On the way to the Rochester Gaming Event
Matthew: Who's ready for a full month of relaxing and fun?
Emily: Me. It will be quite fun. An event with all the newest games and the biggest game titles around
Richard: Quite. It will be fun. I'm going to have a go on the Jinder game
Tom: I don't know about me. I'm still reeling from the fact that my girlfriend was the Devil...
Fiona: I'm still reeling from the fact I shot you
Matthew: I want everyone on there best behaver. The new commissioner will be there.
Amy: From what I've heard. She's a nice but strict woman
Emily: Oh good. It's about time we had more women in the force.
Matthew: We are here!. Everyone out
Outside the Event
Katherine: Ah. Matthew. I was wondering when you were going to get here. You are about 10 seconds late
Matthew: Who counts the time?
Katherine: Me. I remember you being about 20 seconds late for that "Meeting"
Matthew: No lovey Dovey talking
Katherine: Indeed. Anyway. ATTENION PPD!
Katherine: Now. You must be Tom?
Tom: Yes Miss
Katherine: Good. Richard, Emily, Fiona and Amy
Katherine: And {Name}...
Katherine: Ah yes, I've heard a lot about you from old Archie. Best Officer he said. Well I just don't believe him. Archie was known for lying some times.
Katherine: I've hidden something around this area. Find it and give it back to me!

Chapter 1

Investigate Rochester Event Hall Katherine: Oh well done. You've found my box.
Emily: That's not all. There's a dead body with a big stick in her heart!
Katherine: Geez! Who would have done that?
Richard: Yes miss
Amy: I'll analyse the body miss
Katherine: Good. We just need a lead.
Edward: Hello {Name}. I knew you would make I- MUM. What happened to her!
Katherine: This woman was your mother. What is your name sir?
Edward: E-Edward Looper Rochester
Katherine: Alright. You seem in shock. Come with me and Emily and we'll need to ask you some questions!
Ask Edward Looper Rochester about his mother
Edward: Was Crying......
Emily: Oh dear. I know what it's like to lost a mother
Katherine: Edward?
Edward: Y-Yes?
Katherine: Could you tell us where your mother was last. It might help us with our investigation
Edward: A-At the Ker-Plunk Game Area. She was playing a game with me and my boyfriend
Emily: Ah yes. Edmon. The mayor's son
Edmon: Edward. What happened!
Katherine: Here's the man of the hour. Sir. I take it you are Edward's Boyfriend?
Edmon: Yes miss. I heard the news about Susan and came to support Edward.
Katherine: Very well. I believe me and Emily should have a look at the Ker-plunk Area while you look after Edward.
Investigate Ker-plunk Game Area
Katherine: I sure hope Edward is alright. I hard to see a family broken like that
Katherine: Wow. You found some clues. What did you find
Katherine: A Ker-Plunk stick. That could be our murder weapon. Let's see what we can get from it first!
Katherine: Also a Ripped Jacket and a Game board. I question why you picked up that board but I will see if Archie was right about you
Examine Ker-Plunk Stick
Katherine: So you found some fingerprints. This could be a massive lead!
Katherine: Let's get it to Fiona Baggins on the double!
Examine Ripped Jacket
Katherine: So that Ripped Jacket was for a young man called Russell clock
Katherine: Interesting. Let's found this Russell Clock and question him at once!
Examine Game Board
Katherine: Well someone wasn't that angry at the victim according to this message. It reads
Katherine: "This women belongs in hell for what she did"
Katherine: What the...
Katherine: What's that. We have no one to send it to?
Katherine: I'm sure Matthew hasn't told you this but...
Katherine: Matthew is a expert in profiling. We'll send it to him!
Talk to Russell Clock
Katherine: Evening Mr Clock. We understand this might be your jacket
Russell: Yes. It is. Where did you find it
Katherine: On the Ker-plunk floor...Ripped up
Russell: Oh. I don't remember leaving it there.
Katherine: Maybe you didn't but we did find that you were in the place where Susan Looper Rochester was
Russell: Susan? Never heard of her. Is she related to that Edward dude I played with earlier?
Katherine: It's his mother
Russell: Wait. Why are you talking about her with me
Katherine: Because she was found murdered outside of this very centre
Russell: Wait. Murdered! Poor Edward.
Katherine: Indeed. We want you to stay in this centre please till this investigate till it's over
Analyse Fingerprints
Katherine: Fiona. Who did the fingerprint belong to?
Fiona: Well the fingerprints confused me at first because it said that the fingerprints belonged to a woman.
Katherine: Well give me her name and we stall question her
Fiona: It won't be as easy as that. Because they are non binary meaning they don't belong to any gender
Katherine: That's new. What is their name?
Fiona: Taylor Looper Rochester
Katherine: Taylor. Ah yes. They are known for protesting transgender rights. We must find them at once and question them
Question Taylor Looper Rochester about their aunt
Katherine: Good morning si-
Taylor: If you don't mind. Can you call me they.
Katherine: Indeed. Sorry Taylor.
Taylor: It's alright. What do you need?
Katherine: We are here about your aunt
Taylor: Which one?
Katherine: Susan Looper Rochester
Taylor: What has she done now. Hit Edward or something. Called him a gay pig?
Taylor: Because I'm getting sick and tried of her mistreatment of him.
Katherine: We wish it was but we found her murder outside
Taylor: Murdered you say. Good. She kept calling me, Edward and Larry names and kept hitting us because we were "Monsters" in her eyes
Taylor: I don't care about what people may say but she was the devil. Good riddance to her!

