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Evan: Wait, WHAT?!
Evan: <Name>, Dr. Cyanide said "I can't figure out how he died". Does that mean they will stop poisoning living creatures?
Evan: Please tell me it means they're not going to kill Linda!

A few days later...

Sabrina: Remember what I told you a few days ago about Eliza Plans, <Name>?
Sabrina: Well, today she'll be signing autographs at the Seaside Hotel!
Sabrina: Yes, I know Townvile doesn't even have seaside, but it's the name Bryan Stefode gave it.
Alan Smith: I'm afraid the event won't take place, Miss Stone.
Sabrina: I didn't work here all these years to be called Miss Stone, Chief. My name is Sabrina.
Alan Smith: I'm sorry, er... "Sabrina".
Sabrina: Why do you say there will be no event today?
Alan Smith: One of the hotel guests called and said that he found Eliza Plans dead in her hotel room.
Sabrina: What?! It cannot be possible!
Alan Smith: I'm sorry, it is true. <Name>, would you mind investigating this? Take Evan with you, please.

Chapter 1

Investigate Room #217
Evan: Now I remember who this woman is, <Name>. We talked to her when I helped you and Octavius during that yoga case. She's a writer, right?
Evan: Yeah, those weird novels Sabrina likes to read.
Evan: You say that towel must be a clue? You're right, it has some bloodstains, so surely the killer used it.
Evan: Besides, we have the first discoverer here, a man called Philip Hubs. Let's talk to him.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: You're not going to believe it, but the murder weapon is that bloodstained towel you found next to Eliza's body!
Evan: How can a towel kill someone?
Daniel: The killer put that towel inside Eliza's throat and as she wasn't able to breathe, she died. The proof is that the fibers I found in her throat match that towel.
Daniel: She doesn't have any signs of having fought with the killer, so they probably did it while she was asleep.
Evan: Why was the towel bloodstained then?
Daniel: The killer damaged Eliza's throat from the inside and that's why she bled.
Daniel: Luckily, the killer left some DNA there and you can be sure the culprit is a man!
Evan: Thank you, Daniel!

Examine Towel
Evan: Great, you found some molecules on the towel, <Name>. The killer most probably left these, so we'll examine them.
Evan: And I see this towel has the hotel logo. But Eliza already had one of these in her room. It means the killer brought this towel, doesn't it?
Evan: Who could we ask, <Name>? Um... Let's see what the hotel doorman knows.

Examine Molecules
Evan: So the molecules are in fact dexibuprofen! Great, I think it's a component of ibuprofen, the most famous painkiller.
Sabrina: What is it?
Evan: What is dexibuprofen?
Sabrina: It's an anti-inflamatory drug, the active enantiomer of ibuprofen. Dexibuprofen on its own is not sold in Townville, so that must come from an ibuprofen sample.
Daniel: What do you need?
Evan: During the autopsy, did you find any traces of ibuprofen in Eliza's blood, mouth, skin, or stomach?
Daniel: No, I did not.
Evan: Thanks! So, <Name>, having found this on that towel, it's surely our killer the one who uses ibuprofen!

Quiz the doorman about the towel
Evan: Can you tell us your name, please?
Jeffrey: I'm Jeffrey India, the hotel doorman. Can I help you?
Evan: We're investigating a murder, and we'd like to ask you a few questions. Is there only one towel in every room?
Jeffrey: There's one towel in the single rooms, two in double rooms, and so on. But the guests can ask for more towels if they desire.
Evan: Ok... Has anybody left the hotel since this morning?
Jeffrey: No, Lead Inspector.
Evan: Has anybody arrived then?
Jeffrey: Neither.
Evan: So it means everyone in this hotel is a suspect, <Name>!

Ask the guest about the murder
Philip: My name is Philip Hubs, <Rank> <Name>. I'm staying in Room #218, right in front of Eliza's room.
Evan: Did you know her?
Philip: Of course! Who doesn't know Eliza Plans?
Evan: No, what I meant to ask is whether you were close to her.
Philip: Oh, no, we weren't friends or anything. I just knocked her door to ask for her autograph.
Evan: She was going to sign them in a few hours. Why couldn't you just wait?
Philip: I'm leaving in a few hours and I would've been going to miss the chance to get the autograph, I was in a hurry.
Evan: Well, I'm sorry but you're not leaving, Mr Hubs. You'll stay here.

