Sunny Ville
(a model locked district map of sunny ville,it also shows the location of the river,names of some districts got changed)
General information
Type City
Season 1
Setting The late 21st Century
Country none-independent city
Primary LEA Sunny Ville Police Department
Key city figures Graham Sanders(mayor)

Donnel Stoffer(Mobile team coordinator)

Allegretto Zagata (defense force general aka minister of war)

No. of cases in season unknown number (formerly 48)
No. of regions in season 7
Appears in Mysteries From the Future
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Sunny Ville:Mind Games is the title given to the first episode from Mysteries From the Future set to take place in the fictional cosmopolis city of sunny ville.


Sunny ville is a huge cosmopolis independant city that have its own defense force (like army).it has habitants whose origins are from all over the world it divided 7 districts:

The Outskirts

Is the first district,it features an agricultural quite poor rural area.focus on some suspicious activites related to the immigrants,which is leaded by some anonymous figures in the district and trying to discover the motive.


Money Quarter

Is the 2nd district,it features the economy center of the city with many traders and businessmen,it focus on discovering about the pills which has been smuggled by those figures,using the immigrants as puppets,and its sudden release in the pharmacies,so many people consumed it,leading them to suffer from unknown dangerous effects,and trying to uncover the mystery behind these pills


Prawn Avenue

Is the 3rd district,it features urban quite poor distict overlooking the river.sunny ville cemetry is here,it also have a lot of mountains,mines,and abandoned buildings,it focus on investigating urban legend of a treasure burried somewhere in the district which later revealed to be a dangerous non earthly stone,and investigating the recent disappearnces of many people who searched for this treasure.


Academic Area

Is the 4th district,it features the information center of the city,with many schools and acadimes,also sunny ville university is here,it focus on


Dome Groves

Is the 5th district,it features the political center of the city where the rich and the politicans stay,city hall is located here,focus on



Is the 6th district,it features the transport center of the city with many stations such as the metro and the train stations,also sunny ville international airport is here,its known to be one of the earliest areas in sunny ville to get development,and its the most variant district with all kinds of have a lot of old and valuable libraries and museums. focus on



Is the 7th and final distict,it features an highly-developed electronic industrial district with many factories and networks,it focus on


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