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Tear of Sadness
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District District X
Case # 60
Initial release date 24. IV 2020.
Partner(s) Bruno Filipovich (Chapter 1 & Broken Trust 6)
Leonidas Lupo (Chapter 2-3)
Elvira Milton (Broken Trust 6)
Julian Swift (One Task in Broken Trust 6)
Case Chronology
← Preceded by Succeeded by →
Only Dead Remain Silent A Brave New Land
(in Aftermark)

Tear of Sadness is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 152nd case of the game and the 60th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in District X, district of Fario as the final case of the district.


As Solomon's threat about the mole's attack became more then serious, the team tried to put everyone together they suddenly started to smell smoke forming above them before Bruno Filipovich and the player heard Mia's scream coming from the chief's office. The team rushed there through the smoke where they found Mia in deepest tears, a broken window, molotov and Chief Loukas, dead as his body was burning.

The team quickly extinguished a fire and sent body to Matilda while Bruno and the player spoke to Mia about the murder. Through the tears she said that she went to talk to him about the mole before something broke the window and Molotov cocktail flied into it, hitting Roy. The team then sent her to Jason in hope that he will help her feel better while the team started to investigate, eventually finding that Julian Swift argued with the victim about the pigeons. As the team progressed further and searched the armory (last known place where the victim was before the murder) the team found reasons to suspect Esmeralda Prime into the homicide investigations, but also discovered chief's bag, containing Bruno's fingerprints which meant that he needed to be marked as a suspect. After the autopsy, through the tears, Matilda explained how the victim was killed by the same molotov but explained how the plan was similar to one of the cases in the fifth season of the game called Criminal Chase, concluding that the killed plays the very same game.

Later on, without a partner to continue the case the player met up with Abbi who said that she can't be the player's partner due to the patrol and security of the crime scenes she needs to secure but that she has a perfect guys for the job - Leonidas Lupo. The player then waited for Leonidas and Max to arrive and after that happened they gave Leonidas a recap before Jason appeared to say that Mia run away from his office towards chief's old house. The team then headed there where they discovered that Nefertiti Nebet was there to accept the job as a consultant before finding Mia who was still in tears, explaining that she is very sorry for last words she said to her father who weren't good at all. The team then progressed the investigation and found reasons to suspect Madison Shuttlecock before discovering that Jason threatened the chief because he wanted to prohibit him from keeping pigeons in the lab. They then also spoke to Esmeralda after the chief noticed that she sneak out weapons.

Later on, the team started to recap the case but then the noticed that Bruno tries to go out of the station. The team then approached him and asked where he went, with him explaininf that he is sure that the chief was the mole and said that he wants to inspect his house and prove a theory. The team then ordered him to be there as they will go there. After inspecting the house again they found that Nefertiti actually wanted to report the chief to the internal affairs after all the mess with the department but also that Madison argued with the chief over the internet security because of the virus inserted by the mole.

On the end they finally got everything they will need to arrest the mole and a killer of Daniel McGarrett and the chief. That person ended up to be their tech expert assistant Madison. Armed with weapon thy went to arrest Madison who casually charged her batteries and greeting the team, asking if they found the mole. Leonidas then told to stop the act as the player discovered that she is the mole. The Android helper denied the crime, saying that nothing in her code is evil but then a duo started to bomb her with the evidence until she clapped and telling the detectives that they finally pieced the whole puzzle. Se then told the detectives that they needed a time but finally found everything. She then said that when all cards are uncovered she don't need to hide the fact that Arif was never her true creator but just builder as entire code of her was written by LUMIA but that even if Arif introduced her to the department when he was hired, she knew everything about everyone: weaknesses, strengths, habits, routines. She continuing to explain saying that she is the LUMIA member who manipulated Abbi Peck to murder Elvin Peck because he discovered her as a mole and her plans with LUMIA about murdering the team one by one, as Kai Howe previously mentioned. The team then asked her why all this and why would LUMIA gain from destroying an enforcement agency on what she said that no one understands how how world with laws isn't world that people should live in and stated how police is the worst pillar on one society following the central government and that LUMIA and LEGION were once one organization united by one supreme leader. She then stated how by time it was obvious that the two organizations started to form different ideologies and their supreme leader came with the idea of shaping a world thought the another war where innocent will die as the elite will relax and so LEGION was deported to Europe to spread far right dictatorship as LUMIA would eventually made the citizens to start a revolution who will overthrow the city government which will be succeed using Zemiq, Pyrothinium and the supernatural army they plan to create. As she continued she said how all this was plan of Irving Bennett, Abismo and Libidine which father was a LUMIA member who was asked by Stella herself to kill her boyfriend so she can have reasons to be closer to the department and the master brains Irving and Abismo. She then made a smirk, saying how everything went smoothly until Lion got killed and the player forced to back in Fario before all plans could'v been executed. Duo to that she said, Le Papilon was forced to back from retirement and distract everyone from LUMIA before she decided to turn against their employees and killed Stella. She then continued as she said that Nerocius and Aqucius didn't like that so they decided to threat her and made her crazy as they hired another person who would district and kidnap kids for the experience with the supernatural army before Abismo got with the plan with making Roberto to be one of the experiment heads but he failed to keep experiments on the leash. Leonidas then told her to speed up and say why she murdered Daniel, chief, framed Bruno and injects the virus on what she laughed and said that he wants too much answers. She then looked away and said that she knows Bruno's past and his sense for justice is strong that he doesn't think about the consequences making her the best person to be framed. Then she said how Daniel was a worthless project of LUMIA who was supposed to kill the player but he decided to be good so he needed to be eliminated but the she said how the chief was mean to be killed because he was ahead, a head who didn't wanted to followed his predecessors and be submissive to the masters but she also saw a way to break department because she knew how much Mia is attached to her father so she made her to enter the office and then launched a Molotov cocktail that will burn her father right in front of her in order to more demoralize Mia and then with her drag entire department into disaster. Leonidas they said that he heard enough and with the handcuffs in his hands to arrest Madison who quickly step back and grabbed an item from the table. Leonidas told her that she won't escape and that is the best if she surrender but then she charged at him and injected something in his arm and pushed the player aside, trying to escape the station. In that moment Leonidas crawled to the emergency button and activated the emergency system on, which locked a department.

