10:00 AM, Old Shed.

(After updates and explanations about the game)

Marcilene Ashye: Do you have any more comment before we left?

Agents: All of you will go to the city.

Alerquina Endrok: Well, so I can make a Yu-Death?

Yuki Omana: You mean, You Death?

Alerquina Endrok: No, Yukiteru Dead.

(Yuki Onama look down)

Alwyn Halmy: Do not talk to him like that.

Alerquina Endrok: It seems that the princess of the bombs have feelings for the girlish boy

Luna Sayynonynte: You really just noticed this now?

Agents: Shut up, you guys.

Agents: You are dismissed, go away.

(All participants leave the shed and go to town)

Northwest of the city, 10:26 AM

Alerquina Endrok: Meh this game sucks...

Akise Aru: What do you mean?

Alerquina Endrok: This game is trash, stupid people are just making stupid acts.

Akise Aru: Except me... right?

Alerquina Endrok: No, you are idiot like everyone else.

Alerquina Endrok: A Serial Killer, a terrorist, a girlish boy, a psycho child, the perfect couple, the gothic, and the slave.

Alerquina Endrok: And has you, the weird one.

Akise Aru: And you think you're special?

Alerquina Endrok: Sorry kiddo, the alliance is broken.

Akise Aru: Whatever, good luck queen of the jokes.

(Alerquina go to a near shack)

Alerquina Endrok: I Just gonna sleep a bit...

Alerquina Endrok: (thinking): Since the agents made this game to be faster, I can plan ... know I'm a useless here, I can not kill the serial killer, Luna probably would kill me ... The couple have numerical advantage ... the emo and the slave also...

Alerquina Endrok: (thinking): Terrorist and the effeminate are a perfect match ... Damn, why did I have to be a useless?

(Alerquina start cry)

Alerquina Endrok: Come on Alerquina, you has always been a useless ... you never got beyond the sixth year, never achieved love of parents, you were always a useless in life.

Alerquina Endrok: ...

West of the city, 10:36

Jenipher Aslerk: Marcelinne, I'm tired ... we can stop and get some sleep?

Marcelinne Barcel: Ok...

(Jenipher and Marcelinne end up sleeping in a butcher shop near from there)

(Luna Sayynonynte appears)

Luna Sayynonynte: (thinking): I kill the two with a cutlass, or lock in the refrigerator?

Luna Sayynonynte: (thinking): I guess I get a better a idea.

(Luna take two pills and puts into the mouth of each)

Luna Sayynonynte: (speaking low): Go little childrens, go to sleep.

Luna Sayynonynte: Now ... how will I drag them?

(Luna see a car)

Luna Sayynonynte: Genial idea.

(Luna enter in the car and leads both to the forest)

Village of Cannibals 10:53

Luna Sayynonynte: Good luck to survive girls...

(Marcelinne and Jenipher start to wake up)

Marcelinne Barcel: What the...

Jenipher Aslerk: Marcelinne, here is a cannibal village!

Marcelinne Barcel: How you know this?

Jenipher Aslerk: Luna leave this note... Is written: Good luck to survive, here's a tip, you are in a cannibal village.

Marcelinne Barcel: So let's move!... Urgh, why I cant move?

Jenipher Aslerk: She tied us!

Marcelinne Barcel: Has a utility knife in my pocket, pick and cut the ropes

Jenipher Aslerk: Right!

(Jenipher Aslerk try to pick the utility knife with the hands)

Jenipher Aslerk: Almost....

(Jenipher get the utility knife)

Jenipher Aslerk: Nice!

(Jenipher start to cut their cords)

Jenipher Aslerk: Nice, now I gonna cut your rope.

(Jenipher Aslerk cut the ropes of Marcelinne)

Marcelinne Barcel: Nice!

Marcelinne Barcel: Hey Jenipher, I think we are making progress as a team.

Jenipher Aslerk: I Agree.

Marcelinne Barcel: Let's explore the village...

(Some people start to appear)

Jenipher Aslerk: Marcelinne look back!

Canninbal: (Loud scream): DIE!

(A Spear rips the middle finger of Marcelinne Barcel)

Marcelinne Barcel: (agonizes and scream) FUC* YOU!

(Jenipher Aslerk cut the throat of the Cannibal with the utility knife)

(Cannibal fall into the floor and die)

Marcelinne Barcel: (screaming) TAKE ME OUT OF HERE!

Jenipher Aslerk: But... We were going to investigate here ...

Marcelinne Barcel: NO MORE!

(Jenipher and Marcelinne run to the car and Jenipher start drive to the city)

Marcelinne Barcel: Thank you... Now we gonna just sleep... away from Luna...

Jenipher Aslerk: Ok...

WEST-northwest of the city 11:32

Eduardo Midas: Marcilene... We need talk

Marcilene Ashye: What's wrong Eduardo?

