Stanford City

Stanford city
Founder Gorge Fredrick Stanford
Established 1813
Country United states of america
Inhabitants americans
Population unknown
Primary LEA Stanford city police department
Appearance(s) In criminal case

Stanford city is first season where the player has to investigate crime in Criminal case.


Stanford City was build and devoloped by Gorge Fredrick Stanford.The city name was also named to him to his honour by the citizens after his death.There is a Statue of G.F Stanford at Old Straffot Park.


Stanford city has 10 districts. Here are the list of the districts in Stanford City:

Old Straffot

Old Straffot is the first district in stanford city. This district features a street gang named The Cobra's and their scemes on vandililism and drug dealing. This district also is the home town of their newly recruited young detective Andrew Tyson.

Case #1 - 10 gets featured in this District.

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