Teresa Vallez
Biographical information
Full name Teresa Vallez
Alias(es) Tes Vall
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1991
Nationality Portuguese
Residence Palmwood, U.S
Family Diego Vallez (brother)
Affiliation(s) Palmwood Police Department

Palmwood Times

Game information
Appears in Season One of Criminal Case (Palmwood)
First appearance Riverboat Roulette
Crime is a neverending story.
—Teresa Vallez

Teresa Vallez, appearing as a main character in Season 1 of Criminal Case, is the Informant of the Palmwood Police Department.


Teresa is a 28-year-old journalist and informant for the PPD. She has curly black hair. She dons what appears to be a jet gray catsuit. She usually is seen grabbing a cup of coffee.

Teresa is smart,discrete and reckless. She does anything to get the best stories for the Palmwood Times.


  • Teresa's design was made by Bonnie.
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