Analyse Gameboard
Matthew: I see you want me to do my old job again
Katherine: Matt. It's important. What can you tell us about the writing
Matthew: Well the writing suggest anger.
Matthew: The writing is also very messy for someone who is angry
Matthew: Look at the letters. They are thin but angry.
Matthew: Susan was also known as a police officer. Which only means one thing
Matthew: Your killer must have a criminal record!
Katherine: A Criminal Record you say. Shame they couldn't keep their clean record.

Analyse Victim's Body
Katherine: Amy. What could you tell us about the body
Amy: Well there's nothing to it. She died with a stick to her hearts and marbles in her mouth
Katherine: This killer really wanted her dead
Amy: Indeed but I found something
Katherine: What is that Amy?
Amy: A armband that wasn't on the victim
Katherine: An armband you say. Let me see that
Katherine: I know what this armband is for. It's for the local Museum down the road
Katherine: And if it wasn't on the victim. It must have been the killer's.
Katherine: We are getting close. We now know our victim has a armband!

In the office
Katherine: You've done amazing so far {Name}
Katherine: Not only have you found Susan murdered
Katherine: But we also have 3 suspects
Katherine: The victim's son and Taylor. Who claimed that Susan used to hit Edward and their self because they were un-normal
Katherine: We also have a gamer who see-
Edward: Someone help!
Katherine: My dear boy. What's wrong?
Katherine: Taylor's what!

Chapter 2

In the office
Katherine: You've done amazing so far {Name}
Katherine: Not only have you found Susan murdered
Katherine: The victim's son and Taylor. Who claimed that Susan used to hit Edward and their self because they were un-norm-
Edward: Someone help!
Katherine: My dear boy. What's wrong?
Katherine: Taylor's what!
Katherine: Where was h- They seen last
Edward: Right after you interviewed them. They left in anger.
Edward: And now I see why. They don't like being tagged to a gender
Katherine: Where did they go?
Edward: Near Rochester Forest I think.
Katherine: Then we better go to Rochester Forest right now!
Investigate Rochester Forest
Katherine: They aren't here. I'm so worried about Taylor's safety now
Katherine: Wait. You found a message for me. Give it to me
Katherine: Dram. The note is faded!
Katherine: Please recover the note and see what is on that dagger NOW!

Examine Message to Katherine
Katherine: What does the message say?
Katherine: "Dear Katherine. You offended Taylor and many other Non Binary people."
Katherine: "Non Binary people don't stick to one gender. They see themselves as both genders"
Katherine: I didn't mean to call Taylor a he. Where is he though
Katherine: Ah. You found a name. "Usha Grosours"
Katherine: We might as well talk to her

Talk to Usha Grosours
Katherine: Hello Usha. We found your letter
Usha: Good. Are you here to say sorry to Taylor
Usha: Because they aren't here
Katherine: Where is he?
Usha: I'm not telling you. AND JUST CALL THEM TAYLOR
Katherine: We need to know where Taylor is
Usha: I might have a Criminal Record but I'm not telling
Katherine: But Taylor's a suspect in the murder investigate of their aunt
Usha: I'm still not telling. Now go!

