On the day of the Rosenoque mayoral elections...
Jordan Brown: I can’t believe it’s already the day where the city’s inhabitants gets to decide who will be Rosenoque’s future mayor…
Jordan: Normally I would be excited but with all the recent murders and corrupt revelations, it scares me to think that both Daniel and Leonard used to be fellow businessmen before Leonard’s corrupt finances were exposed.
Jordan: Talking about Daniel, I haven’t seen my ex-boyfriend since the aftermath of his speech last night… I wonder where he is.
Leigh: You know, Jordan… that is strange. Maybe we could go and see if we can find him in the Blue Party offices?
Jordan: That’s a good idea, Leigh. How about I come and help you look for him?

Chapter 1 - Out of the Blue…

Investigate Blue Party Offices.
Jordan: OH MY GOD! Daniel?!
Leigh: Oh god… I’ll go get Ethan, see if he can examine the body.
Jordan: No… Daniel… his face, all blue…
(Jordan starts to tear up.)
Leigh: Right there, bro, over by that desk…
Ethan: He’s definitely dead, no pulse. The blue hue of his face and the markings on his neck indicate strangulation, and the stiffness of his body indicates that he was killed last night around 11PM…
Jordan: I c-can’t believe he’s dead…
(Jordan runs out the office.)
Leigh: Jordan, come back!
Leigh: Gosh darn it, he ran away, I’ll see if I can get Major to find him…
Ethan: I’ll take Daniel’s cadaver back to the morgue and get started on further examination, <Name>. Expect some swift results.
Leigh: And I’m back, what did you find, <Name>?
Leigh: A torn piece of paper, huh? I’ll grab the tape!
Leigh: And you’re right, we should get an audience with Mayor Oakley now that his political opponent has been murdered. I’ll go and find him immediately.
Leigh: This is an important case in our careers, let’s solve it as soon we can find this killer red-handed!

See Mayor Oakley about his political opponent’s murder.
Leigh: Mayor Oakley, we need to have a chat.
Leonard: What’s happened now detectives?
Leigh: We found your political opponent and fellow ex-businessman Daniel Willingham, murdered in the Blue Party Offices. You must understand how suspicious it makes you look suspicious, Mayor Oakley.
Leonard: Daniel’s dead?! Good god, that does not fare well for the city…
Leonard: I have nothing to do with it, but I shall let you two do what you must do. It is a murder after all.
Leigh: Thank you Mayor. We’ll make this as swift as the evidence will lead us to.
Leonard: Thank you very much, <Name>. Perhaps you two can look outside the town hall where the speeches were supposed to take place…
Leigh: Thank you for the lead, Mayor Oakley. <Name>, let’s head to the town hall!

Investigate Town Hall Exterior.
Leigh: It’s pretty quiet here, <Name>. Perfect for us to work in peace.
Leigh: And you found a pile of coats, maybe we’ll find any distinguishing items that’ll lead us to a witness.
Leigh: That sketchpad is faded… maybe someone was drawing out the scene, I’ll grab your powder kit!
Leigh: And while I do that, you can also have a crack at that locked phone!
Leigh: We’re on the trail of some new suspects, let’s do this, <Name>!

Examine Faded Sketchpad.
Leigh: Great work on revealing the details of the sketch! And it looks like it’s the scene of Mayor Oakley giving his speech…
Leigh: And you’re right, that stamp in the bottom corner looks familiar…
Leigh: You’re right, it must be that young artist who we discovered sketching the Gaulstone cult a few times.
Leigh: We last saw her after our first murder case here in Capitol Valley and now we found her pad here…
Leigh: Let’s go and see if she saw anything suspicious!

Talk to Rose Jackson about her sketches of the mayoral speeches.
Leigh: Miss Jackson, we’ll like to ask you about the sketches you made of the mayoral speeches this morning.
Rose: It’s strange, don’t you think <Name>, that Mr Willingham never appeared even though he made a promise to be the better mayor over Mayor Oakley?
Leigh: About that, we found Mr Willingham murdered in his headquarters, and we wanted to know if you saw anything suspicious.
Rose: Wait what?! The Blue Party candidate is dead?!
Rose: H-how?
Leigh: We can’t give much details, Miss Jackson, but we do ask you to stay in town in case we need to talk to you again.

Examine Locked Phone.
Leigh: Good work on unlocking that phone, <Name>!
Leigh: I recognize that screensaver of the victim! It’s Jordan’s phone!
Leigh: Jordan must have loved him so much despite them ending things…
Leigh: But he’s nowhere to be known, that we know of- Hang on, <Name>, my phone’s ringing!
Leigh: Hello?
Leigh: You found him, Major? <Name> and I will come to the station and meet you there!

