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Alan Smith: Isn't it a nice day, <Name>? The Town Outskirts... Ah, it's just really quiet. A peaceful district. Murders aren't rare here anyway.
Evan: Yeah, it looks as if someone had tried to improve the Countryside and failed.
Alan Smith: Maybe I can ask miss Vain to warm up your experience in this district.
Evan: I wasn't expecting that from you, Chief! I just happened to kiss her, that's it.
Alan Smith: I wonder what you would have happened to do if our coroner hadn't opened that door...
Alan Smith: Well, it's none of my business anyway. I feel like you still don't get used to this district. You may ask Gino to show it to you. He knows this place really well.
Evan: Who could get used to this place apart from an Amish?

Gino: How are you, <Name>? Do you like this district?
Gino: I spent most of my life in the Town Outskirts, so I know this district better than anyone.
Evan: I wonder if you make me like this district.
Gino: It depends on what you like to see. If you like that geek girl from the lab, this district might not be for you.
Evan: Shut up, Gino! Let's go out for a while, I'm tired of being inside the HQ.

Gino: This is a really nice place, don't you think? The fields are quiet and you can feel time stopping.
Evan: Of course we can. A second here seems a whole year being in such a boring scenery.
Gino: You need to get relaxed, Evan.
Evan: How can I relax with all those people shouting? I thought this place would be peaceful and silent, but I only hear screams.
Evan: Wait, what is that? Why would someone scream in this district? Did they see a raven eating their corn or-
Gino: Let's go and see what happened! The screams came from over there.

Chapter 1

Investigate Corn fields
Evan: I can't believe it, there's a dead man here! We need to start a new investigation.
Evan: I don't know why but I feel this man resembles somebody I know...
Gino: It seems our first clues are this pile of dirt and that torn paper. This dirt surely came from digging such a big hole. Were they planning to bury this man?
Evan: Maybe, in case they were going to bury him in seeds. Why were all these seeds over the corpse?
Gino: We also need to know who was screaming. Was it the victim?
Ashley: It was me! <Rank> <Name>, I haven't seen you in a long time. Please, help us! Uncle George is dead!
Evan: Ashley Jamin?! Is this man your uncle?
Ashley: Yes, and I... I don't know what happened!

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: It must sound ridiculous, <Name>, but the weapon were those seeds you saw at the crime scene. They suffocated George and he couldn't breathe.
Daniel: I even found some seeds in his stomach. He nearly drowned under those seeds.
Gino: What a horrible way to die.
Daniel: There were more seeds tucked inside his clothes. I found traces of sotolon on them.
Evan: Sotolon?
Evan: Now I remember! We learnt about sotolon in the Residential Zone, <Name>! It is used in corn syrup to make it taste like maple.
Evan: It's not weird the Jamin do that. The crime scene is full of corn, and really big plants of corn!
Daniel: Then it's no wonder the killer uses sotolon.

Examine Pile of dirt
Gino: What was under that pile of earth, <Name>? Is that a sack of seeds?
Evan: Yes, it is! It's the one the killer used for sure. We'll need to see if we can find something on it that helps us catch the culprit.

Examine Empty sack
Gino: I have no idea what this yellow substance could be, <Name>. Sabrina may know it with certainty after we send this sample to her lab.

Analyze Yellow substance
Sabrina: How are you doing with your first case in the Town Outskirts, Evan?
Evan: I hate this.
Sabrina: You look fulfilled. Guys, the substance you found on the sack of seeds is actually ink. Taking into account the seeds were found on top of a corpse...
Sabrina: We can say the killer left this there.
Gino: What's so special about that ink?
Sabrina: Where could you find such glowing yellow ink, Gino? The killer uses a highlighter!

Examine Torn page
Evan: That paper says "1029 Acorn Road". I'd like to know what this was doing next to George Jamin's lifeless body.
Evan: Any idea what this place is, Gino?
Gino: No, but I know Acorn Road, so I can take you there.

Gino: This is the place. It looks like an abandoned garage.
Evan: But someone left the door open, how careless. Let's get inside, <Name>.

Evan: What is this place, <Name>? It doesn't look abandoned at all. It's like a laboratory.
Gino: We might find out why that paper was at our crime scene if we take a look around.

