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Tempest in a Teakettle
Season 1
City London, England, United Kingdom
Region Europe
Case # 1
Initial release date 16th May 2021
Partner(s) Sebastian Payne (Chapters 1‒3)
Asami Takahashi (In Critical Condition)
Naomi Somerville (In Critical Condition)
Karan Bhatt (2 tasks in In Critical Condition)
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Keep a Civil Tongue

Tempest in a Teakettle is a case featured in Criminal Case: Best of Both Worlds as the introductory case of the game. It is the first case to take place in Europe.


On the day of the player's recruitment to the International Criminal Police Commission, they met the Chief Esme Baudelaire and her intrepid secretary, Karan Bhatt, both of whom were more than elated to introduce the player to the London headquarters. Given their track record, Chief Baudelaire felt that it was appropriate to brief the player on the current task the team had on hand. However, she prioritized the player acquainting themselves with their colleagues over that, promising that fostering relationships with their confreres would make their tenure in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world much less daunting. Prior to that, Karan received a call from his best friend, elite force agent Sebastian "Seb" Payne, who asked for a backup immediately, reporting that there had been a royal assassination.

Admitting that it would be an effective way to conflate meeting the team and solving a high-profile murder, Chief Baudelaire proposed the idea of sending the player off to their first official investigation employed with the International Crime Police Commmission. The player, amenable to the chief's decision, was shipped off to meet Seb on the double. After the player arrived at Buckingham Palace, he grinned at the player and waved them over. Seb wished that their first encounter occurred on better terms but could not deny that it was intriguing to see the player's deductive acumen first-hand. Informed that the team, the investigators headed to the throne room.

There, the duo found the poisoned corpse of none other than Queen Virginia, vesicles decorating her skin with a teacup shattered next to her. The ICPC's boisterous but coroner, Grayson Reed, was able to confirm that Queen Virginia was deposed of using Adonis vernalis, a poisonous flower and cardiostimulant better known as pheasant's eye. Given the plant's cardiotonic use in European folk medicine, Grayson was able to ascertain that Virginia had been administered a high dose of the poison through her tea. As the player noted this piece of evidence, he assured them that they would succeed in bringing the killer to justice and offered to create a sketch of them for his ongoing comic series after they solved the investigation.

While investigating with Seb, the player was able to bill three new suspects, one of whom included the late queen's most trusted guard herself, Jude Davies, who had come in contact with her teacup. He lamented the murder of his queen and wished that had he been with the queen at the time she was given her tea, confessing that he felt culpable for the crime given that he could have been there and begged for the agents to arrest him then and there. Ignoring his ludicrous request, the player also suspected paleontologist Eugene van Fox of the murder. Tipping his hat at the player, Eugene revealed that he had planned to petition for the queen's permission with helping smoothen the process of authorizing his new excavation in Ravenedge, but that she had passed away before he could do so. Lastly, with the help of affable tech expert Esteban Catalano, the player interrogated banker Cuthbert Ogden, who was involved in the royal family's finance but denied having met her in person. However, he provided the team his business card, pointing that even in the face of national catastrophe, the fiscal world waited for nobody and that he had to attend to his own matters. After discovering a threat the killer sent, the player met the ICPC's profiler, Layla Salim, who twirled her hair and depicted the killer as someone who believed in moral integrity and integration of the body and mind — or at least someone who wanted to maintain that façade. Following that, the team's field expert, the brash but street smart Naomi Somerville, shook hands with the player and informed them that another royal had requested the player's counsel immediately.

