Suzanna Stolf, legally named as Suzanna Schnee, alias Suzanna Cortonith, is suspected of two murders.


Suzanna is a looking 21-year old woman, whom has a real age of chronologically unknown. She has blue eyes, black hair and has gothic outfit. She is known of singing. Suzanna's blood type was B+, and weighs 166 lbs.

On her first appearance (Forged in Blood), she is using an outfit like her twin sister Lorelei does at New Recruit, except with blue jewels embedded and a blue Cortonith Clan amulet.

Role in Case(s)

Forged in Blood

Suzanna Cortonith is suspected of a murder again for co-hosting the blacksmith contest along with Lorelei Cortonith, her twin. Since they have lots of work, they sometimes leave their files somewhere in the crime scenes. She is found innocent as one of the contestants found guilty, Suzanna is shocked, barring her from participating again but Lorelei removes Sandra's license. Suzanna goes back to work after co-hosting a contest.

Stolf's Remains

Suzanna Cortonith is suspected of a murder again as her location is actually the murder that was happened. Suzanna, along with her twin, were shocked heavily as their mother is killed. Due to that, they willingly help the player to solve the case, though after all evidences have been compiled, they were found innocent after Errol Mitanio is incarcerated to jail. Suzanna and Lorelei built a grave for their dead mother afterwards.


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