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Stealing the Kill
General Information
Season 3
City Fario (Secrets from Beginnings)
District Airport
Case # 58
Initial release date 04. IV 2020.
Partner(s) Mia Diaz (1 task in Chapter 1)
Roy Loukas (All Chapters)
Case Chronology
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Light it Up Only Dead Remain Silent

Stealing the Killer is a case featured in Criminal Case as the 150th case of the game and the 58th case of the Secrets from Beginnings (Season 3). It takes place in District X, district of Fario.


After the virus infected entire department, Arif and Madison informed the team that the main server is under virus attack on what Chief Loukas orders them, the player and Mia Diaz to rush back to Greenland in order to stop the virus. As the approached the location they noticed Bruno's squad car with opened doors on the entrance. After parking the car they exited and inspected it closer, finding no one. Thinking that Bruno might've been inside the team enters where they soon found themselves on the hall in front of the server room but with the body on their sight. As they approached closer the found that the body belongs to Daniel McGarrett.

As the team picked up the body, Mia noticed a camera pointing at the direction of murder. Arif quickly checked the footage... revealing the killer to be Bruno Filipovich. Shocking after seeing the recording the team started to search around to find Bruno where they eventually found and carefully cuffed him before interrogating him about the murder on what he swore that he didn't kill anyone but after showing him the recording he went silence with his mouth wide open, saying that he doesn't remember the scene, but no matter the team sent him to the court. Judge Gilmore then wanted to sentence him to life in jail before the chief entered the courtroom, saying that he wants 24 hours for the investigation and if nothing provide otherwise Bruno will be treated as the killer. Judge nodded and sentenced him to 14 hours into the custody until further notice. Chief then took off Mia from the case and decided to work with the player. The team then returned to the original murder scene and discovered that a LUMIA member and finance manager Scarlett Wong was near the room but without any solid proof the team couldn't arrest her. After discovering that someone from the military was nearby the team went to check the old military base where they found that Amy Loren now works as an army consultant. After the body was autopsied, Matilda informed the team that the killer killed Daniel with a gun that matched the police caliber, making no less suspiciousness on Bruno but that she discovered something on the bullet that was a silver polisher and concluded that the killer uses it.

After returning to the station to recap the case and work how to make path towards the killer that won't be Bruno, Abbi Ronald came to the team, saying that someone from Europe has a huge lead about the the case. The team look at Abbi before going to the interrogation room where they found Diana Diaz, a stripper that the player came across back in Europe who was glad to see the player before explaining that she transferred to USA before the chain reaction of disasters and that since then she has been working as the private investigation and that she found that Daniel often visited an Occultist Center where back in 60s where large sect group. The team then followed the lead and after searching the old center they discovered that the victim and Amy were often there on what Amy explained that they just sacrifices a bits of them towards the Almighty god Senturum but that Daniel started to be skeptical about it. They also discovered that Daniel had meetings with Nefertiti Nebet but also that Bruno and Daniel had an argument that resulted into a fist fight.

Chief then told the player that they need to return to the original murder scene and see more of the evidence but as they approached the main room a ring of fire suddenly formed around the team. As the circle of fire continued to raise, chief Loukas quickly with the player tried to escape or at least find something to lower the fire before both of them become covered in the white foam. After cleaning themselves they looked around and, finding no one, searched around. Eventually they discovered that the place they were standing was a trap probably made by the killer before finding the fire extinguisher with Nefertiti's fingerprints. The team questioned her and discovered that she also hunts the LUMIA and has her own investigation about it and that Daniel seem to be a part of it but she didn't had any proofs to it. The team soon discovered that Daniel attempted to arrest Diana after her investigation of him before discovering that Scarlett approved Daniel's joining in LUMIA.

