The Amazing Death of Gumball is the tutorial cause for Criminal Case TV Stars, yet isn't classed as the first case. It is set in the district of Hollywood studios.


Main partner Sharon Disney introduces you and welcomes you to the America Animated Police Department, before the two if you heading screams from the distance. You heard over to a scene set in Elmore, and find Gumball dead on the floor. You also find a bloody knife and a tooth. The autopsy reveals that the murderer is right handed and the victim was cut in the neck. When you get back to the station, Police Chief Walt Disney, tell you to check backstage for more evidence. You search there and find a bloody boot. You are demanded to go arrest the killer, And there are two suspects: Anias and Richard. The player arrest Anias, and the case ends.

The optional extra chapter is investigating what suspicious thing Richard was doing at the scene of the crime. It turns out he Was eating extra cheeseburgers without the director seeing.


The suspects
Richard Anias
Has a missing tooth Has a missing tooth
Is right handed Is right handed
Has a white boot

Killer's profile

The killer has a missing tooth

The killer is right handed

The killer has a white boot.


Investigate Elmore street (evidence: Victim's body, bloody knife and a tooth).

Send body for autopsy (5 seconds) (results: The killer is right handed).

Investigate Backstage Elmore (evidence: Bloody object).

Examine bloody object (result: White boot)

Arrest the killer now!

Onto the next case (no star required).

Optional chapter:

Investigate Elmore street sidewalk (evidence: Smudged bag, plastic face)

Examine smudged bag (result: Note from Nicole).

Analyse plastic face (10 minutes). (result: Joyful burger's Burgey's face).

Interrogate Nicole about her note (New info: Richard is addicted to Joyful Burger's food). (Takes a star)

Interrogate Larry about Burgey's face (New info: Burgey has been stolen and torn apart.) (Takes a star).

Investigate Joyful Burger (evidence: Pink hair, note).

Analyse pink hair (20 minutes) (result: Richard's skin)

Examine note. (Result: Angry note from Larry) .

Interrogate Larry about his note and the hair (New info: Richard has been banned from Joyful burger, tearing some hair out.) (Takes a star).

Arrest Richard for stealing Burgey, destroying him, then disobeying the law by eating the food anyway.

Onto the next case! (No star required).

Solved case

Victim. .

Gumball Watterson.



Killer. .

Anias Watterson


Richard Watterson

Quasi Suspects.

Nicole Watterson.

Larry Needlemeyer.


This case involves both of the suspects eventually being arrested.

Most characters (except those in the AAPD) are from the Amazing World of Gumball show.

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