Strategies Behind the Screen
General information
Season 2
City London, England
Region British Isles
Case # 7
Initial release date 16th January 2021
Partner(s) Violetta Rose (Chapters 1-3 & 1 task in Uncovering the Isles' Darkside 7)
Savannah Rodriguez (Uncovering the Isles' Darkside 7)
Ethan Pierre (Chapter 1)
Case chronology
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Going Down in Flames The Musical Mysteries
(in Central Europe)
Now everything comes to an end in London where Clifford Fletcher is going to address the whole nation in order to clear all the suspicion about him. But he's unaware an assassin had gone back to her past profession only to bring him down. With the MI6 being very compromised and a mastermind running loose, the EASD has no choice but to try and stop things from turning the worse one can imagine.

Strategies Behind the Screen is a case featured in Criminal Case as the seventh case of Mysterious Secrets of Europe (Season 2) and the sixty-third case overall. It is the seventh and final case to take place in the British Isles region.


In order to stop assassin Lucy Nightingale from murdering British PM Clifford Fletcher since it would divide the whole isles into two parts and the chaos would be almost impossible to handle, the EASD went to London where Clifford was supposed to address the whole nation. With only one hour left, Chief Salminen sent both Violetta and Ethan with the player to find Lucy and ensure Clifford's safety no matter how suspicious he was. So, the trio quickly rushed towards the London seminar hall to warn Clifford where they noticed him getting ready to give his speech. However, as he proceeded to address the nation, Violetta spotted Lucy approaching him silently with a gun in her hand, prompting the trio to run towards her, but Lucy also saw them and pointed the gun at Clifford, leaving him shocked in the process. However, suddenly something electrocuted Lucy fatally and she fell down, not being able to shoot Clifford. Seeing this, Clifford immediately left the place with his guards while Ethan checked Lucy's pulse, letting him realize she was still alive. Anyway, somehow catching her breath, Lucy said that she had given them a chance to uncover the real mastermind, and that they should make good use of it before she died in Ethan's hands.

Understanding Lucy had sacrificed her life, the trio stood up and searched the hall before sending her body to Nicholas. They then found some clues which led them to Clifford and MI6 director Madison Walker since Lucy had given Clifford an indirect warning while Madison had somehow learnt that Lucy had gone rogue and assigned a lot of agents to find and arrest her, causing the team to get skeptical given there was almost no way the MI6 could know about it. However, the trio then searched the PM's residence at the 10 Downing Street where they flagged Prince of Wales, Prince Christian and internet analyst Jamie Lockhart as suspects since Christian was also aware of Lucy's intentions and had a meeting with Clifford, trying to find a solution which wouldn't ruin Clifford of his image, while Jamie had received a message from Lucy where the latter had instructed the analyst to search Dinamo's database for any shady detail, making Jamie wonder why'd the assassin want her to do so. Meanwhile, Nicholas said that the killer had planted an electroshock device inside Lucy's smartwatch and triggered it remotely, and that they had to know electronics in order to do so.