Talk to Jordan Brown about how he’s doing.
Leigh: Hey Jordan, we wanted to talk to you about what happened to Daniel. We’re greatly sorry for your loss.
Jordan: Thank you, <Name>, Leigh… It’s just hard to believe that the first guy I loved, kissed…
Jordan: The first I could express my feelings for…
(Jordan bursts into tears again.)
Leigh: I’m sorry, Jordan. We’ll need you to stay away from the station though. Major can take you home and help you through your grievances.

Examine Pile of Coats.
Leigh: Did you find anything that’ll help us, <Name>?
Leigh: You found Chief Ernest’s cap?!
Leigh: So he was at the mayoral speeches this morning… but does it mean he could have killed Daniel too to ensure a solid victory for Mayor Oakley?
Leigh: No, I refuse to believe that he would do that, <Name>! We’ll have to confront him!

Talk to Thomas Ernest about his witnessing of the mayoral speeches.
Leigh: Chief Ernest, we need to talk.
Thomas: Have you found Daniel's killer yet?
Leigh: No we haven’t… but we found out that you were an attendee of the mayoral speeches!
Thomas: So that's where my cap went, but are you really implying that I could have killed Daniel? That’s ridiculous!
Leigh: Innocent or guilty Chief Ernest, we’ll need you to step down till the investigation is over.
Thomas: Understood, Leigh. <Name>, it’s up to you and Leigh to find this cold-blooded murderer!

Examine Torn Paper.
Leigh: So what does that torn paper say?
Leigh: “You’ll have to die, Daniel. The die is cast.”?
Leigh: There’s no doubt that the killer was the one who sent this threat now that Daniel is dead…
Leigh: Let’s see if Summer will be able to find a meaning behind this!

Analyze Restored Threat.
Leigh: Summer, what did you find out about that threat the killer sent to the victim?
Summer: Unfortunately, the threat didn’t have any meaning or reference to any script or phrase that I could find easily.
Summer: But I can recognize the lettering and the instrument used for the threat. It’s a Rolington!
Leigh: A Rolington? What kind of instrument is that?
Summer: It’s a specialized typewriter that is the only typewriter out there that uses this type of font among all other typewriters.
Summer: As the killer sent this, it means your killer has a Rolington typewriter of their own!
Leigh: So the killer uses a Rolington typewriter! The killer just typed out their own words that’ll land them in prison for good!

Autopsy Victim’s Body.
Ethan: This is a tragic day for Rosenoque now that the Blue Party’s leader has been assassinated…
Ethan: But I can provide some clues that’ll help us track down this killer!
Leigh: Great, Ethan! Do tell us!
Ethan: Well as I correctly assumed on the crime scene, your victim was strangled to death with some kind of silken rope.
Ethan: I also noted the fact that the victim’s face had traces of whiskey, honey and cinnamon, all ingredients for a hot toddy.
Ethan: It’s a bit strange as it’s used to calm a person’s nerves before bed but in this case, the killer must’ve thrown their hot toddy in the victim’s face to blind him.
Ethan: After blinding him with the drink, he was presumably strangled.
Ethan: It may not be much, but the murder method proves that your killer drank a hot toddy before the devious murder.
Leigh: So this killer likes to relax with a hot toddy? Well the killer will have little comfort knowing that we’re on their trail to catch them!

Later in the office...
Leigh: What a tough case, <Name>!
Leigh: We noticed that Daniel Willingham was missing, only to find him dead inside the Blue Party headquarters.
Leigh: We have Mayor Oakley, that artist Rose Jackson as suspects…
Leigh: ...along with our own Jordan Brown and Thomas Ernest!
Leigh: We have a couple leads, but what happened to get Daniel killed in the middle of the night before election day?
Leigh: Maybe we could-
Summer: <Name>, Leigh! Look at this!
Leigh: What is it, Summer?
(Summer holds up a newspaper.)
Summer: The city heard about the death of Daniel Willingham… and the citizens are going crazy!
Leigh: How did the newspaper get ahold of the murder?!

Chapter 2 - The Vote for Murder

Leigh: What a case, <Name>. We noticed that Daniel Willingham was missing, only to find him dead inside the Blue Party headquarters.
Leigh: We suspected Mayor Oakley and that artist Rose Jackson, along with our own Jordan Brown and Thomas Ernest!
Leigh: We have a couple leads, but what happened to get Daniel killed in the middle of the night before election day?
Summer: <Name>, Leigh! Look at this!
Leigh: What is it, Summer?
(Summer holds up a newspaper.)
Summer: The city heard about the death of Daniel Willingham… and the citizens are going crazy!
Leigh: How did the newspaper get ahold of the murder?!
Summer: I called the newspaper, they said it was an anonymous tip.
Leigh: God damn it! Someone heard about the murder and told the newspaper?
Leigh: What if it was a suspect… or the killer trying to throw us off?
Leigh: Nevertheless, we’ll need to get to the newspaper office now!