Evan: I think this man is a bit suspicious. We should-
Tyler: <Rank> <Name>, what are you doing here?
Evan: Lieutenant Wive! We are investigating a murder. What is the army doing here?
Tyler: The police should be here instead, but I got ordered to do this. We got an anonymous report of...
Tyler: A bomb alert!
Evan: A bomb?!
Tyler: Yes. Everyone has to leave the hotel until we find the bomb.
Evan: Wait, nobody can leave! The killer must be still here...
Tyler: Well, unless you want everyone in this hotel to go through the same thing Miss Plans went through, make them leave!
Evan: Fine, just give us some minutes. Let's go to the reception, <Name>.

Investigate Reception
Evan: Wait, <Name>, we don't have time to restore that torn photo. We have to evacuate these people!
Evan: Fine, I'll do that while you take care of your puzzle.

Examine Torn photo
Evan: This isn't working, <Name>. Only six people left. Well, after all it's Tyler who's supposed to do this. I'm sure he'll do everything fine.
Evan: So, what was the photo about?
Evan: This is Eliza, <Name>! But who is that man holding her book? We'll give this to Lindsey and she'll find out.

Evan: Lindsey!
Daniel: Lindsey hasn't come today, Evan.
Evan: What?! Why didn't she come? Isn't it her birthday today? May the 2nd!
Sabrina: I don't know, she doesn't answer our calls. Maybe she's still upset at Octavius and Orlando's relationship, don't you think?
Evan: Then we could ask Alan to take care of this analysis, huh?

Analyze Photo
Alan: This was not part of the Information Protection Programme, but I managed to find out who this man is, <Name>.
Alan: His name is Edward Portman, 28 years old. He works as a bellhop in Seaside Hotel.
Evan: That's our crime scene!
Alan: Then you should interrogate him.
Evan: Let's find him, <Name>. He must still be at the hotel.

Talk to Edward Portman about the victim
Evan: Mr Portman, we found a photo of you and Eliza Plans. Did you know her well?
Edward: I was just a big fan of hers. She signed an autograph in my book and even took a photo with me. She seemed real nice.
Edward: Until I asked her something about her latest book that I didn't understand.
Edward: What do you think she said? "That's not what I wrote. Read the novel again and if you still don't understand, try reading another kind of books".
Edward: Who did she think she was, Shakespeare? She was just an average writer, but her ego was so high...

A few minutes after that...

Tyler: <Rank> <Name>, people are already leaving the hotel. If there's anyone who is part of your murder investigation, let me know and I'll bring them to the station.
Tyler: I'll also leave a list here with the names of everyone who was at the hotel.
Evan: Thank you very much, Lieutenant Wive! Please, could you bring Mr Philip Hubs and Edward Portman? And the doorman Jeffrey India too, just in case.
Tyler: I'll do just as you said.
Sabrina: <Name>, I need to tell you something about this case!
Evan: What is it?
Sabrina: Do you remember that I was reading her latest novel a few days ago, <Name>? Well, I went on reading and I found out that...
Sabrina: This murder has already happened in her book!

Chapter 2

Sabrina: This murder has already happened in her book, <Name>!
Evan: What are you saying, Sabrina?
Sabrina: In the thirtieth chapter, a writer is murdered with a towel in her hotel room. You can't say it's a coincidence.
Sabrina: It also says that the killer left a bomb in the hotel to destroy the evidence and any potential witness, just like this case.
Evan: So it's the killer who set up that bomb!
Evan: Just out of curiosity, who is the killer in that book?
Sabrina: I don't know, I'll have to keep on reading to find more evidence. But so far, the main suspect is the hotel owner.
Evan: That would be Bryan Stefode! I know it's just a book, but interrogating him won't hurt.
Sabrina: This book also mentions the hotel dining room. Maybe investigating there is useful.

Inform Bryan Stefode about the case
Evan: Mr Stefode, may we have a word with you?
Bryan: Go on.
Evan: Eliza Plans was murdered in Seaside Hotel, which belongs to you. We're here to ask you about anything you know that can help our investigation.
Bryan: I'm sorry, but I only knew her from work. She signed a contract with Artclan and that's it.
Bryan: My apologies, <Rank> <Name>. I'm not able to help you this time.

Investigate Dining room
Evan: This dining room is way too posh for me, <Name>! This hotel is really five-stars worthy.
Evan: So it seems we have this prescription bottle here and look, it says ibuprofen! We know the killer uses this, so why don't we check who this belongs to?
Evan: And you also found a receipt. Why do we care about that?
Evan: It says ibuprofen as well, <Name>, you're right! Let's see who bought this.
Kate: At last I found someone whom I can trust! Here, <Rank> <Name>!
Evan: Kate? What are you doing here?!

