Type City
Country Flag of United States United States of America
Inhabitants Culturally diverse citizens
Population 25,000+
Primary LEA Stygiana Police Department
Key figures Spencer Pratt (Chief of Police)
Appearance(s) Criminal Case (s1)

Stygiana is a city used as the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case.

Located in the United States of America, Stygiana is a metropolitan city divided into a total of six districts. The first fifty cases of the game are located across this city.

The Stygiana Police Department (SPD) is the law enforcement agency that serves the city of Stygiana.


The city of Stygiana features a total of six different districts, each with unique scenery and composition.

Distillery Row

A parody of Cannery Row, Distillery Row is where much of the alcohol in Stygiana is produced, hosting a variety of distilleries and bars. The district's plot involves the new alcohol prohibition invoked by the mayor.

Cabo San Villanueva

Based on Cabo San Lucas, Cabo San Villanueva is the second district of Stygiana. a fun, beachside district with poolside resorts and cabanas all around. The district revolves around dismantling a local cult.

Rose Desert

A reference to the desert rose, the Rose Desert is the third district of Stygiana. It features a sweltering and expansive desert with pink sands. The district focuses on capturing and identifying a runaway serial killer.

Carbon Valley

Based on the Silicon Valley, Carbon Valley is the fourth district of Stygiana. It is recognized as the technological epicenter of the city. The district focuses on the theft of mechanical parts across the district and discovering the truth behind the thefts.

Burton Square

Burton Square is the fifth district of Stygiana. Considered to be the most affluent district of the city, it deals with self-centered individuals as well as people who pride themselves on their wealth. The district features various gorgeous villas and also contains a thriving financial sector. The focus on the district is on the upcoming mayoral elections.

Stygiana Shoreline

The Stygiana Shoreline is the sixth and final district of Stygiana. Featuring an estuary, ferries, and a lighthouse, this district is Stygiana at its heart. The district features unearthing the dark secrets of the city.


  • The name of the city is a play on the word on the word stygian—with it referring to something that is extremely dark, gloomy, or forbidding. Hence, Stygiana could be roughly defined as "dark, gloomy, and forbidding"—therefore reflecting the city's dark secrets which are finally unearthed in the season finale.
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