Investigate Newspaper Office.
Leigh: The newspaper office is a mess, the newspaper team must have been in a rush to publish the news! Anyway, what did you find, <Name>?
Leigh: You found a badge, and it’s cracked!
Leigh: Maybe the killer left this behind? Let’s send this to Janice!
Leigh: Meanwhile we can have a look inside that toolbox and have a dust over that scribed notepad!
Leigh: The cat’s out of the bag on the murder, but we won’t let the killer get away!

Examine Toolbox.
Leigh: What did you find among all of those tools, <Name>?
Leigh: An engineer’s badge, with Jack Chapman’s face on it!
Leigh: I wonder why Jack’s toolbox is in the newspaper office, let’s go and find him!

Talk to Jack Chapman about the victim’s death.
Leigh: Mr Chapman, can we talk to you about Daniel Willingham’s death?
Jack: Sure thing, <Name>. Just let me put down my hot toddy so we can talk.
Jack:: It’s a real shock to hear about his death so sudden…
Leigh:: Why was your toolbox inside the newspaper offices?
Jack: I was fixing up a water cooler for them, apparently cold water is important for journalists in the field…
Jack: Anyway, thanks for returning it, <Name>. I’m going to go work on some other pipes. Duty calls, after all.

Examine Scribed Notepad.
Leigh: What does it say on that notepad?
Leigh: “Don’t forget to smile, it’s the day you’ll win!”, and it's signed by Nancy.
Leigh: Surely this Nancy could be Daniel’s assistant Miss Teagan?
Leigh: Well, since news have spread, we should check up on Miss Teagan!

Talk to Nancy Teagan about Daniel’s murder.
Leigh: Miss Teagan, can we talk about what happened to your boss?
Nancy: I can certainly spare a moment of my time, you have helped me in the past after all <Name>.
Nancy: Things have gotten stressful with me taking the reins in a makeshift office as the Blue Party offices has been cordoned off…
Leigh: The newspaper hasn’t helped either. How did you know Daniel?
Nancy: Well it was obvious, we both were partners in the political race to take the position as mayor against Leonard…
Nancy: Now I have to get back to work. If you’ll excuse me, <Name>, I’m in a hurry!
Leigh: Very well, Miss Teagan. Don’t go breaking any rules.

Analyze Broken Badge.
Janice: It’s a shocking revelation to see Daniel dead within a night, <Name>!
Leigh: And we need results to catch his killer, did you find anything on that badge?
Janice: Well, the badge was obviously cracked in a struggle. Shoeprint analysis by Summer proved that Daniel had stomped on it!
Janice: I also found traces of whiskey, cinnamon and honey, as Ethan surmised was from-
Leigh: The killer throwing their hot toddy into the killer’s face! So this badge belonged to the killer?
Janice: Surely. The victim’s badge was still pinned to his blazer, and the killer probably wants to keep up appearances, so they probably got another one to wear.
Leigh: So the killer has an “I VOTED” badge! That’s another clue to pin down on the killer!
Leigh: You’re right, <Name>. We can probably find more clues at the town square. Let’s go!

Investigate Town Hall Steps.
Leigh: What did you find at the town hall steps, <Name>?
Leigh: A torn photo? Well I’ll grab you some tape.
Leigh: A bouquet of flowers… is that for the victim?! We should restore the missing text, you’re right!
Leigh: And there’s a locked briefcase… I’ll let you take a crack at the lock!

Examine Torn Photo.
Leigh: What is that photo you just restored, <Name>?
Leigh: Is that Chief Ernest glaring at Jordan and Daniel?
Leigh: We know that Chief Ernest disliked Daniel just because he was running against the Mayor for the position…
Leigh: ...but would he actually go to kill him for exposing Leonard’s corrupt past?
Leigh: Well Thomas can no longer yell at us for stepping over the line… We have some answers to get!

Talk to Thomas Ernest about his apparent dislike for the victim.
Leigh: Thomas, we have some more questions for you.
Thomas: Sure thing, <Name>. Just let me finish up this report I’m typing up on my Rolington…
Thomas: Now what did you want?
Leigh: We found a photo of you, glaring at Daniel. It seems you disliked him long before the mayoral elections!
Thomas: I- Uh, let me explain.
Thomas: You see, the young man was oddly suspicious to me.
Thomas: When I learned that Jordan was dating him, I watched them closely, hoping to catch Daniel in the act of some sort of crime.
Thomas: But I didn’t find anything, not even after the two broke it off.
Thomas: I was even worried when I learned he was competing against Leonard.
Thomas: It turned out that they were businessmen, and it was obvious that Daniel was undermining Leonard!
Leigh: Well I hope you didn’t break your own promise and killed him off, Thomas!

Examine Flowers Note.
Leigh: What does the note from those flowers say?
Leigh: “I’m sorry for everything, Daniel. I do hope we can find a way to love each other again.”
Leigh: And it’s signed by Jordan?!
Leigh: Jordan never mentioned to us that he had tried rekindling his relationship with Daniel.
Leigh: It looks like Jordan owes us some answers, let’s see how he’s doing with Major!