Investigate Laboratory
Gino: This lab is really a strange place. What is that locked box with a plant inside?
Evan: We can know that once we manage to open it! About that hazardous waste, we should really see if we can find out who's been in contact with it.
Evan: And... we can do that all at the HQ, don't you think? This lab doesn't seem to be a friendly place.

Examine Crystal box
Evan: What kind of plant is this? I've never seen something similar.
Gino: I think I saw it once, though I'm not completely sure. I heard the coroner knows a lot about botany, <Name>! I guess he'll be able to give us more info about this.

Analyze Unknown plant
Daniel: Thanks for trusting my knowledge in botany, Gino. But I can't believe you were fooled like this.
Gino: What do you mean, Daniel?
Daniel: This is not a plant! This has the shape of a plant and looks exactly like one, but it's only that. A fake plant.
Evan: And what type of plant would this be?
Daniel: I did a lot of research but I didn't find much. It seems it would be a very weird kind of citrullus lanatus, which is rarely seen in Townville.
Daniel: By citrullus lanatus I mean watermelon. According to my investigations, it seems Robert Jamin declared being involved in some experiments with this plant.
Gino: Does that have something to do with the Jamin? <Name>, we could see what Robert knows about the lab.
Evan: I thought I wouldn't see that guy again...

See what Robert Jamin knows about the laboratory
Evan: Good morning, Mr Jamin. Can we have a little conversation with you or do you have to go cook meals in prison?
Robert: I can talk, Inspector Day.
Evan: Lead Inspector now. Robert, we're sorry to tell you that your brother George was found dead in one of your corn fields.
Robert: George?! Who killed him, <Rank> <Name>?! I guess you're not suspecting me, right?
Gino: We're sorry, Mr Jamin. This is just to progress in our investigation. Near the victim, we found the adress of a lab where you've done some experiments with watermelons.
Gino: Is that somehow related to George?
Robert: My laboratory! There's a big project with those watermelons, <Rank> <Name>. If we succeed, we'll be able to feed all of Townville's population.
Robert: I'm just afraid it's not related in any way to my brother.

Examine Hazardous waste
Gino: What are those weird marks, <Name>? They're not fingerprints... What are those?
Evan: They're called glove prints, Gino. It means the person who touched this was wearing gloves. They're useful, sometimes as much as fingerprints.
Evan: We can examine these and find out who bought these gloves.

Examine Glove prints
Gino: <Name> found a match! Who do those glove prints trace us back to?
Evan: Oh my. It appears that Wanda Jamin has been to that lab, <Name>. You know what to do.

Ask Wanda Jamin about the laboratory
Wanda: You again? What happened? Is Ashley ok?
Gino: Mrs Jamin, your brother-in-law, George, has been found dead this morning.
Wanda: Poor George! Oh my God, I can't believe this! This can't be real.
Evan: Our investigation led us to a laboratory and we found traces of you having been there. What is that lab, Wanda?
Wanda: Just some boring place Jamin Family Company owns. I often do some experiments there as I know a lot about chemistry and biology.
Wanda: You know, how to exterminate plagues, how to fertilize soil, and so on...
Wanda: However, there's nothing about that lab that is somehow related to George!

Discuss the victim's death with Ashley Jamin
Evan: Tell us what happened, Ashley.
Ashley: I came to see where George was and I found him dead, that's all! What else can I say?
Gino: Were you and Mr Jamin the only people in this place?
Ashley: Well... I think we were the only ones here but I can't be sure. This field is really big, maybe someone came here and left him in that pit.
Ashley: If only I had come earlier, I might have been able to save him!

Back at the police station...

Gino: I really regret Mr Jamin died, though I enjoy working with you, <Name>. It's been a really long time since we last shared a case.
Gino: We have to think now. I strongly suspect that girl, Ashley. She was alone with the victim in that field, who else could have killed him?
Evan: Then we have her parents. Someone could have done that without Ashley noticing, the field is really big.
Octavius: I heard you had been at a laboratory today, <Name>. Does it have anything to do with the Jamin family?
Gino: It has everything to do with them. What happened to it?
Octavius: I received reports of disturbances near that place, so I went to check whether everything was fine. And by the time I got there...
Octavius: I found Wanda Jamin ransacking their own lab!

Chapter 2

Evan: What do you mean, Octavius? Is that true?
Octavius: Of course it is! Wanda Jamin was taking everything away from the laboratory. I brought her here and those things she was taking with her are back at the lab.
Evan: I knew there was something wrong with the lab, <Name>! We have to go there one more time and see what this is all about.
Gino: Wait, aren't we going to interrogate Wanda? What she did was really suspicious!