Examine Receipt
Evan: This was bought by credit card. So once we find out who purchased this with the number you've just deciphered, we will...
Evan: What will we do, <Name>?

Analyze Card number
Alan: I'm getting used to doing Lindsey's job now. It's actually easier than I thought!
Alan: So it turns out that this credit card number traced me back to the victim, Eliza Plans.
Evan: That can't be possible! If she bought these ibuprofen pills, why didn't Daniel find any in her stomach or blood?
Alan: Because she didn't buy it. This receipt says this was purchased at 14:36, and by that time Eliza's soul had already reunited with God.
Alan: Most probably the killer took her card from her room after murdering her and is now using it.
Alan: The receipt is from an online shopping site, so I regret telling you that nobody could have seen who bought this.
Evan: Don't worry, Chief. We know now the killer does online shopping!

Examine Prescription bottle
Evan: There were a lot of fingerprints on that bottle, <Name>! We're really lucky.
Evan: Let's see who this belongs to.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: The fingerprints are a match with Jeffrey India, <Name>! Isn't he the hotel doorman?
Evan: He's at our station, so why don't we ask him about this prescription bottle?

Talk to Jeffrey India
Jeffrey: Why am I locked up in a police station?! I have nothing to do with Miss Plans' murder, <Rank> <Name>!
Evan: We will set you free when we prove your innocence, or when it's safe to go back to the hotel. Whatever happens first.
Evan: We wanted to ask you if these ibuprofen pills are yours.
Jeffrey: Some pills for a headache, yeah. They look like they will really help you find out who killed Eliza. Maybe you'll see the murderer's name if you take one!
Evan: Don't play clever with us, Jeffrey.
Jeffrey: Yes, they are mine. Now can you leave me alone?

Mate Kate Lynn leave the hotel
Evan: Kate, what are you doing here? You msut leave the hotel.
Kate: Why did everyone leave?
Evan: It doesn't matter, Kate. You HAVE to leave. It's for your own safety, ok?
Kate: But I was going to sing tonight in the dining room. This is unfair!
Evan: Come on, Kate, let's go.

A short while later...

Evan: I'm at a loss, <Name>. I really don't know who might have killed Eliza. And with this thing of Lindsey not answering my calls, I'm even more stressed out.
Evan: Ok, I have to calm down. We need to think straight and only about the case.
Evan: It also frightens me that a bomb might explode anytime soon and the only clue we have is that book which we didn't even read!
Evan: You're right, the book! Let's see how Sabrina is doing with it.

Evan: Sabrina, have you got something new for us from that book?
Sabrina: Not much at all. The only thing I can tell you is that the room's key seems to be an important clue in this murder case.
Evan: That's right, the key! Philip mentioned having knocked at her door to ask for an autograph.
Evan: Surely he opened the door because she wasn't answering. How rude from him.
Evan: Shall we take a look at the room again and look for more evidence?

Investigate Victim's bed
Evan: Here it is, <Name>, a key! It must be the key to this room. The keychain has a tag attached to it. What does it say?
Evan: Is the writing faded? Well, you can always recover it!

Examine Key
Evan: It says "Room #218". See, <Name>? I told you this key was Eliza's room's one.
Evan: Wait, wasn't her room 217? What does this mean-
Evan: Philip! His room is 218, <Name>! Well, he might have dropped his key after he discovered the corpse, but it's still kind of suspicious. We'll ask him.

Question Philip Hubs about the key
Evan: Mr Hubs, we found your room key in Eliza's room. Can you explain that?
Philip: I won't fall for it. I gave my key to the bellhop.
Evan: Yeah, the bellh- What?
Philip: It's true! I was doing some shopping on my tablet and I had all my luggage packed. I checked out of the hotel and gave my key to the bellhop.
Philip: Then I had breakfast at the hotel dining room and I went to Ms Plans' room to ask for an autograph.
Philip: The door was open and she didn't answer so I just stepped inside the room to see if she was there.
Philip: I saw her lying with a creepy look on her face and I called the police.
Evan: Why the bellhop? Shouldn't you leave your key at the check-out desk?
Philip: Yes, but I saw that the doorman was there and I had argued with him the night before, so I avoided talking to him. I didn't need the receipt either so I didn't mind.
Philip: Besides, the bellhop said I could give the key to him and he'd leave it at the desk. I think his name was Edward.
Evan: That must be Edward Portman, <Name>. And if he had that key, it's him who we have to talk to.