Talk to Jordan Brown about his apology note to the victim.
Leigh: Jordan, why didn’t you mention the fact that you had tried rekindling with Daniel?
Jordan: Ah crud, I didn’t want to tell you… It’s kind of embarrassing…
Leigh: You’re in the hot seat now, Jordan, it’s better to explain.
Jordan: Well I missed his company and love so terribly.
Jordan: You both know what happened to his girlfriend that he started dating after we broke things off…
Jordan: But after she was gone, I thought that I could try getting back with him.
Jordan: But I went too fast and kissed him intimately before he pushed me away, telling me to leave.
Jordan: But now that he’s dead, I’m now looking into an abyss of loneliness forever!
Major: Here Jordan, you should have another cup of hot toddy…
Jordan: Thanks Major…
(Jordan drinks his hot toddy.)
Jordan: But please know that I wouldn’t kill him.
Leigh: We can only let the evidence make its say, Jordan.

Examine Locked Briefcase.
Leigh: What did you find in that briefcase?
Leigh: Holy cow, that’s a lot of cash in that briefcase!
Leigh: But who was the intended recipient?
Leigh: You’re right, Summer can check the cash for some prints.

Analyze Case of Cash.
Leigh: Hey Summer, what did you find on the stacks of cash we found?
Summer: Your senses were great as usual, <Name>! There was two sets of fingerprints on them.
Summer: The first one was your victim, Daniel Willingham, so it seems likely that your victim was the one to give the cash…
Summer: While the other prints belonged to Mayor Oakley!
Leigh: Mayor Oakley?
Leigh: Did he lie about giving up his criminal ways? We’ll have to interrogate him!

Talk to Mayor Oakley about the bribed cash from the victim.
Leigh: Mayor Oakley, your time is up! Why did you receive a briefcase full of cash from the victim?
Leonard: Oh, let me explain, if you will.
Leonard: You see, I heard rumors that young Daniel was mentally insane!
Leonard: Of course I didn’t believe them, but Daniel thought that I could pull the carpet under him with those so-called “rumors”.
Leonard: He had the audacity to bribe me to shut up! Me, the mayor of Rosenoque!
Leonard: I was angry that I refused the cash instead of throwing my hot toddy in his face!
Leonard: I instead calmed down by typing out my winning mayoral speech with my trusty Rolington typewriter.
Leonard: You see, I may get angry at people, but I’m no killer!
Leigh: Just because you say you’re no killer doesn’t mean we trust you. Don’t leave town, Mayor Oakley.

Later inside the station...
Leigh: What a case, <Name>!
Leigh: We found out someone anonymously tipped off the newspaper about the murder!
Leigh: We also know that Jordan attempted to rekindle their relationship but his affection took it too far.
Leigh: We also know that Thomas suspected that Daniel was suspicious, and that Daniel went far enough to bribe the Mayor to “shut up” about some rumors!
Leigh: I just wonder who snapped and killed him-
Adelina: <Name>, Leigh! The newspaper station needs your help!
Adelina: A group of rioters are attacking the newspaper station over Daniel’s death!

Chapter 3 - The Final Votes Cast

Leigh: This case is a crazy series of events, <Name>…
Leigh: We found out someone anonymously tipped off the newspaper about the murder!
Leigh: We also know that Jordan attempted to rekindle their relationship, that Thomas suspected that Daniel was suspicious of some crime, and that the Mayor was bribed to “shut up” about some rumors…
Leigh: I just wonder who snapped and killed him-
Adelina: <Name>, Leigh! The newspaper station needs your help!
Adelina: A group of rioters are attacking the newspaper station over Daniel’s death!
Leigh: We can’t let them sabotage the evidence, let’s go <Name>!

At the newspaper station…
Leigh: Excuse me, you need to calm down-
(Leigh fires a warning shot into the air.)
Leigh: Silence!
Leigh: Now you all will return to your homes and let us solve this murder!
(The rioters leave.)
Leigh: That was close, <Name>!
Leigh: But we still have a murder to solve, let’s get back to the reporters’ desks and look closer!

Investigate Wrecked Equipment.
Leigh: What did you find in the wreckage of the desks, <Name>?
Leigh: A faded piece of paper? I’ll grab your carbon powder!
Leigh: That speech is covered in dust, do you think you can vacuum off the dust so we can see what it says?
Leigh: And it looks like something is peeking out of that locked journal, let’s have that lock cracked!
Leigh: We’re getting closer to the finish line, <Name>! Let’s go!

Examine Faded Paper.
Leigh: What did you recover from that faded paper, <Name>?
Leigh: It’s a bill from the hospital… and someone scribed a message over it!
Leigh: “You ruined my life, YOU SHALL PAY! J. Chapman.”
Leigh: Did Jack really threaten Daniel over a hospital bill?
Leigh: We’ll have him explain this, let’s go and find him!