Make Wanda Jamin explain her actions
Evan: The game is over, Wanda. We approached the lab and you don't want us to go there, right?
Wanda: I don't have to tell you about that. The laboratory is ours, not yours.
Gino: Stop it! We already know you use sotolon in the lab...
Wanda: And? Sotolon is just a substance we use to give maple flavour to a product. It's not like sotolon is a drug, you smart guy. I use sotolon when I work and I'm not high.
Wanda: Whatever you're looking for, it's not in the lab. Unless you're looking for a highlighter I lost last week. I'm sure it must be there.
Evan: We'll find out what you do there, Wanda! Don't think this is over.

Investigate Experiment tables
Evan: That brown card is faded, huh? We know this place is important for the Jamin so this card might be a new lead.
Gino: You also picked that box of highlighters, and we know the killer uses one, so it makes sense.
Gino: About this mail receipt... Wait, it's been cut off! We can't see who received this.
Evan: A part of the letters are still visible, so <Name> will be able to decipher it.

Examine Brown card
Evan: The card doesn't say much, but George's name is written here so it could give us more info about our victim, <Name>!
Gino: What is that card about? "Scrap Dot, supplies for your field. Agronomic Zone field 33".
Gino: The 33rd field of Agronomic Zone? Last time I was in this district, that place was the city's biggest scrapyard! How can it be a shop now?
Evan: Going there will give us the answer! Let's go to this place and find out what George did there.

Investigate Scrapyard shop
Evan: Well, this hasn't stopped being a scrapyard, Gino. They've just turned some abandoned vehicles into shopping stalls.
Gino: Who could do their shopping here? This place is horrible.
Evan: It's no surprise it's at the Town Outskirts.
Gino: What does surprise me is that <Name> considers this sign as a clue. We know watermelons are a part of the Jamin's experiments, though we won't get anything from that sign.
Gino: Once you're done recovering the faded text from it, we could see what this badge is about.

Examine Watermelon sign
Evan: What does the sign say? I want to read.
Gino: Not much. It says "Reserved for Matthew Morel". We should forget the sign, it's only information about watermelon sales.
Evan: No, it is important! Matthew Morel was the second man in Martinson & Son, the Jamin's competence! We can say the two companies wanted the watermelons according to this sign.
Evan: That lab and those watermelons are really mysterious. If the Jamin won't speak, maybe Matthew will.

Ask Matthew Morel about the watermelons
Matthew: Don't you dare... talk to me! You have no idea of how much I miss her.
Evan: You didn't seem so angry after she went to jail, Matthew. We're not buying this act. We just want to ask you about the importance of watermelons.
Evan: Besides, George Jamin has been murdered.
Matthew: He died? That man thought he owned the company just because of his brother.
Gino: However, that shouldn't matter to you. You work at Martinson & Son.
Matthew: Are you joking or what? I had to ask Robert Jamin for a job after my boss' murder. It's a nice job anyway, I just need a highlighter!
Matthew: Sign some documents and read contracts... then I get paid for it.

Examine Broken badge
Gino: "Employee #003". That badge is more like a gaffette.
Evan: We shall send it to Lindsey and find out who this employee is. We know George came to this place and we may be able to get more info with this.
Gino: Fine, let's give this to your girlfriend.

Analyze Gaffette
Gino: Evan is working outside, he didn't want to come here.
Lindsey: Gino, don't make it more embarassing for me, ok?! I'm here to do my work and only that.
Gino: Ok, sorry!
Lindsey: I'll make it easy. Employee #003 at Scrap Dot is a man called Marco DiGiappo. That's it.
Gino: That rings a bell... Wasn't there a DiGiappo farm in the Countryside? Marco must be related to them. If I'm not mistaken, they are all dead.
Gino: Let's go and see what this man has to say.

See if Marco DiGiappo knows something about George Jamin
Marco: Welcome to Scrap Dot! What can I do for you?
Marco: Are you looking for fertilizer for your soy field? How to kill a plague of ants? Some sotolon for your breakfast? I can give you that!
Evan: What we're looking for is answers, Mr DiGiappo. George Jamin has been murdered and we know he's been here. Do you know him?
Marco: Yeah, the Jamin bought my daughter's farm two years ago.
Evan: So you're Cecilia and Facondo's father?!
Marco: Yes, both are dead now so don't make me remember that. We all should have stayed in Italy, this city is a horrible place!
Marco: And it's worse when you see a Jamin thinking they're more than you! What would they do without us? Nothing! Their fields would rot!