Later on, the trio came back to the station where Lena approached them with a detector. She then ordered them to stand still, causing Violetta to ask what was going on and she replied that she believed Madison had injected one of them with a tracking beacon which was allowing her to get all the news. So, the trio stood there, and Lena examined them, soon discovering that Madison had put a micro-beacon inside Ethan, making him realize Madison had laced his drink a while ago. Lena sighed and said that he'd need to undergo surgery and Ethan's face went pale, right when Sav approached them, saying that intern journalist Lyall Buckley had broadcasted a voice message from deep web where they could hear someone talking about taking care of Lucy, and that the voice was very similar to Kevin Pryde's voice. Nicholas and Kristoff then took Ethan to Nicholas' room as Sav played the record which was almost twenty seconds in length. However, as the voice in question talked about Lucy, Lena said that the MI6 had marked Lyall as a fugitive and that he had covered his tracks perfectly, which was why no one could find him yet. Chief Salminen then decided to deal with Madison while Violetta went to a corner and dialed a secret number which led him to Lyall, who told her to meet him at the rest stop near the M25 motorway. Sav asked Violetta whom did she call, and she replied it was a friend as she quickly left the station with the player and went to the rest stop where they found Lyall sitting on a chair, keeping an eye on everything. So, they questioned him, and he explained he didn't have much time and that the killer had to be Kevin. Violetta said Kevin was dead, and he replied that he didn't believe that since according to his researches Kevin was the mastermind working around the British Isles. Violetta stood silently, wondering what to do ahead as Lyall revealed he had seen Lucy come to the very rest stop and that they should search around while he lurked around in order to try and find more information. He then quickly left, prompting the team to search the place and add artist Julia Pryde and car dealer Miles Tyson as suspects, since Lucy had met Julia personally and took a lot of information about Kevin from her, while Miles was confronted by the victim after she had found out there was almost no information about his past life. Anyway, Madison and Christian were interrogated as well after the team discovered that the former was still believing double agent Elsie Thompson's reports and ordered the MI6 agents to hunt down and arrest people like Brandon Stewart, Adrian Horsepower and Genevieve Merrills without having any solid proof, while Christian refused to believe his late girlfriend was a criminal and decided to report to the EASD director in order to shut down the organization.

Soon afterwards, the team got a call from Sav who said that a lot of people had started protesting to make Clifford step down, and that they were going to compromise their crime scene given they were tearing down the M25 motorway in rage. Hearing this, the team quickly went to the rest stop while the local police tried to calm the protestors down, giving the team some time. Anyway, the team found Julia there and questioned her, and she explained that she had some works to finish which was why she was there but that the situation turned too tense for her to get out of the rest stop given people was suspecting she might be behind Lucy's murder thanks to her father's possible connection. However, the team searched the place once again and learnt that Clifford had threatened Lucy by saying that he'd make her go behind bars unless she stopped spreading rumors about him, Jamie crashed a website just for Lucy to get inside anonymously and get some useful information, Lyall had personally contacted Lucy to discuss his researches regarding Kevin and the terrorist attacks and that Miles had sabotaged Lucy's car after the latter accused him to be an imposter.

Finally, as the London residents almost burned down the city, Violetta and the player all the clues needed to arrest Miles for the murder.