Back at Buckingham Palace, Seb and the player convened with Prince Lysander, who demanded to know how the far the investigators had gotten with their investigation. After Seb admitted that they had not identifed the killer yet, the prince reprimanded the detectives, demanding that they find and arrest who murdered his grandmother. After learning that the deceased queen had made her final public appearance at the Tower of London, the duo headed there, only to suspect chemist Xenia Callas, who denied knowing the victim in person. Upon after being asked by Seb if she created the poison, she pointed out that her field of study was immunochemistry rather than toxicology and that she had no reason to kill the queen. After discovering a Shakespeare-inspired confession note from the killer, the player met historian Cyrus Odongo, who rambled enthusiastically about the killer's use of iambic pentameter and playfully joked along with the player. Afterwards, the player discovered that Eugene's proposal to excavate at Ravenedge had been rejected, but the archaeologist admitted that while it was a setback, there were countless other historical sites to research and that he understood where the queen was coming from. Additionally, methodical lab chief Asami Takahashi revealed that Jude had come in contact with the queen's crown; he admitted that the queen had seen him trying to wear her diadem and had admonished him. However, Jude promised that despite his momentary delusion of grandeur, his fealty was to the queen first and foremost and that he had learned from his mistakes, vowing to never commit such an egregious action ever again. While Seb and the player were mulling over their newfound leads, Karan rushed into the headquarters to interrupt them. Tugging at his collar, Karan revealed that various citizens were planning to storm the royal palace to visit the throne room.

With Naomi's assistance, the disgruntled citizens were convinced to stop their charge of the palace given that it was an active crime scene. Following that distraction, the duo learned that Xenia's grandmother had been close friends with the queen during their youth, but that ther former had been cast aside as soon as Virgina had been courted by a royal. However, Xenia coolly pointed out that the queen's problem was with her grandmother rather than her and that she let bygones be bygones, given that she was not affected by the queen's two-faced behavior in her youth. However, other suspects in the investigation were not as insouciant with the victim, namely her grandson Lysander, who had risqué photos of him during a tryst published in the infamous tabloid The Star. Lysander admitted that, despite his grandmother's increasing concerns, he cared little of what the press thought of his personal life, a bone of contention between him and the queen. He regretted that one of his final conversations with his grandmother prior to her death was an argument on said subject, and told the team to redirect their murder accusations to somebody else. Doing exactly that, the investigators were surprised to learn that the queen's final public appearance was to censure Cuthbert for demolishing a retirement home in the countryside. Cuthbert was agitated by the victim's outcry, pointing out that it was not an easy decision to make and that he did not appreciate her judgment, especially given that her slander had cost him various business deals. Despite the barrage of motives to assassinate the queen, the killer was ultimately exposed as Jude.

Initially denying any involvement in the crime, Jude maintained that he was an innocent man, much to Seb's annoyance. As the evidence piled up against the now-disgraced guard, Jude admitted his conviction and confessed that he did indeed murder the queen. Hounded into admitting why, Jude admitted that ever since his childhood, he had been obsessed with the queen and the royal family. His fixation with Queen Virginia led to his endeavor to protect her personally and become her guard. However, working at Buckingham Palace only led to his mania with the queen increasing further. As Jude became more and more engrossed with the queen's personal life, he started to delude himself into feeling as though he were the queen, leading him to start to steal and wear her clothing and jewelry. While Queen Virginia had caught Jude in the act multiple times, she tried her absolute hardest to be understanding with him, but snapped when she saw him wearing her crown. Irate that he desecrated the sanctity of her sovereignty by wearing her crown, she fired him on the spot and told him that he only had one more day to work with her. Feeling betrayed that his idol with leave him astray, Jude wanted to take revenge on her for, in his eyes, forcing him to leave her forever. Gathering poisonous flowers outside his home, he placed extracts of Adonis vernalis in the queen's tea as retribution. Angered that Jude's megalomania led him to assassinate one of the world's most powerful figures, Seb and the player shipped Jude off to court, where Judge Judge of the International Circuit of Courts would preside over the trial.

At the courthouse, there was no judge behind the bench, prompting Jude to roll his eyes at the lack of punctuality. Out of the blue, a plume of purple smoke arose behind the bench, prompting the eccentric judge to start the trial. Accompanied by their assistant Corinna Christo, whose primary purpose was to keep Judge Judge in check, Judge Judge pointed out that while being obsessed with a celebrity was quite common — but found this absurd, much preferring illusions and stage magic — Jude had crossed the line and that his lack of respect for Virginia's property was abhorrent. The judge opted to ask Corinna for her input, who pointed out that the report Layla had sent the court mentioned Jude exhibited symptoms of narcissist personality disorder and that Judge Judge would have taken this into account had they not been practicing card tricks prior to the trial. Noting this, Judge Judge opted to sentence Jude to 50 years in jail with mandatory psychological counseling for the assassination of Queen Virginia.

