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Evan: GO FALCONS! <Name>, did you know Daniel is also a fan of the Falcons?
Evan: WHAT?! I can't hear you! It's really noisy here. The other team?
Evan: Oh, they are the Tordesillas Football Club. It's a sports club founded by the Spanish community. They aren't really good, but they're improving.
Evan: My house is next to the Spanish community club. They are really good neighbours!
Announcer: The Falcons' star, Dwell, is reaching the goal. The Tordesillas' defenders try to block him. Dwell is close, kicks...
Announcer: GOOOOOOOAL! Falcons 1-0 Tordesillas!
Evan: Look, <Name>, the fans are so excited, they're lighting flares!


Evan: Hey, why is everyone screaming? Was it off-side?
Evan: <Name>, I think something bad happened. Let's go see if we can be of help.

Chapter 1

Investigate Bleachers
Evan: <Name>, one of the flares impacted this man's eye! This is horrible! But it was done on purpose or not? Was it a murder, <Name>? We have to find the person who did this!
Evan: You're right, the flares were lit right after Dwell's goal, so the killer must be a fan of the Falcons. Otherwise, the other Tordesillas would have gone mad.
Evan: We can also write down the murder weapon was a flare. But... where is it?
Evan: We'll find it later. This wallet says the victim is called Kelvin Cross. Please, see if you find more things here.
Evan: You're right, there's another police officer there. We need to interrogate him about the case and-
Evan: <Name>, it's Octavius Keys!
Evan: We should stay and make sure nobody leaves, but at least I should pick the autopsy results with you!

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I can't believe the Falcons' match ended up in someone's death. You were right, Evan. The weapon is in fact a flare. But not any flare.
Daniel: It's a Lightcrack Z5! It's really wonderful, but I don't know why your killer took such a magnificent firework to the stadium. It produced a light and colors burst in Kelvin's face.
Evan: How can you tell it's a Lightcrack Z5?
Daniel: They're the only flares with a golden fuse, and I found traces of that wick! But I found more things...
Daniel: Some crumbs of the new Caesar Chips inside Kelvin's eye. It means they came from the flare, and that means it came from the killer.
Evan: How do you know it's Caesar Chips?
Daniel: Not many chips have this composition, but I heard they're sponsoring the Falcons and giving them for free to the match spectators.

Examine Wallet
Evan: What did you find, <Name>? A membership card of Townville's sports club!
Evan: Wait, but it doesn't belong to the victim, it belongs to a certain Sheila Riddley.
Evan: <Name>, I've seen this woman! She's that hot dog vendor over there! Let's have a chat with her.

Ask Sheila Riddley about the victim
Sheila: Thanks for finding my membership card, <Rank>, but I don't need it anymore.
Sheila: Kelvin is the club president's friend and he told him to get me out of it.
Evan: You said Kelvin, so you presume we know about his death.
Sheila: Yes. I saw him screaming when the flare reached him. And I'm sure you're investigating it.
Evan: Why did he want you out of the club?
Sheila: He asked me out and I said no. Then he tried again. And again. He started following me! And I dennounced him but nothing happened.
Sheila: Why don't you ask the club's president? He's over there.

Have a chat with the sports club president
Evan: So your name is... Harry Clover, right? You're the president of Townville Sports Club.
Harry: Yes. I saw Kelvin dropping dead... it was horrible.
Harry: I would've never thought one of the flares would impact his face. I was sitting like five places away from him, and the explosion reached my seat!
Harry: I'm glad nothing happened to me. I'd rather the Falcons lost if it's necessary to keep Kelvin alive!
Evan: But he can't survive. He has died, and you know it. Didn't you say you saw him dropping dead?
Harry: Err... Yes, I think this affair is stressing me up.

Interrogate the police officer
Octavius: We hadn't met for so long, <Rank> <Name>! Last time I saw you, it was when you arrested Steve Zasts for the second time!
Evan: Sorry, but we can't chat. The match is suspended and we still have to keep two thousand people inside the stadium.
Evan: What did you see? A flare killed a man, I guess you already know.
Octavius: Yes, it was Kelvin Cross. I had to arrest him many times.
Evan: Arrest? Why?
Octavius: Vandalism. That boy caused many troubles around here.
Octavius: I think I saw him having a fight with someone near the hot dogs cart.
Evan: We'll trust your word. Let's go there, <Name>.