Knowing Miles would be at the rest stop, the team got into the car as Violetta drove towards the place. Mid-way, Violetta heard someone calling her name, so she looked around and noticed Lyall at the sidewalk. She then stopped the car as Lyall approached them and asked if they had found the killer. As Violetta nodded, Lyall excitedly asked if it was Kevin and she replied that it was actually Miles. Lyall said it wasn't possible and started revealing his secrets by saying that a few months ago, when he was in Scotland, he had to take some pictures and videos for a project. However, one night he had got an anonymous call where someone had threatened him to give the pictures and videos to them unless he wanted Cassie Brown dead. His initial response was to say no, but after cutting the call something kept bothering him, since the caller had a lot of information about him. Anyway, someone had stolen all the pictures from his laptop that night, causing him to get determined and search all the pictures' negatives, which he thankfully had, for clues and soon he stumbled upon a picture which showed Kevin. Knowing he had died long ago, Lyall felt something was wrong and decided to investigate deeper, even hacking into the MI6 server to get information but it only exposed his intentions, and caused the shady people to get behind him once again although they had stopped after getting the pictures. Whatever, he soon deduced that Kevin had faked his death and was the mastermind behind the crimes. Lyall then asked permission to go with them, causing Violetta to think a bit given the highway was literally empty and the situation was pressuring her to say no. Lyall then said that he'd rather die after knowing the truth than live with a lie, so Violetta told him to get inside the car as the trio went to confront Miles. At the rest stop, they found him sitting alone. Seeing them, Miles asked if they needed something, and Violetta told him to stop the act given they knew he was the killer. Miles stared at them a bit and smirked, saying it was lucky for Lyall to get a girlfriend who was helping him despite he was against the law. After Violetta corrected him by saying that she had a girlfriend, Miles quickly took his words back before throwing homophobic comments at her, causing them to snap. Anyway, Miles explained he had killed Lucy under Clifford's orders and that the PM was the leader of their hidden organization. As Violetta told him to carry on, he continued by saying that Lucy was an obstacle who had researched about all the law enforcement agencies and to her, only the EASD was trustworthy enough. He kicked a table, saying no one would have even suspected anything if it wasn't for her plan of uncovering them which included her sacrifice. He then looked at Lyall and revealed it was Elsie who had stolen his camera and used it to film Lynn Michaels and Brodie Wilson in order to manipulate Innes Cameron into killing the singer so they could frame Lyall and stop his investigation, given everyone would believe that a heartbroken intern had masterminded the murder of his idol to get the credit of a burning news. He laughed, saying how Aeres Eiddwen was never supposed to kill Christian, and that her main target was Rhian Quill who had gone rogue, and that action also prompted Christian to distrust the EASD and put his trust on the MI6 which got heavily compromised with their own agents. He rolled his eyes and added that Nolan Ferris and Storm Lawrence were their valuable agents but some people had to be too good and murder them which jeopardized Storm's task to murder Lyall so he'd never be able to warn anyone. He then muttered it was quite clever for Burke Wesley to send his original formula to Brandon and die so Harold Flynn would take the fake one. Meanwhile, Allison Paisley was used as a bait since she failed to get information from Stella Mercury, and they had to lose something in order to gain bigger things, and that with the British Isles' people divided into two groups, and Madison still believing their agents' reports, their plan would work better than ever. Violetta then asked what was their organization and what plan he was talking about, and he replied he wouldn't tell them anything else as he waved at Lyall, telling him to get ready to be arrested given everyone would buy the theory of an intern journalist's tries to be famous via desperate attempts. Violetta said he wouldn't need to bother about that before saying he was under arrest, and Miles advised her to say that to Miles. Being skeptical, Violetta asked what he meant, and he took off his mask, revealing himself as MI6 agent Malcolm Bentley. He then said Miles Tyson didn't exist and that it was actually his disguise to blend in, making the team totally surprised in the process. Lyall asked why was he telling them everything, and he replied it was because they wouldn't be alive to tell them to anyone as the trio noticed people rushing towards themselves with weapons in their hands, prompting Violetta to grab Lyall's hand and run towards the car. As Malcolm and his people started firing at them, the trio quickly got inside the car as Violetta drove quickly, and Lyall desperately took a grenade from her pocket and threw it behind, making a barrier of fire between them and Malcolm's team.

After almost twenty minutes, the trio came back to the station and fortunately Malcolm's team wasn't following them. There, Ethan, who was feeling relieved since his surgery was finished, was surprised to see Lyall with them as Ellie and Cassie approached them, causing the former to hug Violetta while Cassie was glad to see her internet friend, right when the EASD director, Edmund Carter, and Madison called them and showed the footage of the burning highway before saying both Violetta and Lyall were under arrest, one for secretly helping a fugitive, and another for various crimes, making them shocked.

Violetta then tried to say something but Chief Salminen stopped her, asking why she hadn't told them anything about her connection with Lyall. Violetta replied she felt like it'd be better to keep it a secret as Madison agreed to Edmund, saying that both of them deserved to be behind bars. Narrowing her eyes, Violetta snapped by saying that what she had done was perfectly correctly given Madison was literally spying on the via Ethan, shutting the MI6 director in the process. However, as Edmund wanted to know why Lyall had used a grenade to burn down the highway, the trio started to explain what had happened a few minutes ago at the rest stop. Edmund didn't seem to believe them and said that they would need to prove Kevin, Clifford and Christian's involvement in that matter. Violetta scratched her head and said that she didn't believe Clifford was after everything and that she felt like he was being framed. Madison laughed, saying they should watch their words as Violetta, who was on the edge to do something bad, said that she wasn't the one who said that Clifford was the mastermind and that she was with Lyall, given the idea of Kevin faking his death seemed plausible to him since the MI6 couldn't recognize his body due to it being totally burnt. Edmund thought a little but got her points, and ordered Chief Salminen to send anyone but Violetta to the rest stop again in order to investigate more. Since Ethan was having difficulties, Sav went there with the player where they found the mask that resembled Miles' face. After examining it, the duo found some DNA sample which was sent Kristoff, who after analysis said that he couldn't find much information about the DNA except that it belonged to Kevin, leaving all of them in a pool of confusion as Lena approached them and showed a hologram image which featured the facial resemblance among Kevin, Miles and Malcolm, making them wonder as for who was actually Lucy's killer and the real mastermind. Kristoff then said that Kevin's DNA was very similar with Miles' and Malcolm's, but that his daughter, Julia's DNA was also similar with them. Sav and the player then went to quiz the artist about Miles and Malcolm, and she denied knowing any of them. She then advised them to keep it in mind that her father used to work around Central Europe as well, and that no matter who the killer was, they might have gone there.

