South of the Border
General information
Season 2
City Secrets of Yahatu
District Rainforest
Case # 15
Initial release date ?.8.2020
Partner(s) Parker Colton
Case chronology
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Cut to the Chase A Storm in a Teapot
(in Cobblestone Village)

South of the Borderis a case featured in Criminal Case where it appears as the fifteenth case of Secrets of Yahatu and the forty-fifth case overall. It's also the fifth and last one to take place in Rainforest district.


After discovering that Rosa ran away and that her entire cult is going to escape to Mexico, the team went after them and told the reality show crew to wait for the cops. After few hours of driving towards the border, Autumn spotted a black van on a nearby bridge. Suspecting that it might be Rosa's van, Clint drove to the bridge but the black van immediately drove off. Before they could continue to chase after them, Parker jumped out of his seat and pointed at the dark figure standing by the cactus. Clint got out of the car, armed with a gun, and approached the figure. However, as he moved closed, he noticed that the figure is actually hanging from the cactus. Caroline immediately approached the dead body, only to realize that it belongs to Rosa's right-hand man Dexter Milner. Horrified, Caroline examined his body and revealed that he has been dead for over 8 hours. Parker and player then cleared the scene and suspected former reality TV star Silvano Strong and their pilot Dustin Buchanan after finding enough evidence that they were present on the crime scene earlier today. Shockingly, they also suspected their friend Rudy Russo after he confessed that he stalked Dexter earlier. After returning back to others, smirking Elena approached them and told them that they caught Rosa and Ketti.

Excited, Parker and player quickly interrogated both cultists, who refused to tell them where the others are, saying how they will come back for them eventually. With Rosa and Ketti captured, the duo investigated the US-Mexico border, eventually finding enough evidence to suspect occult expert Ben Dover, who was cleared of all charges when the police didn't believe the entire cursed statue story. Later during their investigations, the duo learned that Dexter threatened that he will kill Dustin's family if he doesn't let Rosa go, and that Silvano's best friend is actually Dexter's nephew, but Silvano explained that he didn't know that till now. They also learned that Rudy thought about killing Dexter in his darkest moment, hoping to end the cult's terror and prove himself, but immediately regretted his decision. When the duo returned back to others, Autumn told them that she has juicy info about Ketti and Dexter.

Autumn explained that, after going through Dexter's phone, she discovered that he and Ketti were dating. The duo then confronted Ketti, who snapped and said that she broke up with Dexter because she couldn't stand him bodyshaming her in front of everyone every time they were in public. The team then searched Dexter's car and discovered that Dexter badmouthed Rosa to everyone while she was with the team and that Dexter attempted to kill Ben for leaving the cult and alerting the cops, but Ben managed to overpower him and escape. Later, after finding enough evidence, the team discovered that Dexter's killer is Silvano.

Parker and player then confronted the former survivalist about the murder, making Silvano crack under pressure and confess to the murder, explaining how the entire thing is a misunderstanding and that he never wanted Dexter to die. Silvano sighed and explained that everything started seven months ago, before his disappearence. Silvano explained that he was friends with Dexter's nephew and that he also has his own show, but it was less watched and less popular. Some time later, Dexter asked Silvano if he and his nephew could film the next episode together. Not thinking much of it, Silvano accepted his offer and they decided to film the next episode in the rainforest, the same one we crashed in. However, after walking deeper and deeper into the forest, Dexter knocked him out and left him in the forest, hoping to put his nephew's show in spotlight. Silvano sighed and explained that Dexter's nephew probably felt bad and decided to leave Silvano's equipment with him to ease his suffering in the forest. Six months later, Silvano saw Dexter in the cursed tomb and immediately recognized him. Wanting to catch him and confront him, Silvano lured Dexter to the bridge and set up a trap for him. However, on his way back he ran into the filming crew and his friend Archibald Carpenter. Excited because he's finally going home, Silvano forgot about his trap and forgot about Dexter, who died after his internal organs dropped down and crushed his lungs due to gravity. Silvano apologized for lying and said that he only wanted to catch Dexter without ever killing him. Realizing that a murder is a stupid accident, Clint told Silvano that he'll have to explain everything to the police once they get to their location.

