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Tearing Apart
SFBC55 - Copy.png
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 55
Initial release date 23. III 2020.
Partner(s) Bruno Filipovich
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
To the End of News
(in District X)
The Hoax of Murders

Tearing Apart is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 147th case of the game and the 55th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in District X, district of Fario as a first case of the district.


As Aqucius has been arrested and drugs replaced by Nerocious in District X the player and John North (by Chief Loukas' orders) went to District X to find where LUMIA's drugs where replaced. As the tram entered the new territory they were astonished by amount of neohumans, but they needed to keep their focus on drugs. While walking past to Post Office something hit John in the chest and made him fall down as the foam started to come out of his mouth.

They quickly alarmed Bruno who came as fast as he could've. After they shipped the body to the morgue they started the investigation, eventually finding a Prisoner ID Card with the name of Abbi Peck, a killer of their ex-tech expert who said that she was visited often by a victim but rejected to say why. The team continued to search for more clues eventually discovring that Kai Howe was victim's former boyfriend before finding a hate sign about the victim made by a weird oldman The Truth, making the team to flag him as a suspect. After the autopsy, with a heavy sigh, Matilda Supergem told the team that the victim was killed using a dart who was dipped into a tetrodotoxin before saying that she found a bit of a white powder on the dart feather who ended up to be a strong sleeping pills called "RockDream", which made Matilda to conclude that the killer suffers from insomnia.

The team returned to the station to recap the sad event before Abbi approached and said that victim's house is on fire. Right after hearing it, the team rushed to the victim's house where the firefighters tried to keep the fire under control. After the somehow managed to search through the burning rooms the team found that a student Monic Mini was helping the victim with the house as a part time job but also that The Truth harassed the victim because while he has been working as private investigation failed to protect his late granddaughter from the claws on the kidnapper some years again. They soon found reasons to suspect Tamia Turner before finding that the duo broke up due to the victim being too much back-talker.

As the team returned to the station they received a call from Abbi who said that she needs to confess something very important. The team returned to the prison to question Abbi on what she said that she is the one who killed John because he dug too deep into the stability of her motive and that he was on the edge to reveal a real truth about LUMIA and that it was Aqucius' direct order for a hit. The then then left the interrogation room and skeptical that she is the killer they started to investigate further where they found that the victim threw Monic out of the house after she accidentally broke his crystal fish collection, but as well that Tamia was once wrongly accused to be a shoplifter by the victim.

When the team collected all missing evidence they were ready to arrest Kai for the murder. Upon getting him to confess a murder, Kai laughed and said that it's was a basic thing needed to happen. Bruno raised his eyebrows, asking how and what is supposed to happen, on what Kai stood up and took his shirt off, saying that after Aqucius' arrest, Nerocious called on revolution, a totally breaking of police department, from outside and inside. He continued and said that Nerocious has a contact, a mole inside the department who slowly will eat them from inside while people like him will hunt them from outside and that no one will date to point at finger at LUMIA ever again. After being tired to listen more, Bruno hit him in the head and put handcuffs on him. Inside the courthouse, Judge Gilmore sentenced him to life in jail.

Following the trial, the tram went to speak to the chief about the mole. They went to Chief's office and informed him about Kai's motive. Chief sighed and said that he should've know that this will come as the department is cursed and full of traitors, referring to events prior the player's departure to Europe and said that they need to find more, saying that they need to visit Kai in prison and learn why John was a first target. Inside the prison they questioned Kai again who said that John never stopped to be detective in heart and that he went undercover to one of LUMIA's meeting, obtaining information who should'v not be obtained and that he planned to publish them o the anniversary of LUMIA's establishment, but that they also laced a mole inside that they will ne. As they didn't know that information the team decided to return to the murder scene where they found John's notebook. After Daniel deeply analyzed the notebook content he found that he had tied relationships with Abbi and they he wanted to find a true evil underneath Elvin. They wpoke to Abbi again who started to tear up, explaining how she never said a real reason behind the murder of Evil and that all that was plot made by Libidine, Aqucius and Nerocius where she was a pawn who needed to start a distraction until Le Papillon makes sure to be another distraction while LUMIA will gain more powers but that she made several mistakes before saying that John found all that and collected more from here, hiding everything in his house. Then, they returned to his burned house where they obtained a metal drawer full of documents. After Arif analyzed them he confirmed that files contains vital things about LUMIA but that many documents missing, especially ones about the mole before saying that there was a fingerprint of The Truth all over the handle. They approached with the question, but he just shook his head and said that LUMIA tried to frame him as they knows that he posses a knowledge to save entire world from misery and Lucifer. The team rolled the eyes and let him be with hims stories.

In the meantime, Mia and the player decided to prepare funeral for John, a deserve last goodbye for trying to take down LUMIA and mole alone. The decided to search a square and find the best flowers for the last goodbye before discovering a strange briefcase full of elements for professional arsonist. They sent kit to the laboratory where Julian discovered that the briefcase content was sued to burn John's house and that it has a saliva from Nicoletta Marconi. The team went to the local expensive bar where they found Nicoletta playing with her feather boa. As the proceed to question her if she is the arsonist, she giggled ad said that there is no way that she, a mega star, would do such a work as being an arsonist. The team decided to go a bit harder, which eventually made Nicoletta to slip that LUMIa gave her a lot of money for the act and a promise that no one will ever find out, which automatically gave the team a reason to put her in the custody on what she tried to resist, but seeing what she got herself into said that she will be cooperative and that she regrets ever taking anything from LUMIA and decided to help the team by helping with the funeral for John.

Following all the events, the team attended the funeral of John. With everyone remembering the good moments they spent with him and giving a last respect, a rain started to form, but th team was still there on the rain, unable to believe still. Couple of hours later the whole team returned from the cemetery where Nefertiti Nebet waited to speak with the player and chief Loukas. He proceed with him and the player in the office where Nefertiti said she overheard a conversation on one of the archaeological sites people talking around finding some empty drug packages near the oil factory while searching for the rarer fossils of fishes who once lived in the big ocean millions of year prior this day. Chief Loukas then nodded and said that he will send people to inspect the area and said that she did a good job by reporting the findings. As Nerefriti was about to exit,m Chief Loukas stopped her, saying that they will need a replacement for consultant and that he thinks she will fit the position, which made Nefertiti to blush and saying that she will think about it. Chief Loukas then told the player to return at their desk and with Mia work to find the mole as he will send Bruno in the expedition to the oil factory, but right in that moment Abbi entered the office and apologized for interruption but that she needs to report that Nicoletta escaped her custody cell.

While the team was all over the place with an escapee and a mole that no one knew where to find, a cameras places in the station blinked red as in the secret monitoring room, a shadowy person with a smirk followed every movement of every officer and personnel in the departments as missing files was next to the keyboard. Suddenly, a mysterious person, the mole, splashed the waters on files, making them illegible to be read before pulling out the USB with the LUMIA symbol and injected it into the main server before a blink of light appeared on the scream before a digital bright green formed a LUMIA symbol with a "Installation Complete".



  • John North (shot in the heart by a poisonous dart)

Murder Weapon

  • Dart gun


  • Kai Howe



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer uses Eternal Youth cream.
  • The Killer is an insomniac.
  • The Killer takes Vitamin C.
  • The Killer has mustaches.
  • The Killer has a green hair.

Crime Scenes

Post Office Entrance Broken Fence Post Office Entrance Bonus
Neo Square Raising Statue Neo Square Bonus
Victim's Burned House Burned Roof Victim's Burned House Bonus


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