Lena showing the facial similarities among Kevin, Miles and Malcolm.

Meanwhile, Sav and the player also went to confront Clifford, who stunned after hearing their accusations. He then looked outside the window and started revealing that Lucy was his best friend's daughter, and that there was no way he'd order a hit on her since she was like his own daughter. He explained it was Lucy's idea to stop the tensions once and for all by forcing the mastermind into making a mistake, and that she had just pretended to be after Clifford so that the mastermind would target her and give the EASD a chance to uncover them, just like Lucy had planned. He looked down, and said that Lucy was the one who had ordered his friend, Burke to give his formula to his most trusted student, who was none other than Brandon. Clifford then started to tear up, saying he never wanted to work according to her plan given it included her sacrifice, but Lucy was determined, thinking it was the only way. The PM then told them to search his room in case they were still having doubts, prompting the duo to do so. Soon, they found Lucy's box, which according to Clifford, required Ethan's fingerprints to unlock since the assassin had developed some feelings for the Elite force agent. So, the team took the box to Ethan who unlocked it, allowing them to find a microchip inside which was sent to Lena. After a few hours, Lena informed them that Clifford was speaking the truth and that Lucy believed Clifford was innocent and put her trust on the EASD after the mastermind decided to frame him in order to finish their work while the country blamed him, and that she also had doubts on Dinamo and wanted the team to clear all the charges brought against Brandon and Genevieve by the MI6. Now that it was clear Clifford wasn't the mastermind, the team felt relieved since it would have caused the situation to be even worse as Lena said that the aforementioned duo was together and that they were hiding themselves pretty well, but she could track them to the seminar hall along with Jamie. So, the team went to question Jamie about them, and she revealed she had seen them but that they had left long ago before advising to search around for her USB key since she had collected some interesting information, prompting them to do so. There, they found a message that Lucy had left previously for Brandon and Genevieve, which showed the coordinates of a safe house for them, and Jamie's USB which was sent to Lena. So, the team first followed the coordinates and found the house with the duo inside. Brandon and Genevieve then quickly approached them and asked if they were still being hunted, and Sav replied they'd take care of it, since Lucy's testimony was pretty much enough to prove they were innocent, and that Brandon giving the formula to Lena earlier would leave the MI6 no chance but to believe they meant no harm. Sav then asked if they were alright, and Genevieve winked, saying the last week was quite adventurous and that it went well since she was with a charming guy, and Brandon laughed with a blush, saying he also liked to spend time with her before they thanked the team, finally being able to walk as free people.

Again, Lena's analysis showed that Jamie had managed to hack inside Dinamo's server and collected information about the company's secret side. She explained that Dinamo had sent some people to different countries anonymously without any record and that Jamie believed someone was doing it individually. Lena said they should talk with PR representative Winston Caffrey given his actions were kinda suspicious. So, the team then went to see Winston who refused knowing anything, saying there were more people capable of doing it before excusing himself for his unfinished works.