Examine Box of highlighters
Gino: What was inside the box, <Name>? A plastic watermelon?
Evan: I hope we don't see another one. Luckily, what <Name> found is just a tooth.
Evan: A TOOTH?!
Gino: Without a doubt, this tooth was removed carelessly! Look at the blood! It must belong to George, it's a shame we didn't notice if he was missing a tooth.
Gino: Let's take it to the lab as soon as possible.

Analyze Tooth
Daniel: This tooth does belong to George! I had forgotten to mention one of his teeth was missing, I'm sorry!
Gino: Don't worry. Was the tooth removed in a violent way?
Daniel: You can bet it was, probably during a fight with the killer as I found sotolon on it. I'd like to know why the killer didn't leave it at the crime scene.
Daniel: Maybe because they noticed there was something on it that could give out their identity.
Evan: Really?! What is it?
Daniel: Their blood! The police might be able to find the culprit with it so they took it away from the crime scene.
Daniel: Regrettably, the highlighter's ink and the soil ruined the sample so I can't tell much. Anyway, I also found alcohol in it, which means the killer drinks alcohol.

Examine Mail receipt
Gino: This receipt was sent to Ashley Jamin, our prime suspect! We need to find out WHAT was sent along with the receipt.
Evan: This has a serial number, maybe more information could be got from it.
Evan: Townville's mail is controlled by a public company, so its information can only be accessed by the Chief due to that Protection Programme.

Analyze Mail receipt
Alan: It was difficult but I could find this shipping order in the mail company's servers. Indeed, it was for Ashley Jamin. What surprised me is where the package came from.
Alan: Someone sent it from jail!
Gino: Jail? So Ashley keeps in touch with a criminal.
Alan: I contacted the prison warden and one of the mail company employees, and I was told the name of the person who sent it.
Evan: It has to be that boy, right? Gerard.
Alan: Exactly! Her brother sent her something but the jail guards refused to tell me what it was.
Gino: We don't need to go to jail when we can ask her!

Talk to Ashley Jamin about the package she received from jail
Gino: Mrs Jamin, your brother sent you something by mail, right? What is it? I hope you're not going to say it was watermelons.
Ashley: How did you know?!
Gino: Are you serious?!
Ashley: Some of the prisoners do gardening at the jail yard, and my brother planted some watermelons. He sent us some, because our company needs them.
Ashley: We're working on something HUGE and it involves watermelons. I told Gerard about it in a letter and I even highlighted that word.
Evan: I hope this watermelons issue doesn't end up taking you and your highlighters to jail, Ashley.

Some minutes later...

Evan: New districts, new case, new troubles! This case is not easy, we have to stop and think.
Evan: Besides, it's in these moments when we find a new clue, isn't it?
Gino: Wanda Jamin is really suspicious, yet the girl Ashley must be the killer, <Name>!
Evan: I'm not sure. For me, suspicions fall on Marco. He looks like he hated George a lot.
Lindsey: Excuse me, can I please talk to you for a minute?
Evan: Y-Yes.
Lindsey: I know more or less what your new case is about, and I heard some news that might be related to it, so here it goes.
Gino: Is it about watermelons?
Lindsey: What? No!
Lindsey: Do you remember Albert Presto? The lawyer who worked with Elena Smith many years ago.
Gino: Yes, we do. I met him on my first case with <Name>, he was one of the suspects. The killer ended up being Gerard Jamin after all.
Lindsey: Well, that's what I want to talk about. It seems Presto managed to turn it some paperwork to Townville's Court of Law and he...
Lindsey: He took Gerard Jamin out of jail!

Chapter 3

Lindsey: Just as you heard, <Name>! Gerard Jamin is free now.
Evan: That can't be true! He killed Darren White and his sentence is not over yet!
Evan: I know it was an accident, but... Well, if Judge Gonzalez changed his mind I'll have to trust him. He's not the type to let people bribe him.
Evan: However, there's something I don't like about this. I'm sure Robert Jamin is behind this! We have to know what he's trying to do.
Gino: In my opinion, we shouldn't lose sight of this case. Why don't we take a look at the scrapyard one more time, <Name>?

