Sussana White
Sussana White
Gender Female
Height 5'6
Age 16
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Eye Color blue
Blood Type B-
Hair Color brown
Innocent or Guilty Innocent
Alive or Dead Alive
Case Appearances The Bloody Tea Party

A Sky Without Stars

 Sussana White, is a suspect on The Bloody Tea Party (Case #1) and A Sky Without Stars (Case #2).


Sussana haves long wavy hairs. She haves blue eyes and a jacket. 


The Bloody Tea Party

Player find a tea cup with lipstick. Player talk Sussana about the lipstick. She says she comed here last day for buy some 'fruits' and she drink a tea with victim

Player investage the stall again and find a jacket. Player talk Sussana again from her jacket, she says she do self-defense to Daniel. Daniel is lost his mind and start punching Sussana. But Sussana throw her jacket from her bag and flee from Daniel.

A Sky Without Stars

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