Investigate Hot dogs cart
Evan: What's this greasy paper doing here, <Name>?
Evan: Oh, you're right. It's a stadium. Everyone litters everywhere.
Evan: Let's examine it, maybe it leads us to a witness.

Examine Paper
Evan: You found fingerprints? That's great! I know you can do it with the databse, but we can't go to the HQ. We need to make sure nobody leaves. I'm glad you carried that powder kit with you!
Evan: I know what we can do! Let's send this paper to the lab via Octavius! He's a workmate, isn't he?
Evan: Hey, there he is! Octavius, would you mind sending our clues to the lab?
Octavius: Of course! I'll be grateful to co-operate with <Rank> <Name>.
Octavius: <Name>, do you mind if I come for you when we have to pick the analysis results? I'm sure Evan and the other officers will be able to keep everyone in the stadium.
Evan: Thank you! I was really nervous when I had to send the body to the lab for autopsy.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: <Name>, WHO IS THIS MAN?! He dropped my laptop when I was watching my favorite anime!
Octavius: Sorry! My name is Octavius Keys and I'm helping <Rank> <Name> in this case. I'll be his partner in the lab, while Inspector Evan takes care of the suspects in the stadium.
Lindsey: It's ok, it's ok. My laptop is alright after all. Now, <Name>, let's talk about the fingerprints.
Lindsey: This paper was touched by the Falcons' best player. Jack Dwell.
Octavius: What was Jack Dwell doing in the bleachers? It means he ate a hot dog which was in this paper at the cart.
Octavius: Well, <Name>, you'll take care of that with Evan. I'll be outside the stadium if you need me.

Talk to Jack Dwell
Jack: What's wrong, <Rank> <Name>? I had to stop playing because you wanted to work. So I guess you're here to apologize.
Evan: No, Jack. We have evidence that says you were at the hot dogs cart. You're not supposed to be in the bleachers. You should be either-
Jack: I can be wherever I want to! Why can't I eat a hot dog?
Evan: Well, I guess you can. But you were near the victim. And we know he had a fight with someone near the cart. Did you see anything?
Jack: Wait, so Kelvin died? Yeah, he was having a fight with me! I think he was... wasted.
Jack: He came to insult me because he was a fan of the Tordesillas. GO FALCONS!

Some time later...

Evan: <Name>, we need to hurry. There's 2,000 people here!
Evan: We know Kelvin wanted to date Sheila but she rejected him. And he was Harry's friend, who has a suspicious behaviour by the way.
Evan: Then we know Jack had an argument with him at the hot dogs cart. I don't know why and when he was there, but we know it's true.
Evan: Wait, did you just say you saw Jack lighting a flare after his goal?!

Chapter 2

Evan: <Name>, are you sure Jack was one of the people who lit flares? That's suspicious!
Evan: We have to talk to him! Didn't you see anything else?
Evan: You're right! There was also a flares cart near the pitch. We need to see if we can find clues there. Maybe that Lightcrack was bought there.

Talk to Jack once again
Evan: <Rank> <Name> said he saw you lighting a flare after your goal. Is that true?
Jack: Yes. It was a Lightcrack, in fact! I bought it along with some Caesar Chips.
Jack: I waited twenty minutes to score that goal and lit the flare. It was worth it!
Evan: Jack, you're getting really suspicious. If you killed Kelvin, confess now.
Jack: If it's because of the Lightcrack, when I was having a hot dog, I saw that the vendor had some inside the cart.
Evan: Sheila?! Um... Thanks for that, Jack!

Ask Sheila about the flares
Evan: Sorry to bother you again. We can see some Lightcracks there in your cart. Did you light one after the goal?
Sheila: Yes, I did. I love the Falcons! Here, why don't you try the Caesar Chips?
Evan: Ok, thank you! I bet they're delicious.
Evan: What, <Name>? I have my lips stained?
Sheila: Oh, that's the bad thing about these chips. They leave diminute crumbs in your lips and it's very difficult to clean them.
Evan: So our killer might have their lips stained like this. Is there a way to clean it, Sheila?
Sheila: Yes! A lot of water. Casually, I remember I saw a policeman lighting a flare too. Is that important?
Evan: It is! <Name>, it should be Octavius. Can you go talk to him? By the way, let's have another look near here.

