipment, Rosa, Elena and player investigated the scene and sent Mike's body to Caroline and the cult member guarding her. Later on, the trio searched the nearby gas station and found enough evidence to suspect their chief Clint, oil tycoon Joshua Ashridge and cowgirl Leona Lyons. When they returned back to others, one of the cult members approached the team and told them that they found another body, murdered in the exact same way as Mike.

The cult member then lead the team to the body of Kiara Lucas, treasure hunter who murdered her own daughter Elysium Lucas due to jealousy. Elena sighed, worrying that someone from the team might be responsible for both murders. After sending Kiara's body to Caroline, the trio went back to the van and the gas station for more clues, eventually finding enough clues to suspect animal wrangler and former farmhouse owner Merrick Casey, pub owner Paul Harrington, archaeology professor Ada Strickland. Later during the investigation, the trio discovered that chief stayed awake all night to make sure that Mike doesn't free himself and run away, angering Rosa and making her suspect Clint even more. The duo also learned that Mike inappropriately touched Leona, who broke his hand in self-defence and that Kiara tried to set up Elysium with Joshua just because of his business, angering the oil tycoon. When they got back to others, Logan and Jay approached them. Worried couple looked at each other before Jay told them that they have to see the latest recording on his camera.

Jay managed to press play with his shaky hands, the video showing Kiara running away from the camp in the middle of night before a figure from darkness grabbed her hair and slashed her throat, blood splattering everywhere. Disturbed by the chilling recording, Elena wrote down that the killer is right-handed before returning to the campfire to investigate for more clues. Later on, Rosa, Elena and player learned that Merrick let Mike use his farmhouse for cult's rituals, making Elena suspect Merrick even more because he lied to them last time. They also discovered that Kiara and Elysium broke into Ada's house and stole ancient coins for their collection, and also that Mike was living with Paul, who never suspected that Mike might have something to do with a creepy cult. After searching every crime scene for one last time and collecting all evidence, the team was able to confront Merrick Casey for the double murder.

Rosa, Elena and player confronted the animal wrangler, who nervously tried to deny both murders. Rosa then snapped at him, telling him to confess since he's surrounded and he's not getting out alive either way. Merrick then looked down at his feet, tear rolling down his cheek. Tearful Merrick then cracked, telling them that Mike deserved to die for all pain he put him through. Shaking with anger and rage, Merrick told them that Mike and Elysium Lucas kidnapped his mother and blackmailed Merrick into giving them access to his farmhouse for their rituals. One day, Mike approached Merrick and promised him that he will let his mother go if he gives them the farmhouse and keeps quiet about everything. Fearing for his mother's life, Merrick accepted their deal and kept quiet about their horrific rituals. Few days after that, Merrick tried to get in contact with Mike and ask him about his mother, but Mike starting avoiding Merrick at all costs. Starting to worry, Merrick broke into the farmhouse and found his mother's bloody corpse underneath the floorboards, along with multiple other innocent people the cult sacrificed. Sobbing Merrick slammed his fist into the van, saying how he was stupid to believe that Mike and Elysium would set his mother go, no matter what he did for them. Elena put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and told him that he should have contacted them or the police, but Merrick shook his head and said that he needed to take justice in his own hands and avenge his mother's death, along with deaths of other innocent people who died at Mike and Elysium's hands. After learning that Mike is being kept in team's camper van, Merrick brought a meat cleaver and tracked them down before he dragged Mike out of the camper, beat him up and slashed his throat open. Merrick then returned Mike's corpse in the van and decided to kill Kiara in fit of rage, pissed that she killed Elysium before he did. Merrick then apologized for killing Kiara, saying that he lost control and that the only intented murder was Mike's. Angry, Rosa then ordered her fellow cultists to kill Merrick. Elena, Merrick and player then got surrounded by a group of cloaked people, all of them holding knives. Right when they were about to attack, a giant cloud of smoke appeared before their eyes, causing them to drop down on the floor, coughing. The trio then got approached by Leona, holding a smoke bomb and wearing a gas mask. Leona then grabbed Elena's hand and told them to follow her...