Examine Dagger
Katherine: So you found some green bits on the dagger. Let's send it to the lab

Analyse Green Bits
Richard: Have you found Taylor yet?
Katherine: No. We haven't. I'm starting to get very worried now. I shouldn't have call
Richard: Them
Katherine: A boy in the first place
Richard: Well you better find them fast. It's getting dark...
Katherine: Indeed. What are them green bits anyway
Richard: Believe it or not. They are broken pieces of glass.
Richard: They are from a badge.
Katherine: So our killer wears a badge. Well we will soon badge the killer onto murder!
Katherine: Also we should go back to the Ker-plunk game. There might be more clues

Investigate Ker-plunk Game
Katherine: So what did you found?
Katherine: Isn't that Taylor's Bandager?
Katherine: Also a ripped magazine and a microphone. Let see who they belong too

Examine Taylor's Banager
Katherine: What is that you found on the Banager {Name}
Katherine: Tears? Let's put them under the mic and see who they belong too

Examine Tears
Katherine: So the tears were Edward's
Katherine: What was Edward crying with his cousin's Bandager. Let's go ask him

Ask Edward about his tears on Taylor's Bandager
Katherine: Hello Edward. We wanted to ask why your tears were on your cousin's ban-
Edward: You should already know.
Katherine: Your mood has changed
Edward: That's because you already know the full story from Taylor. My mother bullied all three of us because we won't normal in her eyes
Edward: After she hit me too hard. I went to Taylor's for help. I couldn't stop crying. That woman who called herself my mother was the meanest woman ever. I just couldn't take it anymore
Edward: I couldn't help but cry because of her. She made me depressed and what not.
Edward: Taylor and Edward has always been there to support me when I needed them most. We even went to the museum and got some armbands. Me and Taylor love armbands
Edward: I know I shouldn't speak ill of the dead but the devil came far too late for her. I'm glad she's gone now
Katherine: Well if you choose to get rid of your mother by your own hands. There's only one place you'll be going

Examine Torn Magazine
Katherine: So you fixed that magazine cover?
Katherine: It reads "Young hopeful kicked out of gaming for life for cheating"
Katherine: I think I know that boy. It's Russell Clock!
Katherine: We need to find them now

Talk to Russell Clock about cheating
Katherine: Russell. When we spoke with you last. You claimed not to know the victim. However things have come up that says over wise
Russell: Oh you found that magazine did you. Can you believe they also gave me a criminal Record because of it
Russell: It's Susan to blame. Not me. She was the one flaming the things on me
Russell: She was the corrupted one. Not me. She got me banned for no reason. Gaming is my life and I can't do anything else with this criminal record
Katherine: Well let's hope you didn't kill Susan to get revenge or it won't end good for you
Katherine: Also I did noticed them armbands {Name}. Add that to their profile right now

Examine Microphone
Katherine: You found some fingerprints on that microphone. Let's look though our database to see who they belong too

Examine Fingerprints
Katherine: So them fingerprints belong to a miss Brittany Kingly
Katherine: Let found her and question her!

Question Brittany Kingly
Brittany: Hello Officers. How can I help you?
Katherine: We want to know why your microphone was near a crime scene
Brittany: Oh. I was just interviewing Taylor about how you them a boy
Brittany: This will be front page news tomorrow
Katherine: Oh please don't. It was just a mistake
Brittany: A big mistake as that. I heard they have new armbands somewhere. Better get going. Time is money!
Katherine: Wait. You are now a suspect in the murder investigate of Susan Looper Rochester
Brittany: Who in the world is that. I'm sorry I can't help but I don't know the person. Bye!
In Rochester Forest
Katherine: Please remind me never to open my mouth ever again.
Katherine: We found two more suspects who seem to have no idea who the victim is
Katherine: Also Edward was angry at the victim for beating him. I don't blame him.
Katherine: We also found out that Russell was cheating at gaming but he blamed the victim. We need to found out who this murder is ri-
Someone: HELP
Katherine: Did someone just scream for help. We need to found out who it was right now!