See if Octavius bought flares
Octavius: What, <Name>? So someone said I lit a flare after Dwell's goal.
Octavius: That's not true. The only thing I did during the match was just eating those Caesar Chips. You can ask anybody.
Octavius: Wait, <Name>, are you telling me I'm a suspect? But I'm your partner!

Investigate Corridor
Evan: <Name>, this used matchstick has little traces of that bright yellow wick! It must be from the killer.
Evan: Please go to the lab with Octavius to take a sample.

Examine Matchstick
Octavius: I'm really dumb to do those things, but I guess I was born to set up the lab.
Octavius: Oh, you're right, I forgot to bring those gloves! It won't happen again, <Name>.
Octavius: Let's give these molecules to the phorensics! I'll go for you to the stadium when the results are ready.

Analyze Molecules
Sabrina: <Name>, I've got some news about the match!
Octavius: It's been suspended. We already know that.
Sabrina: Not the soccer match, boy. The matchstick and the molecules you gave me.
Sabrina: In that match I found more traces of a Lightcrack wick. And the microscopic patterns match the pieces Daniel found in Kelvin's eye.
Sabrina: So this match... stick was used to light the killer's flare.
Octavius: That's amazing! And what about the molecules?
Sabrina: Nicotine! It means Kelvin's killer is a smoker.
Octavius: <Name>, I smoke. Does it mean I'm a suspect?

Investigate Flares cart
Evan: <Name>, there are some coins here. But why did you pick them up?
Evan: You say we can get another suspect? You're right, maybe this change belongs to the killer. There are some of those Lightcracks here.
Evan: Well, you'll need to go the lab to examine them. I hope Octavius can be of help.
Kingsley: Hello, do you want to buy some flares?

Examine Coins
Octavius: You found DNA? Well, that's great! What can I do for you now?
Octavius: Oh, fine! I'll set that machine right now. I'm sure that phorensic will teach me a lot of useful things.

Examine DNA
Octavius: Was the machine working well, <Name>? Did I do it fine?
Octavius: Oh, I'm glad to be helpful. And what did you find out about this DNA?
Octavius: It belongs to Harry Clover! So it means he must have bought flares. I'll take you back to the stadium to interrogate him with Inspector Evan.

Ask Harry if he bought flares
Evan: <Rank> <Name> found evidence that indicates you bought flares. Was it a Lightcrack?
Harry: Yes. They were really expensive so not many people bought them. Everyone comes here with pocket money. I'd say that no more than 10 people bought Lightcracks.
Evan: Well, that makes our suspects list a lot shorter.
Evan: And I guess you also had some Caesar Chips, as they were free.
Harry: Well... Hehe. I like them a lot.

Evan: I don't know what you think, <Name>. But Harry is really suspicious.
Evan: Oh, you're right! Sheila said you could remove those stains with a lot of water after eating some chips.
Evan: And we didn't see anybody with those stains in their lips. And as you need A LOT of water to clean your mouth, I'm sure the killer has a stain of water in their clothes!
Evan: Oh, so you had already realised? <Name>, you should've told me! We need to write it down!

Talk to the flares seller
Evan: Excuse us, sir, do you know Kelvin Cross?
Kinglsey: Hell, I do know him! One of the worst hooligans I've ever met!
Evan: What?! A hooligan, you say? But he was part of the sports club!
Kingsley: That doesn't matter. He was one of the most agressive ones. And I also know he's part of the Hades.
Evan: Did you light a Lightcrack after Jack Dwell's goal?
Kingsley: Well, yes. But why is that important? Weren't we talking about Corss? Does it matter that I'm a fan of the Falcons?
Evan: He died with a Lightcrack through his eye!

After some time...

Evan: <Name>, I think people are getting mad at us. They're still locked up here!
Evan: And what's even worse. We still don't know if it was a murder or an involuntary manslaughter.
Evan: Perhaps it was involuntary. As Kelvin was a violent hooligan, many people might have hated him. Maybe this murder is a revenge!
Evan: But how could our killer make the flare go straight to his target's face?
Evan: Wait, so our killer didn't mind who got shot? Was it an indiscriminate murder then?

Chapter 3

Evan: <Name>, I can't believe it could've been an indiscriminate murder! It must have been involuntary.
Evan: It's practically impossible the killer knew which way the flare was going to take. I wonder whether Judge Gonzalez will send them to jail or not.
Evan: Well, first let's focuse on knowing who it is. First of all, I want to talk to Jack again. In case it was actually a murder, he's really suspicious.
Evan: And we didn't take a good look at the flares cart. Why don't we go there again?