Eduardo Midas: I Think we should separate us...

Marcilene Ashye: Ok... But why?

Eduardo Midas: We are making zero progress together, maybe if we split up, we can kill someone.

Marcilene Ashye: Ok!

Eduardo Midas: See you soon!

West of the city 11:46

Marcilene Ashye: (thinking) I'm alone... I Want Eduardo with me...

Marcilene Ashye: (thinking) I'm nothing with Eduardo...

Marcilene Ashye: (thinking) No, I CANT DO THIS WITHOUT HIM!

Marcilene Ashye: (thinking) What so ever... I need sleep...I'm going to that abandoned hut ... lie down and sleep ...

Marcilene Ashye: (thinking) The hut is... Ok, I cant sleep, so it's fine... I just gonna pee and sleep...

Luna Sayynonynte: Cute... The princess is without the prince ...

Luna Sayynonynte: I wanted first to kill Eduardo ... But is ok ...

Luna Sayynonynte: The princess always drink some water before sleep...

(Luna Sayynonynte start to laughing maniacally)

Luna Sayynonynte: Is suicide time...

(Luna put a white dissolvable pill in Marcilene water bottle)

Luna Sayynonynte: (thinking) The pill gonna react fast... When she drink the water, she gonna suicide yourself...

(Luna pick a old knife from the floor and wait)

(Marcilene come back)

Marcilene Ashye: Uah... Sleep time... but before, some water...

(Marcilene Ashye drink the poisonous water)

(Marcilene eyes go more lighter, pick the old knife and go to the wall)

Luna Sayynonynte: Now the magic will start...

(Marcilene hold the old knife to aim at her head, leaning against the wall)

(Luna start to laugh on a psychopath mode)

(Marcilene start to stab in the head with the knife going from ear to ear)

(Marcilene stabs yourself wildly, with a few tears falling from her face paralyzed, drops of blood fall to the ground, faster and faster)

Luna Sayynonynte: Mission complete.

Northwest of the city, 11: AM

Eduardo Midas: (thinking) Maybe don't was a good idea leave Marcilene alone...

Eduardo Midas: (thinking) Nah, she is fine.

Eduardo Midas: (thinking) Now I gonna find Alerquina, need talk with her.

(After a few minutes of walk, Eduardo find a hut)

Eduardo Midas: Alerquina are you here?

Alerquina Endrok: Hm? Hi Midas, what are you doing here?

Eduardo Midas: Want explore the city?

Alerquina Endrok: Where is your little princess?

Eduardo Midas: Marcilene? I told her for us to separate, she went to the west and I came here.

Alerquina Endrok: You know... Luna is in the west, and Marcy is probably dead.

Eduardo Midas: Nah, she will be fine...

(Luna Sayynonynte appear)

Luna Sayynonynte: No, she is pretty dead.

Luna Sayynonynte: Agents, Marcilene Ashye is dead.

Agents: Ok, good job.

Eduardo Midas: You... You killed her?

Luna Sayynonynte: Yes, and you are the next...

(Luna run with a syringe in hands in the direction of Eduardo Midas)

(Alerquina Endrok grab a baseball bat and protect Eduardo Midas)

Alerquina Endrok: Hell no!

Luna Sayynonynte: Are you retarded? I was going to kill him!

Alerquina Endrok: But it will not.

Luna Sayynonynte: Now I have you as a problem too? F*ck it, love each other, I'll prepare something to kill someone.

(Luna Sayynonynte leave the hut)

Eduardo Midas: That's was... weird.

Alerquina Endrok: Yeah... Want stay here?

Eduardo Midas: Ok...

Eduardo Midas (thinking) Since Marcilene is dead... I guess don't mater..

South of the city 12:14

Yuki Onama: So Alwyn... What we should do?

Alwyn Halmy: Let's out the city...

Yuki Onama: Eh... Where exactly we are?

Alwyn Halmy: Good point...

Alwyn Halmy: Agents, where we are? Has, a city, a florest, a island, and also has a huge hanger in the middle of nowhere...

Agents: Ha... Ha

Alwyn Halmy: What's is so funny?

Agents: Be careful with the snakes and the reptiles...

Yuki Onama: Snakes? Oh my...

Alwyn Halmy: Stop.

Alwyn Halmy: We are in Indonesia right?

Agents: Yes, congratulations...

Alwyn Halmy: So Onama, let's take a bus and hide somewere.

Alwyn Halmy: I Drive this time, the last time, was a confusion.

Yuki Onama: Right...

Yuki Onama: Look, has a bus right there, we drive around town.

Alwyn Halmy: Right...

(Alwyn and Yuki strart to drive arround the town)

Luna Sayynonynte: (Held in the bus back) Oh, sad, someone gonna explode.

Raif Bridge 12:17

Alwyn Halmy: Meh, nothing interesting...