Chapter 3

In Rochester Forest
Katherine: Please remind me never to open my mouth ever again.
Katherine: We found two more suspects who seem to have no idea who the victim is
Katherine: Also Edward was angry at the victim for beating him. I don't blame him.
Katherine: We also found out that Russell was cheating at gaming but he blamed the victim. We need to found out who this murder is ri-
Someone: HELP
Katherine: Did someone just scream for help. We need to found out who it was right now!
Near the Rochester Forest Cliff
Taylor: I-I was just walking around and I slipped
Katherine: Oh dear. Take my hands and let me pull you up
After pulling Taylor up
Taylor: Thanks for that.
Katherine: You know you shouldn't have left the crime scene
Taylor: I couldn't help it. I just needed some fresh air. I hope Edward didn't worry
Katherine: Oh. He did. anyway can you go back to the office and me and {Name} look at the cliff!

Investigate Rochester Forest Cliffs
Katherine: So you found a ripped magazine and also a faded piece of paper
Katherine: We need to found out who they belong to now!

Examine Ripped Magazine
Katherine: So the ripped magazine reveals an article about out victim.
Katherine: The title reads "WORST BOSS EVER" and the article was by Brittany Kingly
Katherine: We need to ask her about this magazine now!

Question Brittany about the magazine article
Katherine: Brittany. It was come forward that the victim was your boss and you thought of her as the worst boss ever
Brittany: Where did you find that! Fine. I admit it. I hated her
Brittany: She just didn't understand what the news was and when you tried to report on anything that was true. She would tell you to change it
Brittany: I get a criminal Record because someone said that I stalked them. I didn't but that was Susan. Not me!
Brittany: I was trying to report on all the good news and true news but that wasn't enough for her. She wanted bad and fake news. I hated her guts!
Katherine: Well if it turns out you killed your boss because of that. You'll be writing your next prison!

Examine Faded Paper
Katherine: So that faded paper was a Restraining order against the victim
Katherine: But there's no name. We need to find out who did this.
Katherine: You found some numbers. Well done. Let's send them to Fiona!

Analyse Restraining Order
Katherine: Fiona. What can you tell us about the restraining Order against out victim
Fiona: Well it was filed on the 7th July 2012 by Usha Grosours because the victim threaten to knock down her forest.
Katherine: Well then. We better go talk to Usha right now and ask her about this

Talk to Usha about the restraining Order
Usha: What do you want now! You have Taylor.
Katherine: Well it came forward that the victim wanted to knock down your fores-
Usha: Not her son or Taylor. Not the forest. She only cared about herself
Usha: This forest has belonged to my family since 1889 and then she tried to knock it down
Usha: We manage to get that restraining Order against her before she could do anything to MY forest!
Katherine: Well if it turns out that you murdered Susan to keep her away. You'll be looking at this forest...From prison!
Katherine: Nicely spotted {Name} Usha was wearing armbands. Add them to her profile

Talk to Taylor about them escaping
Katherine: So Taylor. Tell us everything. You said you needed some fresh air
Taylor: Does it really matter. I just needed some fresh air...
Katherine: You are a suspect in a murder investigation
Taylor: Well I'm not your killer. The Rochester's wouldn't do that anymore. We aren't Horacio Rochester.
Katherine: Well that evil personally can come back and if it has in you. You'll be going right to jail

In the office
Katherine: Taylor is a bit of a hot head. I don't like it. Although I can see why
Katherine: Usha was mad at the victim for trying to knock down her family forest
Katherine: I guess we better go back to the scene of the crime. Come on {Name}

Investigate Small Garden
Katherine: So you found a ker-plunk stick with blood on it. Get a sample of the blood
Katherine: And also look at them marble!

Examine Bloody Ker-Plunk stick
Katherine: So you got a sample of the blood. Let's get it to Richard!

Examine Bag of Marbles
Katherine: There were fibers on the bag of marbles. Interesting
Katherine: Let's send the fibers to Richard and see what he can tell us!

Analyse Blood
Katherine: Richard. What did you find with the blood?
Richard: Well some of the blood was your victims
Katherine: Great. So this was the murder weapon
Richard: Correct but there was also another blood type. A-
Katherine: Are we sure that wasn't the victim's blood
Richard: Can't have been. The victim's blood type is A+..
Katherine: So our killer's blood type is A-. We have them now!

