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Take This Plane Down
SFBC51 - Copy
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 51
Initial release date 21. II 2020.
Partner(s) Bruno Filipovich (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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Dearly Departed The Addiction is Fatal

Take This Plane Down is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 143rd case of the game and the 51st case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in Airport, district of Fario.


As soon as the team saw the news the player and Bruno rushed to the mountains site where Daniel already count the bodies of the fallen before informing the team that they nee to check the cockpit because there was a murdered person. The team then went to the cockpit and inspected it closer where they found a body of Roxie Patterson, the pilot they met earlier. Right on the spot Bruno noticed the bullet wound on her head, marking this death as a murder.

As the team shipped body to the morgue underneath the wrecked wind the player found only plane crash survivor and aristocrat Gloria Nebula who was furious that the plane crashed in the middle of nowhere. The team then continued the investigation and soon found that the victim was supposed to meet with the actor Bryce Argent that the team met back in the university, but also found reasons to suspect and Gothic survivalist Crystal Woods. After the autopsy, Matilda informed the team that the victim was killed using a 9mm caliber Beretta 92fs INOX, but that she then noticed something on the bullet. She said that after closer examination of the bullet she found traces or rum on the shell, making the team to note that their killer loves rum.

Back to the station, the team started to recap the case when Kai Stark entered the station, demanding to know why the police mes up with the FBI's investigation. The team explained Kai about Roxie and her possible involvement with LUMIA on what Kai sighed and said that he also came across something about LUMIA while running the investigation about possible terrorists the plane from Kiev and said that they could visit the old post office what they did. Inside they found pictures of the victim and a student Dominique Stern that the team met back in Greenland. The team then spoke again with Crystal who confessed that she hated the victim due to her always yelling at her and that Bryce was thrown out of the plane for listening to music too loud.

Later on, Abbi informed the team that Dagger King an Kai had the bloody argument and that Dagger is ready to shot. The team rushed to the crashing site in hope to stop the bloodshed and when they came closer, Dagger started to accuse Kai for leaking classified information to the police and that even if he is here to pay close look at the player after what they did in Europe he can also follow Kai's sloppiness and report it to the director. Soon after calming the situation, the team searched the cite again and discovered that Roxie was on Kai's blacklist but also that Gloria and the victim were rivals since childhood. After that the team found and that Dominique secretly followed the victim for his teases in psychology.

Soon after the team was ready to arrest Kai. With the shock the team went to his office to ask him about the murder. Kai initially denied but seeing that there is no way out he confessed the murder, but that he didn't kill her by him own mind but as his duty to eliminate the target. He sighed and said that Roxie wasn't who the team thought that is and explained that Roxie worked for the terrorist group of LEGION and LUMIA's branch and that she was supposed to crash the plane into the mountains because of important liberal Ukrainian politicians being there and that he tried to arrest him in Ukraine but due to the situation in Europe his immunity was rejected and he couldn't do anything, but upon returning to the USA the direction gave him the order to take the plane down at all means and that he, not thinking what consequences would that cause accepted and took the plane and waited for Roxie to come into the USA air space before shooting the missiles at the plane who quickly feel into the mountains, but Roxie was quickly and jumped off the plane with her parachute. Kai then decided that all the lives of the innocent who died by his hand won't be for nothing he landed the plane and run to the crashing site where he used his knowledge and hunt down Roxie before performing the execution on her. Knowing that police would be quick and in panic that won't be seen as a bad guy he placed her in the cockpit and prayed that police will mark it as death by the crash. Bruno went to put the handcuffs on him but he step back and said that how much he wants to pay for his crime and taking the plane down it was the order from the FBI director and his immunity is here to protect him but he said that they need to meet him a bit later because he need to give the team some information.

After giving the report to the chief about Kai's task the team returned to his office where he said that during his task to kill Roxie he secretly raided her apartment and collected dozen of secret files that he kept for the player, not wanting FBI to find for them. He then handled them to the team who searched though it and found that many bank balance listings that they decided to give to the experts on that field. After searching though the databases, Madison said that the money sent to Roxie's account was partial money sent to Alonzo's account. The duo then revisited Alonzo in prion who laughably said that they didn't very listened when he talked about the phases and LUMIA's goals before dropping the information that Roxie wasn't the only one involved into all of this and that she would never leave her things just laying around. They then returned to the plane crash site and soon found Roxie's backpack involving couple of broken hard drives that got restored by the player. On the footage, Arif retrieved many information about drug smuggling routes all around the world but also many targets set by terrorist group Roxie was in but that he also found that on on the the hard drive was whispering between Gloria and the victim. Gloria quickly after that blushed, revealing that she accepted some cash in exchange for smuggling something on the Fario's airport and that she did it. the team then asked what is is on what she said that it was a little stamp note with a three color triangle insignia and confessed that she delivered it to Demi Grande. The duo then rushed to the airport where they questioned Demi about that and she confessed in fear that she did received it but that the note led to the address in old post office but that she got there in the wrong time as she noticed some people packing a strange substances in the crates. Knowing where to look next, they returned to the old post office where they found a trapdoor in the floor that reveled an empty bag but covered in the mutation drug the team looking for with a note attached After retrieving the text from it the team found that Aqucius themselves decided to come out of the shadows and that they should stop looking for them.

Meanwhile, Dominique came to the station to ask for the player's help. He confessed that he was in the winter's cabin and accidentally broke of of Bryce's cat statues and begged the team to help him to fix them. Mia and the player looked at each other and decided to help him as they headed to the cabin where they found all the pieces and restored them. After that they decided to help Dominique more by making him the company in apologizing and giving him the restored statue. After that was finished, Bryce invited the team and Dominique to join him in the breakfast.

Upon returning to the station the team informed Chief about the updates. Chief scratched her head and said that they should pay attention to Demi know when Roxie is dead but that he will also send Daniel to see all that with that deal about money and prisoners. The Chief then told the team to continue to work on this and that they can't let Aqucius to escape now.



  • Roxie Patterson (Found in the wrecked cockpit of the plane with the bullet wound on the back of her head)

Murder Weapon

  • Beretta 92fs INOX


  • Kai Stark



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer watches Jungle Hell.
  • The Killer drinks rum.
  • The Killer uses TrendVid.
  • The Killer wears scarf.
  • The Killer has black hair.

Crime Scenes

Crashed Plane Site Wrecked Cockpit Crashed Plane Site Bonus
Winter Cabin Lounge Winter Cabin Bonus
Old Post Office Snowy Entrance Old Post Office Bonus


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