Tescoe Dunbar
Full name Tessie Coral Dunbar
Alias(es) Tescoe
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1985
Nationality British
Residence The Wolf and Moon Inn, East Kensington, Kensington Heights, England
Profession Cleaner
Affiliation(s) The Wolf and Moon Inn
Appearance(s) Mistress of the House
Tessie Coral "Tescoe" Dunbar was a suspect in the investigation of Rian Thyme in Mistress of the House (Case #11 of Kensington Heights).


Tessie Coral "Tescoe" Dunbar is a 31-year-old cleaner at The Wolf and Moon Inn in East Kensington. Tescoe has blonde hair and brown eyes (her left eye is slightly discoloured). Tescoe was the victim of an acid attack, so her face is slightly dishevled, but surgery managed to make it less noticable. Her left ear is a lot less smaller than the other due to the attack, and her nose in reduced. She wore a dark blue dress.

In her first appearance it is known she has body odour.

Height 6'2"
Age 31
Weight 161 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood O+

Role in Case(s)

Mistress of the House

Tescoe is first spoken to when suggested by Amanda Carson. She felt that it was unfair for her to be paid so little to clean so much in such a limited amount of time. Tescoe explained that she was constantly bullied by her employer due to the way she looked (she had been the victim of an acid attack). Tescoe was furious with Rian. Tescoe received much sympathy from the team.

Tescoe is spoken to again when her face cream is found splattered around the high street (Tescoe received it in large tubes). Tescoe revealed that she got a little drunk on champagne as she did not drink beer, and went around the streets cheering after finding out Rian had died. Tescoe apologised many times and remained in the waiting room.

Tescoe was found innocent when Baron Sacha Coenn was found guilty of killing Rian.

Tescoe was spoken to again when finally the man who attacked Tescoe 8 years ago had finally been caught. Tescoe was overjoyed, and thanked the player. Tescoe met her attacker, Reiss Jack. The two had an intense, emotional discussion, Reiss explained why he attacked Tescoe to the player. In a court trial, Reiss Jack was found guilty of the attempted murder of Tessie Dunbar, and was senetenced to 4 years in prison.



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