Following the trial, Chief Baudelaire congratulated the player on a stellar first investigation. Given that the player had met their colleagues throughout the case, the chief felt that it was now time to give the player the rundown on the team's current mission. Chief Baudelaire noted that while the ICPC was touted as a law enforcement agency, in her eyes, it was a humanitarian organization dedicated to ensuring the world's safety in all manners. Calling Asami in, the chief wearily informed the player of an emergent pandemic that had been spreading across the United Kingdom. Asami then asked for the player's assistance in meeting her MI6 liaison, Agent Lexi Newton, in hopes of learning more about said pandemic. The duo went to meet the senior agent at her office, who admitted that the MI6's head scientists were focusing more on dealing with media coverage of the virus than looking into its root cause. Disappointed with her organization's handling of the virus, Lexi admitted that there had been a new reported case of the virus at Big Ben, speculating that there was likely a corpse at said area.

Clad in hazmat suits, Asami and the player visited Big Ben, only to find an unidentified woman's dead body. Shipping her off to Grayson, the adept coroner pinpointed the victim as dancer Gillian Blanchard and subsequently informed her next-of-kin. Grayson was able to confirm that Gillian was a victim of the current pandemic, noting that her symptoms of ruptured nailbeds and lung atrophy were consistent with the official name of the virus — halovirus, for the annular shape of the virions. Admitting that epidemiology wasn't his forte, he suggested that Asami and the player revisit Big Ben in hopes of pursuing more leads. There, the duo found a tourist pamphlet belonging to Gillian for a cross-continental trip. With the assumption that the dancer, who carried this virus, could have easily spread it to other tourists, Asami admitted that it would be prudent to consult Xenia for her immunochemical expertise. Glad to have been exonerated from suspicion about murdering the queen, Xenia was willing to meet the player, but admitted that she knew little about the emergent halovirus save for general health procedures. However, she still requested to see the virus victim's belongings, and nervously proclaimed that the trip was for a group of English tourists visiting Spain. Xenia disapproved of the trip, pointing out that she viewed it as utterly irresponsible for the tourists to willingly spread the virus. However, she admitted that ultimately the most she could do was try to find a cure to the virus but that looking into Spain to reduce the pandemic spread was a worthwhile idea.

Additionally, Naomi opted to speak with the player privately, confessing that she had privately observed the player as they investigated Queen Virginia's assassination. Pleased with the player's success in incriminating the murderer with precision, she bluntly admitted that after the investigation, Seb had disappeared. Naomi was fully aware that the reasons for him being missing were likely harmless, but said that in such a cutthroat job, it was important to make sure everybody was safe. The field expert coyly admitted that she had asked Karan about Seb's whereabouts, who pointed out that he had driven off in the direction of the Tower of London. Consequently, she pointed out that she had set up reconaissance cameras at the monument and wanted to retrieve them to analyze their footage. After visiting said site and obtaining them, Karan asked if there was anything to be paranoid about; Naomi promptly quashed his suspicions, admitting that he was safe and sound. However, a few hours prior, Seb had been speaking to a figure donning a black trench coat and hat, which she deemed suspicious. Moments after, Karan received a phone call from the missing field agent, who had just come back to the headquarters. As such, the secretary asked his best friend about who the suspicious figure was, only for Seb to laugh and point out that it was his grandfather, Dwight Payne, who enjoyed dressing up. Speaking of Dwight, Seb was happy to note that he was just visiting his grandfather and was showing him the ICPC premises, asking Karan and the player if he wanted to meet him. Agreeing to do so, the three met Dwight, who tipped his black hat at the player and wanted to regale them with stories of his old job as an insurance agent from his youth. Seb awkwardly declined and admitted that while his grandfather was a bit of a loudmouth, he generally meant well and that it was nice for them to meet.

Following all those events, Esteban had a party in celebration of the player, admitting that they had done amazingly during their first few investigations: solving a royal assassination, investigating the halovirus, and looking into a team member's background. As the other team members that they were impressed with the newly hired detective, the team rejoiced for the rest of the night, excited to solve more crime with the player. Following that, Chief Baudelaire told the player that she too was proud of them but to be ready to wake up early the next morning, as they would be shipped off to Spain to deal with the influx of potentially virus-ridden tourists.



