Kevin Marsh is a main character in Criminal Case: Shadows of Belton where he serves as one of the player's partners in the Kingsford Police Department at the Junior Detective Rank. He also appeared as suspect in the murder of football player Darwin Hayes in Towards the Goal (Case 22), Bella Gomez in A Show for the Ages (Case 24) and Chief Marcus Lombardi in Our Own Demons (Case 54).


Telford is part of the Kingsford Police Department as a Junior Detective at 25 years of age. He has short blonde hair and light stubble. He wears a KPD Jacket over a tan shirt with a white tie.

In his first suspect appearance, it is known that Telford supports the Kingsford Monarchs and drinks Mountain Soda.

In his second suspect appearance, it is revealed that he drinks Jazztown Ale, eats lobster and has been to Concordia.

In his third suspect appearance, it is revealed he knows Italian, is a trained marksman and has insomnia.

Events of Criminal Case

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