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The Addiction is Fatal
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 52
Initial release date 26. II 2020.
Partner(s) Bruno Filipovich
Case Chronology
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Take This Plane Down Learning to Die

The Addiction is Fatal is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 144th case of the game and the 52nd case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Airport, district of Fario.


Finding that Aqucius is out of the shadows the team decided to focus more on the clues given by Felix, but in that point Abbi approached the team and said that she received a call from a sobbing woman who said that she found her just married wife in the bathroom without pulse. Bruno and the player rushed on the house of the lady where they found body of the housewife Anya Graywood, carefully placed in the bathtub and visible syringe mark on the neck.

The team first spoke to the caller and victim's wife Sonia Graywood who was broken to find the love of her life is no more with her. As the team progressed the investigation they found reasons to suspect a pilot trainee Demi Grande but also the family doctor Sean Blake. Following the end of the autopsy, Matilda Supergem told the team that the killer knew what they needed to do, but that they wasn't very careful with the hands as she discovered a sauce from the pork on the victim's neck, from the position and angle the killer held her while injecting a very dangerous dose of sedatives.

As the team returned to the station to recap the case, they were approached by Abbi who said that Daniel went missing. Bruno then asked Abbi if she saw where he might be, but she just said that he only throw a piece of the empty paper in the trash bin. The team then used the powder and retrieved the address that led the team towards the old pharmacy store that is closed due to debt of the owner. Inside the team found Daniel, trying to search through the old records. They stopped him and started to question him on what he said that he discovered that the victim used to be in rehabilitation program due to her being the drug addict couple of years ago. As the team started to search more they found that the victim was on Bryce Argent's list for the premiere of his new movie. Soon after the team found that Demi had the argument with the victim. However, a little later the team got the call from from Sonia where she said that she can't hold it anymore and that she will join her lover. Noticing the implication of the suicide the team rushed to the her house where they found her in deep tears and a baby sleeping in the crib. Bruno tried to calm her down but she rejected, saying that she need to apologize to her for the harsh words. She then said that night prior to her death she found about her secret rehabilitation and reacted roughly, making the victim to feel bad and said that she never had time to apologize to her before grabbing the poison vial. She looked at the team and apologized for being a weak and letting her emotions to end her life but, then, Bruno's quick reflexes thew the vial out of her hands as she, for her own good, put the handcuffs on her and gave her a tight hug but at the moment a black smoke started to form in the room as the loud sound of breaking windows was heard.

The team started to cough as Bruno tried to get Sonia out of the house but they were then stopped by Daniel who said that he will take Sonia under the custody for possession of Zemiq. Unable to believe in that claim they searched the victim's place again and found that Daniel often harassed the victim due to her past. Daniel also said that he knows that Graywoods are involved with LUMIA and that he will find proof for that. They rolled their eyes and soon found that Sean ws angry at the victim for her not paying his "services" on that because she struggled with the job and money, but also that she accidentally hit Bryce's car.

With the last missing evidence found the team went and arrested Sean. Sean on first denied that he is the killer but the team continued to pressure him under the strong evidence that went against him. He then cracked and confessed the murder but that he needed to do that because she was the threat for Aqucius. He sighed and explained how he, the victim, William Blanco, Melania Leroux and Roxie Patterson with dozen other students with a deep supervision from Stella Gibbs worked on Zemiq production and the original formula to be mixed with the Pyrothinium in order to achieve the mutation mixture that cannot just turn people into beasts but also do much worse. He continued his explanation and said that how the time passed Zemiq needed to be stopped due to Solomon Krause and Kristina Rust doing craziness to achieve the domination of the city, but also for Stella to refill her trust in the city but that shortly after the player's return decided to reset it with Stella as the head again, but that her death changed the game and the players. However, he said that as the group distanced, and that Melania and the victim started to feel regret. Regret that could drag Aqucius down and whole LUMIA as well and that he and William then deal to take their understudies and observe them until the right to to kill. Ge then revealed that the victim wasn't s much of a threat but then Aqucius told him that the victim became active and that she approached them with a threat that she give up, and that she couldn't live with her life anymore before saying that she will alarm the police and that they unable to let that told him to kill her and that he used sedatives, as they were the victim's addiction back in the day. Inside the court, Judge Lawson sentenced Sean to life in jail for his crime and conspiracy of drug production.