Later on, the team discovered that the real killer behind Daniel's murder is in fact Bruno. The team went to his cell to question him why he would kill Daniel. Bruno sighed and said that he isn't the killer, that he doesn't remember firing the gun or meeting with Daniel. Chief Loukas then started to present the evidence, one by one with Bruno casually explaining that he wasn't the only one who does those things before pointing the last evidence which made Bruno confusing and started to questions his actions. Chief then sighed and looked him in the eyes before asking if he has any alibi that could make him less suspicious on what she shook head, saying that ever since he left to investigate about the mole he was alone before bumping into Daniel and finding that he messed with the server before he raised the gun at him, resulting him to pull his gun too but that no one ever fired from the gun and that this is a framed murder. He then said that if he is the killer he would've remember what happened. No matter how chief and the player wanted to help him, Bruno lack and unstable alibi with the matching profile of the killer gave the pressure to the team to sent him to the trial. On the trial, he continued to defense himself, explaining that he doesn't remember the shot, but judge Gilmore didn't considered anything of his words and considering the stable evidence against him he sentenced Bruno to life in jail. As the guards walked Bruno to the prison van he turned towards the player and said that they are smarter then this and that they will find the real truth about this conspiracy.

After the team exited the courthouse and returned to the station, no one seem to believed that Bruno would've been the killer as chief said that they need to research more to find the truth of this murder, but then, Arif came with the note in his hand, saying that it comes directly from the mayor. The the chief then told the team that they will split up as he and the player will looks to prove Bruno's innocence. the chief with the player then returned to the server room to discover more where eventually they discovered a hacking box, locked. After unlocking it the team witnessed a mini computer with the cable long enough to catch to the security camera. Knowing that they won't have much use of it they sent the camera to Arif and Madison who soon after discovered that someone used the computer in the hacker box to manipulate the footage and edit it o look like it's Bruno who was shooting before saying that they recovered some parts of original footage where Daniel was messing with the server room, talking to someone that he called a rat (snitch/mole) and that they tracked the signal back to the occult hut where inside the hut they discovered a package of a CD and a police gun that serial number matched Max Lupo's. Following the fundings the team sent CD to lab where a duo discovered the real footage of the murder, featuring a person in a good shooting Daniel but that they weren't able to uncover a voice on the recording, but that they calculated the silhouette and that they don't match Bruno at all. With the information the team went to speak to judge Gilmore who sighed and apologized before releasing Bruno.

In the meantime, Mia and the player opened a letter from the mayor where it said that he wants to meet them at the old military base but that they need to be quick. Confused and concerned the team rushed there, finding no one. They then decided to search around where they found a metal box in the polluted water with a strange scroll. The team then saw that the scroll was written in the hieroglyphs and decided to ask Never for help. After some time of the analyzes Nebet told the team that the scroll was a threat and that says how if the team don't surrender in 24 hours mayor Kessel will be dead but that she discovered a pink nail polish on the scroll. Remembering that Diana wears it they approached her who confessed that she isn't just a stripper but also a private investigator ever since she transported here and that she swore to take LEGION down and their pals from America and confessed finding a scroll that speaks about mayor's abduction before confessing that she did a deeper work and discovered Amy talking to a strange person. They questioned her and she confessed that she is part of LUMIA And how they approached her after the team left university and that she accepted the offer. She also said how the person she talked to is someone from the police but rejected to speak more. Knowing that they can't arrest her the team fined her.

After everything the team returned to the station to discuss the mole and see what to do with the missing mayor. As the tensions started to raise some of the team members cracked and started to accuse one another of being a mole. As the chief tried to calm a situation a phone ringed. Abbi picked the phone as the deep voice was on the other side, demanding the player to come to the city Hall with the flag of the department and surrender the department to LUMIA otherwise the blood would be spilled on the golden floor.



  • Daniel McGarrett (Found dead at the server room)

Murder Weapon

  • Gun


  • Bruno Filipovich (framed so the real killer remains unknown)



Killer's Profile

  • The Killer wears crocodile skin shoes.
  • The Killer uses silver polish.
  • The Killer owns The Swords black book.
  • The Killer has torn clothes.
  • The Killer wears leather.

Crime Scenes

Server Room Main Server Computer Server Room Bonus
Old Military Base Sewer Trenches Old Military Base Bonus
Occultist Hut Bloody Triangle Occultist Hut Bonus


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