In Bangkok, Thailand...

Cassidy Pearson: Chief, I just don't get it! Why are we on the hunt for a jewel that is fake?

Chief Amelia Long: For goodness sake, Pearson, did you not realise it was snowing outside in Kyushu?

Cassie: Uh...

Chief Long: Exactly! So, what I was about to say is that-

Wei runs in.

Wei Zong: Chief, there's been a report of a murder near the Ayutthaya ruins!

Cassie: Another murder?! But we were trying to find that Weathervale PD agent in Thailand!

Chief Long: Whatever it is, we still need to know what is going on! Cassie, go with (name) and investigate this murder!

Chapter 1:

Investigate Ruins

Cassie (Sarcastically): What a surprise. Another city, another dead body.

Cassie: Please tell me you found something. 

Cassie: A faded judoka outfit with the name faded in on the back? Man, I thought that judo would not be practised out here!

Cassie: Nevermind! Just uncover the faded name!

Cassie: Let's just get to this! I'm really not in the mood with my mother's frustrating phone calls.

Autopsy Victim's Body

Danna Van Der Kulk: S̄wạs̄dī (name)! C̄hạn dị̂ p̄hllạphṭh̒ k̄hxng r̀āngkāy! (Hello (name)! I got the results of the body!)

Cassie (confused):...

Danna: Sorry! I just couldn't help speaking Thai after that one time where-

Cassie: Danna, will you please just tell us what you have from the autopsy.

Danna: Sorry, sorry! So, it turns out the victim was killed by a massive amount of morphine and judging by the contents, it should be in Thai Green Curry.

Danna: Also, the victim was strained down. Considering the victim was athletic, so had to be the killer.

Examine Judoka outfit

Cassie: So, this outfit belongs to Sai Konwai!

Cassie: I recognise her! She's one of THE best Thai judokas and has won 4 Olympic medals, 3 silvers and a bronze and seems to be favourite for her final Olympic Games in Tokyo in less than two years time!

Cassie: I really need to calm down, I know, but she really is one of the best!

Cassie: Let's go ask her about her outfit being on the crime scene. But can I please get an autograph from her?

Ask Sai about her outfit's presence on the crime scene

Sai Konwai: Can you officers please be quick? I've got training in half an hour and I don't have time for nonsense.

Cassie: Miss Konwai, can you please sign this photo of you? I've been a massive fan of yours for years and-

Sai (holding the photo): I have a few minutes, so I can sign it. However, I suspect you must be here for a different reason as well.

Cassie (Holding photo of the victim): Sorry. We're also here because we found this guy dead. Can you tell us-

Sai: OH MY GOD! Lee's dead!

Cassie: Lee who?

Sai: Oh sorry! That guy, he scientist Lee Hongwei, who is an absolute legend in science and is leading the wonderful study of drugs' legality in sports. He will forever be missed.

Cassie: Uh, can we get the address and keys to the lab?

Sai: Oh, sorry! The lab is 5m and 059 degrees of the city hospital, lab 245,  block 6.

Cassie: Thanks. (Name), let's go!

Investigate Lab

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