Make Jack explain the hospital bill that he sent to the victim.
Leigh: Mr Chapman, can you explain the hospital bill you sent to the victim?
Jack: Ah crud, I hoped you wouldn’t find out...
Jack: You see, while I was repairing Daniel’s water heater, it exploded and I was injured in the explosion.
Jack: It caused me to lose a couple months of work and I had to live off instant ramen and typing on my Rolington to reduce my electricity and food bills for months!
Jack: I just wanted him to pay some of it back so I could get back on track…
Jack: But he flatout denied, saying he couldn't afford to! I won’t be able to afford actual food for a while!
Leigh: I’m sorry that this has befallen you, Jack, but I hope you didn’t kill him in revenge!

Examine Dirty Speech.
Leigh: Good work on getting that dust off that speech, <Name>!
Leigh: Hang on, there’s annotations on that speech created by the victim…
Leigh: And the annotations were signed by Nancy!
Leigh: I wonder why Nancy decided to annotate the victim’s words, let’s go and ask her!

Interrogate Nancy about her comments on the victim’s speech.
Leigh: Miss Teagan, you never told us that you wrote annotations on Daniel’s winning speech. Can you explain to <Name> why?
Nancy: Will I never get one moment of silence with my hot toddy?
Leigh: Just answer the question, Miss Teagan!
Nancy: Fine! If you must know, Daniel was a sexist pig!
Leigh: How exactly?
Nancy: He wrote his speech and I noted the fact that he made sexist comments toward me and other women.
Nancy: Like that girlfriend of his who he ended things with! I was appalled by his words even though he never showed those true colors till I saw his speech!
Nancy: I couldn’t believe that he would call me a whore after everything I DID for him!
Leigh: Well I hope you didn't kill him so you could take his place!

Examine Locked Journal.
Leigh: Nice work on unlocking that journal, <Name>!
Leigh: There’s some drawings for promotional posters for the victim!
Leigh: I wonder who did these, but we can’t send this to Jordan as he’s a suspect in our investigation…
Leigh: Maybe Adelina can provide a profile for who drew these!

Analyze Journal Drawings.
Leigh: Hey Adelina, what did you get from the drawings of the victim’s promotional posters?
Adelina: Well, the drawings looked familiar, so I looked back at previous evidence.
Adelina: The drawings indicated a woman drew it and I matched the drawing styles to Rose Jackson!
Leigh: Rose Jackson were the ones to draw those promotional posters?
Adelina: It would appear so!
Leigh: Why didn’t Rose tell us that she supported Daniel enough to be his poster sketch artist? We’ll need to talk to her.

Ask Rose about her drawings for the victim.
Leigh: Miss Jackson, can you explain why you didn’t tell us that you were sketching promotional posters for the victim?
Rose: Aw shit, let me explain, <Name>.
Rose: He hired me to draw him the posters but he disliked the way I drew his posters, even though I redrew them after he accidentally spilled my hot toddy on the original ones.
Rose: I work hard enough in university and he had the nerve to waste my valued time that I could have used to type my essays on my Rolington typewriter!
Rose: That man was infuriating! I’m glad he died, he will never bother me again!
Leigh: Well, I hope that your anger didn’t make you kill him, Miss Jackson. Stay in town!

Soon, as the motives pile up in the station...
Leigh: What a day, <Name>. We have a dead mayoral candidate and the motives are piling up!
Leigh: Like how Daniel acted sexist toward Nancy and ruined Rose’s work by berating her work…
Leigh: Thomas disliked him because of his “attempt” to undermine Leonard and that Daniel bribed the Mayor to “shut up” about some harmless rumors!
Leigh: Jordan had tried to build a bridge in their relationship but went too far and Jack was angry when Daniel wouldn’t support his hospital bill!
Leigh: We still need more evidence…
Leigh: You’re right, we should return to the Blue Party offices and look there!

Investigate Blue Party Desks.
Leigh: What did you find, <Name>?
Leigh: You’re right, that’s the victim’s glasses! It must have fallen off his face in the struggle!
Leigh: There’s some sweat on the side… do you think you can collect a sample?
Leigh: And maybe the killer hid something inside that crate of posters! Let’s have a search quickly!
Leigh: We’re on the final stretch, let’s do this!

Examine Daniel’s Glasses.
Leigh: Good work on collecting that sweat off the victim’s glasses, <Name>!
Leigh: Let’s send this to Janice so she can analyze it!

Analyze Sweat.
Janice: I know time is on the clock, so I’ll be swift with the results.
Janice: I can confirm that the pair of glasses was indeed the one that he has been seen to wear…
Janice: It’s most likely that after the killer strangled him, that they tried to hide evidence but lost the glasses in their hurry.
Janice: The sweat didn’t give much as it got damaged with molecules of dirt and dust…
Janice: But forensics will never fail us, because I found XY chromosomes that proves your killer is a man!
Leigh: So the killer is a man, huh? Well he got away with murder, but he won’t escape the gavel of justice now!

