Susan Yerkes was a suspect in the murder investigations of three people in St Ronde as well as a minor appearance in School Days (Case 14 of St Ronde) and a quasi-suspect appearance in Escapee!(Case 26 of St Ronde), before appearing as a suspect in the murder investigation of Sophie Dreschner in Silence in the Library (Case 41 of St Ronde)

Susan Yerkes
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Biographical information
Gender Female
Status Alive
Birth 1954
Nationality American
Residence St Ronde, U.S
Family Jasmine Pepperoni ( Neice)
Affiliation(s) St Ronde library
Game information
First appearance Silent death


Susan is a 65-year-old head librarian of the St Ronde library she wears a brown Jacket with a green tie she is seen holding a few books with her right hand. It Is known that Susan is right handed and drinks coffee

Even though she doesn't physically appear in Casting Death it is known that she is a mechanic

In her second suspect appearance it is known that Susan eats Enchiladas, reads J.K Rowling, and uses motel soap

In her third suspect appearance she ditches the book and has scratches above her right eye. It is known that she has a knowledge of American history and eats Walnuts

In her minor appearance she wears a red rain poncho and has stands of black hair.

In her quasi-suspect appearance, she ditches the rain poncho for a orange jacket.

In her 4th suspect appearance, she's now 66, and she now has a handkerchief in her orange jacket. It is learned that Susan knows her plants, speaks French, and eats Rac & Cheese

Events Of Criminal Case

Susan was first questioned about the body in the library. Susan said she hardly knew the man he hardly came into the library and then kindly asked the team to leave the library if they going to cause a ruckus

Susan was questioned again about the sign she made banning Jonah from her library. Susan said that Jonah trashed her library so many times messed, book origination, made loud noises, burned books etc. to the point Susan had to ban him from the Library

Susan was found to be innocent when Rein Andes was arrested for the murder


Susan is one of the character to appear as a suspect in four cases

Susan is one of the characters to appear in four districts

Case appearances

Silent Death(case 7 of St Ronde)

Casting Death(case 8 of St Ronde; mentioned)

Constructing The Tower Of Murder(Case 10 of St Ronde)

Bit Off More Than You Can Chew (Case 12 of St Ronde)

School Days (Case 14 of St Ronde)

Escapee! (Case 26 of St ronde)

Silence in the Library (Case 41 of St Ronde)

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