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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, we've got another murder to investigate, and we'll leave it up to you.
Alan Smith: The corpse of a young girl, Victoria Findfold, was found in the swimming pool of the gated community Northwest Winds.
Alan Smith: Go there and interrogate the security guard, he discovered the body.

Chapter 1

Investigate Common Swimming Pool
Evan: <Name>, the water here is full of blood! We'll ask someone to clean the pool and then we'll dive to look for leads.
Evan: While we wait for the autopsy, we'll piece those tickets back together. And the security guard...
Evan: David Hickets?

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: The victim was wet, so I couldn't look for any leads. But I found a specific thing about the bullet that killed this girl.
Daniel: It was a clean shot! Your killer knew what they were doing, they must practise shooting!
Daniel: And I had luck. The bulet wasn't wet, so I think <Name> can look for some fingerprints.

Examine Bullet
Evan: We've just started and these prints might lead us to our killer.
Evan: Let's give this to Lindsey.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: The prints on the bullet belong to Pablo Sount. A young boy. And as he might be your killer, I checked some of the info about him in our database.
Lindsey: He lives in the gated community Northwest Winds!
Evan: Well, <Name>, we've got something new to do.

Interrogate Pablo Sount
Pablo: My father works in an armory, and I help him. That makes sense for my fingerprints in a bullet, I think.
Evan: What about the girl in the photo? Do you know her?
Pablo: She's Victoria Findfold, my girlfriend. What does that have t-
Pablo: Oh, wait. Is she dead? Is she?
Evan: Yes, she is. But calm down. If a bullet sold in your armory killed Victoria, the murder weapon must have been bought here.
Pablo: Not necessarily. We also sell bullets. If you have a gun, I give you bullets and that's all. But if you check the register book you'll see. If you guess dad's handwriting.

Evan: If Pablo works in an armory, he must know something about guns. We can assume he practices shooting.
Evan: C'mon, let's... wait, this illegible. Can you?

Examine Register book
Evan: This man can't really write, can he? Now let's see if Lindsey can get something from what you did.

Analyze Register book
Lindsey: I noticed a bullet purchase near the day of the murder. And the bullets were a match with the one you found in Victoria's corpse.
Lindsey: The good thing is that I could trace back the purchase and know who bought the bullets.
Lindsey: The bad thing is that it was Pablo. Why would he buy bullets from himself?

Examine Torn tickets
Evan: Those tickets are for a party in the Northwest Winds common room! And our victim surely went there.
Evan: <Name>, we should look there!

Investigate Common Room
Evan: So this bracelet belongs to Holly. Who is she?
Holly: It's me. That bracelet is mine.

Ask Holly about the bracelet
Evan: Who are you and why were you following us?
Holly: My name is Holly Etrusk, pleased to meet you. I live near the common room.
Holly: I just saw police officers in the entrance, and it was a thrill. The police never comes around here. Can I have my bracelet back?
Evan: Do you know anything about the murder that happened recently?
Holly: Oh, yes. Victoria Findfold was a nice girl, I'm sorry she's gone.
Evan: You know about the murder then.
Holly: Of course. Everyone does.
Evan: Were you at the party?
Holly: Of course. Everyone was.

Ask David Hickets about the murder
David: I was about to fall asleep. There was a party going on, and I was mad with that noise. Then I heard a shot and I called you.
Evan: Did you know that girl?
David: Yes, she's Victoria Findfold. Or she was. She lived alone with her boyfriend.
Evan: Anything about him?
David: No. That's all I can tell you.

Chapter 2

Gino: <Rank> <Name>, there is a woman who wants to talk to you. She says she's Holly's mother and has warned you to stop scaring her with our investigation.
Gino: And David Hickets says he found a gun in his security post.
Evan: <Name>, isn't it suspicious that Holly's mom wants to protect her? Let's see why she's worried.

