Taho Lars
Biographical information
Full name Tahado Lars
Gender Male
Status Alive
Birth 3 November,1972
Personal information
Nationality Flag of Sierra Leone Leonean
Origin Kenema, Sierra Leone
Past profession(s) Athlete
Family unkown
Affiliation(s) The Creed of Investigations
The Creed of Investigators
Rank Tech Expert
Game information
Appears in Code 5172
First appearance Codes Possibilities
I'm do not feel like to work today, is my cat's birthday.
—Taho Lars

Taho Lars Is a main character in Code 5172.

Age 44
Height 6'42''
Weight 172bs
Eyes brown
Blood AB+


Hailing from Kenema, Sierra Leone, Taho is the Tech Expert of The Creed of Investigations. Tahado wears a shirt with a knife drawn linearly, his hair is behind and he has an ill-shaven.

He wanted to be a professional in technology, he was invited when he have 40 to come to The Creed of Investigations for his expertise in technology went far beyond the limits.


As one of the main characters, Tahado always appears in every chapter, but his main appearance is in 1474 and 2016.

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