After confronting Silvano, the team got approached by Archibald, who told them that the police arrived to the border and caught the rest of the cultists and arrested Drew Everett, while Silvano Strong has been pardoned and will instead undergo a rehabilitation program due to everything that happend to him. Archibald then explained that they should take their chance and find the map before it's too late. The duo then investigated the border and found a golden chest before sending it to Clint, who managed to open it and find the stone map, but empty. Confused, Parker suggested that it might be a fake map, prompting them to go and speak with Ketti. When they showed her the map, Ketti's mouth dropped wide open because she couldn't explain what happend either. Parker tried to convince her to stop lying, but Ketti kept saying that she doesn't know what happend to the map. Realizing that she's going to prison no matter what, Ketti confessed that Dexter was the one possessing the map last time she saw it. The duo then investigated the bridge once again and found Dexter's briefcase with Ben's hair on it. Parker and player then spoke to the occult expert about the map, making Ben reveal that Dexter was the first one to notice that the map somehow erased itself. After giving Ben the map, he analyzed it and revealed that the map has been enchanted and that it's totally invisible to the naked human eye. Parker asked Ben if he can help them, but Ben refused, saying how he almost ended up in prison because of the cult and their stupid map. The duo then returned to chief Clint and told him everything. Rubbing his chin, Clint told them that they will look into the problem as soon as they get home.

Meanwhile, Dustin told Elena that her younger sister Avery Yellowstone arrived along with the police. Excited to finally see her sister, Elena ran up to her and hugged her tightly. Tearful Avery told Elena that their entire family never slept in peace ever since they crashed in the rainforest. Smirking Elena then convinced her that she knows how handle herself very well and that she wasn't alone. After checking up on her, Avery told Elena that she saw one of their friends crying nearby, but was too shy to approach him and ask what's wrong. Elena sighed, knowing that it could only be Rudy. The player and two sisters then searched the border checkpoint, only to find Rudy sitting all alone. When they asked him what's wrong, Rudy said that he just feels bad for thinking about taking Dexter's life and avenging all poor people his cult had murdered. Avery hugged him and told him that it was only a moment of weakness and that he never trully considered killing someone. Rudy sniffed, saying how his attempts at proving himself always fail before panicking Dustin told them that Rosa and two of her cult members somehow escaped from the police car. As they were discussing possible solutions, Rosa appeared behind Avery, grabbed her hair and put a knife to her throat, threatening to slice it if they make a step forward. Rosa and her two cultists disappeared in the forest. Panicking, Elena suggested telling the police, but Rudy shook his head and said that they will probably murder Avery if they don't hurry. Rudy, Elena and player then hurried after them and caught them near Dexter's car. Shaking, Elena pulled out her gun and threatened Rosa to surrender. Smirking, Rosa gestured them to turn around, only to notice two cult members running at them. As Elena tried to fend her attacker off, Rudy lunged at his attacker and managed to knock him out with a rock, finally happy to prove himself useful. After helping Elena apprehend her attacker, the two faced Rosa, who slowly backed away, still holding a knife against Avery's throat. Rudy then shakingly took Elena's gun and pointed it at Rosa, telling her to let Avery go. Rosa looked at Rudy before smirking and letting Avery go. When Avery ran to hug Elena, Rosa stepped forward and ordered Rudy to give her the gun. When he refused, Rosa lunged at him, trying to wrestle the gun away. Before Elena or Avery could react, Rosa grabbed the gun and pointed it at Rudy, saying how it's time for revenge. However, looking at Rudy's terrified face, Rosa sighed and lowered the gun, telling them that they have fifteen seconds to get out of her sight or she's going to shoot him. Surprised that she decided to let them go, the horrified trio slowly backed away as Rosa ran away...

After all of these events, Clint told everyone that the entire cult is arrested and will face consequences for their actions before Elena, Rudy and bruised Avery told them that Rosa escaped and tried to kidnap Avery. Angered, Clint punched the wall and cursed, blaming himself for letting Rosa escape before Rudy hugged him and told him that it's not his fault and that Rosa is currently armed and dangerous. When Clint suggested that they should go after her, police detective told him that the cops will handle Rosa since she can't be that far away from their current location. Clint sighed, saying how he'll try to believe what he said. After they packed their things, Clint told everyone that, since they have the map, they will take some days off and then they will try to understand who or what enchanted the map. As they were driving home, Parker pointed out that he haven't seen Archibald and Silvano in a while, but Autumn reassured him that they went home with the reality show crew...

One hour earlier, Archibald is seen comforting his best friend Silvano in the forest. Former survivalist wiped his tears away and buried his face in Archibald's shoulder, saying how guilt and the fact that he took a human life are eating him from inside. Archibald then reassured Silvano that he is not a monster and that the entire thing was a stupid accident. As they turned to leave, they heard someone walking toward them. As the dark figure stepped out of the shadows, dark energy swirled around them, their eyes turning hot pink...



Murder Weapon:

  • Rope




Killer's Profile

  • The killer eats hardtack.
  • The killer speaks Spanish.
  • The killer knows Aztec legends.
  • The killer wears yellow clothes.
  • The killer is male.

Crime Scenes

Old Bridge Bloody Cactus Old Bridge Bonus
US-Mexico Border Border Checkpoint US-Mexico Border Bonus
Victim's Car Front Seat Victim's Car Bonus
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