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Arrest the killer now!
Anthony Graves: It doesn't surprise me that you were the one who shot Caroline, I already had a weird feeling about you.
Ivan Wilcox: No need to be rude now Mr. Graves, I'm sure we can come to an agreement here.
Anthony: What agreement? You shot someone and you're not getting away with it!
Ivan: People change, I know my records make me look pretty shady considering I stole from those snobby Indigos...
Ivan: But I'm a new man, this place has changed me for the better!
Anthony: I've heard many lies in my day but this isn't gonna cut it, just confess already!
Ivan: Fine fine <RANK> <PLAYER>, you seem to be smarter than I thought...
Anthony: Seriously? Anyone could have seen those blatant lies! I would be surprised if you could fool someone with those.
Ivan: I don't like being yelled at officer, I'm sure you don't either. How about we calm down and talk about this.
Anthony: Fine, how about we talk about why you shot Caroline in the head? Up for that Ivan?
Ivan: Ugh... If you must know, it's because she decided to turn her back on me!
Anthony: Hm? I was sure you killed her because she decapitated your little thief buddy.
Ivan: I was madder at Julian for getting caught to stupidly than at Caroline for actually killing him.
Ivan: She wasn't so bad when we talked a bit, we even planned a little escape together!
Ivan: But that's when that little witch decided to steal all my ideas and run away without me!
Anthony: Well, alright that makes sense but I'm still a little confused, how did you get the Warden's gun?
Ivan: That klutz dropped it when he was walking through the halls, perfect timing for me to show Caroline who the real boss is!
Anthony: I bet <RANK> <PLAYER> would love to show you who really is in charge here. You're under arrest... again!

Judge Blade: I see you're back Mr. Wilcox, I must say I'm not happy to see you back here.
Ivan: No harsh feelings Your Honor, how about we just get it over with, I'm familiar with this routine.
Judge Blade: Alright then. You are standing trial for the murder of Caroline Phelps, how do you plead?
Ivan: I don't consider myself 'guilty' in this situation, but I don't think you really care about that or do you?
Judge Blade: I don't appreciate you talking to me like this Mr. Wilcox! I also don't care what you think is right or not in this situation.
Judge Blade: It looks like locking you up once isn't enough, so I will hereby sentence you to life in jail with solitary confinement. Court adjourned!

A Dark Shade of Blue (4/6)

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