See if Jack knew the victim
Evan: You said you had a fight with Kelvin. Had you ever met him before?
Jack: Oh, wait, I'm tired. That hot dog girl just came here and we had a really great time.
Evan: Sheila? What the-?! JACK, THAT'S NOT IMPORTANT NOW! Had you ever met Kelvin?
Jack: Oh, this cigarette comes really in handy. So you said something about Kelvin...
Jack: Yeah, he was a hooligan! Once he stabbed me in my leg. I had to spend three months eating ice-cream and watching movies in my house without playing soccer!
Evan: Was he really THAT violent? Jack, don't tell us you took revenge and targetted him with a flare...
Jack: Holy cow, how can I even tell the flare where to go?!

Investigate Boxes of flares
Evan: What?! Another torn card? It looks like one of the sports club, but why is it here and torn?
Evan: Please, can you restore it? Thanks!

Examine Torn card
Evan: So this is Kelvin's membership card! What was it doing here?
Evan: <Name>, there's a cross in the rejected spot! So Kelvin's membership was actually rejected?
Evan: We can only ask one person about this. Harry Clover!

Ask Harry about the victim
Evan: Why did you reject Kelvin's membership? Because he was a hooligan?
Harry: Of course! How could I let a hooligan be part of the sports club? It's because of hooliganism that sport events are being ruined!
Harry: The club is for people who love sport. Not for people who cause agitation and violence.
Harry: When I told him he wasn't part of the club anymore, he threw my ashtray at me!

Some minutes later...

Evan: We can say Kelvin was more violent than we thought. He stabbed a soccer player!
Evan: You know what? I think there's something wrong with that flares cart. I don't know why, but I feel it's suspicious just because it's in the pitch.
Evan: And that flares seller was seeing the match right in front of him. It's not related to Kelvin's death, but it annoys me.
Evan: Why don't we talk to him again? He could be the killer, why not?!

Talk to Kingsley about the match
Evan: Are you eating... Caesar Chips?
Kingsley: Yeah. They're delicious. Do you want some, officers?
Evan: No, thanks. Did you see anything weird during the match? At least did you know Kelvin was in the bleachers?
Kingsley: No, but I supposed he had come. He really loved the Tordesillas Football Club! I think his grandparents were actually Spanish.
Kingsley: Anything weird during the match... I don't think so. I was trying to call the spectators' attention to see if they could buy flares.
Kingsley: But only a few people came. I spent twenty minutes smoking, just that.

Evan: Trying to call the spectators' attention... How did he do that, <Name>? Do you think he shot Lightcracks towards the bleachers?
Evan: That was very weird. Let's have a closer look at Kelvin's seat. Now there's a lot less people and we can work less stressed.

Investigate Victim's seat
Evan: <Name>, you found a used Lightcrack! Was the murder weapon here all the time?
Evan: This could be the final piece of evidence to arrest the killer. But I'm afraid you'll have to go with Octavius to the lab.

Examine Flare
Octavius: DNA again? <Name>, that's great! It's the killer's DNA, so we have to send it to the lab.
Octavius: Oh, did you notice? This time I brought you the gloves!

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: It was not easy. Analyzing this DNa was a real challenge. And I-
Sabrina: Octavius, you can't eat in the laboratory!!!
Octavius: Oh... Sorry. It's a donut.
Sabrina: I know what it is, boy. I know it.
Sabrina: Let's summarise, so that you can hurry and go back to the stadium. The killer is a person with brown eyes.
Octavius: I'll take you to the stadium. Good luck wit Evan on catching the killer!

Evan: So we have enough evidence? Oh, great!
Evan: Wait, <Name>, tell me who the killer is! I want to know!!

Arrest killer
Evan: You're under arrest for Kelvin Cross's... murder!
Kingsley: I didn't try to kill HIM! I swear I didn't want to kill him!
Evan: You didn't try? Wait... what do you mean? Who were you targetting in fact?
Evan: Oh, you're right, <Name>! Harry Clover was sitting near Kelvin! Were you trying to kill Harry?
Kingsley: Yes! I've been training months to hit the flare in that seat. Just to see him dead!
Evan: Wait, wait, hang in there. How did you know Harry was actually going to sit there?
Kingsley: The sports club staff always chooses those seats in any stadium. In case I didn't kill Clover, I'd kill any of them!
Evan: But why do you hate the sports club? They didn't accept your membership?
Kingsley: That club is controlled by the Hades! They stole my belongings, they broke in my house! And I saw Harry Clover there! He's a CRIMINAL!