See what Robert Jamin has in mind
Evan: Robert Jamin, you're not playing with us this time! What do you think you're going to do by taking Gerard out of jail?
Robert: I'm afraid I have nothing to do with it. My son is Albert Presto's client and he is the one who came up with this idea.
Robert: The only thing I've done today is buy more sotolon for our company's syrup. We have a lot of corn in our fields and the maple-flavored syrup is a good way to use it.
Gino: What about that watermelons issue? We know there's something behind that!
Robert: Oh, God, are you really going to start a fight out of a watermelon?! Leave NOW!

Gino: I don't know what this guy is trying to do but he didn't convince me. He's stashing something.
Evan: He drinks alcohol though, just like our killer. I remember that we learnt he drank beer during Cecilia DiGiappo's murder investigation.
Evan: I'd love to arrest him, but I wouldn't like it if it was for his brother's murder.
Gino: I don't know, the highlighter on his desk makes me wonder...

Investigate Truck stall
Gino: That cash register says Employee #003 and we know that's Marco! We should try opening this lock and see if we find something else inside.
Evan: Though I don't think the blurry picture you picked up is as interesting.
Evan: That photo was taken here, at the scrapyard. There's a man in it though his face isn't clearly visible. What is he doing?
Gino: A man? I think it's a woman!
Gino: Well, our doubts will disappear once <Name> has found a match in our database.

Examine Cash register
Gino: It's open! Now let's see what we can find in Marco's cash register.

Examine Open cash register
Gino: Oh, <Name>, this is a handgun! Why would Marco hide a gun in his cash register?
Evan: I don't know, Gino. We should make sure nothing is wrong with it before we jump to conclusions. Even though I feel it was hidden for a reason...
Evan: Marco is an immigrant. We should let the Chief averiguate if he said anything about a weapon when he entered this country.

Analyze Marco's handgun
Alan: It took me ages to find Marco's data from the time he went through customs. And I'm sure he didn't bring a gun with him to our country.
Alan: I thought that another employee from Scrap Dot could have left this there, though it didn't happen. Marco's fingerprints are all over the gun.
Gino: Does the gun have any serial number, Chief?
Alan: It does and I traced it back to Sount armory. However, it should still be there. According to our logs, this gun was never sold!
Evan: Pretty interesting! <Name>, time to have a serious chat with Marco.

Get answers from Marco about the handgun
Marco: I'm sorry, cops. If you come here more than once you HAVE to buy something. The cheapest thing I can give you is this highlighter. Is it a deal?
Evan: We don't want to buy anything, Marco! We want to know why you have this handgun!
Marco: Oh my God, I had forgotten you were the police! I'm glad you found the gun. Listen.
Marco: I was kidnapped two years ago. Cecilia paid the ransom and the police weren't able to find the criminals. I noticed later that the culprit had dropped their gun.
Marco: And so I kept it! The police never listened to me because I was usually drunk. If you can find the person who kidnapped me, I'll thank you!
Gino: That story is weird, Marco. We'll keep the gun just in case. Take care.

Examine Blurred photograph
Gino: The man in the picture is Matthew Morel, the guy we interrogated for reserving the watermelons. What is this picture about?
Gino: I can't see very clearly. Why do we care about this photo?
Evan: We can give it to... to Lindsey. She'll be able to see why someone took a photo of Matthew.

Analyze Photograph of Matthew
Lindsey: A new challenge, <Name>! This wasn't easy at first, you know? However, it just took me some minutes to crack it and see through this picture.
Lindsey: Can you see what's in Matthew's hand?
Gino: I can see something white... It could be anything!
Lindsey: Believe it or not, it's a pack of seeds. It was hard to realize what it was.
Evan: Great, we can see Matthew picking some seeds. Should I be happy?
Lindsey: Kind of. An exactly identic object is peeking out of his suit! Most probably, he was stealing these. Are you happy now?
Gino: If this is actually a crime, I'll go and arrest him!

