Susan Hendrix was a suspect in the murder investigation of her friend Amber Oliver in Amber Alert (Case #2 of Hidden Missions).


Susan is a 32 year old socialite who has blue eyes and short dark blonde hair under a white sunhat with a red ribbon. Susan is wearing a pink sundress with white cloud patterns and a red and white rose broach on her left dress strap. She also wears red lipstick, blush and black eyeshadow as makeup and adorned with gold earrings. In her suspect appearance, it was made known that Susan drinks kale juice, owns a beagle named Mozart and wears sunscreen.

Height 5'7"
Age 32
Weight 130lbs
Blood A+
Eyes Blue

Events in Hidden Missions

The two agents listed Susan down as a suspect when they identified her in a polaroid photo of her with Amber. Susan explained that she was good friends with Amber, claiming that she was her only friend as she had difficulties making friends. Susan also added that she was the one who introduced Amber and Alastair Hahn to each other in Osprey Airlines' 60th anniversary party.

The player and Agent Cruz were interrupted by Mozart, Susan's lost beagle. The two agents returned him to Susan. Later on, Susan was questioned by the two agents after finding a torn picture of Alastair and Amber, with Susan's head photoshopped over Amber's with the text "HE WAS MINE!!!" written across it. Susan claimed that she is smitten with Alastair, she introduced Amber to him thinking that they would remain friends. Furthermore, Susan claims that Amber was rather uninterested in Alastair and was after his money.

In the end of the case, Susan was found innocent of the murder when Amber's husband Edward Jarvis was ousted as the killer.

Case Appearances

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