Esteban Gonzalez: I can't believe what you've done. You spent months and money on flares just to take someone's life!
Kingsley: They took everything from me! I saved more families from suffering the same.
Esteban Gonzalez: I'm tired of hearing that excuse, you know? YOU'RE still alive. And you even killed a person that wasn't involved in the robbery.
Kingsley: If only the wind hadn't blown that afternoon...
Kingsley: Well, but I got a hooligan out of the way. Isn't that good either?
Esteban Gonzalez: I've heard enough. Mr Kingsley Winds, you're sentenced to 14 years in jail with a chance for parole in ten years. Session dismissed!

Evan: Hooliganism, robberies, gangs, murder... I think this case couldn't have been worse!
Evan: Let me think. The Flukes' thief is Doodley and the Hades' one is Harry Clover. So they're actually enemies.
Evan: But maybe the Hades will kill Harry if we arrest him. The same thing that happens with Gary.
Evan: However, I'm more worried about Dr. Cyanide. They have something in common with Doodley. Linda knows their identity. And Gary left a graffiti for Linda that only she could understand.
Evan: It's been so long since we don't get another report about a dead plant. That scares me.
Evan: Is Dr. Cyanide experimenting with something bigger now?

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: So the sports club is controlled by the Hades and Harry Clover is their thief?
Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, congratulations! You're always near justice. When will you arrest him?
Alan Smith: Oh, I understand. We don't have evidence. He's not as stupid as Perkins, painting walls.
Alan Smith: Well, he's in the suspects room by the way. So try to get something on him!
Evan: Understood!
Alan Smith: He also said Sheila Riddley had something stolen. Try to see if he's the one who stole it!

Evan: Octavius? Why are you here?
Octavius: One of my workmates said Jack Dwell wanted to talk to <Rank> <Name>.
Evan: Jack? That's weird. And I guess you want to help him.
Octavius: Of course! I want to learn more from <Rank> <Name>.
Evan: Ok, but I'll go too. I have to see what Jack is trying to hide. He has a suspicious personality.

See what Sheila wants
Evan: We've been told that someone stole one of your belongings. What is it and why are you sure you simply didn't lose it?
Sheila: It's my special hot dogs sauce. It's a recipe created by myself.
Sheila: I left my post unattended and when I came back it wasn't there!
Evan: Well, let's try to find it, <Name>. Maybe it just got lost. I don't think someone would steal a sauce.

Investigate Hot dogs cart
Evan: Perhaps Sheila forgot to search there, <Name>. Let's see if her sauce is here.

Examine Carton box
Evan: You found Sheila's sauce! But why did she report it? Couldn't she just prepair more sauce? I think it's weird.
Evan: Just in case, let's send this to Sabrina. She'll tell us what's wrong.

Analyze Sheila's sauce
Sabrina: <Name>, I know why Sheila really wanted to retrieve her sauce. Listen to me.
Sabrina: This homemade sauce contains pomegranate. A lot. That's what makes it so sweet with a tropical touch.
Sabrina: There aren't any pomegranate fields in this zone, and getting it from other cities or countries is really expensive.
Evan: So Sheila invested much money in this sauce. Losing this was losing loads of dollars!
Evan: It seems Sheila's not a bad person then. Let's give her her sauce!

Give Sheila the bottle of sauce
Evan: We found your pomegranate sauce! Actually, it was inside the cart.
Sheila: I can't believe I didn't notice it. Did you like the sauce?
Evan: Actually, we haven't tasted it yet. Our phorensics told us it had pomegranate. It's really expensive, isn't it?
Sheila: It is! I can't afford losing a bottle of a pomegranate sauce. It means I wasted money.
Sheila: There'll be another match today. It's not part of the Townville Soccer Tournament, but I can sell more food than in a Falcons match.
Sheila: I can give you some burgers with my pomegranate sauce, huh?
Evan: Thank you! It must taste delicious.