Confront Matthew Morel about his photo
Gino: Mr Morel, you've been at the Scrap Dot, right?
Matthew: Yeah, I have. I buy sotolon for Jamin Family Company there, we often run out of it.
Gino: So you also stole seeds from there, right? This photograph clearly is the proof!
Matthew: Hahahaha! You can't even see if there's a person in it! That "photo" of yours won't be enough to arrest me.
Matthew: Why don't we have some whisky and talk about it?
Evan: Not even the finest bourbon will save you from this. You're under arrest for shoplifting!
Matthew: Sh*t, I knew those watermelons were no good!

Back at the headquarters...

Evan: So Matthew is a thief. That was unexpected, <Name>!
Gino: Anyway, George's killer is still free. What can we do to see if we can arrest them?
Gino: Why don't we go back to the place where we found him almost buried? I'm sure there have to be more clues there.
Evan: Fine. Take us there, Gino.

Investigate Pit
Evan: I'm sure this shovel is the one the killer used to dig this pit. The only thing we have to do now is find a clue on it.
Gino: What about these pieces? Maybe they make up something important.

Examine Shovel
Gino: What are those fibers? Do they come from the killer?
Evan: Probably. Sabrina will know better.

Analyze Fibers
Gino: So what are those fibers, Sabrina?
Sabrina: Plain cotton. Anyway, there is also some glowing yellow ink on it, see?
Evan: The killer's highlighter, right?
Sabrina: Exactly. It took me quite a lot of time to find some pigments on these fibers to deduce what color are the clothes where the fibers come from.
Sabrina: And it's actually brown!
Gino: We're one step closer to arresting this killer who wears brown. Good job, Sabrina!

Examine Pieces of plastic
Evan: Wow, I wasn't expecting to find this. The pieces made up a bloodstained blister. Who took pills in this field?
Evan: This blood is obviously suspicious. Let's take it to the lab and hope it helps us arrest the killer.

Analyze Bloodstined blister
Lindsey: The things you give me are more complicaetd than they were before, guys. I kind of miss the times when I got fingerprints and cell phones.
Lindsey: Though I didn't give in. I managed to see this blister used to have painkillers in it.
Evan: Do they belong to the killer?
Lindsey: This blood comes from the fight Daniel mentioned, as this is George's blood. Anyway, no traces of these pills were found in his stomach.
Gino: So they belong to the killer.
Lindsey: Yep. A killer who weighs over 175 pounds according to the prescription note.
Evan: WHAT THE-?! Where is that in the blister?
Lindsey: Take a look. A part of it is still visible in this part of the plastic.
Gino: I'm glad the killer's doctor prescribed these painkillers. Now we know they weigh over 175 pounds!

Right afterwards...

Gino: Having so many clues, are we able to arrest the killer now, <Name>?
Evan: Really, <Name>? We do? Let's go then!

Arrest killer
Evan: Matthew Morel, you're under arrest!
Matthew: Yes, I know! I'm arrested for having stolen some watermelon seeds from the scrapyard.
Evan: No, you're under arrest again. You murdered George Jamin!
Matthew: What is it now? You found another blurry photo of me murdering him?
Gino: No, but we found your painkillers, your shovel, your highlighters, your blood, your sotolon... The only thing we couldn't find is your innocence.
Matthew: Cr*p, I can't believe I'm going to jail for this! I thought I had it planned, <Name>, this is your fault!
Evan: Say whatever you want, Matthew. You'll rot in prison.

Esteban Gonzalez: Another murder in the most peaceful yet also wildest district in Townville, the Town Outskirts.
Matthew: He had it coming, your Honor.
Esteban Gonzalez: A few years ago, your wife said she was tired of seeing you unhappy because of your job. I didn't think it would come to this.
Esteban Gonzalez: So the investigation brought up some results. You had a fight with Mr Jamin, right?
Matthew: Yes, I was fed up! He thought he was the company CEO, but he was nothing more than a stupid guy living thanks to the money his brother made!
Matthew: He tried to tell me what to do, he thought he knew a lot about the watermelons issue... I fought with him and with a single punch he passed out.
Matthew: I saw my chance. There was a sack of seeds and a shovel. I dug his grave and buried him in seeds!
Esteban Gonzalez: I guess your sentence will include weekly sessions with a shrink... Will you tell the Court what that "watermelons issue" is about?
Matthew: No, not yet.
Esteban Gonzalez: Well, as long as it's legal, I won't have to worry. Mr Morel, for your voluntary manslaughter, as your lawyer has put it, I sentence you to 30 years in jail with no chance for parole.

