Tales of Olympus
General information
Season -
Setting Various locations across Greece
Primary LEA Mythological Unity
No. of cases in season 30
No. of regions in season 6
Released 5th April 2020
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- No Man's Land
The year is 2020. Humanity evolves and develops, not knowing one truth... the legends of history were real. The monsters and deities of mythology roam the Earth and only one group stands between the two worlds; the Mythological Unity. Join us, truth seeker, in our quest to solve mythological mysteries. You have a lot to learn...

Tales of Olympus is the title of the first season of Act 3 Criminal Case, set across the country of Greece. It's release date is currently unknown.

Taking place across Greece, Tales of Olympus features crimes with mythological elements or creatures, such as gorgons, cyclops, sirens, and harpies.


Tales of Olympus, features a stylized map of Greece divided into six regions, across which are located a total of thirty cases:


North is the first region investigated in Tales of Olympus. Encompassing the cities of Florina, Kastoria, Nestorio, Ptolemaida, and Edessa, it revolves around the Mythological Unity investigating a deceased mythology hunter, who warned of an ancient eye, ancient machinery, and "the end of all times".

Cases #1-#5 are situated in this region.


Northeast is the second region investigated in Tales of Olympus. Encompassing the cities of Giannitsa, ???< it revolves around the unity's investigations into the mysterious God who informed Medusa of the extinction method.

Cases #6-#10 are situated in this region.


There are more regions scheduled to be released in the future. Upcoming regions include East, Greek Isles, South, and West.


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