Yuki Onama: Eh... Alwyn, have someone on the road...

Alwyn Halmy: Huh? Someone? But dont has one single person in this town... must be a player

Yuki Onama: But who?

(Yuki try to look more closely)

Yuki Onama: No idea... Is wearing a gas mask, but dont is a real, is a fake one, he also have a long greatcoat...

Alwyn Halmy: Luna use a mask... but is a demon one...

Yuki Onama: No idea, but...He is coming for our direction.

Alwyn Halmy: What? Get a gun Onama, maybe is a enemy...

Alwyn Halmy: Dont get out of the bus.

(The mysterious man get more and more closer)

Mysterious Man: Yuki Onama, this girl is not reliable!

Mysterious Man: You must make a aliance with me, she gonna kill you!

(Mysterious Man approaches and puts his foot in front of the bus and begins to push of the bridge)

Mysterious Man: Do svidaniya su*a!

(The bus start to fall from the bridge)

(The Mysterious Man push Yuki from the bus and leave Alwyn in the falling bus)

(The bus is in 2 wheels before fall)

Yuki Onama: No!

Alwyn Halmy: Help me Onama!

Mysterious Man: Yukiteru, dont trust on her! He gonna kill you, same as she killed his own friends.

Alwyn Halmy: Who give information for you?

Mysterious Man: Yukiteru, she kill anyone, she will be friendly with you, and when you less expect, SHE GONNA KILL YOU!


Yuki Onama: Alwyn... That's true?

Alwyn Halmy: No Onama, I never would kill y-

Yuki Onama: Shut up!

Yuki Onama: You told me, dont trust anyone...

(Yuki start to cry a litte)

Yuki Onama: So... So I can not trust you?...

(Yuki Onama take a gun)

Yuki Onama: I Knew it...

Alwyn Halmy: No, Yuki, listen:

Alwyn Halmy: I killed so many people in my life, and they all had a good reason to die, you do not have, why you are a good ally ...

Yuki Onama: LIER!

Yuki Onama: I Will just ... Ignore you...

Yuki Onama: Mysterious Man... I accept your alliance.

Mysterious Man: Great...

Yuki Onama: F*ck you, of course not!

(Yuki grab a hunting Knife and cut the mask of the Mysterious Man)

Jonh Erick: Dammit!

Yuki Onama: Really Jonh? You trying to make a alliance with me?

Yuki Onama: Alwyn Is my ally, she kill for fun...

Yuki Onama: I

Yuki Onama: KILL

Yuki Onama: FOR

Yuki Onama: SURVIVE!

(Yuki run in the way of Jonh Erick with the hunting knife

Jonh Erick: Dang!

(Yuki hit on the arm of Jonh Erick and run, cutting hands into shoulders)

(Jonh Erick Scream loud of agony)

Jonh Erick: FUC* YOU ONAMA!!!!

(Jonh Erick throw yourself from the bridge, into to the water)

Yuki Onama: Now I will help you...

Luna Sayynonynte: (Held in the bus back) Nu kommer du att dö ...

Luna Sayynonynte: (Held in the bus back) Explodera!

(The front and back of the bus explode)


South of the city 12:00

Luna Sayynonynte: Sprängämnena är redo när paret ange både explodera.

Luna Sayynonynte: Detta kommer att bli kul.

-Back to Present-

Raif Bridge 12:34

(The front and back of the bus explode)

(Alwyn Start to fall from the front of the bus)

(She quickly grab a iron bar and hold yourself)

Alwyn Halmy: Help me Yukiteru!

Alwyn Halmy: (start cry) It's true Yuki, I was going kill you after you get my trust

Alwyn Halmy: But I Started to like you! You are a good allied

Alwyn Halmy: But... Please help me!

Yuki Onama: I Will!

(Yuki going down the iron bars until reach Alwyn)

Yuki Onama: Up in my back!

(Alwyn up in Yuki back, and Yuki begins to climb back)

(The two are almost reaching the top)

(Alwyn slide)

Yuki Onama: Alwyn!

(Alwyn Halmy start fall from the iron bars)

Alwyn Halmy: I Cant hold anyone!

Yuki Onama: Grab my leg!

(Start raining)

(Alwyn start to up in yuki body into the bridge)

Yuki Onama: Now help me!

(Alwyn get the arm of Yuki and pulls it into to the bridge)

Alwyn Halmy: Thank you...

(Yuki Onama hug Alwyn)

(Alwyn kiss Yuki on the mouth)

Yuki Onama: I Love you.

Alwyn Halmy: Same.

Agents: Eh... Players, we need have a meeting...

Alerquina Endrok: You know... We are kinda... 6 Or 7 KM away from your guys...

Agentst: Dont matter... Is important...

End of Chapter, go to Terrorist History  Chapter 8 of 16 For War

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The death of Marcilene Ashye, in vídeo: Go for 2:45.

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