Ask Edward about Philip's key
Edward: I know I'm detained in a police station, but you don't mind if I do some shopping on my mobile, do you?
Evan: No, but I think that the goods you purchase will be delivered to your cell if you can't explain what we have to ask you.
Evan: Mr Philip Hubs gave you his room key when he checked out, didn't he?
Edward: Yes, he did. What's wrong with that?
Evan: Do you know where you left that key?
Edward: Yes, at the check-out desk. I remember putting it back in its place because I dropped it and Mr India picked it up for me.
Evan: What?! And you even have a witness? Then how did the key end up in the room, <Name>?
Edward: Agh, my head hurts so much, I think I'll need more ibuprofen. Excuse me.

Moments later...

Evan: Ok, this key issue gave us more questions than answers. How did the key travel from the check-out desk to a room which is two floors above?
Evan: Of course, someone left it there, but who and why?
Evan: Besides, if the key we found is the one to Philip's room, where is Eliza's one?
Sabrina: I think I found the answer to that in the book, but I didn't understand it. It said something about the bellhop and a confusion between both rooms.
Evan: Gosh, that book must be really difficult to understand. Edward was right.
Sabrina: Don't worry. I did understand something and it's that the bomb isn't in the hotel!
Evan: What?!
Tyler: <Rank> <Name>, we have checked the hotel fully and we can say with no doubt that the bomb is not there!

Chapter 3

Evan: What? I don't get it. Where is the bomb if it's not in the hotel?
Sabrina: It'll be delivered by mail to the hotel tomorrow! There's no risk at all now.
Tyler: Are you sure we can trust that book, <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: Yes, we are. Everything the book says has been proved to be real.
Tyler: Then I guess we can send everyone back to the hotel.
Evan: Yes. And we'll have to keep an eye on the mail tomorrow. I guess Kate will finally be able to sing tonight in the dining room.
Evan: Lieutenant Wive, please make sure nobody enters Room 217!
Tyler: Understood!
Evan: It's getting late now, <Name>. I'll go home. Can you meet me tomorrow morning at the hotel?
Evan: I'll also try to contact Lindsey.

The morning after...

Evan: Hi there, <Name>! We'll have to keep working today, huh? What do you want to do first?
Evan: So you want to investigate the dining room again? Fine, let's go!

Investigate Scenery
Evan: What is this suitcase doing here, <Name>? It says "Eliza Plans". Why is it still here?
Evan: Oh, it's locked. I want to see what's inside, so... please...
Evan: And this trolley... Oh, you're right, it has towels inside. Guests can take a towel from here if they want to. We know the murder is a towel...
Evan: So let's try to see if we can find out who picked a towel from this trolley.

Examine Suitcase
Evan: You did it, <Name>! Now let's take a look at Eliza's things. We might find something useful.

Examine Open suitcase
Evan: A torn page? Wow, I'm so used to finding these... I'm not surprised anymore.
Evan: Guess we'll have to put it back together.

Examine Torn page
Evan: This is a song sheet, <Name>. I didn't know Eliza could play music.
Evan: Wait, this paper says "OST for Terror in Hotel. Main song for scene 1, by Kate Lynn". What does OST even mean?
Evan: Oh, so it means Original Soundtrack. And isn't Terror in Hotel her latest book, the one which inspired this murder?
Evan: You're right, it means Eliza's book will be made into a film. And Kate Lynn composed the movie theme, <Name>, that's so great!
Evan: This means Kate worked with Eliza, so maybe she can help us with the case!

Interrogate Kate about the song sheet
Kate: I'm glad to see you again, <Name> and Evan! You were on a case yesterday, right?
Evan: Yes, I'm sure you heard about the murder of Eliza Plans. We found out you wrote a song for her book's movie.
Kate: That's right, we were working together. Eliza knew a lot about music, so she helped me with this project.
Kate: I'm very positive that the film will be released this winter so you'll be able to watch Terror in Hotel by Right Art Studios at any cinema!
Evan: Right Art?! We know you work with Roger, but Eliza signed a contract with Artclan!
Kate: But only as a writer. She's not part of the movie production staff.
Kate: Sorry, but I'll leave. I need to take some ibuprofen for my backache every 8 hours, and I have to take the next pill at 11:00 p.m.