See what Anna Etrusk wants to tell you
Anna: I'll warn you for one last time. My daughter is a sweet girl, and she can't be involved in murders. So anything you want to tell her, you'll tell ME.
Evan: We've interrogated kids, and if Holly had killed Victoria, I would expect this reaction.
Anna: But... how could she? And I think this is what every mother should do.
Anna: Look, Holly is not a murderer. Does practising shooting make her a bad girl? No, of course no.
Evan: So she's got a good eye for shooting. And I would suppose you go practising with her.
Anna: Of course I do. I must go now. And don't bother Holly. Her boyfriend is around and doesn't like when people talk to her.

Talk to Jeffer Ubber
Evan: So, you are Holly's boyfriend, right?
Jeffer: Yes, my name is Jeffer Ubber. What do you need?
Evan: Do you know Victoria Findfold?
Jeffer: Yes, I used to date her.
Evan: And does Holly know? And do you know Victoria was dating someone else?
Jeffer: First, Holly doesn't know and won't know. And I wasn't Victoria's boyfriend, I was the "someone else".

Investigate Security post
Evan: Why should this gun be here? I'm sure you'll get fingerprints from it.
Evan: And we'll talk to Hickets too. This makes him a strong suspect now.

Examine Gun
Evan: This time you've done it even faster than other times. Now we're able to get another lead.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: So the prints you gave me were pretty interesting. And also, it turned out that the gun is your murder weapon.
Lindsey: I couldn't identify the fingerprints, but they weren't Pablo's ones. And I could see your killer is left-handed.
Lindsey: There were also black fibers, which came from the killer's clothes. They wear black!
Evan: Thanks, Lindsey! We'll let Gino investigate who's left-handed.

Talk to David Hickets about the gun
Evan: Let's summarise. Victoria was killed with a gun. You found a gun in your workplace, and we have to think it's not yours.
David: At first I thought it was mine, but I noticed it wasn't.
Evan: Do you have a gun?
David: I'm a security guard. I might need one, so I practise shooting.
David: I'll tell you everything I know. Last night, Victoria was arguing with that girl, Holly. I went to the common room to stop the fight. I shot, but upwards, to scare them.
David: And this morning, I found her in the pool, dead.
Evan: I guess it's enough. We'll get everything we can with Holly.

Ask Holly about her fight with the victim
Evan: Ms Etrusk, we think there's something you forgot to tell us about the party. We know you had an argument with Victoria.
Holly: Oh, that's a nonsense! Teenagers things, forget it.
Holly: I... I had found out that she was dating Jeffer, my boyfriend. I got angry, but then Mr Hickets came to us and we made up.
Evan: Is it a nonsense for you? A shot that would make a flirt die is worth it for you.
Holly: I hated her, but killing my friend? I'm not that mad!

Back at the station...
Evan: <Name>, if Victoria was dating Jeffer too, Pablo has a strong motive for murder. And we know he bought himself bullets for the murder.
Evan: Then Holly has a motive too, but we need to have a chat with Pablo now!
Evan: And we could take a second look at the common room. Victoria could have dropped a clue there.

Confront Pablo about the victim's relationship with Jeffer
Evan: Do you know someone called Jeffer Ubber?
Pablo: Jeffer... Jeffer. It doesn't strike a match, sorry boys.
Evan: We'll make it easier. Victoria's second boyfriend. Does it sound familiar now?
Pablo: Oh, that idiot. Yes, I hate him. Why?
Evan: Is it serious? Did you kill Victoria because of that?
Pablo: Oh, I don't harm women. I should have killed that "ladykiller".

Investigate Cocktail table
Evan: It looks like last night's party left some things here!
Evan: If we took a saliva sample from this glass, we could see who was here partying.

Examine Glass of wine
Evan: Good skills, <Name>! Now let's see who this sample belongs to.

Analyze Saliva sample
Sabrina: The saliva belongs to David Hickets, <Name>. And it means some certain things.
Sabrina: He obviously was at the party, but not as a security guard. He had a good time and drank wine also.
Evan: Then David was really hiding something and doesn't want to tell! We need to know what it is.

Ask David Hickets about the party
Evan: We know you were at the party, and didn't hear noises. Do we have to get thirteen leads to make you tell us what happened?
David: I thought I'd be a suspect if you knew it.
Evan: And you were right. Now cut the cr*p.
David: Those two WERE fighting, I didn't lie. But I saw they kept on arguing and there were two boys. One of them was a redhead. The other was carrying a gun. Nothing else.
Evan: <Name>, I'd bet that they were Jeffer and Pablo!