Ask Jack Dwell what he needs
Jack: So here you are, <Rank> <Name>! And you brought another colleague.
Octavius: Oh! J-Jack...
Evan: Jeez, I forgot Octavius was gay, <Name>. With Jack here shirtless and great muscles, it was obvious he'd lose his ways.
Evan: What happened to you? Why were you looking for us?
Jack: A woman had some beers with me, and I don't remember anything. Then I realised I had lost my wallet, but I had a flare in my hand!
Octavius: A woman... I see.
Jack: It all happened before I left the stadium. So my wallet must be there.
Evan: <Name>, I'll leave you with Octavius. I don't have time to hear Jack's private stories. And it seems he really wants to help him...
Octavius: <Name>, you say we examine Jack's flare? Ok, let's do it.

Examine Flare
Octavius: More molecules! We could use them to see where Jack's wallet is.
Octavius: <Name>, I think that scientist girl just can't stand me. And I heard the coroner knows a lot about chemistry. I'd prefer we gave him the sample instead.

Analyze Molecules
Daniel: Don't worry, <Name>, these molecules are just gunpowder!
Octavius: Gunpowder? So there's another case for <Rank> <Name>?
Daniel: No, Officer Octavius. Gunpowder is often used in fireworks crafting. It's normal for a flare to have gunpowder on it.
Daniel: But it's weird. The gunpowder I found inside the flare doesn't really match the one you gave me.
Octavius: You're right, <Name>! It could be gunpowder from another flare.
Octavius: So if Jack was in a place with gunpowder where he could get a flare...
Octavius: He was obviously... flirting in that flares cart, that's right! Let's look for his wallet there.

Investigate Flares cart
Octavius: I understand. What you mean is that this shopping bag wasn't here during the investigation.
Octavius: Really suspicious! Let's examine it!

Examine Shopping bag
Octavius: Your deduction were perfect! Jack's wallet was in fact in this cart.
Octavius: Let's go back to Jack's apartment! We need to give him his wallet.

Give Jack his wallet back
Octavius: Jack... we... found your wallet. Here you are.
Jack: Err... Thank you, and thank you, <Rank> <Name>. Where's Inspector Evan?
Octavius: He... stayed. But... I'm here if you need anything.
Jack: No, no, thanks! I think I already know what's going on with you, the way you're looking at my chest is scaring me the freak out.
Jack: <Rank> <Name>, one of my teammates owns a charity and he said it was good to help our Police Department. So I'm giving you some money!

Harry requested your help
Evan: Why did you come here, Harry? Is anything wrong?
Harry: I had a fight with someone at the stadium. And they took my lucky baseball! It was signed by Hansel Brondele, the best pitcher Townville ever saw!
Evan: Hansel Brondele, you say?! We investigated his death recently!
Harry: Yes, I heard about it. I guess you didn't know he used to be a baseball player.
Harry: I don't know what the thief looked like, but he couldn't take the ball. I threw it away when they attacked me.
Evan: A thief... Yeah... When we come back, we'd like to talk to you.

Investigate Bleachers
Evan: Here it is! Harry Clover's broken baseball. Could you restore it, <Name>?
Evan: If we help him, he might tell us something about the Hades.

Examine Broken baseball
Evan: It's a signed baseball, <Name>! Maybe it's Harry's one. We should see if this signature really belongs to the deceased Hansel Brondele.
Evan: Harry might be trying to sell this fake copy!

Examine Signature
Evan: This baseball is the real one! That signature DOES belong to Hansel Brondele.
Evan: Now we've got to give this to Harry, let's talk to him about the Hades.

Give Harry the baseball
Harry: My signed baseball! Thanks a lot, <Rank> <Name>! Why did you want to talk to me?
Evan: Are you a member of the Hades?
Harry: <Rank> <Name>, you know I hate violence. Hooliganism and gangs are just terrible things. They're people trying to hurt others.
Evan: Have you ever burgled a-
Harry: Burglary? <Rank> <Name>, what is he saying?! I thought we were having a serious conversation.
Evan: Are the Hades in the sports club?
Harry: There's nothing I can do if one of them asks for a membership. So I guess there's at least one in the club.
Harry: Please, take this, <Rank> <Name>. We're giving them for free at the club to support our Falcons!

Evan: I don't know whether Kingsley lied to us or if Harry is pretending to be a good man.
Evan: But you're right. He technically didn't answer the questions!
Evan: When we asked him if he was a Hades, he said he hated violence. But he didn't say no! And when we asked him if he'd burgled a house, he just said the conversation wasn't serious.
Evan: <Name>, we need to keep an eye on Harry.

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