Examine Trolley
Evan: So you collected a hair sample, great! This will tell us who picked a towel from the trolley.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: Lindsey didn't come today either, I'm starting to worry.
Evan: Maybe she went to visit some relatives. Let's not worry yet, fine?
Sabrina: I know... <Name>, the strands of hair you gave me belongs to a man called Philip Hubs. He's the one who reported the murder, isn't he?
Evan: He is! But it's weird.
Evan: Jeffrey said that every room has a towel when guests check in, so if Philip was the only one in his room, why did he pick another one?
Evan: To kill Eliza, maybe? We have to contact him, <Name>.

See why Philip picked a towel
Evan: You have your things packed already, Philip?! You're not going to leave Townville, ok?
Philip: I need to keep travelling to another places to work, I'm sorry.
Evan: Philip, you picked a towel yesterday from a trolley at the hotel dining room. Mind telling us why?
Philip: I accidentally spilled a glass of water on my towel while trying to take an ibuprofen pill, so I just picked another one and sent mine to the laundry.
Philip: I hope my towel didn't interfere with your investigation.
Evan: Don't act smart, Mr Hubs. And don't leave the city, please.

After a while...

Sabrina: <Name>, I found one more clue in Eliza's book!
Evan: What is it?
Sabrina: I know how to recognise the bomb!
Evan: Tell us!
Sabrina: Well, I don't know if it will actually happen in this case too, but the day after the murder, which is today, a bomb will be sent via mail to the hotel, remember?
Sabrina: It says that it's a box with the flag of Italy inside. I've already contacted Tyler to tell him.
Evan: Why's that?
Sabrina: The killer was Italian.
Evan: Well, we don't have Italian suspects but I think the killer doesn't have to be Italian just because of the book.
Gino: <Name>, I heard that a man was seen at Seaside Hotel's dining room rummaging through a trolley.
Evan: The trolley? That's the trolley with towels! We have to return there.

Evan: That's the trolley, <Name>! The towels aren't carefully folded as they were before, they're a bunch of carelessly thrown away towels.
Evan: I wonder why someone would do this. Shall we look through the trolley, <Name>?

Examine Towels
Evan: What is this, <Name>? It's a contract, but... who could have been looking for this?
Evan: And why would they hide it here? We need Lindsey to analyze this, but she's gone... And I don't want to bother the Chief with this.
Evan: Let's call the HQ and hope Lindsey's already back.
Daniel: Hi? Is this Evan?
Evan: Yes, Daniel, it's me. Has Lindsey returned yet?
Daniel: Unfortunately, no. What do you need her for?
Evan: It's about a contract.
Daniel: Don't worry, I can deal with it! Lindsey taught me once some of her skills, so I think I might be able to help you.
Evan: Really? Thanks a lot, Daniel!

Analyze Contract
Daniel: It was hard, but I managed to find some useful data for you, <Name>. This is a contract between Eliza Plans and Artclan.
Evan: So that's the contract she signed.
Daniel: But this is a weird contract. Her books' copyrights belong to Artclan, not to her.
Daniel: Besides, both her and Artclan have rights over the profit obtained from selling her books, but if she didn't invest her part in Artclan's businesses...
Daniel: Artclan may keep her part of the profit. This means that either way Eliza was getting no profit.
Evan: What? Why would Bryan do this? Didn't Eliza read this?
Evan: OH MY GOD, <Name>, you're right! I had completely forgotten Eliza was dyslexic!
Evan: Bryan took advantage of her, <Name>. We have to confront him.

Talk to Bryan Stefode about his contract with the victim
Bryan: Sorry, <Name>, I'm doing some shopping on eBuy. Have you heard about it?
Evan: No, but we heard about your contract with Eliza Plans. Mr Stefode, it was not very kind of you to take advantage of her dyslexia.
Bryan: I didn't know she was dyslexic, I promise! I offered this contract to her and she just agreed to sign it! She told me later that she couldn't read!
Bryan: Now that she was dead, I didn't want anybody to find out the truth about her contract. So I tried to hide it in a trolley full of towels.
Evan: So that was you? Was that contract so important?
Bryan: Of course! Do you know what Right Art could do with that information?

Evan: To think that Bryan hid the contract in a trolley just because of Right Art... I didn't know the business feud between them was so strong! But why couldn't he just leave the contract in a trash bin?
Jeffrey: <Rank>, Lead Inspector! Could you please come to the hotel reception?
Evan: Uh... Yes, we'll go.

Jeffrey wants to talk to you
Evan: What happened, Jeffrey?
Jeffrey: I was buying some things online when suddenly a package arrived. We're not supposed to open them, but it said it was for the hotel, not for a guest.
Jeffrey: So I opened it and I found an Italian flag. I don't know what this could be.
Evan: A FLAG?! Jeffrey, that's the bomb!
Evan: Lieutenant Wive, that package contains a bomb.
Tyler: Don't worry, <Name>, my men will take care of it!
Evan: <Name>, do you really want to stay here? Are you sure? Gosh, I'm so nervous...