Analyse Fibers
Katherine: Richard. What was on the fibers we found
Richard: Well the fibers were interesting because they didn't belong to one thing
Katherine: What is that meant to mean?
Richard: Well the fibers seem to be one of these uni things. Something that can change what it looks like. I believe it's from something the killer wears around their neck
Katherine: I hate unanswered clues but I guess we'll have to go with it. We'll get that killer now!

At the police office
Katherine: It has been an honour working with you {Rank}{Name}. Now it's time to get that killer behinds bars for good!

Arrest Killer

Katherine: Usha Grosours. You are under arrest for the murder of Susan Looper Rochester
Usha: What. No I didn't. You have no proof!
Katherine: You admitted to us you had a criminal record
Usha: So what. So does that gamer and that reporter
Katherine: We also found bits of the badge you wear near the crime scene
Usha: Still not me
Katherine: We also found your blood type and your fibers from your bandager on the crime scene!
Usha: Fine. I did murder her but I had my reasons!
Katherine: What the...What reasons are they
Usha: After I got that restraining order against her. She thought she could write anything on me
Usha: She wrote racist and demeaning things about my people and never thought about it
Usha: As time went on. I went on with my life thinking the article was just a way to make money.
Usha: Until one day....
Usha: O-One of her readers MURDERED my son and tried to kill me
Usha: T-They murdered Louis. Oh poor Louis. He was only 4.
Usha: And you know what's worst. The killer of my son was never brought to justice!
Usha: That pig had to die for what she did to louis and me and them two Looper Rochester!
Katherine: Wait what. A killer didn't get sentenced. What did they look like
Usha: Not here. I don't wanna be heard. Take me to your police station and I will talk

At the police station
Katherine: I've just told Alex to hold the trail
Katherine: If there is a killer who went free. We need to find them and now!
Katherine: Come on {Name}. Our work isn't done. We have another killer to find!

Good or Bad Ending (1/6)

Katherine: Come on {Name}. We need to find out who murdered Usha's son.
Katherine: Also Taylor wants to talk with you about something. Matthew shall go with you to talk to him
Katherine: We better talk to Usha about the murderer of her son
Matthew: Go talk with Usha first and then come with me to talk to Taylor!

Talk to Usha about the murderer of her son
Katherine: Usha, You said you have information about the murderer of your son
Usha: Indeed. I remember the drawing a picture of the killer. He had brown hair
Katherine: You drew a picture? where it is
Usha: Near my home in Rochester Forest
Katherine: Then it becomes clear what we much do. Let's have a look for that drawing!
Usha: Before you go. I want to thank you for wanting to bring Louis's killer to Justice. Please take this

Investigate Rochester Forest
Katherine: You found a faded drawing. I hate when things are faded. Recover the drawing at once

Examine Faded Drawing
Katherine: That's quite a good drawing of the killer. What do we do now?
Katherine: Good idea. Let's send it to Fiona to see if she can get a match!

Analyse Killer's face
Katherine: Fiona. Report in at once. Have you found a match for the killer of Louis Grosours?
Fiona: Indeed. Although the killer is a past killer {Name} arrested
Katherine: Oh really. Who would this person be?
Fiona: Henry Williams
Katherine: Ah yes. He was the murderer of Charlie Green. We better go and talk to him at once!

Make Henry Williams confess to Killing Louis
Henry: Ah. You are back {Name} I wondered when you would be back. Here for your dentist check-up
Katherine: This is no time for jokes Henry. Something has showed up which involved you.
Henry: A lawsuit? Let my lawyers handle it
Katherine: HENRY. We have proof that you murdered Louis Gorsours.
Henry: Who is that? I've never heard of him
Katherine: This child
Henry: Wait. You think I murdered him. I hardly know the kid. The only person I murdered was Charlie Greens.
Katherine: Then why does the killer look like you!
Henry: I don't know. Let me see this proof you have
Henry: That's not me. It looks like me a lot but it's not me
Katherine: Who is it then
Henry: That's Jack Faraway! That writer you arrested in your first case in Sleepy Hollows!
Katherine: Jack Faraway! We must speak to him now!
Henry: Good luck with that. He got out of prison for good behaver. He's somewhere
Katherine: Thanks Mr. Williams. A good word will be put towards you
Henry: Before you go. Take this burger. I don't want it. I like Apples

Investigate Rochester Gaming Hall
Katherine: Interesting. A Prisoner tag. Let's see what we can get from it

Examine Prisoners tag
Katherine: You've unlocked the tag. Let's send it to Fiona at once!

