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Stella Palmieri (1981-2018) was the victim in Hard Lines Sunken Cheeks (Case #13 of Toomeswood)


Stella was a 37 year old pole dancer and former classmate of the late Darcy Keller. She had long blonde hair and brown eyes as well as blue eyeshadow and pink lipstick. She also sported a pink cropped top and light blue denim shorts with a red belt that had silver studs. She also donned a diamond bellybutton ring and wore several gold chains as well as silver hoop earrings. It is known that Stella had lip injections as well as breast implants

Murder Details

Stella had been found violently pecked to death by crows in a deserted trailer park. Per Tazia's autopsy, she had been unable to find anything to incriminate the killer but was able to deduce the murder weapon to be the violent crows that are attacking her.

The team later investigated the boxing gym where the victim's boyfriend frequented and found a threatening note from the killer. Per Jane's deductions, she found out that the victim and the killer had one thing in common:the killer has had plastic surgery. She also found an orange substance on the note in which per Lucas's analysis, the killer drank moonshine.

Mid-investigation, after the violent crows who killed Stella rampaged on Tazia and the club patrons at The Starlit Unicorn. The crows had knocked over a drugged raw egg drink in a blender. Per Tazia's analysis, the killer used eggs.

Later on in the investigation, the team investigated the dancing poles of The Starlit Unicorn. Jordan managed to contain a violent crow which Tazia had autopsied. Per her analysis, the killer had drugged the crows and managed to leave their DNA on the crow which revealed the killer was over 50 years old. However, the hurt coroner couldn't make out what the killer was drugged with but Lucas was able to analyze the white powder used to drug the crows. It was a mixture of cocaine and testosterone, the killer left their fingerprints on the powder revealing their gender as male.

Relationship with Suspects

Mayor Abbotsford was shocked and heartbroken upon hearing about her best friend's murder. However, the two had a falling out after the victim relapsed from her drug and alcohol addiction.After overhearing the team interrogate the mayor about his high school sweetheart and girlfriend's murder, Abner "The Beast"Milton vowed to hunt her killer and give them the beatdown of their lives. It was revealed on Dora Mu's controversial talk show that Abner had cheated on the victim several times, Abner insisted that he only posed with the girls at his manager, Kevin McCarthy's behest. Kevin simply told the team he knew nothing about Stella or the murder. However it was revealed to be a lie as both Kevin and Stella despised each other as the victim felt that the wrestling manager was infringing on their relationship while Kevin felt that the stripper held his best wrestler back.As a controversial talk show host, Dora Mu wanted to feature Stella on an episode focusing on extreme plastic surgery despite the talk show host having had some herself. It was later revealed to be a ruse to stir drama between Stella and Abner for ratings. Moonshiner Chris Lopez had praised Stella as his most valued customer and was devastated to find out she was killed. It was later revealed that Chris had lost several thousands of dollars from Stella due to her recklessly writing bounced cheques as the banks went after her money for the hefty amounts of debt she racked up.

Killer and Motives

The killer turned out to be Kevin.

Initially denying involvement, Jordan cracked down on him til he confessed to the murder. Kevin explained that he was furious when Abner decided to resign from wrestling and decided to be a wrestling trainer instead so that he and Stella could settle down and have children. Adamant that Kevin wasn't going to lose his best wrestler to the latter's high school sweetheart, he laid out a mix of eggs, cocaine and testosterone for a flock of crows to violently peck Stella to death. He later set the crows on Tazia and the club patrons to create a diversion. A disgusted Jordan didn't hesitate to ship the wrestling manager to trial. Kevin's motive for the murder as well as his earlier refusal to take a stand due to having his lawyers attempting to drop the case seethed Judge Whiterock enough to sentence him to life imprisonment without the chance for parole. Kevin countered that his lawyers would ensure a successful appeal to have him released and that he'd find a new wrestler to train.


  • Stella resembles Daisy De La Hoya, a reality star from the TV show Rock Of Love 2 and Daisy Of Love

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