Tess Bouchard
Full name Tess Bouchard
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1998
Nationality Flag of Canada Canadian
Residence Parthia, Canada
Profession Anarchist
Affiliation(s) The Angels
Appearance(s) Case #1: Words of Wisdom (s1)

Tess Bouchard

Tess Bouchard was a suspect in the murder of anarchist Logan Fremont in Words of Wisdom (Case #1 of Parthia) and gangster Colleen Emile in Heaven and Hell (Case #3 of Parthia).


Tess is a 19-year-old anarchist. Tess originally had brown hair, but she dyed the majority of it blonde with cyan highlights. She wears a shark tooth necklace, along with a bulletproof vest and a purple shirt. She is equipped with a radio, presumably to contact other Angels. It is known that she is Catholic and takes acupuncture.

Events of Criminal Case

Words of Wisdom

Tess was first interrogated when her phone was found at the victim's hideout. She says that she worked with the victim well.

She was interrogated again when The Player found an explicit photo of Tess. She was angered, saying that the victim was going to report her for vandalism if she didn't pose in the explicit photo.

She was proven innocent after incarcerating Pamela Vefreza for the murder.

She was assisted in the Additional Investigation. The Angels needed a new player, and the victim wrote that escort Camillia Stephans was allowed to take his spot if he was killed. Tess was at first angered that some random escort will be taking over. She eventually calmed down and gave the Player an anarchist jacket.

Heaven and Hell

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Case Appearances

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