Steve Roland
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Biographical information
Full name Steve Roland
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Death 2018
Cause of death Impalement
Nationality American
Partner(s) Candace Ziegler (girlfriend)
Affiliation(s) Gillenati
Game information
First appearance Case #46 Death,Science and Fantasy
Steve Roland was the victim in Death,Science and Fantasy (Case #46 of Laroy Bay)


Steve was a festival organizer with short ginger hair and blue eyes.He wore brown leather jacket with blue shirt under it and he wore black pants.

Murder Details

Steve was pushed from rooftop and impaled himself on elf statue 's arrow.Megan Alan analyzed the body and confirmed that victim was pushed from the roof and impaled himself on elf statue's arrow.She found chocolate cake stains on his back,when the killer pushed him.Megan deduced that the killer was eating chocolate cake when they murdered Steve.

Killer and motives

Shockingly,the killer was revealed to be Oka Thompson.Oka tried to deny the fact that she killed Steve,but after some time,she started crying saying that she never wanted to kill him.Since she heard Steve talking with Tobias,she started following him to learn more and to inform police.However,Steve noticed her and he thought that she is obsessed with him.So,earlier today he noticed her following him,so he confronted her and brought tazer.Oka got scared so she fought back and accidently pushed him over the fence,impaling him on Elf Statue's arrow.Oka thought of turning herself in,but go too scared.Judge Eva Rose sentenced her to 6 months in Juvenile Detention Center.

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