Evan: Voluntary manslaughter... I want to see who's the lawyer that said such a thing. It was a murder!
Albert: We meet again, Lead Inspector. Hello, <Rank> <Name>.
Gino: You're... Albert Presto!
Albert: I have to admit, you have defeated me at many trials. Though I guess this time it's a partial victory for both of us. Manslaughter can be easily get rid of with bail in 5 years.
Albert: And what about the boy Jamin? You thought I'd lost in that trial nearly two years ago, right? Who lost now?
Evan: What are you trying to do, Presto? Why do you love Jamin Family Company so much?
Albert: It's the same with the Stefodes, they just pay a lot to a good lawyer. My life revolves around money.
Gino: Let's leave, <Name>. When he realizes the only thing he has is money, he'll understand how poor he is.

Creepy Crops 1 - Transgenic

Evan: Even with Gino by our side, we could solve the case, <Name>! Wasn't it great?
Evan: Wht do you mean with "I did everything", <Name>?! Didn't I help? Not even a little bit?
Evan: I can help now if you want. Tell me, aren't you curious about what those watermelons are for? It might be interesting. Robert always has interesting things in mind.
Evan: Sometimes they're illegal, yeah. I hope this is not the case.
Sabrina: Sorry, but I couldn't help overhearing your little chat. Have you forgotten I'm Ashley Jamin's friend?
Evan: You're right, I'd forgotten! Do you know something about those watermelons?
Sabrina: No, I don't. I can ask her anyway. Would you like to come, <Name>?

Gino: Hi, <Name>! How are you today?
Gino: I'm leaving now, sorry. That story Marco told us about being kidnapped caught my attention. I know it happened two years ago but that criminal is still fine!
Gino: You're already a <Rank> so I might need your help. Can you please escort me there?

Get infrmation from Ashley Jamin about the watermelons
Ashley: Sabrina, you came to see me! I bet it's not a friendly visit since you've brought <Rank> <Name> with you.
Sabrina: Yes, you're right. We want to know about that watermelons affair.
Ashley: I can't tell you yet, sorry! It's still a secret within the company. Maybe we'll officially announce it soon, so be ready. That's all I can say.
Ashley: Nevertheless, I know you, <Rank> <Name>, and I know you'll keep looking for the answer if you want it.
Sabrina: Exactly. So you can make it easier for us or wait until we find the truth for ourselves.
Ashley: Just wait a bit, we'll announce it soon!

Sabrina: So, <Name>... Where do we look for the truth behind this matter of the watermelons?
Sabrina: I agree. There must be a reason why Wanda tried to leave the lab empty after you went there. Why don't we go too? After all, the watermelon replica was in that place!

Investigate Laboratory
Sabrina: That looks exactly like the replica you had found before! It's a real watermelon plant, a citrullus lanatus. It's really beautiful.
Sabrina: It looks normal, though we can be sure the Jamin did some experiments with it. Why don't we take a sample from the plant?

Examine Watermelon plant
Sabrina: You collected a sample, <Name>? Perfect! Now we can look at the DNA in it to make sure this is watermelon. It looks like one, but I don't want to mistake it for a different plant.

Examine Plant's DNA
Sabrina: So is it a watermelon, <Name>?
Sabrina: What? You found genes of a pineapple? Um... You must have made some kind of mistake, <Name>. Pineapple plants don't look like this.
Sabrina: Well, it's ok if you make mistakes. It's the first time you deal with genes and plants, I think. Let me take this to my lab and I'll see what the Jamin did to this plant.

Analyze Strange plant
Sabrina: I'll have to apologize to you, <Name>. You had made no mistakes, the genes you examined are from a pineapple actually. This can only mean one thing, do you understand?
Sabrina: Those are transgenic watermelons, that's what the Jamin family's experiment is about.
Sabrina: There is a lot of controversy when it comes to transgenic food, but that plant had nothing toxic, <Name>. The Jamin will make Townville a better place with this.
Sabrina: More food means less hunger, so poverty might even come to an end. I love this!
Sabrina: Wanda said she was taking care of this experiment, right? She knows a lot about bio-chemistry. Can we go talk to her?