  • Queen Virginia (poisoned by her tea, blisters covering her skin)

Murder Weapon

  • Pheasant's Eye


  • Jude Davies


Jude Davies
Queen's Guard
Height 6'3" 
Age 32
Weight 198 lbs 
Eyes brown
Blood AB-


  • The suspect drinks tea
  • The suspect knows calligraphy
  • The suspect quotes Shakespeare


  • The suspect wears a red poppy
Eugene van Fox
Height 6'3" 
Age 28
Weight 195 lbs 
Eyes green
Blood AB-


  • The suspect drinks tea
  • The suspect quotes Shakespeare
Cuthbert Ogden
Height 5'5" 
Age 34
Weight 145 lbs 
Eyes brown
Blood O-


  • The suspect drinks tea
  • The suspect knows calligraphy
  • The suspect quotes Shakespeare


  • The suspect wears a red poppy
Prince Lysander
Crown Prince
Height 5'3" 
Age 20
Weight 180 lbs 
Eyes brown
Blood AB-


  • The suspect drinks tea
  • The suspect knows calligraphy
  • The suspect quotes Shakespeare
Xenia Callas
Height 5'7" 
Age 39
Weight 125 lbs 
Eyes green
Blood A+


  • The suspect knows calligraphy


  • The suspect wears a red poppy


Lexi Newton
MI6 Agent
Height 5'6" 
Age 28
Weight 122 lbs 
Eyes blue
Blood A-
Naomi Somerville
Field Expert
Height 6'2" 
Age 27
Weight 160 lbs 
Eyes green
Blood AB+
Sebastian Payne
Elite Force Agent
Height 5'11" 
Age 35
Weight 168 lbs 
Eyes blue
Blood O+
Dwight Payne
Seb's Grandfather
Height 5'7" 
Age 78
Weight 154 lbs 
Eyes blue
Blood O+
Esteban Catalano
Tech Expert
Height 5'8" 
Age 31
Weight 152 lbs 
Eyes green
Blood A-

Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks tea.
  • The killer knows calligraphy.
  • The killer quotes Shakespeare.
  • The killer wears a red poppy.
  • The killer's blood type is AB-.

Crime Scenes

Throne Room Virginia's Throne Throne Room Bonus
Big Ben Belfry Big Ben Bonus
Tower of London Coldharbour Gate Tower of London Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate Throne Room. (Clues: Victim's Body, Victim's Teacup, Shredded Sheet)
  • Examine Victim's Teacup. (Result: Black Fibers)
  • Examine Black Fibers. (Result: Bear Fur; New Suspect: Jude Davies)
  • Ask Jude Davies why he had touched the queen's teacup. (Prerequisite: Bear Fur identified under microscope; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Big Ben)
  • Investigate Big Ben. (Prerequisite: Jude interrogated; Clues: Clasped Box, Faded Correspondence)
  • Examine Clasped Box. (Result: Paleontology Brush; New Suspect: Eugene van Fox)
  • See if Eugene van Fox knew the victim. (Prerequisite: Clasped Box decrypted)
  • Examine Faded Correspondence. (Result: Bank Correspondence)
  • Analyze Bank Correspondence. (09:00:00; New Suspect: Cuthbert Ogden)
  • Interrogate Cuthbert Ogden as to whether he had seen the queen at Big Ben. (Prerequisite: Bank Correspondence analyzed)
  • Examine Shredded Sheet. (Result: Stationery Sheet)
  • Analyze Stationery Sheet. (03:00:00; Attribute: The killer knows calligraphy)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body. (18:00:00; Attribute: The killer drinks tea; Murder Weapon registered: Adonis vernalis)
  • Go to Chapter 2. (No stars)

