TV World is here
Season 1
City Cooold City
District TV World
Case Number #17
Partner(s) Amy Young
Preceded by Succeeded by
The Wife, Husband and Victim The Rises of a Killer

TV World is here it is the first case of the TV World, and the seventeen at Cooold City.

Case Background

Having been mobilized to a new district, they will meet the star of the television, the new host of reports; Rachel Priest, but they found dead in a dressing room, transformed into food for cadaver. Only his head was found in the saucer that was in the camerubim immediately was sent to Nathan. The suspects are David Jones, the ex-boyfriend of the victim; Princess Sofia of Girona, woman of royalty; Jack Archer, boyfriend of the victim; Marina Romanova, enemy of the victim; and Alfred Chavez, ex-husband of the victim.

The murderer finally is released in Chapter 2, the murderer is Alfred Chavez, whose sentence is 5 years.


  • Rachel Priest
    TV Announcer are find die on the Mayor Statue.

Killer and motives

Alfred Chavez... When Sofia of Girona and Rachel exchanged costumes, the journalist Alfred confused with the princess and live cooking and saucer brings in his dressing room.


  • Alfred Chavez (Victim's Ex-Boyfriend)
  • Jack Archer (Police Team Member)
  • David Jones (Police Team Member)
  • Sofia of Girona (Princesse)
  • Marina Romanova (Police Team Member)


All time: Amy Jones

Crime Scenes

Dressing Room Desktop Dressing Room Bonus
TV Opening Cabin TV Opening Bonus
Big Castle Exit Ride of Big Castle Big Castle Exit Bonus


The Wife, Husband and Victim TV World is here The Rises of a Killer

In the next case....

Amy: Jack Archer, you are under arrest
Sofia of Girona: Not, Jack come here, or I Shot
Amy: Not... Sofia, you are now di-
Sofia of Girona: BANG

Marina: This Sample are rare, a substance who never I see
Angela: With, Lars no have idea of this sample
Nathan: Yes, is a unknown rare sample

Amy: David Jerehmias Jones, you are fired!.

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