After the trial, the team returned to the station in order found Aqucius but after they step inside the station, Dagger King waited the team with cuffed Chief Loukas. Dagger then told the team to move as he has order to arrest Chief Loukas for involvement with LUMIA. The team didn't seem to believed him and asked him for the evidence that can go with the accusations on what Dagger took the photos and audio recordings, but the recording and photos are too blurry to be recognized by anything and then Bruno told Dagger that they will prove Chief's innocent that he isn't part of LUMIA, but he didn't want to let it go and said that he will follow the team to make sure the don't hide evidence or allow criminals to get away. The trio them quested Chief who said that he isn't part of LUMIA and that he is framed while was relaxing in the public garden. The team then went there and found a broke surveillance camera that they sent to Arif who revealed that the camera caught a mysterious figure doing something with he chief's coat and that he analyzed the shadow, eventually finding that it belong to Daniel In shock, the team went to Daniel's table and asked him about him being the one to frame chief on what he shook his head and said that he has no idea about what they are talking about and that he would never frame a chief. Unable to believe him much, the team requested to search his drawer and inside they found a film roll that they sent back to the lab. After the analyzes, Madison said that the microfilm the team sent to her was was a blackmail material made by Aqucious. She explained that Daniel's family was kidnapped by Aqucious and he was blackmailed to frame the chief. Feeling sad for him the team returned to his desk and asked him why he hid all that. Daniel wiped his tears and said that working alone was the only way he could've save their lives as he then said that he will be honest and that person who gave him the microfilm was Demi.

The team rushed to Demi and asked her why she gave the the blackmail microfilm to Daniel. She found herself in shock and said that she was ordered to deliver the microfilm from from someone else she met while walking home. They asked her where she met the person she replied that it was at the old pharmacy. After searching the place again the team found a chest with a camera inside that contained a strange pink ink on the lenses. After collecting the substance the team sent it to Karen who said that the ink is a printing ink that is used for a newspaper and precisely this pink colors is used for section about fashion and lifestyle, making the team to remember the only fashion columnist they know - Heather Valentine. the team returned to Fario News Agency where they found Heather and conformed her about the camera and the microfilm. She sweat for a second and sighed before saying that the microfilm she gave to Demi was something that she received alongside some strange documents that she needed to deliver to the victim's house and that the mentioned something called Zemiq. The team then told her that she unintentionally became a collaborator in the Aqucius drug scheme but Bruno told her that she can redeem herself is she tell them the content on the papers she sent. She then recalled that the papers spoke about chemical reaction of Methyl​enedioxy​methamphetaminea, Pyrothinium and Zemiq, as well about some mixture of Pyrothinium and Zemiq. The team knew that does that mean and decided to just fine Heather before rushing to the victim's house where inside the cabinet they found papers and behind the papers, a faded notes that looked like a song. They then decided to ask Sonia if she could be able to help. she read the song and said that the song sings about the beautiful nature of the of the treehouse near the hill river. However, the team then proved that Chief was innocent and on Dagger's displeasure the team took off the handcuffs off the chief's arms.

Later, a confused the team held the song in their hands, trying to see what does that has to do with everything related to Aqucius and what does Heather has to do with everything before a the team received a call from Heather who told them that she received another piece of the paper with the same song context and that she will follow it.



  • Anya Graywood (Found drugged inside her bathroom)

Murder Weapon

  • Sedatives


  • Sean Blake



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer drinks mint tea.
  • The Killer eats pork.
  • The Killer uses Saved by Flower.
  • The Killer has green eyes.
  • The Killer is a man.

Crime Scenes

Batthroom Bathtub Bathroom Bonus
Public Garden Public Benches Public Garden Bonus
Old Pharmacy Counter Old Pharmacy Bonus


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