Evan: Oh, God, I was so scared! Are you really sure this place is already safe?
Tyler: Absolutely sure.
Evan: Then would you let us take a look at those things? They're vital clues in our murder investigation.
Tyler: Yes, Lead Inspector!

Investigate Jeffrey's desk
Evan: These are the clues we need, <Name>. This flag and the bomb. I hope Sabrina can stop reading the book for a while to analyze this flag.
Evan: Besides, we'll have to see if we can find some clues on the bomb. Let's start with this, <Name>.

Examine Disarmed bomb
Evan: This DNA we found in the bomb must belong to the killer, I'm sure! We have to give this sample to Sabrina and we might even find out his identity.

Analyze DNA
Evan: Please tell us that the DNA we gave you was useful.
Sabrina: Of course it was! I'm sure it belongs to the killer because it matches what Daniel found in Eliza's throat.
Sabrina: But this time, I managed to get more information than just that the killer is a man.
Sabrina: The sample you gave me allowed me to deduce the killer is over 30 years old!
Evan: That's really helpful! Thank you a lot, Sabrina.

Analyze Italian flag
Sabrina: I think this flag was sewn manually, <Name>! The killer must have spent a lot of time doing this.
Evan: Are we looking for a killer with sewing skills?
Sabrina: Not really. The needle went through his finger many times. But that's good for us, because he left his skin cells on the flag.
Sabrina: You know now that the killer is caucasian!

After a long case...

Sabrina: I finished reading the book, <Name>! Do you want to hear the finale?
Evan: Don't worry, Sabrina. We're about to see it ourselves. Let's go and arrest the killer, <Name>.
Sabrina: Before you go, do you mind if I tell you what happened with the key?

Arrest killer
Evan: Hello, Philip! Would you mind talking to us a while?
Philip: What happened? Have you arrested the killer?
Evan: Yes, it turned out to be Edward Portman, the bellhop. You know, he had your key and we found it in the murder scene, so it can only be him.
Evan: Well, it would be a different story if you had done that to frame him.
Philip: Wh- What do you exactly mean, Lead Inspector Evan?
Evan: Just a theory I came up with during the case. It goes on like this.
Evan: You swap the tags between your key and Eliza's one. Now your key says 217, and Eliza's key says 218, which is your room.
Philip: Too bad it's just a theory, hehe.
Evan: You check out and give the bellhop your key, which looks like the key to Room 217, but there's no problem because the bellhop just can't remember every guest and every room.
Evan: So he thinks you were in Room 217 whilst you were not. Then you kill Eliza and it doesn't matter where she left her key.
Evan: Because we would find it and think it was yours, as it says 218, so if Edward was the one who had the key to room 218, or so he thought...
Philip: Stop it! I give in, you know it, you won! I killed Eliza Plans!
Evan: What I don't get is... How did you manage to swap the keychains?
Philip: She agreed to do it. I said I wanted to check whether the trick in her book worked or not.
Evan: She agreed to do it with a stranger?
Philip: I'm not a stranger, I was her secretary!
Evan: You're right, she needed a secretary because of her dyslexia! Philip Hubs, you're under arrest!

Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Philip Hubs, the Court has already got a veredict. Before your sentence, would you mind explaining your motives to the jury?
Philip: Well, you already know I was her secretary. I typed all of her books due to her dyslexia.
Philip: Eliza had some great ideas for her novels, but the story developments and character interactions were so poor! I felt pity for her.
Philip: So one day I decided to type something just a bit different from what she'd told me. Then I did it more different and I ended up correcting her whole books.
Philip: I mean, she couldn't read, so she'd never notice! I had become her ghostwriter, she got millions and millions with the books that in fact I had written.
Philip: My books were published with her name and I never asked for a single dollar for doing it! But yesterday she found it out when the bellhop talked about Terror In Hotel.
Philip: And she came shouting at me! Insulting me for changing her novels, while I was missing my millions of dollars without complaining!
Philip: So I thought about my book and copied the murder. We were even in a hotel like in my book. I brought my book to reality, there's no need to produce a movie!
Evan: You're crazy, Philip!
Philip: Oh, come on, I even went through the trouble of crafting a bomb!
Esteban Gonzalez: Enough! Mr Hubs, you're getting life imprisonment with no chance for parole!