Elena, Merrick and player then followed Leona to the big cave behind a beautiful waterfall where the remaining team members (except Parker) greeted them, along with Leona's girlfriend Cathy Montreal. Cathy then explained that rescuing them from Rosa was the least they could do for warning her about Ronnie Reid and Rosa's cult. Holding her girlfriend close, Cathy told them that they alerted the authorities about everything and that happend. Knowing that police will need around few hours of driving to arrive to their current location, Chief Russo said that Rosa and cultists are going to escape with Parker if they don't do something very soon. After Cathy told them that the cult left their camp after Leona incapacitated them with a smoke bomb, Elena and player headed back to the camp where they found Rosa's tablet in her backpack. After unlocking it, the team sent it to Autumn, who told them that Rosa's cult is hiding near the underwater cave. Before Elena and player left to inform the Chief, Autumn told them that the cult also has a base deep in the rainforest few miles away from Hardville Town. Knowing that they've safely returned the dagger and the silver box, Elena suspected that they probably have more tricks in their sleeves. The pair then approached Rudy and Clint, who were sitting near the waterfall for some father-son bonding time. Elena then told them about Autumn's discovery to which Clint responded that they will take care of rainforest base as soon as they get home. Right then, panicking Cathy told them that she saw one of the cult members taking Parker to their old camp, prompting the team to quickly investigate the camp and find Caroline's tranquilizer gun. When they approached closer, Elena shot the cult member in the back before snatching Parker away and untying him. Cathy and Leona then restrained the unconscious cult member before Autumn told them that the police have arrived. The team then told them about the cult's whereabouts, prompting the armed police forcers to surround the cult and order Rosa to surrender. Smirking, Rosa looked at Clint and told him that she will make him pay for destroying her chance of returning the Yahatu village and making it a much better place than it was ever before. Before the police could react, Rosa ordered her cultists to attack them before running away. As the police exchanged in a fight with the cultists, Leona took an opportunity to run after Rosa and tackle her down on the ground before Rosa punched Leona in the throat and pushed her down the cliff. Cathy screamed Leona's name before attacking Rosa with her heel. As Cathy held her down, the nearby police officer managed to handcuff Rosa and take her away while other team members went to help Leona, who managed to hold on the small platform and survive the dangerous fall. After returning back to others, Clint told everyone that some of the cult members managed to get away, but mostly all of them have been arrested. After the team shared a group hug over their victory, Clint managed to convince the police chief to take Rosa to Hardville Town PD because she still has a lot of questions to answer about everything that has been going on.

Meanwhile, Rudy, Autumn and player managed to contact Autumn's friend from high school, pilot Dustin Buchanan to find them and safely take them home. The trio then searched around the campsite and were able to make an S.O.S. sign to help Dustin find them. After Dustin safely landed near the camp, the team went to find Autumn's laptop that she had forgotten somewhere near the abandoned gas station. Rudy, Autumn and player then successfully found Autumn's laptop before reconnecting with others.

After all of these events, the team cheered over their victory against Rosa and the cult before tearful Cathy approached them and thanked them once again for saving her life last time before Caroline pulled her into a hug and told her that she and Leona saved their lives too and that without them, Rosa would have slaughtered all of them. After Cathy thanked them once again and went to keep Leona company during her recovery process, Dustin told everyone to get on the plane because they are finally heading home...

On Dustin's plane, Rudy and Clint were seen sitting in the back, talking about everything that happend. Chief Russo then pulled Rudy into a hug and promised him that Rosa will never harm anyone anymore. Rosa, who was sitting nearby, chuckled, telling Clint to stop giving Rudy fake promises that he won't keep. Angry, Clint stood up and told her that her reign of terror is over and that she will finally face punishment for all people her cult has killed for Rosa's hunger for power. Still handcuffed Rosa looked at Clint, tilting her head with a smile and reminding him that she always has a backup plan for everything. Right then, the trio could hear Dustin's panicking voice, telling them that the plane is on fire....



  • Mike Lahela (found tied up in team's camper van with his throat slashed)
  • Kiara Lucas (found dead near the camp with her throat slashed)

Murder Weapon:

  • Cleaver




Killer's Profile

  • The killer wears hiking boots.
  • The killer drinks Connemara whiskey.
  • The killer is right-handed.
  • The killer has brown hair.
  • The killer has blood type O-.

Crime Scenes

Team's Van Bloody Mattress Team's Van Bonus
Gas Station Gas Pump Gas Station Bonus
Team's Camp Campfire Team's Camp Bonus
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