Taylor Looper Rochester
Biographical information
Full name Taylor Isabell Looper Rochester
Alias(es) Tay (By most of their family)
Gender Non-Binary
Status Alive
Birth 1998
Personal information
Nationality British
Residence Parinaita
Profession(s) Transgender rights protester
Family Edward Looper Rochester (Cousin)

Larry Looper Rochester (Cousin) Archie Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Lewis Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Susan Looper Rochester (Aunt)†
Yalgonate Looper Rochester (Sister)
Ronald Looper Rochester (Uncle)†
Harold Looper Rochester (Uncle)
Unnamed Mother
Tom Looper Rochester (Father)
Ellen Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Lockey Looper Rochester (Cousin)
Lawrence Looper Rochester (Grandfather)
William Looper (Great Gandfather)
Julia Rochester (Great Grandmother
Edward the Snake (Pet)

Affiliation(s) Parinaita's LGBT club

Non Binary Club
Looper Rochester family
Parinaita's Transgender Club

Game information
Appears in Parinaita
First appeared Sticks and Marbles (Case #19 of Parinaita)

Taylor Looper Rochester is a character from Parinaita. They were a suspect in the murder of their aunt, Susan Looper Rochester in Sticks and Marbles (Case #19 of Parinaita)

Case Appearance

Sticks and Marbles (Case #19 of Parinaita)
The Invisible Enemy (Case #20 of Parinaita)
Visual Death (Case #21 of Parinaita)
A Rotten Series of Events (Case #24 of Parinaita)
A Freak Accident (Case #27 of Parinaita; Mentioned)
A Case of Bluedeath (Case #28 of Parinaita)
Lighting Bolt from Heaven (case #29 of Parinaita)


Taylor is known for being very secretive against people they don't know. They are seen wearing a Russian red fur coat with gold buttons. They also were a grey Bandager around their neck. They also have a skull painted on their face. The only thing you can see are their green eyes.



  • They are one of the characters to be LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender).
    • They are the first Non-Binary character in Parinaita.
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