Chapter 2

  • See why Prince Lysander has summoned you. (Available after unlocking Chapter 2; Profile updated: Lysander drinks tea; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Tower of London)
  • Investigate Tower of London. (Prerequisite: Lysander interrogated; Clues: Locked Smartphone, Potted Shrub)
  • Examine Locked Smartphone. (Result: Patriotic Home Screen)
  • Examine Patriotic Home Screen. (New Suspect: Xenia Callas)
  • Ask Xenia if she knew the victim. (Prerquisite: Xenia identified on Patriotic Home Screen; Profile updated: Xenia knows calligraphy)
  • Examine Potted Shrub. (Result: Confession Note)
  • Analyze Confession Note. (12:00:00; Attribute: The killer quotes Shakespeare; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Virginia's Throne)
  • Investigate Virginia's Throne. (Prerequsite: Confession Note analyzed; Clues: Torn Certificate, Victim's Diadem)
  • Examine Torn Certificate. (Result: Rejected Proposal)
  • Quiz Eugene about his rejected excavation proposal at Ravenedge. (Prerequisite: Rejected Proposal restored; Profile updated: Eugene drinks tea and quotes Shakespeare)
  • Examine Victim's Diadem. (Result: Sweat)
  • Analyze Sweat. (12:00:00)
  • Confront Jude about having worn the victim's crown. (Prerequisite: Sweat analyzed; Profiles updated: Jude drinks tea, knows calligraphy, and quotes Shakespeare, Lysander quotes Shakespeare)
  • Go to Chapter 3. (No stars)

Chapter 3

  • Investigate Belfry. (Available after unlocking Chapter 3; Clues: Shopping Bags, Faded Tabloid Cover, Locked Tripod)
  • Examine Shopping Bags. (Result: Old Yearbook)
  • Analyze Old Yearbook. (09:00:00)
  • Talk to Xenia about her grandmother's former friendship with the queen. (Prerequisite: Old Yearbook analyzed)
  • Examine Faded Tabloid Cover. (Result: Tabloid Cover)
  • See if Queen Virginia knew about Prince Lysander's gallivanting. (Prerequisite: Tabloid Cover unraveled; Profile updated: Lysander knows calligraphy)
  • Examine Locked Tripod. (Result: Victim's Speech)
  • Confront Cuthbert about the victim's censure of his destruction of a retirement home. (Prerequisite: Tripod unlocked; Profile updated: Cuthbert drinks tea, knows calligraphy, and quotes Shakespeare)
  • Investigate Coldharbour Gate. (All tasks before must be done first; Clues: Teakettle, Tattered Cloth)
  • Examine Teakettle. (Result: Poisoned Tea)
  • Analyze Poisoned Tea. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer wears a red poppy)
  • Examine Tattered Cloth. (Result: Victim's Handkerchief)
  • Analyze Victim's Handkerchief. (15:00:00; Attribute: The killer's blood type is AB-)
  • Take care of the killer now!
  • Go to In Critical Condition (1/6). (No stars)

In Critical Condition

  • Accompany Asami in consulting MI6 Agent Lexi Newton about current happenings in England. (Available after unlocking In Critical Condition)
  • Investigate Big Ben. (Prerequisite: Lexi interrogated; Clue: Infected Body)
  • Autopsy Infected Body. (18:00:00)
  • Investigate Belfry. (Prerequisite: Infected Body autopsied; Clue: Faded Pamphlet)
  • Examine Faded Pamphlet. (Result: Tourist Pamphlet)
  • Seek Xenia's immunochemical expertise with regard to the pandemic. (Prerequisite: Tourist Pamphlet unraveled; Reward: 20,000 Coins)
  • See what suspicions Naomi has. (Available after unlocking In Critical Condition)
  • Investigate Tower of London. (Prerequisite: Naomi interrogated; Clues: Royal Souvenir Bin)
  • Examine Royal Souvenir Bin. (Result: Reconnaissance Camera)
  • Examine Reconnaissance Camera. (Result: Reconnaissance Camera Footage)
  • Analyze Reconaissance Camera Footage. (06:00:00)
  • Ask Sebastian about who his rendezvous was with. (Prerequisite: Reconnaissance Camera Footage analyzed)
  • Meet Dwight Payne. (Prerequisite: Sebastian interrogated; Reward: Burger)
  • Attend the party Esteban held for you. (All tasks before must be done first; Reward: Party Hat)
  • Move on to a new crime! (1 star)


  • The case title is a reference to the idiom "tempest in a teakettle", which means a disproportionate reaction of anger, concern, or displeasure over some minor or trivial matter.
  • The Star is a parody of British tabloid newspaper The Sun.
  • This case is one of the only cases in Best of Both Worlds where Grayson conducts more than one autopsy task.