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South Coast is the second district in Blue Coasts to be investigated by the player. It contains seven cases, just like every other district in Blue Coasts. After this district is finished, the player will move on to the City Center. The main themes in this district are the Miss Blue Coasts beauty pageant and Kyle Montgomery's estranged relationship with his parents, Julep Montgomery and Philippe Montgomery.


Case #8, Price Of Beauty:

Price of Beauty

  • Victim: Catherine Reymonds
  • Murder weapon: Broken bottle
  • Killer: Norma Sanders

Case #9, Sargassum Slaying:

Sargassum Slaying

  • Victim: Bill Hawks
  • Murder weapon: Sargassum
  • Killer: Julia Hawks

Case #10, Deathblood Whirlpool:

Deathblood Whirlpool

  • Victim: Jackie Willies
  • Murder weapon: Bird's beak knife
  • Killer: Lily Hamilton

Case #11, Phantom Ballplayer:

Phantom Ballplayer

  • Victim: Alexander Peek
  • Murder weapon: Baseball bat
  • Killer: William G. Parker

Case #12, Castaway Corpse:

Castaway Corpse

  • Victim: George Aker
  • Murder weapon: Handgun
  • Killer: Sharlyn Wetton

Case #13, All-Points Bullets:

Case #14, The Hottest Girl:

All-Points Bullets

The Hottest Girl