Evan: Philip was right in something, Eliza shouldn't have reacted that way. He was making her famous for free.
Evan: But killing her? That was too much. And putting the rest of the guests' lives at risk too was also terrible. I'm glad this case ended.
Evan: The only thing I want now is to see Lindsey, <Name>. I really miss her.
Evan: I think it's not only that I feel attracted to her. I think I'm developing some feelings for-
Evan: What am I saying?! The only one in my heart must be Linda! Right, <Name>?

Art Battles 10 - The Showdown

Daniel: Look, <Name>! Jade River News says that there was a strong fight between Right Art and Artclan because of Terror In Hotel's movie.
Daniel: It looks like this information was revealed to the press after Eliza Plans' killer was arrested.
Evan: I knew this thing of the movie wouldn't end well. This business feud between Roger and Bryan should stop.
Evan: Why don't we talk to Bryan about this? I know it's not our business but I don't want this companies war to end up in something worse.
Octavius: <Name>, I'm starting to get really worried about Lindsey. I checked her Bosomship profile and I found this.
Octavius: It's a photo of her with Eliza Plans at Seaside Hotel! She took it some hours before Eliza was murdered by her secretary!
Evan: That's right, that is the hotel reception!
Octavius: I'll go there and investigate! I may need your help, <Name>, so if you can come with me I'd appreciate it.
Octavius: As this happened in the reception, I thought the doorman might know something!

Make Bryan Stefode stop the business feud
Evan: Mr Stefode, we found out about your argument with Roger Ment because of Eliza's movie.
Bryan: Of course we argued! I had Eliza working for me and he comes and steals one of our scripts!
Bryan: Though I've just talked to him politely. He was the one who started the fight. It was so awkward, everyone in the dining room was looking at us.
Bryan: I still feel embarassed only to be in Seaside Hotel.

Evan: Bryan said the argument was at Seaside Hotel's dining room, <Name>. Why don't we go there and try to see what happened?

Investigate Dining room
Evan: You found a torn paper? Well, one of those two must have torn it up out of anger during this argument. Why don't you restore it?
Evan: And who spilled this wine on the floor? Must have been some drunkard, for sure. I don't know if it's related to that argument but...

Examine Torn paper
Evan: This paper says "list of clients" at the top but the rest of it has been kind of washed away.
Evan: Do you think you could recover this writing and see what it is?

Examine Faded list
Evan: What was on that list of clients, <Name>? Let me read.
Evan: "Ned Forsa". That sculptor? I think Sabrina told me that both Bryan and Roger wanted Ned to work for them. Was Ned part of this argument?
Evan: "Crimson Vampires". That's the band Wane's in, <Name>! Now I remember that the guitarist wanted to leave Right Art and join Artclan.
Evan: "Eliza Plans". We already know what happened with her movie, right?
Evan: There are much more artists as well... I think I kind of know what this argument was about.
Evan: Can we go talk to Bryan again, please?

Talk to Bryan about his argument with Roger Ment
Evan: Mr Stefode, we found this at the dining room. What is this about?
Bryan: Well, I said that he had took the script for his movie from one of MY company's books. So he showed me that list.
Bryan: It was a list of all the artists I had stayed with. He said I was winning the business war and even that way I was complaining.
Evan: Wait, so does that mean Ned Forsa and Crimson Vampires stayed with you?!
Bryan: Um... Yes. Maybe he was right, you know? I should go easy on my businesses.
Evan: Please do that. I don't want this war of yours to end up in something bigger.

Examine Spilled wine
Evan: What did you find on the wine, <Name>? That's hair, isn't it? It's weird. Let's hope Sabrina can get something from the sample.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: I'm glad the wine didn't ruin the DNA molecules! With some tests I was able to see who this belongs to, <Name>.
Sabrina: The results point at Edward Portman.
Evan: The hotel bellhop? What did he do with that wine?
Evan: Yeah, we should have a chat with him.

Go see what happened with Edward Portman
Evan: Edward, are you ok?
Edward: I got hiccups.
Evan: Oh, my God. This man is completely drunk. I understand now why he spilled all that wine on the floor.
Evan: I'll bring some coffee. He really needs to sober up.
Edward: Thanks for your help, Evan!
Evan: If your boss finds out you're drunk at work, you will be fired.
Edward: Don't worry, I'm not working today. I don't even need this uniform. You can keep it, <Name>!