Finally, Sav and the player gave the case report to Edmund, who turned skeptical after reading the report given Violetta and Lyall's claims of Kevin being alive could be true. Anyway, he exclaimed it was good for Clifford to be clean although Christian's involvement was unclear, but that London was already divided and the situation was too tense. However, as he said Violetta and Lyall were free now, the duo came back to the station where Chief Salminen reviewed the whole case file like Edmund and wondered what to do ahead, and Lena approached them, saying she had found out Dinamo had anonymously sent a lot of people to Central Europe, especially Netherlands, so they should go there, since Julia had also suggested to do the same. As it was fixed they'd go to Netherlands next, Violetta looked outside, missing her country suddenly. Cassie and Lyall then said that they'd leave, and the team thanked Lyall for helping them indirectly as he smiled, saying he was glad to be of help and save his best friend. He then approached Violetta and extended his hand, saying it was nice meeting her and they shook hands before he started walking away with Cassie. Suddenly, he turned back and hugged Violetta tightly, thanking her for believing in him when no one else did, and Violetta hugged him back as she smiled, saying she was glad that he also trusted her and she didn't break his trust. They then said goodbye, and Lyall headed towards the airport with Cassie as the team started to get ready, since there next destination would be Amsterdam where their search for the real mastermind would continue.



  • Lucy Nightingale (Got electrocuted fatally at the seminar hall)

Murder Weapon

  • Electroshock Smartwatch


  • Miles Tyson



Killer's Profile

  • The killer drinks Bloody Mary.
  • The killer knows electronics.
  • The killer plays electronic guitar.
  • The killer wears a black cap.
  • The killer weighs not more than 150 lbs.

Crime Scenes

London Seminar Hall Audience Seats London Seminar Hall Bonus
10 Downing Street Parking Lot 10 Downing Street Bonus
Rest Stop Outside Benches Rest Stop Bonus


Chapter 1

  • Investigate London Seminar Hall. (Clues: Victim's Body, Wallet, Torn Card; Victim identified: Lucy Nightingale)
  • Examine Wallet. (Result: Assassination Warning; New Suspect: Clifford Fletcher)
  • Question Clifford Fletcher about his getting a warning from Lucy. (Prerequisite: Wallet examined)
  • Examine Torn Card. (Result: Access All Areas Card; New Suspect: Madison Walker)
  • Interrogate Madison Walker about her presence at the seminar hall. (Prerequisite: Torn Card examined)
  • Investigate 10 Downing Street. (Clues: Epaluette, Locked Phone; Prerequisite: Madison interrogated)
  • Examine Epaluette. (Result: Royal Epaluette; New Suspect: Prince Christian)
  • Talk with Prince Christian about meeting Clifford earlier. (Prerequisite: Epaluette examined)
  • Examine Locked Phone. (Result: Unlocked Phone; New Suspect: Jamie Lockhart)
  • Quiz Jamie Lockhart about hacking into Dinamo's server. (Prerequisite: Locked Phone examined)
  • Examine Tracker Device. (Result: Liquid Substance)
  • Analyze Liquid Substance. (07:00:00; Attribute: The killer drinks Bloody Mary)
  • Autopsy Victim's Body. (18:00:00; Attribute: The killer knows electronics; Murder Weapon registered: Electroshock Smartwatch)
  • Go to Chapter 2. (No stars)

Chapter 2

  • Meet Lyall Buckley in secret and question him about the record. (Available after unlocking Chapter 2; Profile updated: Lyall drinks Bloody Mary and knows electronics; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Rest Stop)
  • Investigate Rest Stop. (Clues: Napkin, Purse, Defused Electroshock Device; Prerequisite: Lyall interrogated)
  • Examine Napkin. (Result: Secret Reminder)
  • Interrogate Julia Pryde about being confronted by Lucy. (Profile updated: Julia drinks Bloody Mary and knows electronics)
  • Examine Purse. (Result: Miles' Photo)
  • Quiz Miles Tyson about the lack of information about him. (Profile updated: Miles drinks Bloody Mary and knows electronics)
  • Examine Defused Electroshock Device. (Result: Burned Wires)
  • Analyze Burned Wires. (07:00:00; Attribute: The killer plays electronic guitar)
  • Investigate Parking Lot. (Clues: Faded Paper, Locked Camcorder; All tasks before must be done first)
  • Examine Faded Paper. (Result: Confidential Paper)
  • Confront Madison about still working according to Elsie Thompson's reports. (Profile updated: Madison drinks Bloody Mary and knows electronics)
  • Examine Locked Camcorder. (Result: Video Clip)
  • Question Christian about his accusing Lucy of murdering his girlfriend. (Profile updated: Christian drinks Bloody Mary and knows electronics)
  • Go to Chapter 3. (1 star)