Examine Box of Posters.
Leigh: Hang on, is that a sash you found in that crate of posters?
Leigh: It’s torn, maybe the killer used this to strangle the victim!
Leigh: Let’s send this to Jacob so he can examine it and see whether it’s the murder weapon or not!

Analyze Torn Sash.
Jacob: <Name>, your instincts hasn’t failed you over seven districts of murders!
Leigh: Does that mean the torn mayoral sash <Name> found was the murder weapon?
Jacob: Indeed it was! Ethan and I matched the victim’s strangulation marks to this sash!
Jacob: I also looked over it with Janice and we found plenty of substances on this killer’s choice of weapon.
Jacob: There was whiskey, cinnamon and honey, attributing to the killer’s taste for hot toddies…
Jacob: Skin cells that was shredded off the victim’s neck…
Jacob: And a greasy liquid that we found was oil!
Jacob: As the victim’s clothing were pristine, I would assume the killer wiped the sash on their clothes, leaving the traces of oil on it!
Jacob: So I can be certain that your killer has a splash of oil on their clothing!
Leigh: So the killer’s mistake gave themselves away! Well we won’t let this slippery murderer get away!

Leigh: At last, we can end this case, <Name>.
Leigh: Let’s go and snap the bear trap shut on the killer’s freedom!

Take care of the killer now!
Leigh: Jack Chapman, you’re under arrest for the murder of Daniel Willingham!
Jack: Say what?! That’s impossible, <Name>!
Leigh: Oh is it? We found your “I VOTED” badge that Daniel stomped on in the struggle!
Jack: It’s election day! Anyone who voted could wear a badge, you’re not proving solid evidence!
Leigh: How about the hot toddy you threw into the victim’s face? We found traces of it all over his face.
Jack: Plenty of people in this city enjoys a good hot toddy…
Leigh: How about the oil stain that you left on the murder weapon? It’s clear that you wiped it on your clothes!
Leigh: You tried hiding it along with the victim’s glasses! Just admit it, Mr Chapman, you’re busted!
Jack: But I thought I hid that sash…
(Jack is silent as he sweats nervously.)
Jack: Alright, you got me, <Name>! But it was to protect my family!
Leigh: What do you mean to protect your family?
Jack: I mean someone threatened me to kill Daniel or I would pay with my family’s lives!
Jack: I didn’t want my parents or my little sister coming to harm just because I refused!
Jack: I was so scared, you got to understand! I killed Daniel in the dead of night so my family could be safe!
Jack: But I knew I would be caught… I left evidence everywhere…
Leigh: Were you the one who tipped the newspaper off?
Jack: No, it wasn’t me! I wouldn’t do anything like that!
Jack: Oh god, I made this mess, and it’s all to put the blame on myself for my actions!
Jack: I’m sorry for everything I’ve done, please take me away…
Leigh: I’m sorry this has happened, Jack. But justice must serve.
Leigh: You’re under arrest for the murder of Daniel Willingham. You have the right to remain silent…

Denise: So we have the defendant, Jack Chapman, accused for the murder of Blue Party mayoral candidate Daniel Willingham… how do you plead?
Jack: Guilty, Your Honor. I was forced into this act, and I shall serve time for my crimes.
Jack: I know I have done something terrible, but I plead guilty and I deserve what I deserve!
Denise: Seeing you were forced into committing murder, and your absolute guilt for it all…
Denise: I shall give you an eight year sentence in prison, with a chance for parole in four years!
Jack: Thank you, Your Honor, I shall accept my sentence.
Jack: Also, Jordan Brown, I’m sorry for what I did.
Jack: And thank you <Name> for putting an end to my guilt!

Leigh: That was one crazy case!
Jordan: To think that someone was forced into killing my ex-boyfriend…
Leigh: It’s alright, Jordan, we’ll find out what happened.
Thomas: And we’ll still need to ensure the rest of the mayoral elections goes smoothly.
Leigh: Well <Name>, you’ve made an arrest, but this chapter is far from over!

Casting the Votes (7/7) - The Cliffhanger

Jordan: It’s hard to believe that someone threatened a man into killing my ex-boyfriend…
Jordan: I know we have to ensure the elections goes well, but I really want to ask Jack about what he knows about the person who threatened him!
Major: If you think it’ll give you closure, I say go for it Jordan. <Name> can help you out with Mr Chapman.
Leigh: Yeah Jordan, you should see him and ensure that you get some closure.
Leigh: Miss Teagan has also asked for our assistance! Feel free to join me when you’re done talking to Jack, <Name>!