Following that, the player helped Leonidas to stand up as they rushed to Julian who told Leonidas to lay as he will take care of him and find what Madison injected inside him. at the moment, Bruno appeared and said that now when they know the mole they need to find the way stop her . The player suggested returning to the murder scene and they did so, eventually finding a trapdoor and underneath a microfilm and a strange device. The team then examined device closer, unlocking it in the process before in front of them formed a hologram of Jack Gibbs. They decides to listen to the hologram and then Jack said how he realized late in what he got into and what monster his daughter became and that he fear the he will die here in prison because he will be unneeded for future plans but that he now will redeem himself by filming the hologram and give it to Roy, his close friend. The hologram also said that Dagger King is the only person besides Roy who he trusts.They then asked Dagger about it and he said that he never thought that this will become reality as he sighed before giving the team pictures of Lena and Andre's murder, where Madison was seen in the background. The team asked him why he kept this as a secret and he said that he is also part of the LUMIA and that that he is the one who killed Jack. The team arrested him and asked for more information if he wants to get a lighten sentence, which he accepted saying that Madison can be killed by a special ultrasonic gun for which they will need Esmeralda. They then spoke to Esmeralda who said that she can craft the weapon but that she will need the player and Bruno's help in search for the equipment. As soon as they found it they gave it to Esmeralda who said that she will craft the weapon in no time. During that, Arif analyzed the microfilm and said that they contain conversations between Solomon Krause and Madiosn about Alonso and how he will be released soon as Roy die. Furious on that they went to Solomon who laughed and said that he will pay all Alonso's deeds and that Alonso will be free. They then decided to back to the chief's office and searched it to find proof that Alonso can't be released because he is a serial criminal. Eventually they found all his criminal record and showed it in his face. Alonso just spit on them and said that is the matter of time when LUMIA will get him out of this place for the next stage of the plan.

in the meantime, Elvira came to the player, saying that Mia doesn't answer he phone anymore and that she fears she could do the worst due to grief. They then concluded one another, getting to the conclusion that she might in the chief's house. After inspecting it they discovered a map with marked spot on the edge of the city where she and her father. They went there where they found Mia in tears. Elvira approached and hugged her tightly, telling her that she is there for her and everything will be fine before telling the player to leave them alone for a girl moment of confrontation. By returning to the station Julian said that they need to speak to Leonidas as he discovered something very strange. They then went to Leonidas where Julian told him that he is in fact now a werewolf due to Madison injecting him with a serum they used on supernatural army but that she injected only a small dose which eliminated possibilities to contain evil genes. Leonidas then said that he needs moment to be alone with Max to digest the news who they just told him. Then, Esmeralda came to the player with Arif, telling them that they tracked Madison in the department's sewers. Esmeralda then got the gun she made and went there to deal with Madison. Madison then looked at Esmeralda and laughed, saying how she is such an easy target and that she is the one that framed her for weapon sneaking. Filled with rage, Esmeralda hit Madison when she was distracted which quickly after made Madison to explode.

After all that the team sit together, devastated that they lost so many team members. Then Leonidas joined the squad, saying that he would like to fill the place in the team if someone is missing. They all agreed to accept him but that they they also said that they will need someone to be put into better organization, in other words, a new chief. Then, in that moment a phone rang, with the mayor on the other side, telling that he needs to speak to everyone. When they went o the city hall the mayor congratulated them for solving the mole case and said that he is sorry about Roy's faith but also that now when department is in chaos he will put them in order by asking Mia to be the chief on what she said no, saying that she can't accept that as she needs time to recover. the mayor then asked Bruno who accepted the position, promising that he will continue to fight for justice. The mayor then also promoted Leonidas to the rank of junior detective, which he accepted with the warm smile and a nod. After the ceremony they returned to the department where Bruno went to his new office. Arif then also confirmed that the virus was cleaned and died together with Madison. The team then wanted to celebrate but Bruno cut the euphoria by saying that he found a scroll on his desk, who has marked Aftermark with skulls and bones next to it. Knowing that this is obviously a threat from LUMIA, newly appointed detective Leonidas and the player went on their road to the Aftermark but before they lest, now, chief Filipovich told them to be careful as Nerocius and the Supreme Leader will want a revenge...

Meanwhile, on the archaeological cave of native Americans in Aftermark, during the lunch break for the archaeologists a mysterious person covered by the veil of darkness sneaked inside the cave and approached the newly discovered heritage of the lost tribe where they planted a bomb with the clear insignia of LUMIA and started to walk away, with only their smirk visible they pulled out a remote controller and pressed the read button, detonating the bomb. As the stone fell and filling the cave and dust raised to the point that nothing could be seen through it, a scream of a person was heard before the sound of the breaking bones crushed the life of the innocent soul... forever.



  • Roy Loukas (Set on fire inside the station)

Murder Weapon

  • Molotov Cocktail


  • Madison Shuttlecock



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer gambles.
  • The Killer plays Criminal Chase.
  • The Killer did a Rorschach test.
  • The Killer has a burn mark.
  • The Killer has yellow eyes.

Crime Scenes

Chief's Office Chief's Burned Desk Chief's Office Bonus
FPD Armory Weapon Wall FPD Armory Bonus
Chief's House Stairs Chief's House Bonus


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Broken Trust 6



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