See if Jeffrey India has a clue about Lindsey's whereabouts
Octavius: Mr India, did you see this woman two days ago?
Jeffrey: That weird lady? Yes, she was here. Did you come to pick her stuff?
Octavius: Was she staying at the hotel?
Jeffrey: No. She came and told me that a man called Octavius Keys would come here looking for her, and that I should give him something.
Octavius: That's me! What is that "something"?
Jeffrey: I don't remember, it must be somewhere in my desk. I can help you look for it if you want.

Investigate Jeffrey's desk
Octavius: Did you find it, <Name>? Mr India, is this note what she left here?
Jeffrey: Yes, that's the one.
Octavius: OH MY GOD! <Name>, it says "The Wizard of Seas is in this hotel and I know who it is!".
Octavius: You're right, we might be being lured into a trap. We must make sure she wrote this.

Examine Lindsey's note
Octavius: Yes, <Name>, this is Lindsey's handwriting! So she came to this hotel to find the Wizard of Seas. But how can WE find them?
Octavius: I've got an idea! We came here because Lindsey posted a photo of her with Eliza here, but why was that woman in the photo? Was it a message from Lyn?
Octavius: I don't think that woman was the wizard, but I feel there's something wrong with her.
Octavius: Why don't we go take a look at the room where she was staying? Her belongings are still there.

Investigate Room #217
Octavius: Nothing seems out of place here, <Name>. Our last hope is this digital notepad, which surely belongs to Eliza. And it's unlocked.
Octavius: Surely Chief Smith can get more from this device than us.

Analyze Digital notepad
Alan: I'm glad you started conducting this investigation to find Miss Vain, Deputy Keys! If you get good results, you might even get promoted again.
Octavius: Thank you very much, Chief Smith!
Alan: You see, Eliza used this device very much. We can even say that it was her journal. This notepad comes with an agenda and a calendar. I know now what she did throughout this whole year.
Alan: Two days ago, she mentioned having met a police officer called Lindsey. I'm sure this is what you were looking for.
Octavius: What else did she write?!
Alan: Not much. Only "we had a great time with her".
Octavius: So there was someone else! Otherwise, she would've written "I had a great time with her".
Octavius: And it must be her secretary, <Name>. We know those two talked and argued a lot due to this issue of the ghostwriter. We have to visit him in jail and see what he knows.

Ask Philip about Lindsey
Philip: <Rank> <Name> again? Why did you come? And who is this man?
Octavius: Mr Hubs, the day of the murder, a woman called Lindsey met you and Eliza at the hotel, right?
Philip: Yes, she was really friendly. And really beautiful too, if you ask me.
Philip: She asked Eliza to keep something in her room until someone came to look for it.
Octavius: She was talking about us! What is that thing?
Philip: I don't know, I didn't see it.
Octavius: It's impossible! We have already looked in that room. Could it be that journal after all?
Philip: She said it was under the bed. Have you looked there?
Octavius: We haven't! Let's go there, <Name>. We can have something to eat at the dining room.

Investigate Victim's bed
Octavius: This purple box belongs to Lindsey, <Name>, I've seen it many times! How didn't you see this during the murder investigation?
Octavius: We need to see what Lindsey left for us here.

Examine Purple box
Octavius: Oh, <Name>, what is this? It looks like the map of some building or house, but... it doesn't look like this room, or the reception, or the dining room.
Octavius: This is not her apartment either, or my house... This isn't the police station. Which building is this?
Octavius: And this red cross here makes me feel uneasy. Lindsey must be somewhere related to this place and we have to find out where it is!

Back at the Chief's office...

Alan Smith: So, what have you found? Any clues about where Miss Vain is?
Octavius: She left this in one of the hotel rooms on purpose. She wanted us to find it!
Alan Smith: This could lead us to her current localization. We need to find out what place this is.
Alan Smith: For some reason, I feel like I have seen it many years ago. But I can't remember... And you say this is somehow related to the Wizard of Seas.
Gino: Chief Smith, a letter for you has just been delivered! Here you are.
Alan Smith: You forgot to knock, Gino. Let me see the letter.
Alan Smith: December the 28th? That's my birthday! Why did I receive this latter months later?
Alan Smith: Wait... This date is from like 10 years ago! And my birthday... This letter was written by the time Elena killed herself!
Octavius: WHAT?! Why did you get it 10 years later?
Alan Smith: Wait, it has a kiss on the envelope. Elena didn't even like to wear lipstick. She can't have written this.
Octavius: A kiss on the envelope?
Octavius: Chief, I don't know about your wife, but... Lindsey often leaves a kiss on notes and letters!

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