Tarek Tolka
Full name Tarek Erik Tolka
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Birth 1994
Death 21st February 2016
Nationality Flag of Albania.png Albanian
Residence Vlora, Albania
Family Unknown
Profession Finance Worker
Affiliation(s) Albanian Government
Appearance(s) Beyond the North

Tarek Tolka was the victim in Beyond the North (Case #18 of World Edition).


Tarek was a 22 year old finance worker working for the financial branch of the Albanian government. Shortly before his death, he snuck money and technology to the ones behind the doomsday machine.

Murder Details

Tarek was killed by being stabbed in the chest with a javelin before being left for dead at Muradie Mosque. The autopsy revealed that the killer left olive juice on his wrist to check his pulse.

Killer and Motives

Tarek's killer was a technological worker named Zamir Bejko who also worked for the government and his friend.


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