See Jack Chapman in prison to ask him about the threat.
Jordan: Jack, this is serious. We need to talk about the threats you received from the person who made you commit murder.
Jack: I suppose I could at least help now that their ordered deed is done…
Jack: I got text messages from an unknown number, and they told me to kill Daniel.
Jack: I asked why, and they didn’t give me a reply at all! That’s what frightened me! I knew that since they didn’t reply, it meant that my family would die if I didn’t do the deed!
Jordan: Well where is your phone? We didn’t find it in you possessions following your trial…
Jack: I must’ve lost it in the Blue Party offices when I hid the sash there…
Jack: Also, Jordan, if I may, I want to apologize for killing Daniel. It may not be the right thing but you could understand that I wanted to protect my loved ones…
Jordan: Honestly I don’t know if I can forgive you…
Jack: I can’t blame you. Thank you for hearing me out, <Name>.

Major: Poor Jordan, he looked upset when you came back…
Major: You say that Jack received his threats on his phone that he lost in the Blue Party offices?
Major: Well let’s go find that phone so Jordan can retrieve those messages!

Investigate Blue Party Offices.
Major: Score, you found Jack’s phone! The wrench on his phone cover indicates it!
Major: Blast it! It’s locked!
Major: Do you think we can unlock it to make it easier on Jordan?

Examine Locked Phone.
Major: Nice work on unlocking that phone, <Name>!
Major: Let’s get this to Jordan, so he can solve the mystery behind this mastermind!

Analyze Jack’s Phone.
Jordan: Thanks for finding Jack’s phone… I just needed time to think over Jack’s words.
Major: No worries, Jordan. You deserve some time to get through it and find the closure you need.
Major: Anyway, did you find the messages on Jack’s phone?
Jordan: I did! Jack erased them, probably to keep the fact that he committed murder hidden from us while Leigh and <Name> investigated.
Jordan: But with my technological savvy, I restored them and ventured to find who the unknown messenger was.
Jordan: But I couldn’t find who the mastermind was.
Jordan: But that didn’t stop me from tracking the device they used to send those messages to outside the town hall!
Major: Outside the town hall huh? Well <Name> and I will find that device and bring it back to you!

Investigate Town Hall Steps.
Major: So did you find any device, <Name>?
Major: So you did, but this mastermind’s tablet is locked with one of those cryptex locks!
Major: That won’t be a problem for you, Name! Have a crack at that lock!

Examine Locked Tablet.
Major: Yahoo! You did it!
Major: Good god, that’s a lot of coding!
Major: Well let’s pass this tablet to Mr. Tech Savvy back at the station!

Analyze Tablet’s Contents.
Jordan: Thanks for bringing back that tablet, <Name>! The information I found is… alarming!
Major: How so? All I saw was a bunch of green letters and numbers…
Jordan: Those “green letters and numbers” are parts of a complex code that, when deciphered, reveals not just messages to Jack Chapman… but also messages to other people!
Major: Other people? What do you mean, Jordan?
Jordan: I found messages to the Arsonist and Guardian Angel, both we arrested back in Memorial Avenue…
Jordan: Messages to Joseph September, who died back in Sandalone Gorge, and Gabriel Ledrot, who we arrested back in Bayside Avenue…
Jordan: Even messages to Olivia Brook, that corrupt police officer we arrested as well Ronald Lynch and Francisco Redmoon!
Major: Why would this mastermind be messaging all of these criminals?! And one of them being my own father?!
Jordan: My theory is that there’s a mastermind orchestrating the murders and criminal operations in this city!
Major: That’s insane! Does that mean someone made all of these things happen since <Name> first joined the police?
Jordan: It would appear so. I can’t believe Daniel died in some cruel conspiracy…
(Jordan starts to cry again.)
Jordan: I’m sorry, <Name>, all of this is getting to be too much…
Major: Don’t worry, Jordan, you have us to help you.
Major: But, <Name>, we’ll need to tell everything to Chief Ernest!

Inform Chief Ernest about the possible mastermind.
Major: Chief Ernest, we looked into Jack Chapman’s motive for killing Daniel Willingham.
Thomas: And what did you find, <Name>?
Major: We found out that Jack Chapman was threatened into killing Daniel Willingham or his family would be killed…
Major: We tracked the device used to send those messages and found alarming news!
Major: There’s a mastermind in Rosenoque who made every criminal operation and every murder happen since <Name> arrived in town!
Thomas: Good god, how can this be true?
Major: We have solid proof that it’s happened, but we just don’t know who was the one to orchestrate these crimes!
Thomas: This is quite alarming, <Name>.
Thomas: We can worry about that after the mayoral elections as soon we have an actual mayor to talk to.
Thomas: For now, you both deserve a pay raise this month!

