St Ronde
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General information
Season 1
Setting city
Founder William Ronde
Established 1795
Country United states
City St ronde
Population 500,000
Key city figures Jackson O'niel(ex-police chief)

Jean Richardson(police chief) Jason Longbottom(police commissioner) Legis Atonas(Mayor)

No. of cases in season 60
No. of districts in season 7
Released 9\22\18
Season guide
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none Criminal Case:???

st ronde is the city in which season one takes place in


this first District is a suburban area of St ronde

Cases #1-6 are located here

Influential Mile

this area of St Ronde is densely populated and the biuldings are the tallest in St Ronde

cases 7-12 are located in this district


by the mountains of St ronde is a school system everyone in St Ronde has gone to school here

cases 13-22 are located here

Merz Mountains

After getting up finically from the scamming of Janah Grims the Merz's control over this and another district is supreme

cases 23-31 are located in this district

Summer town

in this part of St Ronde that for some reason is always hot this district has paleontological dig sites, pools, and Serial killers! who wouldn't love this place?

cases 32-36 are located here

Brancast Street

this district is where the Brancast make their headquarters along with a bomb plot that threatens the safety of everyone in St Ronde

cases 37-45 are located here

Old Haven

In the oldest part of St Ronde crime runs rampant.

cases 46-50 are located in this district


In this district, the prison looms over everything fortune tellers say that many bad events will happen here

cases 51-60 are located in this district

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