Stephen Xaint was one of the characters in PetersCorporal's first city, Townville. He was the victim in Bake My Body (Case #12).


Stephen was a young man who lived in Townville's Commercial Area and often visited some of the shops around his neighborhood. He studied surgery at Townville's University though his real passion was cooking, so he loved to make lots of recipes (specially about baker's confectionery). It was revealed that he was a bit of a pervert who would stalk women he liked.

Role in cases

Stephen was the victim in this case, but his identity wasn't clear until the later half of the investigation because his killer had done something very unusual with him: he had opened him up and left his insides in different places. The insides which were separated from their place were his liver, a kidney, his brain, his skull, his stomach, and a lung. They were found in two shops and a house in the district, and even with the victim all ripped like this, the police found the true killer who was Clèment Ouleaunge, husband of the baker (Ivonne Ouleaunge) in whose shop Stephen's body was found.

Stephen was trying to flirt with Ivonne very often, and would go to her bakery nearly everyday. He even invented a recipe called "Gazette" which made Ivonne's shop very famous in the neighborhood. Clèment couldn't take Stephen's attitude anymore because he considered Ivonne one of his belongings more than his wife, so he committed a gruesome murder to "show" Stephen who he shouldn't mess with. Judge Gonzalez sent Clèment to a psychiatrict institution for criminals for the rest of his life (surprisingly, in shared confinement).

The player found many more of Stephen's baking recipes in a flash drive that Ivonne had in her handbag along with the Gazettes one.

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Stephen Xaint
Biographical information
Full name Stephen Xaint
Gender Male
Status Dead
Nationality Flag of United States American (Townville)
Occupation Surgery student, amateur chef
Game information
First appearance Bake My Body
Victim in Bake My Body
Game stats
Height 6'1"
Age 26
Weight 169 lbs
Eyes Brown
Blood A-
Hair Black
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