Analyse Prisoner Tag
Katherine: Fiona. Have you managed to find out whom this prisoner tag belongs too
Fiona: Indeed. It belongs to Jack Faraway.
Fiona: He must have gone into the gaming event because no prisoners are allowed in the event. He must have taken the tag off to get inside
Katherine: Oh really now. Come on {Name}. Let's pay Jack a little visit!

Arrest Jack Faraway
Jack: What is this all about? It this an April fools joke!
Katherine: How did you get out of your cell
Jack: Good behaver. Look at my prison records
Katherine: Oh really. I hardly believe that. You murdered one of the Tarantella family. You got life in prison
Jack: Still good behaver
Katherine: Tell the truth
Jack: I won't tell you anything. Yes. I murdered Louis for a reason but I aren't telling you!
Katherine: Fine. You are under arrest again for the murder of Louis Grosours

Help Taylor Looper Rochester
Matthew: Taylor. You said you needed help?
Taylor: I wanted to help Edward after the lost of his mother. I've always been there to help him
Matthew: What should we do?
Taylor: There's this play he really wants to see. He's into them things. I brought the tickets but I lost them
Matthew: Lost tickets you say? We'll find them for you
Taylor: Thanks {Name}. Here. Take this as a thank you

Investigate Ker-Plunk Game Area
Matthew: Them faded tickets seem like the one Taylor was looking for. Let's dust them and see if they are the ones they need!

Examine Faded Ticket
Matthew: Well Done {Name} You found some Tickets for the play Taylor and Edward were going to see. We should return the tickets to Taylor!

Give the Ticket back to Taylor
Matthew: Here are your Ticket Taylor
Taylor: Thanks you. I'm sure Edward will enjoy the play...I hope anyway
Matthew: I'm sure he will. I've already seen the film. It's very good
Taylor: Good. Thanks you for your help {Name} and Matthew. Anyway. See you later

Later on that day
Katherine: It's nearly time for the trail of Usha and Jack. I wonder what the judge choose.
Matthew: I trust Alex a lot. He will always make the right sentenced in my books
Matthew: Taylor took me that them and Edward enjoyed the film. Which is good
Katherine: Good. Anyway. Let's get down to the courthouse!

Go to the courtroom
Alex: May I start now?
Katherine: Indeed Mr. Holiday
Alex: Good. I was getting bored with all the paperwork
Alex: Now. Hello Usha. I understand you have murdered Susan Looper Rochester
Alex: I've read though the file and not everything seems to tie up
Alex: Like why Mr. Faraway was out of his cell
Jack: Cause someone let me out
Alex: Someone let you out Jack. Who?
Jack: I don't know. I just noticed my cell was unlocked and thought I was being let out
Jack: But there was a note which was to murder Louis Grosours
Alex: What? Tha- What?
Alex: Who would let a prisoner out of prison
Alex: I had a report that none of the prison guards let you out
Alex: Jack Faraway. For the murder of Louis Grosours. You will get life again in a highly slied cell!
Alex: And Usha. For the murder of Susan Looper Rochester. Your motive is understandable. You will get 12 years behind bars!
Usha: Thanks you Judge
Henry: Hello Judge
Alex: I heard you helped the police get Mr. Faraway here
Henry: Indeed sure
Alex: Very good. I always like it when a prisoner behave
Alex: So I order Henry Williams to be let out of prison with no other questions
Henry: Thank you sir!
Alex: Now court is dismiss!

After the trail
Katherine: Alex is a very good judge I must say.
Matthew: I agree but letting Henry out of prison. I not sure about that.
Katherine: I wouldn't worry about that. He did help the police
Matthew: I guess. I'm going to file some paperwork
Henry: Hello {Name} I want to thank you for your good word toward me
Katherine: Welcome. Just try not to murder anyone
Henry: Wouldn't dream of it. If any information comes forward about this person letting prisoner out. I will let you know!
Katherine: Very well. Stay safe outside.
Katherine: And what do you say {Name}. Want to enjoy the last hours of the first day of the Rochester Gaming Event.
Katherine: Very well. Let's go!

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