Chapter 3

  • Question Julia about her presence at the rest stop. (Available after unlocking Chapter 3; Profile updated: Julia plays electronic guitar; New Crime Scene Unlocked: Outside Benches)
  • Investigate Outside Benches. (Clues: Broken Battery, Glass Shards, Handcuffs, ; Prerequisite: Julia interrogated)
  • Examine Broken Battery. (Result: Laptop Battery)
  • Analyze Laptop Battery. (08:00:00)
  • Confront Jamie about crashing a website for Lucy. (Profile updated: Jamie plays electronic guitar)
  • Examine Glass Shards. (Result: Coded Message)
  • Interrogate Lyall about meeting the victim personally. (Profile updated: Lyall plays electronic guitar)
  • Examine Handcuffs. (Result: Clifford's Fingerprints)
  • Quiz Clifford about sending Lucy a symbolized message. (Profiles updated: Clifford drinks Bloody Mary, knows electronics and plays electronic guitar; Madison plays electronic guitar; Christian plays electronic guitar)
  • Examine Car Design. (Result: Lucy's Car)
  • Ask Miles what he did with Lucy's car. (Profile updated: Miles plays electronic guitar)
  • Investigate Audience Seats. (Clues: Adapter, Smashed Can; All tasks before must be done first)
  • Examine Adapter. (Result: Black Fabric)
  • Analyze Black Fabric. (08:00:00; Attribute: The killer wears a black cap)
  • Examine Smashed Can. (09:00:00; Result: Bloody Mary Can)
  • Analyze Bloody Mary Can. (09:00:00; Attribute: The killer weights not more than 150 lbs)
  • Take care of the killer now.
  • Go to Uncovering the Isles' Darkside (7/7). (No stars)

Uncovering the Isles' Darkside (7/7)


  • Explain the situation to Edmund Carter. (Available after unlocking Uncovering the Isles' Darkside 7)
  • Investigate Rest Stop. (Clue: Mask; Prerequisite: Edmund interrogated)
  • Examine Mask. (Result: DNA Sample)
  • Analyze DNA Sample. (05:00:00)
  • Ask Julia if she has any connection with Miles and/or Malcolm. (Prerequisite: DNA Sample analyzed; Reward: Black Cap [Male]; Pink Cap [Female])
  • Quiz Clifford about the mastermind's motive. (Available after unlocking Uncovering the Isles' Darkside 7)
  • Investigate 10 Downing Street. (Clue: Clifford's Drawer)
  • Examine Locked Box. (Result: Locked Box [Microchip])
  • Analyze Microchip. (06:00:00)
  • Ask Jamie if she had seen Brandon and Genevieve. (Reward: Burger; Prerequisite: Microchip analyzed)
  • Investigate London Seminar Hall. (Clues: Lucy's Diary, Trash Can; Prerequisite: Jamie interrogated)
  • Examine Lucy's Diary. (Result: Co-ordinates)
  • Go find Genevieve Merrills and Brandon Stewart and inform they're safe. (Prerequisite: Lucy's Diary examined)
  • Examine Trash Can. (Result: USB Key)
  • Analyze USB Key. (08:00:00)
  • Interrogate Winston Caffrey about Dinamo's illegal inside activities. (Reward: 20000 Coins; Prerequisite: USB Key analyzed)
  • Move on to a new crime (in Central Europe)! (No stars)


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