Go talk to Wanda Jamin about their transgenic food new project
Sabrina: Missis Jamin, we found out you're experimenting with transgenic watermelons! When are you planning to announce your project?
Wanda: Shh... No one can know about it! People are still very close-minded about transgenics. We will start our production when it's safe for our company to do so.
Wanda: We started with watermelons because we thought it'd be easier. We'll be making healthier and bigger watermelons and our first production will go to the poor people in Saint Claire.
Wanda: It's the new neighborhood where most of the people from the Residential Zone are now. It's as if we are a charity!
Sabrina: Townville's University will be holding the Townville Awards this year! You might win either the science or solidarity award!
Wanda: I know, I've already bought some clothes for the ceremony! But I think I'll buy more just in case. You can keep these.

Investigate Marco DiGiappo's kidnapping case
Gino: Mr DiGiappo, it's us again!
Marco: What do you need now? Are you going to buy something or just talk?
Gino: Just talk. Can you give us more information about your kidnapping? With a bit of luck, we'll be able to open a new file on the case.
Marco: Two years have passed, I can hardly remember something! I only know I was blinfolded the whole time, nothing else.
Marco: The only hope you have now is the gun you found. Good luck.

Gino: I was stupid. What could this old guy remember after two years? He's right.
Gino: What can we get from that gun, <Name>? Think, please. Gun... gun... trigger... shoot...
Gino: Bullets! The bullets! All the bullets and guns crafted in Townville are serialized so that we can keep track of them. If there's a bullet inside that gun, we could be able to find its owner.
Gino: The gun was stolen or bought illegally according to what the Chief said, I know. It doesn't matter anyway, the kidnapper could have bought the bullets a long time before.

Gino: There's one bullet in the gun, <Name>! Wonderful! This small serial number is a bit scraped. Can you help me?

Examine Bullet
Gino: Great! Now that we have the bullet's serial, let's just cross our fingers and hope that the geek girl can find the one who bought it.

Analyze Bullet
Lindsey: This kidnapping matter is really difficult, <Name>. I'll tell you what my investigations brought up.
Lindsey: The bullet you gave me was bought by Robert Jamin. However, two years ago, he dennounced a theft and within the list of stolen objects...
Lindsey: There were the bullets serialized with this number. He lost them before Marco was kidnapped.
Gino: This isn't good but we know now the thief and the kidnapper are the same person.
Gino: Maybe talking to Robert about the theft will clear things up.

Ask Robert Jamin about the theft from two years ago
Gino: Mr Jamin, we'd like to have a chat with you. I'm sure you remember dennouncing a theft two years ago in which some bullets were stolen.
Gino: Is there any detail about it that you can tell us? We discovered that the thief is also a kidnapper!
Robert: I'm afraid there's nothing else I can tell you. The police never caught the thief.
Gino: What else did they steal?
Robert: Just some money and a few of Wanda and Ashley's belongings, mostly jewellery.
Gino: Fine... If we get more info about the case, we'll let you know.
Robert: Thanks for reopening the case, Detective Gino and <Rank> <Name>. I'll give you a reward for helping us.

A while later...

Sabrina: I'm amused, <Name>! I can't believe the Jamin will be helping poor people, it's a great news for our city. And look, I found a leaflet about it today!
Sabrina: It talks about Jamin Family Company's new programme and its slogan is "End of the Hunger".
Sabrina: Oh God! I hadn't noticed it has a writing in the back. It says "Don't let the Jamin ruin our lives. Make them stop contaminating our soil".
Sabrina: Who could have written this? I know you can find people in our database with their handwriting. Can you teach me how to do it?

Examine Handwriting
Sabrina: That was superb! So the person who wrote this is a man called Andrew Herway. What does our database say about him?
Sabrina: He's an activist, wow. I thought that these over-exaggerated people wouldn't move from the Commercial Area, <Name>.
Sabrina: And look, Herway is one of the main stockholders of Jade River Holdings! This man is trying to slander the Jamin, so I guess...
Sabrina: Megan Alkala and Robert Jamin are facing a new business war, maybe?
Sabrina: Well, who cares? Let's go have a burger, <Name>!
Evan: Er... Can I go with you, guys?
Sabrina: Of course!
Evan: I just wonder... What if those rumors about the Jamin's contamination are true?
Sabrina: I don't think so. Tha Jamin wouldn't do such a thing.
Evan: What about Steve Zasts? He was one of the most important land buyers and he was contaminating! <Name> and I gave him a fine for that.
Evan: I just think we should keep an eye on that family, <Name>. They were never someone to trust. Now, let's go and eat those burgers, please.

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