See what Nancy Teagan needs help with.
Nancy: Thank you for coming to help me, <Name>!
Nancy: I seemed to have misplaced my planner which has my speeches for whether I win or lose…
Nancy: And the election preparation is stressing me to the bone!
Leigh: Don’t worry, Miss Teagan. We’ll find your planner if you can tell us where it might be.
Nancy: Maybe you can check the newspaper offices?
Leigh: Alright: Let’s head to the newspaper office, <Name>!

Investigate Newspaper Office.
Leigh: Where would Nancy’s planner be?
Leigh: If you think it’s in that stack of newspapers, then let’s have a look!

Examine Stack of Newspapers.
Leigh: Nice work, <Name>! There’s Nancy’s planner!
Leigh: There’s also the speeches too, “Everyone deserves fair justice in this dark time… Even if Daniel has passed on, I shall keep some of his ways and make it into my own.”
Leigh: That’s a nice use of words. Well we should take this to Nancy so she can destress a bit!

Return the planner to Nancy Teagan.
Leigh: Miss Teagan, we found your planner in the office.
Nancy: Oh thank you, <Name>! I’m relieved that it hasn’t been lost forever.
Nancy: Even if I was angry at him for his sexist use of words in his speech, he did really have a good sight for what could have been in this city if he won…
Leigh: Well you can do that and take his legacy forward.
Nancy: I most certainly will! Thank you again, <Name>.
Nancy: In fact, Daniel had several mayoral sashes made, would you like one of your own?

Later, at the police station…
Leigh: Well everything is set for the mayoral reelection.
Thomas: But Jordan is still lagging behind…
Summer: Yeah, I don’t think he’s gotten over Daniel’s death yet…
Major: Well I did something for him!
Leigh: You did?
(Major is seen holding a photo album of Daniel and Jordan.)
Major: I made this photo album after I found a bunch of photos on Daniel’s desk while I was releasing the murder scene so Nancy and her group could prep.
Summer: That’s a great idea! Let’s go and give that to Jordan now!
Leigh: You going to join us, <Name>?

See how Jordan is getting through his grief over his ex-boyfriend’s death.
Jordan: Hey guys, I know I’m late. I’ll be there-
Leigh: We don’t want you to rush, we just wanted to gift you something.
Major and Summer: Surprise!
(Major and Summer are seen holding Jordan’s gift.)
Jordan: Y-you made a photo album… of us?!
Leigh: We did, you’re a great person. Even if Daniel ended things with you, it doesn’t mean he didn’t love you. You two had a good few years together.
Jordan: We did… He was amazing, sweet and funny.
Jordan: Thank you <Name>, Summer, Major, Leigh…
Jordan: I could probably forgive Jack, but that’ll have to wait-
Thomas: Jordan, I’ll like to say something.
Thomas: I’m sorry for getting angry at you and Daniel. The thoughts of Leonard not being Mayor blinded me and I should have thought that any kind-hearted soul can be mayor.
Jordan: Thank you, Chief. I’m feeling better now.
Jordan: Now let’s not be late to the mayor’s election. In fact let's buy dinner on the way, it's on me!

Go to the mayor’s election and listen to what Leonard has to say.
Leonard: Today was a hard day for Rosenoque with the death of my opponent.
Leonard: But justice has prevailed once again.
Leonard: Now I shall let Miss Murphy make her speech.
Summer: Thank you, Mayor Oakley. I have watched my fellow colleagues weed out the murderers and criminals throughout many places in this beloved city.
Summer: With justice served for Daniel's death, I announce the winner, in the odds of 51% to 49% via the votes…
Summer: Mayor Leonard Oakley!
Leonard: Ah. I didn't expect that! Any words, Miss Teagan?
Nancy: Even if the Blue Party has lost, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road for us!
Nancy: We will assist the Mayor’s first few weeks as a re-elected Mayor and pave the way for a new era to be born in Rosenoque! May the roses bloom into a new world!
Leonard: Thank you, Miss Teagan and Miss Murphy. Everyone, have a good night!

Soon after the mayoral election has ended...
(Everyone is enjoying champagne and cake.)
Thomas: That was a great election!
Summer: It was pretty close for sure, Mayor Oakley won by a percentage.
Major: It didn’t matter for me, I’m not too involved in politics anyway…
Major: But this cake is tasty!
Janice: I’m glad you’re enjoying it, Major. Anyway, cheers to a new era for Rosenoque!
Ethan and Leigh: Cheers!
Jacob and Adelina: And let’s drink to Daniel Willingham, who would’ve been a great person, mayor or not.
Jordan: Thank you guys, I really appreciate it.
Thomas: Well it’s been a great day now that we ended the chapter on this mayoral elections.
Thomas: Perhaps we can celebrate more-
Leonard: Thomas, <Name>, everyone put down your drinks!
Thomas: What is going on, Mayor Oakley?
Leonard: I need to tell you all something important. It’s really bad…
Leonard: You know my colleague and fellow life long friend, Deputy Mayor Vanessa Clark?
Leonard: I just found her murdered inside her home!

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