Chapter 3

Evan: Well, this case is a total mess and I don't know what else to do!
Evan: Pablo and Holly had the best reason for the murder. However, we can't ignore the fact that David is keeping stuff away from us.
Evan: Hickets's desk can have a clue. Some surveillance stuff, you know.
Gino: <Rank> <Name>, I've got what you asked me! Your only left-handed suspects are Pablo Sount, and Ms and Mrs Etrusk.
Evan: Excellent job!
Gino: And I got another complaint from Anna. Talk to her or she'll strafe <Rank> <Name>.

Calm Anna down
Anna: I thought you'd understood. Holly is innocent. Do you know how nervous she is because of your stupid investigation?
Evan: She didn't look too upset when we talked to her.
Anna: What if... I! I shot Victoria. Arrest me now!
Evan: This play only makes us think Holly is absolutely guilty.
Anna: Get away! Why don't you look in the pool, now that it's open to public again?
Evan: You're right! <Name>, we're going for a dive.

Investigate Pool underwater
Evan: A "best friends" necklace isn't something you find everyday in a swimming pool.
Evan: It might be either Holly or Victoria's but we need to check it. Your turn, <Name>.

Examine Necklace
Evan: Did you find bloody hair? Well, it must be a big lead!
Evan: We'll send it to the lab, it can give us more info about who we're looking for.

Analyze Bloody hair
Sabrina: The chlorine in the water washed away even the colour of this hair. As for the blood, it was your victim's.
Sabrina: But the hair was the killer's. And the DNA allowed me to see they have blue eyes!

Investigate Security desk
Evan: We'd better give this record to Lindsey, I'm sure it caught the moment of the murder.

Analyze Surveillance record
Lindsey: Well, one thing is bad. The security wants to film the common room, not the swimming pool, as nobody will steal water.
Lindsey: But some vague images let me see the moment in which Victoria was murdered. Don't expect me to give you important clues.
Lindsey: I only managed to see the killer has black hair!

Evan: It's over, <Name>. We need to arrest that murderer!

Arrest killer
Evan: Girl, stop lying. You are guilty for Victoria's murder.
Holly: It wasn't a murder, I didn't want to kill her, I... I was mad and I did the first thing that I could do. I had those bullets Pablo had given me.
Holly: Pablo, Victoria, Jeffer and I were at the party that night. And I saw that she was kissing my boyfriend! I raged, and the four of us went outside, near the pool.
Holly: The two guys started arguing. It looked like Pablo knew about them, but Victoria had promised to stop.
Holly: She and I were discussing too. And I took a gun I had with me and shot her. She fell to the pool and I threw our stupid friendship necklace. But I thought she wouldn't die.
Holly: Then I saw the blood, and realized what I had done.

Esteban Gonzalez: The defense has to understand it's not a manslaughter! Ms Etrusk shot her under normal mental conditions, and for her own will. Ms Findfold hadn't tried to attack her before.
Holly: I just want to say that I'm sorry for what I did. I just shouldn't have carried that gun.
Anna: Daughter! What are you doing? They'll take you now!
Esteban Gonzalez: We're sorry, Mrs Etrusk. A killer is a killer.
Esteban Gonzalez: Ms Holly Etrusk, for the murder of Victoria Findfold, this Court of Law dictates a sentence of 6 years in jail with parole in 4 years.

Evan: Seeing young killers tears my heart apart. And also when they didn't mean to do such a thing, even more.
Evan: I feel sorry for Anna, and I'm sure we'll have to face another demand, but... well, that's what this job is about.
Evan: Why don't we have some turkey sandwiches in the common room café? And a coffee!

Additional Investigation

Gino: <Rank> <Name>, have you already solved the murder in the gated community Northwest Winds?
Evan: Yes, we have. Why?
Gino: Because the line is collapsed with calls from there. Anna Etrusk called again with her typical anger.
Gino: And the security guard called you too. He says it's urgent.
Evan: Let me guess. A certain Pablo wants to talk to us, doesn't he?
Gino: No. His name was Jeffer, I think.
Evan: Jeffer? That's weird. Let's see what they want.

See what Anna Etrusk wants
Evan: Pleased to see you again, Mrs Etrusk.
Anna: I can't say so. You destroyed a mother's heart, but I didn't make you come for that.
Anna: Victoria's parents knew about the murder, and they say I can't bring up even a puppy. But I vowed to look for the friends necklace she had.
Evan: Why would they want to have her daughter's friends necklace? Holly killed her.
Evan: But before you start screaming, we'll see if she left it in the pool.

Investigate Pool underwater
Evan: Well, this IS a necklace. But is it the friendship one? I don't want Victoria's parents to say we didn't find it.
Evan: It has something etched, but I can't read it. Will you manage to decipher it?

Examine Necklace
Evan: "Best friends" It's enough, <Name>! This is the necklace Anna wants. Let's give it to her.

Give the necklace to Anna
Evan: Here you are, Anna. And I'll remind you this is not our job, and you got angry with us for the real one.
Anna: I'm sorry, <Rank> <Name> and Inspector Day. I understand, I was disturbed and didn't think.
Anna: Take this as an apology. And thanks for everything.

David Hickets needs your help
David: Oh, you're here. I thought you wouldn't come. I've already called you once and... I had to pay. D'ya remember?
Evan: Did you lose your paycheck again?
David: No. The thing is that Victoria deserves to have her wake. And it'll be in the common room backroom. But it's a crime scene, and I don't want to be a nuisance.
David: Some families brought those flower garlands, and I need them because the girl's parents will do some decorations on them.
David: Can you take them and give them to me? This is the common room key.

Evan: <Name>, would you mind checking this is the key? It hasn't got a label, and that man has a bad memory.

Examine Key
Evan: I told you! This is not the right key! That man can't be a security guard.
Evan: Let's go to the post and look for the real one.

Investigate Security desk
Evan: And the keys box is full of keys. How is it that Hickets hasn't been fired yet?
Evan: Oh, calm down and look for the key, please. C'mon, let's dive this copper ocean.

Examine Box
Evan: I'm really glad this has a label. "Common room". Let's look for the ornaments.

Investigate Common Room
Evan: Nice decorations, huh? Whad'ya think?
Evan: Oh, yes. It's a funeral. It's not nice at all. Let's give this to David and hope Victoria is better now.

Give David Hickets the decorations
Evan: We only did it for Victoria, know it. We had to climb mountains to find them. Be more organized.
David: Sorry, I'd realized I'd given you the wrong key as I was seeing you walk away.
David: The only thing I can do for you is give this. It's what I have.
Evan: At least.

Talk to Jeffer Ubber
Jeffer: How are you? Do you have some coffee for me?
Evan: No. Tell us what you want and it's over.
Jeffer: Sorry, I didn't know coffee reminded you of world wars. Did I put my foot?
Jeffer: I just had given a teddy bear to Victoria the night she died. And I'd like to have it back to give it to entities of charity.
Evan: Sure. We'll check the common room bar!

Investigate Cocktail table
Evan: I think Victoria might have not liked the plush. It's shredded!
Evan: Let's restore it and stop this. <Rank> <Name> can't waste time with teddies.

Examine Broken teddy bear
Evan: I'm amused with your skills. The bear looks new!
Evan: But why would Jeffer be so desperate for seeing it? I'm sure Lindsey will come up with the answer.

Analyze Teddy bear
Lindsey: Where did you find this, <Name>? There are only twenty of these in the whole wide world!
Lindsey: These are the "Sweet Teddies", limited edition of the TedTed company.
Evan: Is this bear worth that much?
Lindsey: No, they were a total failure. Nobody bought them. They're one of the cheapest.
Evan: Oh, then Jeffer won't make much money with this Sweet Teddy.

Bring his teddy back to Jeffer
Jeffer: Did you find it? Great! Those children will be happy with this gift.
Evan: Yes, children. So long, and see you.
Jeffer: I kept this for lunch, but I'm not hungry. I think you should have it.

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